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“A nifty all-in-one software solution to replace telco hybrid hardware and call screening software using VoIP” Radio World’s ‘Cool Stuff Award 2007’ Judges

Evolution Harnessing the latest SIP technology, PhoneBOX Solo is a radical new way of routing calls to air. This amazing technological breakthrough routes VoiP or ISDN calls digitally to air via a standard Windows PC. The software SIP hybrid transforms your soundcard into an advanced dual hybrid, with EQ, dynamics, recording, playback and editing all integrated. With no expensive hardware or cabling Solo is quick and easy to install and maintain. As you would expect from Broadcast Bionics, creators of the innovative PhoneBOX platform, the Solo software is feature rich, easy to use, yet powerful and robust. Up to 8 lines can be handled through a single studio SIP system, with the option of adding Buddies. A Buddy is an additional PhoneBOX solo client for use in another studio or as a screener/producer position. Buddies can share lines and control with the master Solo system. A Buddy PC’s soundcard can also act as additional software hybrids. With the addition of a SIP gateway or integration with a SIP PABX Solo can handle incoming analogue or ISDN trunks giving you an ultimately flexible solution. In addition, it’s perfect for multi studio and OB operation, all over a standard IP network. Using the Solo interface is easy meaning the caller gets to air on cue effortlessly with no clicks or clunks. An impressive list of features gives you the ability to screen and prioritise callers, enabling you to deliver innovative and relevant programming.

Elements Database A powerful SQL database runs behind every PhoneBOX Solo, retaining the vital information which is keyed into it. It captures caller ID both inbound and outbound, helping you to keep track of who’s calling and making it easy to find callers to call back. Alerts Solo saves warnings you have associated against callers. Flag up nuisance callers or those who are unreliable on air, so that you prioritise the right callers. Visual Talkback Use the chat facility to communicate between Solo workstations and your Solo Buddies a valuable tool for quick and effective internal communication. Record and Edit calls within Solo Solo digitally records every call for editing using the fully integrated editor. The host and caller are cleanly presented on seperate tracks and with Solo’s advanced editing tool you can get calls or interviews ready for air in record time. Call Screening Add Buddies to collaborate on screening and routing calls. Dual Call Timers Know how long each caller has been holding, ringing, or routed to a hybrid. One timer resets every time you change the state of a call, the other keeps counting! Outbound calls Making calls from the studio is easy. Simply select the hybrid and dial. You have a live call on air. What could be easier? GPIO Solo is preconfigured to take a GPI card, enabling ring lamps, fader closures etc.

Custom Views The Solo screen layout can be fully customised to suit your requirments. Create you own layout or use the supplied templates for call screeners, producers, self-op on air, or remote talent. Equalise Solo’s built in EQ and dynamics processing allows you to optimise the sound of every call. Digital high and low pass filters remove unwanted line noise, while on screen, control of the sophisticated parametric EQ and dynamics gives unpralleled control of your on air sound. Handset- optional extra If you're accustomed to using a handset rather than a headset to handle your calls, you can add one to your Solo system. Use it with either the Buddy software to screen calls and prepare them for air, or use the handset as an extra device in the Studio. Conferencing Save on the number of devices you need - use Call Conference to put multiple callers on a single device. Have total control over individual callers - hang them up or route them to a different device. Drag & Drop It's easy to move calls around Solo- simply drag and drop them to the device you need! Function keys Don't want to use your mouse to manage your callers? No problem - just use the function keys on your keyboard instead. Categories and Dispositions Mark your callers so at a glance you can see which call you want to take. Choose from the wide selection of icons to denote winners, requests, ready to air, and more.

Economy You have read how PhoneBOX Solo’s unparalleled strength will deliver audible benefits on air. Here’s how it offers noticable cost savings behind the scenes. PhoneBOX Solo takes incoming lines over the internet. Calls via IP are more reliable now than they’ve ever been, and what’s more they’re cheap too. By slashing line rental costs and utilising the lines you have more effectively, you’ll make significant savings. Using Solo means less reliance on hardware and uses your existing IP network, PC’s and cabling to keeps costs down. The software SIP hybrid transforms any windows compatible soundcard into a dual hybrid and editor, from a soundblaster™ card to a pro-audio board with AES/EBU, you can select a model to suit your budget and connectivity requirements. What’s more, you can share the same PC for Solo and for web browsing/emails cutting the number of screens and PCs you need in the studio. The dockable tool bar view means that you can control and operate Solo using just 1 inch of screen space. PhoneBOX is also available for large scale IP installations anywhere from 8 to 8000 lines. Ask Broadcast Bionics for more details.

Technical requirements Windows XP / Vista 1.8Ghz Processor+ 1GB RAM+ SQL Server 2005 Express+ (supplied) DirectSound compatible soundcard(s)



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