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1 Fall Quarter 2013 Volume 23, Issue 22

The Official Publication of the National Association of Activity Professionals

Thoughts from Your President Troy Lott, CALA, ACC, AC-BC, CDP As I sit here in Kentucky on my farm and my Dad’s house, I think back on my childhood memories. I also think about NAAP and its “childhood.” Just as we have all grown over the years and continue to travel on our journey, NAAP also continues on its own journey. The Board continues to travel together on this journey, and although we may have discussions and may not always agree on issues, we still work together to provide a better “journey” for the members of NAAP. NAAP has gone through some growing pains, and as we continue to travel on our journey as an Association we will have different paths to choose. NAAP is a “life” we all have in common; we are a family that sees each other once or twice a year. As a professional, we all choose what direction we will take. I am grateful that each of you has decided to walk hand-in-hand with NAAP. The Board is preparing for the Education Summit, which will be held in the fabulous city of New Orleans. This is yet another path on the journey for NAAP. The board is also working on the Annual Conference, which will be held in St. Louis. Please look on the website for the Call for Papers for the Conference. We are looking for new and different speakers and topics. Our journey is as bright as the hopes and dreams of each member. We want to hear what you have to say. We are listening to our members and hope you see the Board is more open and inviting than ever before. During the Education Summit, the Board meetings will be open to all the members. The Board wants you to see how your Board is working for you. We look forward to walking with each of you on our journey, and we hope you will continue to support your Board. We encourage you to speak out if you would like to see NAAP take a different path than the one we are currently taking. Your Board is thankful for each of you; we thank you for your continued support and for the honor of serving you. If you have questions or concerns please let me know. I can be reached at or (931) 446-0160. Yours in service,

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Monday, September 2, 2013


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Troy L. Lott, CALA, ACC, AC-BC, CDP NAAP President

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NAAP Board of Trustees PRESIDENT

Troy Lott, CALA, ACC, AC-BC, CDP 205 Elliott Court • Columbia, TN 38401 (931) 446-0160 Cellular E-mail:


Vanessa Emm, AC-BC, ACC/EDU, CDP 8 Emilio Court • Yerington, NV 89447 C (775) 750-1419 • W (775) 463-6495 F (775) 463-9091 E-mail:


Cindy Tewalt, RMT, AP-BC, ADC 3604 Wildon Street • Eau Claire, WI 54703 C (715) 834-3976 • W (715) 723-4437


Anthony Vicari, EdS, AC-BC, ADC/EDU, CDCM, CDP Director of Residential Living and Community Activities Las Ventanas Adult Retirement Community 10401 W. Charleston Blvd • Las Vegas NV 89135 E-mail: (702) 207-4247 Office • (702) 400-1562 Cellular (702) 360-8643 Fax


Colleen Keegan, AP-BC 6947 Midtown Road, Apt. 3 • Madison, WI 53719 (608) 215-2733 Cellular E-mail:


Nancy Williams, CTRS, AC-BC, ACC, CDP 90 S. Chantsong Cl. • The Woodlands, TX 77382 C (713) 702-6841 • H (681) 681-8207 E-mail:


EDUCATION OUTREACH Lisa Ost-Beikmann, AC-BC, ADC, CDP, SSD 700 S. Pine • Linn, KS 66953 H (&85) 348-5480 • C (785) 747-6728 E-mail:


Gail Buckner-Rone, ACC/Edu, AC-BC, RAC-CT NAAP OFFICE PO Box 3216 • Shawnee, KS 66203-0216 Phone: (913) 748-7288 E-mail: •


Myrtle A. Klauer, AP-BC, ADC, CAP 1848 W. Amelia Ln. • Addison, IL 60101-1702 H (630) 495-1545 • W (773) 478-6613 C (630) 335-3724 • F (773) 478-0843 E-mail:

