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July 21, 2010

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by Sarah Bates It’s something every first grader learns about, and it’s something we should all be concerned about-the Earth’s rainforests. This week we take a look at the wonder and beauty of one of Earth’s most amazing biomes. • Earth’s rainforests are a natural wealth of resources and wildlife. Of all the earth’s many species, over half are found in the rainforests alone. That’s over 50 percent of Earth’s species in an area that takes up only 2 percent of Earth’s surface. Estimates project more than half of the rainforest could be destroyed by 2030. • Rainforests are located in three major areas of the world: Indonesia and Malaysia, Central America and the Amazon River Basin, and Africa, all areas along the equator. Because of this, the average temperature in the rainforests never drops below 64º F (17º C). • Did you know that rainforests are responsible for turning over a large portion of Earth’s carbon dioxide? The many plants in the rainforest help turn carbon dioxide into 28 percent of the world’s oxygen. • Rainforests get over 80 inches of rain each year. Because of this, many plants have adapted to prevent the large amounts of moisture from adversely affecting them. Some plants have what could be called drip spouts that help excess water run off. Other plants have an oily coat that also keeps excess water at bay. turn the page for more!

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Tidbits® of Pulaski County

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1. THEATER: Who won the 1961 Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in “West Side Story”? 2. ANATOMY: How long does it take blood to circulate throughout your body? 3. MUSIC: Who is honored in the song “Candle in the Wind” by Elton John? 4. HISTORY: Where was the first theater built in the American colonies? 5. SCIENCE: What area of study is a lepidopterist concerned with? 6. LANGUAGE: What is the meaning of the name Addis Ababa (capital of Ethiopia)? 7. MATH: In geometry, what is a perfectly round ball called? 8. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: In “The Twelve Days of Christmas” carol, what was sent on the 11th day? 9. MOVIES: What was the name of the submarine in the film “Operation Petticoat”? 10. GEOGRAPHY: What is the capital city of Australia? 

I’m thinking Arby’s. 

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THE RAINFORESTS (continued): • Rainforests can be broken down into four major layers. Everything begins at the forest floor. Most of the floor is clear of plants because very little sunlight penetrates that far down. Any leaves or animal waste that fall to the floor decompose very quickly due to the lack of light and high humidity levels, leaving the area bare. • The second layer is the understory, which gets more light than the forest floor and is home to many plants and animals, such as snakes, jaguars and trees that can reach up to 60 feet (18 m) tall. It is very humid in the understory, and there is little air movement. • The canopy layer is next, formed of 98- to 131foot (30-40 m) trees that comprise a thick canopy that covers everything below. A majority of the rainforest’s life lives in the lush and plentiful canopy layer, and some species never leave it. • The final layer of the rainforest is the emergent layer, which is made up of even taller trees that grow anywhere from 147 to 262 feet (45 - 80 m) tall. • Because most food resides so high in the canopy, rainforests aren’t suitable habitats for humans. Most tribes that utilize rainforests for food live outside the forest in nearby areas. • The Amazon rainforest is one of the world’s largest biomes. It covers 1.4 billion acres (5.5 million km2) of the Amazon River basin and supports more than 300 species of mammals, including two species of freshwater dolphins.

