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Using Your Wii ™ For More Than Physical Programs Shannon Wilson BA, ACC/MC/EDU, AC-BC

• With your Wii ™ System You Can: Surf the Net and Visit Social Networking Sites Make Photo Slide-Shows

Watch You Tube © and NetFlix©

Present PowerPoint Presentations

Play Interactive Cognitive Games Check Your Weather and News

•Getting on the internet with Wii™: You will need a Wi-Fi connection available to connect your Wii ™ to the internet. If a wi-fi connection is impossible you may buy a LAN adapter from the Wii ™ Site. A wireless connection is recommended.



Screenshots from Nintendo Help Menu at

•Getting on the internet with Wii™: 3.



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•Getting on the internet with Wii™: 6.

7. Enter Network Password if Applicable


8. Success! 

Screenshots from Nintendo Help Menu at

•Wii ™ Shop Channel: Free Downloads Next, you will need to download your software. The Weather Forecast Channel and News Channel should already be downloaded for use. All the channels you learn about today, and most channels, will be free downloads. If you wish to purchase specific ones later you can buy Wii ™ points from the shop channel

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•Wii ™ Internet Channel: The Wii ™ Internet Channel should be the next download. This will enable you to visit other internet sites such as YouTube© and Facebook©.

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•Wii ™ Netflix: The Wii ™ Netflix© channel will allow you to access hundreds of movies and TV shows for your residents. You can save 100 movies in your cue and have them ready when you are. Netflix© is also a great source for spectacular documentaries for cognitive and visual stimulation. Subscriptions start at around 10 dollars a month for unlimited videos. You will need to first set up an account from your computer using the Wii ™ access page.

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• Great Wii ™ Sites: News Channel: Get the latest news updates and revamp your current events.

Weather Channel: Check out your forecasts and temps around the world. YouTube XL: Made for Wii™ - Share all those cute and funny laughing babies, dancing cats, Tai Chi videos and especially the lip-dubbing seniors!

Facebook: Use your entire TV screen to social network ! Create your own community page and get daily messages and photos from residents’ friends and family. Also, share other pages and have virtual pen pals.

•Wii ™ Photo Channel: * Wii consoles purchased prior to 2007 will need to download a new photo channel *Using a standard SD card you can display your community photos * Insert your SD card into the slot located on the front panel of your Wii ™ * Open the Photo Channel from the main menu * Select the SD card option * Pictures will be displayed as thumbnails * Pictures may viewed individually or as a slideshow

Screenshots from Nintendo Help Menu at

•Power-Point presentations on Wii

Great for virtual trips, history presentations, and in-services

2. Save PowerPoint as JPEG Interchange File

1. Create PowerPoint on computer

4. Insert SD card into WII console

3. Download file to SD card using a SD card writer/reader or computer SD slot

5. Pull up photos using Photo Channel

•Wii ™ Cognitive Games: All games are available from for great used prices and reasonable new prices.

•Questions?: If you have any questions regarding using your new Wii ™ tools please feel free to contact me at Or 865-208-9516 Thank you for your time!