Announcing NAAP’s Mid-Year Board Meeting NAAP will hold its Mid-Year Board Meeting on Wednesday, November 13, 2013, in conjunction with the 2nd Annual Education Summit, Jazzed For the Future of Activities. The Board has decided to hold their regular Board meeting as an Open Board Meeting so that all members can see how the Board operates. The meeting will begin at 9:00 a.m. and will end at 4:00 p.m. There will be two 15 minute breaks and a one hour lunch break. All members are welcome to attend. There will be time, prior to the close of the meeting, devoted to answering members’ questions. Join us at the Cotton Exchange Hotel, 221 Carondelet Street, New Orleans, LA 70130, 866-247-8271 for the meeting and stay for the education session beginning at 6:30 p.m. The fee is included in the Education Summit registration fee, or you can attend this 1.5 CE session (ONLY) for $15.

Call for Papers for Annual Conference By Anthony Vicari, EdS, AC-BC, ADC/EDU, CDCM, CDP Professional Development Trustee The Call for Papers for the 2014 Conference is on the NAAP website. This packet can be found under “Events/2014 Conference – Gateway to Activities/2014 Call for Papers.” If you have an innovative program you would like to share with your peers, this is a great way to do it on a national level. Download the packet now, and begin your journey as one of the speakers for NAAP’s 32nd Annual Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. All submissions MUST be postmarked by October 25, 2013.

Jazzed For the Future of Activities The theme for the 2nd Annual Education Summit is Jazzed For the Future of Activities, which will be held on Wednesday, November 13th and Thursday, November 14th at the Cotton Exchange Hotel, 221 Carondelet Street, New Orleans, LA 70130, 866-247-8271. Participants can earn a total of 9.5 Continuing Education Hours when they attend the entire Summit. The cost is $95 for NAAP members and $125 for Non-Members (this includes a one year membership in NAAP). For detailed information and the registration form, visit the NAAP website at (look under “Events/Summit/Brochure”).

Executive Director Search By Troy Lott, CALA, ACC, AC-BC, CDP, President The Board announced at the 2013 Annual Conference in Las Vegas, that NAAP would begin a nationwide search for a new Executive Director. The NAAP Board has been discussing the criteria we feel will best support the needs of the position. We ask for your patience, as your Board reviews and/or develops a new Position Description and Policies and Procedures for this very important position. The Board will not begin the interview process for a while. We currently have a contract with Gail Buckner-Rone, who is serving as NAAP’s Interim Executive Director. She has already made a tremendous difference in the number of membership renewals. Watch the website, newsletter, and E-Blasts for new information from the Board, regarding the search process. The Board has already received some applications; however, the Board will not make a hasty decision with such an important position. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at or (931) 446-0160. I am here to serve the members, as is the entire Board.


Education: We Are Never Too Old to Learn By Lisa-Ost-Beikmann, AC-BC, ADC, CDP, SSD In the few weeks that I have been the Education Outreach Trustee, I have met so many new and interesting people from around the world. It has been such a pleasure the past two weeks to work with a Lunch and Learn Speaker from Canada and one from England. We have much to learn from each other and a great way to do that is through our Lunch and Learn Webinars, our Education Summits, and our Annual Conferences. As the Education Outreach Trustee, I would like to challenge each Activity Professional to go out and learn from another NAAP member. Whether you meet someone online, on the Lunch and Senior Activities Learn, or in person at the Education Summit or our Annual Confer-Division NAAP Newsletter ence does not matter; take the opportunity to connect and network Jan 2013 with each other. NAAP1301 After the last Lunch and Learn, I received a comment that really struck home…“It is awesome to hear the listeners from all over the world. I wish more members would take advantage of this opportunity.” That is so true; we do have a lot to learn from different people, in different environments. Please check our website and watch for our upcoming E-Blasts, so you can sit down with your staff for an hour and see how much MORE you can learn from someone, somewhere else in this world. As a NAAP member, these CE hours are free; there is no preregistration involved, just sign in and learn! I look forward to meeting and working with all my NAAP friends in the months to come. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. My phone number is 785-747-6728 and my email is I look forward to hearing from you.

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’s Grandparent day



Be our Fan on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter! NAAP would like to encourage you to become a fan on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @theNAAP. If you have a Facebook page, all you need to do is type in NAAP in the search box and click “like” when you reach our page. On Twitter, you will need to create an account if you don’t already have one.