• On July 22, 1598, William Shakespeare’s play “The Merchant of Venice” is entered on the Stationers’ Register. By decree of Queen Elizabeth, the Stationers’ Register licensed printed works, giving the Crown tight control over all published material. • On July 19, 1799, a black basalt slab inscribed with ancient writing is discovered in Egypt. The artifact, called the Rosetta Stone, held the key to solving the riddle of hieroglyphics, a written language that had been “dead” for nearly 2,000 years. • On July 24, 1911, American archeologist Hiram Bingham gets his first look at Machu Picchu, an ancient Inca settlement in Peru. Machu Picchu is believed to have been a summer retreat for Inca leaders, whose civilization was wiped out by Spanish invaders in the 16th century. • On July 21, 1925, schoolteacher John T. Scopes is convicted of violating Tennessee’s new law against teaching evolution. The case was never really in doubt. On May 4, the American Civil Liberties Union had offered to help any Tennessee schoolteacher challenge the law. To gain publicity for the town of Dayton, Scopes, a local science teacher, agreed to fill the role since he wasn’t planning to stay in Dayton anyway. No one was really concerned whether he had actually taught evolution to his students. • On July 20, 1963, Jan and Dean’s “Surf City” reaches the top of the charts. “Surf City” might be mistaken for a Beach Boys record, but the Beach Boys had yet to have a No. 1 hit at that time. • On July 23, 1976, members of the American Legion gathered in Philadelphia begin suffering from a mysterious form of pneumonia. By Aug. 2, 22 people were dead and hundreds more were experiencing pneumonia-like symptoms. Their ailment would come to be known as Legionnaires disease.

1. Is the Book of 1 Thessalonians in the Old or New Testament or neither? 2. From Genesis 38, who was the first individual killed by God for being wicked? Cain, Er, Onan, Gomorrah 3. How long had the woman been sick that touched the hem of Jesus’ garment? 1 month, 6 months, 3 years, 12 years 4. From 1 Kings 6, who constructed the first altar covered with gold? Gideon, Josiah, Noah, Solomon 5. How often does the Year of Jubilee come around, once every how many years? 5, 25, 50, 75 6. Which king ordered Daniel into the lions’ den? Darius, Eglon, Herod, Caesar

• On July 25, 1985, Rock Hudson, a tall, dark and handsome Hollywood leading man of the 1950s and 1960s, announces through a press release that he is suffering from acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Hudson became the first major celebrity to go public with such a diagnosis.

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Disgrace at Arlington It has to be a gut-wrenching nightmare come true for relatives: Veterans at Arlington National Cemetery have been buried in the wrong places. Not just one or two, but perhaps hundreds of gravesites have problems: unmarked graves, graves containing more than one service member, broken and discarded burial urns with

cremated remains scattered in the dirt, headstones with no remains, remains with no headstone, discrepancies between maps and gravesites ... the list goes on. The press release didn’t begin to cover what really happened. Army Secretary McHugh announced “a series of management and oversight changes.” The press release tersely stated that a new guy with 31 years of experience would be jumping in “to assist in management” of Arlington until a permanent replacement can be found. Too bad they can’t keep the new guy. He started as a laborer years ago at a national cemetery and rose through the ranks to become director of one. You’d think that there would be maps, di-

agrams down to the inch and computer programs. You’d think that since we can fire with deadly accuracy on a window miles away that we could at least bury a service member and keep track of where the gravesite is. You’d think they would take this seriously. But, no ... The problem areas are 59, 65 and 66. If you know where your loved one is buried, and can go right to it. If you don’t know the section number, look at a map of the cemetery. To find a map, go to, scroll to the bottom and click Site Map. Then click either Map or Interactive Map. (c) 2009 King Features Synd., Inc.

Hos or C t a Catalo and roe oking Shog produ ceive FREw cts an d giftsE !

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THE RAINFORESTS (continued): • Although they are some of the oldest in the world, most of Southeast Asia’s primary rainforests are expected to be completely destroyed within the next decade. This means animals like the Bengal tiger, king cobra and the Javan silvery gibbon will all lose their homes. As of 2008, there were less than 2,500 silvery gibbons in the wild, and some estimates show that at least 50 percent of the gibbons’ population will disappear in the next decade, putting this creature in danger of extinction. • The world’s largest rodent makes its home in the Amazon rainforest. The capybara can grow up to 4.3 feet (1.3 m) long, and although some have been said to weigh up to 200 pounds (90 kg), the average capybara is about 140 pounds (65 kg). Capybaras are herbivores that live semi-aquatically near rivers, swamps and other bodies of water. They also live in packs and are very social creatures. The capybara is a favorite snack of another of the world’s largest animals: the anaconda. • The plants of the world’s rainforests are also very important. Did you know that Madagascar Periwinkle, also known as the Rosy Periwinkle, contains the alkaloid vincristine? Vincristine is used in chemotherapy, mainly to treat Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma as well as acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Before the discovery of vincristine, which originally studied as a possible treatment for diabetes, those with Hodgkin’s lymphoma only had a 19 percent survival rate. However, the use of vincristine and other drugs have brought this rate up to 58 percent. • Many of our favorite foods first originated in the rainforests too, things like chocolate, avocados, guavas, mangos and bananas.

