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Leading Your Activity Department

Tip #1 Build a Wonderful Workshop

Secret Tips From Santa’s Workshop Julie Reginek MS, ACC, EDU, CDP Ridgewater College

Tip #2 Choose Your Reindeer Wisely

If we want to hear jingle bells ringing on the 24th, we need to set and live by goals … all year long!

Tip #3 Make a List and Check it Twice

Tip #4 Listen to the Elves



Tip #5 Get Beyond the Red Wagons

Tip #6 Share the Milk and Cookies

What Motivates?

Thank You’s

58% use time wisely 52% to have a well- managed company  50% use my talents sensible  41% have clearly defined tasks  39% experiences that will enhance my career  31% to thank me!

Tip #7 Find Out Who’s Naughty & Nice

Tip #8 Be Good for Goodness Sake

 

58% seldom if ever, receive personal thanks  76% seldom if ever receive written thanks  81% seldom if ever receive public praise



Conclusion To survive and prosper; you and your organization must be able to achieve “big things” throughout the year  Need effective leadership to get big things done 

Thank You!


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