Send in Your NAAP Nominations! By Colleen Keegan, AP-BC The NAAP nominations window is now open. Members have until September 30th to get their nominations postmarked and sent to the Membership/Nominations Trustee. Do you know a NAAP member you believe would share his or her time and talents on the NAAP board? Would you, yourself be an asset as an Officer or Trustee? This is your chance to encourage another member, or yourself, to take this continuing step as an Activity Professional. This is your chance, as a member, to help choose the NAAP members who will be running for a position on the Board! Please contact, Colleen Keegan, Membership/Nominations Trustee, or your State/International Contact for a Board Nomination Form. The following Board positions are open: Vice President, Education Outreach Trustee, and Public Relations Trustee. If you are considering making a nomination, please keep in mind the following qualifications: • To be eligible for Vice-President, the NAAP member needs to have been an active member in good standing for at least three years prior to nomination and have served on the NAAP Board for at least two years within the last six years prior to nomination. • To be eligible for Education Outreach Trustee and Public Relations Trustee, the NAAP member needs to have been an active member in good standing for at least two years prior to nomination and have served at least one year on a NAAP committee or State/International Activity Association Board prior to nomination. The following takes place once a Board Nomination Form is submitted: 1. The NAAP Office will verify the individual is a member; 2. The NAAP Vice-President will confirm the nominee is eligible to run for office; 3. If they are eligible to run for an office, the nominee will receive a Nomination Packet from the Membership/Nominations Trustee; and 4. The Nominee will have until October 31st to complete the Nominations Packet – have it postmarked by October 31st – and return it to Colleen Keegan. If you would like a copy of the Position Description for any Board position, or have any other questions about the nominations, please contact Colleen Keegan at

The Final Rule is Out: Skilled Nursing Facility Requirements for Arranging Hospice Care

By Vanessa Emm, AC-BC, ACC/EDU, CDP, Vice President The Final Rule provides revisions to the rules regarding the provision of hospice care services for individuals in skilled nursing facilities and nursing facilities. Facilities must be in compliance with these regulations by August 26, 2013. New Requirements Include: • Long term care (LTC) facilities will be required to have only one written agreement with each hospice that provides services in the facility. • New responsibilities for facilities choosing not to contract for hospice services, require these facilities to assist residents requesting relocation or transfer to a facility that will arrange for hospice services. • LTC facilities providing hospice care will be required to have a written agreement and professional standards for hospice services. (*It is important to note, there are more than 15 specific new elements required for the written agreement.) • LTC facilities that arrange for hospice care services for its residents must designate a member of the interdisciplinary team to be responsible for working with the hospice employees and volunteers to coordinate care. • LTC facilities providing hospice care must ensure that each resident’s plan of care includes the most recent hospice plan of care and a description of the services furnished by the LTC facility to “attain or maintain the resident’s highest practicable physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being.” Note: These new requirements {483.75(t)} are consistent with requirements found in the Hospice Conditions of Participation.