Tidbits® of Pulaski County

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“X” Marks the Spot

By Samantha Mazzotta DEAR PAW’S CORNER: A friend of mine spot, or several designated spots. It’s best if this told me that he trained his dog to go in a training begins early in a dog’s life. If the dog is specific spot in his backyard by using a used to just running anywhere in the yard to do his scented rock to mark the spot. How does business, disassociating him from this behavior that work, and where can I get this rock? is necessary and adds time to the process. You’ll -- Frank in West Roxbury, Mass. also need to be absolutely disciplined yourself with this method -- taking the dog out at specified DEAR FRANK: Your friend essentially trained times, daily, to that spot, until he completely his dog to identify a particular scent with a associates the area with elimination. location that’s OK for him to eliminate. Using Ultimately, you’ll want to be able to just let the a focal point like the rock is pretty helpful dog outside at that specified time and have him when you’re trying to train your dog to do this. go on his own in that spot, although some dogs Hopefully the scent is unique enough that the may never reach that point. dog won’t smell it elsewhere in or around his The upside of this, of course, is that your lawn will neighbor’s house! remain free of little surprises as well as yellowed You can most likely find something like the spots on the grass. The extra benefit, however, is scented rock (or a similar training tool) at a that you give your dog a little more “face time” local pet store or online. Look under house as you work with him to use the designated spot, training or basic obedience. something that rewards both of you. Most dogs can be trained to use a specific



THE RAINFORESTS (continued): • So why should we worry about the rainforests now? If they covers so much of the Earth, there’s still some left, right? Every second a football field-sized area of rainforest is destroyed due to deforestation. That’s roughly 86,400 acres every day. Over 2,250 species of trees and flowering plants, 125 species of mammals, 150 species of butterflies and 400 species of birds reside in a single hectare (2.47 miles) of rainforest, and in less than an hour each day, all of this is destroyed. • To further put it into perspective, every year we lose a piece of the rainforest twice the size of the state of Florida. • The rainforest is also home to many species that are vulnerable or endangered, and deforestation affects them. Pollutants and waste from industry and deforestation degrade the water quality in places like the Amazon River, causing poor quality of life for vulnerable species like the Amazon River dolphin. • The argument for cutting down the rainforest is its initial economic boost, but many experts agree that preserving the rainforest would yield far more economic benefits from its exports of fruits, oils, nuts and plants than its deforestation for ranching or timber harvest. • So what can you do? Search “rainforest preservation” in your favorite search engine and get involved with the preservation group that you like best. Also, spread the word to your friends and family. Tell them you read it in Tidbits.

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The Benefits of Coffee

To Your Good Health By Paul G. Donohue, M.D.

