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Creative Program Ideas for October 2012 The birthstones for those born in October are the opal and aquamarine. The flowers are the cosmos, marigold, and calendula. Celebrity Birthdays: October 1, 1924 ~ Jimmy Carter October 2, 1945 ~ Don McLean October 3, 1951 ~ Jack Wagner October 4, 1941~ Jackie Collins October 5, 1924 ~ Bill Dana October 6, 1906 ~ Janet Gaynor October 7, 1931 ~ Desmond Tutu October 8, 1941 ~ Jesse Jackson October 9, 1940 ~ John Lennon October 10, 1914 ~ Dorothy Lamour October 11, 1932 ~ Dottie West October 12, 1947 ~ Chris Wallace October 13, 1941 ~ Paul Simon October 14, 1928 ~ Roger Moore October 15, 1924 ~ Lee Iacocca October 16, 1925 ~ Angela Lansbury

October 17, 1926 ~ Beverly Garland October 18, 1926 ~ Chuck Berry October 19, 1932 ~ Robert Reed October 20, 1931 ~ Mickey Mantle October 21, 1917 ~ Dizzy Gillespie October 22, 1917 ~ Joan Fontaine October 23, 1925 ~ Johnny Carson October 24, 1936 ~ David Nelson October 25, 1936 ~ Marion Ross October 26, 1947 ~ Jaclyn Smith October 27, 1924 ~ Ruby Dee October 28, 1914 ~ Jonas Salk October 29, 1948 ~ Kate Jackson October 30, 1945 ~ Henry Winkler October 31, 1931 ~ Michael Collins

Important Dates in October: October 7-13 ~ Fire Prevention Week October 8 ~ Columbus Day October 16 ~ Boss’s Day October 31 ~ Halloween Field Trip Month: With the good weather fading as winter approaches, prepare to take advantage of Indian summer by getting the residents out into the community on a few field trips as weather permits. Be sure to take extra lap robes and sweaters with you in case the wind changes. Plan a picnic lunch in the park; take a walk in the neighborhood and collect colorful leaves; play yard games in a nearby playground; or take a drive through the countryside or suburbs and marvel at the natural beauty of autumn. Reading Group Month: It’s time to schedule some indoor activities the residents can participate in as a small group. Provide a list of possible books the residents might enjoy reading. Ask the residents for their ideas, too. Encourage the residents to choose one book to read together as a group. Form a reading group/book club and read the book together, chapter-by-chapter, allowing time for some discussion about what was read during the session. 1

Encourage the residents to take turns reading during your time together. At the end of the book, help the residents write a synopsis and what they thought of the book, for the facility newsletter. Residents’ Right Month: The theme for the 2012 Residents’ Rights Month is My Voice, My Vote, My Right. Partner with the social services department to develop innovative ways of reviewing the residents’ rights during small group discussions and/or the Resident Council meeting. Make it fun. Develop a game of residents’ rights trivia or present several significant “rights” in the form of a skit. Provide in-service training about residents’ rights to ALL staff. When doing the in-service training, include pre- and post-tests. For more information, visit the following website: . October 1 ~ International Day of Older Persons: Today is the day to emphasize the fact that the residents still have a lot to contribute to society. Discuss what the residents can do to contribute to the local community – food drives, tutoring latch-key children, making doggie treats and catnip toys for a local animal shelter, winter coat drive, etc. Ask the residents to make a list of things they would like to do. Work with the residents to prioritize the list and organize the first service project. Form committees for each service project and recruit volunteers to help the residents carry out the selected project each month. October 6 ~ World Card Making Day: The holidays will be here before we know it, so begin helping the residents make greeting cards they can send to their family and friends or sell to raise money for a community service project chosen by the residents. Have volunteers cut different colored card stock into the right sizes for greeting cards and note cards. Use computer-generated clip art to decorate the front of the card. Enhance the card with glitter, stickers, ribbon, yarn, sequins, fabric, small silk flowers, or other decorations. Cut out verses from used greeting cards or print verses using a computer. October 12-18 ~ Scarecrow Festival: Initiate a scarecrow contest between the residents on each floor/unit. Publish a list of items you need to make and dress the scarecrows. Distribute the list to staff, volunteers, and family members. Purchase bales of hay and collect any missing articles of clothing from garage sales and resale shops. Organize the residents into teams to build their scarecrows. When the scarecrows are completed, ask the makers to name their scarecrow. Hang the scarecrow’s name around its neck and place the scarecrows around the facility’s campus. Invite visitors to vote for their favorite scarecrow. At the end of the festival, host a pizza party for the winning team. Have the Resident Council award certificates to the other scarecrow creators. Be sure to take lots of pictures of the residents with their scarecrows. October 20 ~ Sweetest Day: Do something nice for someone today. The original intent of the day was to bring flowers, cards, or candy to shut-ins, orphans, and the sick. The 2

activity department can use the day to spread cheer to the residents by delivering bouquets of balloons or small vases of flowers to each resident. Ask the dietary department to provide a special treat at the main meal of the day. Invite an entertainer and after the performance have an ice cream social. October 25th-31st ~ Magic Week: Celebrate magic by inviting a local magician to perform for the residents. Determine if any of the residents or staff can do some magic tricks. Invite them to share their tricks at a magic talent show. Help the residents practice some easy tricks featured in the referenced websites in this article. Make some of the props for the show, e.g., top hat, wand, cape, etc. For easy magic trick directions, visit: and

October Craft Ghost Lollypop This craft is easy and fun. When finished, these ghost lollypops can be sold or given to children who come to the facility for trick-or-treating activities. What You Need: • Lollypops – Tootsie Roll Pops or Dum-Dums • Tissue Paper – White • Felt-tip Pen – Clack • Yarn – All Colors • Scissors What You Do: 1. Cut out a circle of tissue paper with diameter about two times the length of the lollypop stick. 2. Wrap the tissue around the lollypop and tie its neck with yarn. 3. Draw scary eyes on the tissue with the felt pen. 4. Present your ghostly lollypop to the ghoul of your choice. 5. Makes the perfect Halloween party favor.