Introducing Your New Board Members Cindy Tewalt, RMT, AP-BC, ADC

Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Cindy Tewalt and I am honored to have been chosen to serve as the NAAP Secretary/Treasurer. It is my privilege to serve an organization whose members make a real difference in the lives of others. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire with a major in Music Therapy. I chose to work as an Activity Director because I not only saw the value of music for the elderly, but I also loved the wide variety of experiences being an Activity Director offered. I started working on a Friday and graduated from college on a Saturday. That was 33 years ago! My thought going into the position was, work there for two years and then move on; however, I grew to love the people I worked with and continue to enjoy them and learn something from them every day. Chippewa Manor has been my “home” for employment for many years. I believe I have the best administration, staff, and clients anywhere, although many of you might argue that point (but I will still think that!!). Chippewa Manor is a campus that offers independent apartments, Assisted Living, Rehab, and Skilled Nursing Care. So we “have it all”…and I enjoy the varied aspects of this campus community. I am married to my wonderful husband Tim; we have two children, Peter and Elizabeth. Peter is starting his second year of college and Elizabeth is starting her first year of college. We are excited for them and are proud of the fine young people they have grown up to be. When Elizabeth leaves for college, Tim and I will be empty nesters! Fortunately, we keep very busy. Tim is an Industrial Mechanics Instructor at Chippewa Valley Technical College and also has his own website business. He is very good at technology; everything I know I learned from him. Our state organization, Wisconsin Representatives for Activity Professionals (WRAP), is an active and vibrant organization. I am proud to serve WRAP and am in my third year as President to our 375 members across our state. In the past, I have also held the offices of Treasurer and Education. I am active in the Chippewa Valley Area Activity Professionals Group, which serves our region in Wisconsin. I have served in several leadership roles there. I have met many friends and wonderful people through these organizations. For the past 18 years, I have served as Treasurer for my church, which has a million dollar annual budget. I haven’t lost a penny yet! I also was the North High School Band’s President for four years. In addition to overseeing the many aspects of sustaining this volunteer group, I was privileged to be part of raising funds and planning a trip for our Jazz Band to travel to New York City for an Essentially Ellington competition, based on their winning entry. I have now “graduated” from this role, since my youngest graduated. The day after we celebrated her graduation, I started my new role for NAAP. I am hoping to meet many of you at future gatherings for NAAP. If there is ever anything I can assist you with, please feel free to contact me.

Lisa Ost-Beikmann, AC-BC, ADC, CDP, SSD

I am so excited to have been chosen to complete the term as your Education Outreach Trustee. I look forward to running again and having the opportunity to complete a full term in this exciting position. I was born and raised in Kansas; however, I have traveled and lived in a number of locations as I studied Travel/Tourism and Business Management. After graduation, I realized how much this education had taught me about customer service and taking care of people’s needs. While in high school I had worked as a CNA and enjoyed it immensely. I always dreamed of being the “Activity Director” and spending my time “enjoying life with the residents.” When I was younger it was not meant to be, but approximately seven years ago the opportunity fell right into my lap! I have never been so happy, because I truly have “a job that I love!” I enjoy volunteering with the Kansas Activity Directors Association and attend its Conference each year. The first year I attended the NAAP Conference, I knew I wanted to become more involved and I did. I was able to join the Special Interests Committee and assisted with the writing of the Mentor/ Consultant Workbook. At the last Annual Conference, I was a co-speaker for the Consultant/Mentor Workshop. It was an exciting time for me and I look forward to speaking on many more occasions. My service as an Activity Director lasted five years, until I began my own consulting business. I really enjoy traveling to different facilities and meeting the many different Activity Directors, Assistants, Administrators, staff, and residents. I am very fortunate to have a supportive family who encourage my success. My husband of five years has been the Director of Environmental Services at our local nursing home for 24 years. My teenage son took his first job in the Dietary Department and has been there over three years. My daughter, who is 11, enjoys visiting and reading stories to the residents. As your Education Outreach Trustee, I promise to do my very best to bring you continuing education in fun and informative ways. Please join our Wednesday “Lunch & Learn” sessions and meet many other Activity Professionals as you listen and learn from our wonderful speakers.


NAAPCC Continuing Education Pre-Approval By Melissa Dixon, AC-BC, MT-BC,Associate Director of Operations & Credentialing NAAP Credentialing Center As a service to you, the National Association of Activity Professionals Credentialing Center (NAAPCC) has a system in place for pre-approving educational programs for continuing education credit. Obtaining pre-approval status for your organization lets you market your continuing education activities to thousands of activity professionals who must earn recertification credits to stay certified. The advantages of pre-approval for a participant are clearly defined. The number of continuing education units (CEUs) will be visible, as well as the credentials and biography of the speaker, subject category, and time frame for the session. Participants will receive a certificate of attendance with a pre-approval number granted by NAAPCC. The advantages for those presenting NAAPCC pre-approved programs are increased visibility and awareness. Pre-approved educational opportunities are usually an easier process for participants to attend and obtain CEUs. Pre-approved organizations/educators can utilize the NAAPCC approval number on promotional materials associated with their pre-approved program for one year from the approval date. Getting a program pre-approved is relatively easy. Simply visit the NAAPCC website at, click on “Forms/Brochures,” and then choose the “Pre-Approvals” tab. Complete the application for Pre-Approval for Continuing Education and send the required information to: Brenda Scott, NAAPCC Office Manager NAAPCC 224 N. Millbrook Ct. Aurora, CO 80018-1660 The following information must accompany the application: •