What is Prickly Heat? DEAR DR. DONOHUE: Exactly what is prickly heat? Do adults get it? If they do, I think I have it. -- M.K. ANSWER: Adults do get prickly heat. It looks like red dots or tiny blisters on the skin. The rash itches or feels “prickly.” Sweat ducts have become plugged. Prevention comes with dressing as coolly as possible in light cotton clothes. Air-conditioning is the ultimate answer. Second best is having a fan blowing on you. If you have a breakout, cool-water compresses take away the itch or prickliness, as do cortisone creams, which are found in all drugstores. *** DEAR DR. DONOHUE: My husband has some kind of sleep disorder. He doesn’t believe he has a problem. I know about restless leg syndrome, but he has something beyond that. About four nights a week, his legs kick all over, and he throws his body in every direction. The bed bounces like a trampoline. In one month, he made large holes in two quality flannel sheets. Several times, he has hit me across the face. What is this problem? -- M.L. ANSWER: You describe periodic limb movements of sleep, PLMS, which used to be called nocturnal myoclonus. Most of the time, only the legs are involved. The toes, ankles, knees and hips involuntarily bend and

straighten during sleep. The movements happen every 20 to 40 seconds, and each episode lasts from a few minutes to hours. Restless leg syndrome is a crawling sensation beneath the skin of the legs. The person has to get up and walk around to put an end to the annoying sensations. Sometimes it is associated with iron deficiency, and sometimes restless leg patients also experience periodic limb movements. Pramipexole or ropinirole treat both conditions. Your husband should see a doctor. The booklet on restless leg syndrome and nighttime leg cramps explains these conditions and their treatments. Readers can obtain a copy by writing: Dr. Donohue -- No. 306W, Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475. Enclose a check or money order (no cash) for $4.75 U.S./$6 Canada with the recipient’s printed name and address. *** DEAR DR. DONOHUE: I play softball for my company. Last week, while rounding second, I felt like I stubbed my toe. It hurt, and it still does. People tell me it is turf toe. What is that, and how long does it go on? -- M.L. ANSWER: Turf toe happens when the big toe is forcefully bent upward. That motion sprains ligaments at the base of the toe. Every time you take a step, your big toe propels the body forward. Limit your walking to give the toe a rest. Splinting the toe with tape is helpful. Shoes with a sturdy sole also protect the toe. If the ligaments have only been stretched, your toe ought to feel fine in two weeks. If the ligaments are torn, it will take six weeks. You and I are going on “people’s” diagnosis. If there isn’t a major turnabout shortly in how the toe feels, have a doctor confirm the diagnosis.

For those of us who can’t get started in the morning without our coffee (and maybe another cup at mid-afternoon for a little pickup), there’s good news. There are benefits to drinking coffee. The latest research indicates that coffee reduces the risk of diabetes. Granted, this study was done with mice, but many mice studies end up with human correlations. The way it apparently works is that coffee suppresses insulin sensitivity and affects glucose metabolism. Additionally, coffee improves fatty liver. The two seem to go hand in hand, as fatty liver “causes insulin resistance in the liver.” Researchers initially believed caffeine was the reason, but now they wonder if the antidiabetic compounds come from something other than the caffeine. And that’s not all. It seems that coffee helps to fight off advanced prostate cancer. According to the study, those men who drank the most coffee had a much lower risk of prostate cancer, especially the aggressive kind of the cancer. There’s more. The caffeine in coffee melted away the plaque in the brain caused by Alzheimer’s disease. Again, this was with mice, but it worked well enough that they tried it on humans. The dose, equivalent to five cups of coffee per day, is a bit much, but the results were promising enough that researchers are looking into using caffeine as a treatment for Alzheimer’s. If you have gout, you’ll appreciate this: Coffee helps fight the disease by reducing the uric-acid levels in the blood. Tea, however, doesn’t work. Therefore, scientists believe it’s not the caffeine that does the trick, but some other component in the coffee itself. For those of us who can’t handle caffeine, we need to beware. Even decaffeinated coffee contains some caffeine. It depends on how the beans were processed and how the coffee is made.