Name and objectives for each session

Speaker’s credentials and brief bio

Time frame of session(s)

Method of presentation (lecture, demonstration, hands on, group involvement, etc.)

Certificate of Attendance

Publicity tool

Payment of $5.00 per one-hour credit, $75.00 maximum. Check should be made out to: NAAPCC.

After your submission has been reviewed, you will receive an approval or denial email to your organization’s contact person, at the address provided on the application. If your application is approved, your email will include the NAAPCC pre-approval number and expiration date of that number. If your application is denied, your email will explain why it was denied and what additional information you may submit for the approval. The NAAPCC office can assist you with any questions you might have regarding the completion of the the necessary paperwork and/or submitting the required administrative fee. Review of applications is completed within 30 days from the time of receipt in the NAAPCC office and must be submitted 30 days prior to the date of the event.


News from NAAP Credentialing Center (NAAPCC) By Diane Mockbee, BS, AC-BC, ACC, Director of Operations It is hard to believe that over two years have passed since the NAAP Credentialing Center officially began offering Board Certification to Activity Professionals. These past two years have shown the NAAPCC and NAAP Boards that this was definitely the route to take. We are growing each day, and are approaching the 1,000 mark of Board Certified Activity Professionals and Consultants throughout the United States and Canada. With our growth, the Board decided to create a satellite office, with set office hours to enable Activity Professionals to reach someone five days a week. We have hired an Office Manager for this office. We are proud to announce Brenda Scott, AC-BC, ADC, is NAAPCC’s new Office Manager. Scott’s term of office on the NAAPCC Board ended April 30th. Now Scott is busy converting all our paper documents, including applications and renewals, to a digital format. She is responsible for general office duties such as answering phones and e-mail, administering the monthly competency exam, and updating the website. We are very excited about this new venture and know Scott and the office will be a huge asset to our organization. At our annual meeting in April, following several weeks of review, the Board completed a reorganization of board duties and titles. We are proud to announce the addition of Lorre Baird, BS, AP-BC, ADC, CDP, from South Carolina, as our new Director of Compliance and Ethics. Baird, with the assistance of the Board, will be developing a Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Policies and Procedures for credentialed Individuals, Board members, and employees. It will also be Baird’s duty to ensure that NAAPCC is following the guidelines of the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) for eventual accreditation and to keep the goals of the NAAPCC on track with this project. Debbie Bouknight’s new title is Director of Outreach and Re-Certification. Bouknight mails all renewal notices and reviews the renewal packets. Melissa Dixon’s title is now Associate Director of Operations and Credentialing. Melissa reviews all new applications and pre-approves education sessions for various educational opportunities offered by other organizations and instructors. Sharon Inoue, CNHA, AP-BC, continues as our Liaison with the NAAP Board. Inoue writes the monthly reports about the projects the NAAPCC is working on. Joan Flannigan, AC-BC, continues as Director of Finance and is head of our California home office. I continue to serve as the Director of Operations for NAAPCC. NAAPCC now has an easy to use, redesigned website. I hope everyone takes advantage of everything the new website has to offer. With the new website, NAAPCC can now provide our competency exam on the site. When someone registers for the exam, we now have the ability to accept credit card payments immediately. We have been able to eliminate the third party process, thus streamlining the registration procedure. NAAPCC has opened up the exam so that if you register by the 6th of the month, you will be able to take the exam from the 6th to the last day of the month. Previously, one had to register by the 10th of the month and take the exam between the 15th and 25th of that month. We feel this new procedure will enable exam takers to have more flexibility in scheduling and completing the exam. We are proud to announce Path 5 as our newest option for those wishing to become Board Certified. Since our Grandfathering Program ended January 1, 2013, the Board has had many requests to continue that program. However, we felt there had to be an “end” to that particular program. After much discussion and review, the Board developed Path 5, an option for individuals certified by another certifiying body, such as an ADC or ACC. They must, however, successfully complete the Credentialing Center Exam. This path is also open to those with a CTRS, MT-BC, ATR-BC, COTA, or OTR certification. These appliants must show proof of one year’s experience working in activities with the elderly within the past 3 years and have successfully completed the Credentialing Center Exam. Brenda Scott continues to be the contact person for the NAAPCC exam. Please go to for information regarding the exam, along with the most current information and forms that are ready for your use. We are offering the NAAP Credentialing Center’s Powerpoint presentation on our website for anyone who wishes to use this at their state conference and other venues. This Powerpoint will always be the latest information for your use. We ask that you mail all applications to our satellite office: NAAPCC; 224 N. Millbrook Court, Aurora, CO 80018-1660. Please direct all calls to 303-317-5682 Mountain Daylight Savings Time between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. If you need any of us at anytime, our contact information is on the website and Scott can let us know if you have any questions of the Board. The e-mail is: We are excited about our continued growth and for those of you who believed we could do this!! The NAAPCC is definitely on the right road for the success of our credentialed Activity Professionals everywhere, and to be your Option for National Board Certification!


A Special Word of Thanks The Board wants to take this opportunity to say a special “thank you” to Casey Corwin and her staff at Corwin Design & Graphics for everything they do for NAAP. Those who have attended the Annual Conferences know that both Casey Corwin and Corwin Design & Graphics have received awards from NAAP for their Outstanding Service. We would like to openly share just some of the many things Casey and her staff have done already or do for NAAP on an on-going basis: • Casey Corwin and Heather Evereth spent countless hours assisting Nancy Williams, Public Relations Trustee, and Brian Lang, Seniors In Touch, with the development of the current NAAP website. Members of Corwin Design & Graphics continue to help with the development of new areas of our website, • Alexandra Craig does the layout for the NAAP News and adds the artwork and other interesting facts about upcoming holidays, etc. She makes the newsletter look professional and interesting to read. • Casey’s staff does the layout for the Conference Brochure and Conference Book each year and Corwin Design & Graphics does the printing at a reduced rate. • Casey and her staff are always there to trouble shoot and provide technical and design assistance which saves NAAP a great deal of money. The Board appreciates all that Casey Corwin and her team have done over the years to promote NAAP and the Activity Profession.

Thanks for making us look good in print and on the web!

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2014Conference Scholarship Opportunities By Cindy Tewalt, RMT, AC-BC, ADC, Secretary/Treasurer If you want to attend the 2014 NAAP Annual Conference in St. Louis and would like to apply for a scholarship to do so, there are two scholarships available. These two scholarships could help you to attend the 32nd Annual Conference in St. Louis, and network with other Activity Professionals from across the United States, Canada, and other countries! As the Treasurer for NAAP, I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity and apply for one of these scholarships:

Activity Professionals Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship is in memory of the leaders of the Activity Profession who have died over the years. There are two scholarships given for the Early Bird Registration to the Annual Conference. NAAP gives one, which requires the applicant be certified through any National Certifying Body. NAAPCC gives one, which requires the applicant be certified through NAAPCC. To apply for this scholarship you must be a NAAP member in good standing and meet one of the two previously stated requirements. The applicant must address the following points in 300 words or less: • • • • • • •

Need for financial assistance to attend the conference; Financial assistance from other sources; Number of NAAP Conferences attended; Number of years as a NAAP member; Certified through NAAPCC OR a national certifying body; Extent of applicant’s involvement in NAAP; and Extent of applicant’s involvement in Local and State Associations.

Applicants must submit a minimum of one letter of recommendation with the application form. This letter should be from: • • •

Administrator of the facility where employed; or Another appropriate staff person; or Current officer of State/International or National Activity Association.