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If you’re just getting into his music, you’ll know him as Yusuf Islam, but if you’ve been a fan for years, Cat Stevens is no stranger to you. Sit back and relax as we fill your brain with facts about this legendary musician. • Steven Demetre Georgiou was born in London, England, on July 21, 1948. His father was from the Mediterranean island of Cyprus and his mother was from Sweden. • Georgiou developed a talent and love for music at an early age. At 15, he convinced his father, who owned and operated a restaurant, to buy him his first guitar for £8. • Georgiou was also a talented artist and spent one year at the Hammersmith School of Art where he considered becoming a cartoonist. While at Hammersmith, he developed his first musical pseudonym and went by Steve Adams when he performed. • Georgiou’s second stage name is his most memorable. In 1966, he recorded his first demo, under the name Cat Stevens. His demo immediately began climbing the charts and before long, Cat Stevens was touring with the likes of Jimi Hendrix. He was just 18 years old. • Over the next two years, he continued writing music, releasing his 1967 album “New Masters.” The album contained the song “The First Cut Is the Deepest,” which was most recently made famous by artist Sheryl Crow in 2003. It was also covered by Rod Stewart. • The hard-hitting pop star lifestyle took its toll on Stevens in 1969. After contracting tuberculosis, Stevens was admitted to the hospital with a collapsed lung. The illness kept Stevens in the hospital for months and out of public life for a year.

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1. When Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle set a record in 2009 for retiring 45 consecutive batters, whose mark did he break?

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2. Twice Bob Lemon took over as manager of the New York Yankees during a season and led the club to a World Series.


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Whom did he replace? 3. How many consecutive bowl games has the University of Utah won entering the 2010 college football season? 4. When was the last time the same two teams met in the NBA Finals two consecutive years? 5. How many times have the Atlanta Thrashers made the NHL playoffs in their 10-year existence?

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6. Who was the last NASCAR driver before Denny Hamlin in 2010 to sweep the weekend races at Darlington Raceway? 7. Before the 2010 Serbia Open, when was the last time two American male tennis players met in an ATP claycourt final in Europe?

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Tidbits® of Pulaski County

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It Hot” (which in 2000 was named the greatest American comedy film of all time by the American Film Institute) was originally titled “Not Tonight Josephine!”

• You might be surprised to learn that it was theoretical physicist Albert Einstein, one of the best-known scientists of all time, who made the following sage observation: “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” • On average, a man’s beard grows about a half-inch every month. • Do you suffer from coprolalia? I would hope not! If you’re a word deconstructionist and up on your Greek, you might be able to figure out that coprolalia means an uncontrollable use of obscene language, since “copro” means “dung” and “lalia” means “chatter” or “babble.” • Marilyn Monroe’s iconic film “Some Like

• The next time you have jury duty and want to get out of it, you might want to keep this in mind: A judge in Liverpool, England, dismissed a man from the jury when fellow jurors complained about the fleas in his beard. • At one time, the Catholic Church considered it sinful to eat a hot dog. • If you’re ever visiting Egypt and asking for directions, remember that in that country, “upstream” means south. • It’s probably fair to say that people have been enjoying mixed alcoholic beverages for hundreds of years, but the word “cocktail” wasn’t in general use until 1888, when it was printed for the first time, in a bartender’s manual. • In Connecticut in the 17th century, it was illegal to smoke more than one cigarette a day, and that one had to be smoked at home.

(c) 2010 King Features Synd., Inc.

• This is an easy do-it-yourself project: Cut a bleach or laundry detergent bottle in half. Use the handle to scoop pet poop, and the bottom as a receptacle. You can line the bottom with a plastic bag and do the whole back yard. Tie the bag and dispose of it in the trash. Store-bought scoops can cost as much as $20! • “I have a lot of plastic film containers around, since I still like to take regular photos. But I have found a use for them that crosses over into digital. I store a couple batteries in a container and stick it in my digital camera case. That way I always have a fresh refill ready to go.” -- P.E. in Massachusetts • After you have addressed a package using a felt-tip marker, either rub it with a white candle or cover it with tape to protect it from rain. • A great camping tip: “To keep ants off your camp table, bring four clean tuna or cat-food cans. Fill them about three-fourths of the way with water and stick them under the table’s legs. The ants can’t climb up the legs.” -- K.R. in Georgia • Keep tablecloths and cloth napkins from creasing by rolling them around a cardboard tube and securing the ends with fabric ties. Store in a drawer. • Clean the screens on your patio or window with a carpet scrap. Cut a carpet scrap to fit a block of wood, nail it down and use it to clean the screens.