Charles “Chuck” Taylor, Jr. Memorial Scholarship: The Board established this scholarship in memory of Charles and Irene Taylor’s son, Charles T. Taylor, Jr. who died in a tragic automobile accident just prior to the 2009 Conference. This scholarship will pay the recipient’s registration at the Early-Bird rate. To apply for this scholarship you must be a NAAP member in good standing. The applicant must address the same points found in this article. At least one letter of reference, written by the examples found in this article, must also accompany the application. Both the Activity Professionals Memorial Scholarship and Charles “Chuck” Taylor, Jr. Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to applicants planning to attend the 2014 Annual Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. Two Activity Professionals Memorial Scholarships will be awarded. The number of Charles “Chuck” Taylor Memorial Scholarships awarded is determined by the NAAP Board, based on available funds designated for this scholarship. All information contained in the scholarship applications is kept confidential. Your completed application must be postmarked by January 31, 2014. The application forms can be found on the NAAP website: NAAP members may apply for only ONE (1) of the scholarships. Applicants MUST use the current application form; your application will not be accepted if you use an old form. Take a few minutes to complete the application and gather your letter(s) of reference. Every NAAP member is eligible to apply for a scholarship, so don’t let this opportunity pass you by. NOTE: It is imperative that all Conference attendees stay at the Conference Hotel. NAAP receives free education space, based on the number of room nights sold! Therefore, everyone awarded a scholarship is required to stay at the Hotel Frontenac during the Conference. Without your hotel confirmation number, your scholarship is forfeited.

Meeting Residents’ Needs through One-To-One Visits – Part I By Myrtle Klauer, AP-BC, ADC, CAP This first article in our two-part series will look at the reasons to implement a one-to-one program and how to go about this for the benefit of the residents needing this intervention. According to the OBRA guidance to surveyors for F-248, “The facility must provide for an ongoing program of activities designed to meet, in accordance with the comprehensive assessment, the interests and the physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being of each resident. The intent of this requirement is that: • The facility identifies each resident's interests and needs; and • The facility involves the resident in an ongoing program of activities that is designed to appeal to his or her interests and to enhance the resident's highest practicable level of physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being.” The surveyors are required to: "Observe individual, group and bedside activities. Are residents who are confined, or choose to remain in their rooms, provided with in-room activities in keeping with life-long interests, e.g., music, reading, visits with individuals who share their interests (or reasonable attempts to connect the resident with such individuals), and in-room projects they can work on independently? Do any facility staff members assist the resident with activities he or she can pursue independently?" Residents Who Require One-to-One Interventions Many of the residents in today’s long term care settings are not able to participate in group activities because of physical and/or cognitive limitations. These residents meet the requirement for one-to-one visits. OBRA defines one-to-one programming as: • “…programming provided to residents who will not, or cannot, effectively plan their own activity pursuits, or residents needing specialized or extended programs to enhance their overall daily routine and activity pursuit needs.” The residents who will benefit from one-to-one visits include, but are not limited to: • Cognitively low-level functioning residents who need special individualized attention in order to obtain a response; • Residents who are room- or bed-bound, due to medical conditions; • Residents who cannot function as part of a group process. These individuals may have special needs or may have been "loners" all of their lives; • Residents who refuse all invitations to participate in groups for various reasons; • Residents who have no family or community contacts in the area or who may have outlived their family and/or friends; • Residents who are sad, having problems adjusting to facility life, grieving lost roles or loved ones, depressed, etc.; • Residents with language or cultural barriers; and • Any residents not demonstrating meaningful life involvement. Planning and Implementing One-to-One Visits

One-to-one visits should be pre-planned and provide meaningful contact between one resident and a designated visitor. This visitor can be a volunteer, family member, friend or any member of the interdisciplinary team. “Activities are meaningful when they reflect a person’s interests and lifestyle; are enjoyable to the person; help the person to feel useful; and provide a sense of belonging.” One-to-one visits should be part of the resident’s care plan with specific interventions and goals clearly stated. The care plan should also include specific approaches by the interdisciplinary team to help the resident reach his or her recreation and leisure goals. The numbers of one-to-one visits, and the length of each visit, are dependent on the endurance, interests, and abilities of the resident – this will vary for each resident. It is better to implement several short visits throughout the week than to stay too long and tire the resident, causing the resident to lose interest. Remember: the regulations clearly state that the interdisciplinary team is responsible for providing activities, which include one-to-one interactions. However, the interdisciplinary team will need to be trained in order to provide quality one-to-one visits. The Activity Director should work with the inservice coordinator to provide in-service training for the entire staff. This article can be used as an inservice training tool. Identifying Other Meaningful Interactions Many residents receive meaningful interactions with others throughout the day. Start by identifying how the resident spends his or her day and with whom he or she interacts. Take this into consideration before placing a resident into a one-to- one program. •

Look for meaningful stimulation occurring throughout the day: Determine when and where meaningful activities or stimulation are taking place.

Assess the resident’s environment: Ensure that the resident's room contains stimulation in the form of mobiles, bright colorful posters, bird feeder outside of the resident's window, blooming plants, radio/CD player, television, or other individualized items. When formal activities are not occurring, make sure the resident is seated in the lounge, near a window, or other area with an enjoyable view of the outdoors.

Design and provide independent activities for the resident: Independent activities can be initiated by the interdisciplinary team. These activities include, but are not limited to: o Turning on the television at the appropriate time and channel so the resident can watch his or her favorite program(s); o Providing “Talking Books” or other books on cassette tapes by loading the cassette player and pressing the on-switch; o Providing current magazines for the resident to look through or read; o Asking the resident to sort one of his or her drawers, while cleaning the resident’s room; o Providing yarn, instructions and crochet hooks/knitting needles for independent projects; o Providing crossword or find-a-word books for the resident to complete; o Placing the resident’s radio on a timer so that it plays the resident’s favorite station at specific times during the day; and/or o Discussing the pictures of loved ones on display in the resident’s room.

Develop a comprehensive program using resources beyond the activity staff: o Arrange for visits from members of the community, e.g., clergy, pets, children involved in the intergenerational programs, Girl/Boy Scouts, religious groups, veterans’ groups, etc.; o Utilize nursing, housekeepers, social services, administration, and maintenance staffs to provide conversation on a daily basis; o Train volunteers as “friendly visitors” to visit residents with similar interests and/or past roles; and o Utilize a teen volunteer to help the resident keep in touch with his or her family/friends via Skype, Twitter or Facebook. Make a portable laptop available for this purpose.

Support and encourage family/friends contact: Teach the residents’ families and friends how to provide quality visits. This can be done as a presentation to the members of the facility’s Family Council. Provide families and friends with the necessary materials and tools to enhance their visits: o Visit kits accessible on each unit/floor; o A book of the resident’s favorite poems placed on the night stand with simple instructions attached: "Any visitors of Mrs. Jones are encouraged to read at least one poem to her. Thank you;" o Provide a list of suggested activities families and friends can do with their loved one. Make sure to adjust the list for those with dementia and residents on hospice who are nearing the end of their life; ♦ Make a scrapbook from magazine pictures; ♦ Sort family photos; ♦ Take a walk outdoors when weather permits; ♦ Play the resident’s favorite card game, checkers, tic-tac-toe, hangman, etc.; ♦ Decorate the resident’s room/door for the upcoming holiday; ♦ Engage the resident in helping sort their clothes for the upcoming season and deciding which items should be stored for future use; ♦ Make a simple craft; and ♦ Look at pictures from a recent family event.

A One-to-One Log, to help keep track of each resident’s visits, is available on the NAAP website, for your use. You can find it under the Activity Director’s Toolbox – Director’s Resource Page. In the next newsletter, information about the specifics of a one-to-one program will be shared. This concluding article will also include actual program ideas anyone can carry out, as well as a Pre-/Post Test, so you can use this information as an in-service for your staff, volunteers, other staff, and family members.


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