Don’t Mess with Hidden Wasp Nest

CAT STEVENS (continued): • After his illness, Stevens’ musical sound underwent a notable change. He signed with a new record label in 1970. He released two more albums, but it was the second, “Tea for the Tillerman,” that truly gained Stevens international success. “Tea for the Tillerman” went on to sell three million copies and was No. 206 on Rolling Stone’s “500 Greatest Albums of All Time” list. • Stevens nearly drowned in 1976 while swimming off the coast of Malibu. Stevens considers this incident the beginning of his spiritual conversion. • It was his brother David that brought Stevens a copy of the Qur’an for his birthday. Stevens was immediately drawn to the book and as he read it, began his personal conversion to Islam. • Stevens formally converted to Islam on December 23, 1977. Afterwards, he changed his name to Yusuf Islam. Stevens always felt a connection to the name Joseph and the story of Joseph in the Qur’an. Yusuf is the Arabic rendering of the name Joseph. • After his conversion to Islam, Stevens only performed one more time before taking a 25-year hiatus from music. • Yusuf Islam married his wife Fauzia Mubarak Ali in 1979, and together they have five children. • Yusuf released his most recent album, “Roadsinger,” in May of 2009. • Yusuf has always been recognized for his philanthropic and humanitarian works. In 2004, he was presented with the Man for Peace Award by Mikhail Gorbachev. But soon he’ll also be known for his music again. In September 2009, he announced his first tour dates in 33 years. .

Q: Last week, as I was mowing the yard, I noticed a yellow jacket buzzing around one of the windowsills on the back of the house. I didn’t pay much attention until later in the day when I saw three hovering in that area, and one crawling under the sill. There may be a nest in that spot. How can I safely get rid of a yellow-jacket nest, if there is one? -- Julie in Kennesaw, Ga. A: I’m not fond of yellow jackets or wasps, so unless the nest is small and easy to remove -- like a small wasp’s nest on a gutter -- I defer to a professional. Your guess that the yellow jackets have a nest under or behind that windowsill is probably correct. However, to locate it and deal with it, the siding next to the sill may need to be removed. If your home uses vinyl siding panels, this task is usually somewhat easy and can be done without damaging the siding. But if there are yellow jackets under there -- and the nest could harbor many more than you’ve seen so far -- there’s a risk of getting stung. So first, contact a pest-control professional who specializes in removing wasp, bee or yellow-jacket nests. He or she may be able to look under the sill and siding without removing anything. Get a quote up front on how much it will cost initially to look at the infestation, and get the removal estimate in writing before the company proceeds with the work. HOME TIP: Locate wood stacks at least 18 inches away from your home’s foundation, and compost piles at least 4 feet away, to prevent pests and rodents from getting into the house through these easy-to-hide-in spots.

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“As sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti...” This lyric from a rock song just hints at the majesty and wonder of Africa. Get ready to learn some wild facts as we adventure through the savanna. • In African folktales, the hare is a trickster. The tales of the African hare migrated with the slaves who told them in America and are thought to be part of the basis for the Br’er Rabbit stories by Uncle Remus. The African hare is an herbivore that lives among the wooded savannas. • Bongos aren’t just drums. They are a type of antelope as well. Bongos are the largest and heaviest of forest antelopes. They live in the rainforests of West Africa and are nocturnal by nature. The male bongo will actually live on his own except during mating season. It is the females and calves that form the bongo herds. An adult bongo can weigh anywhere from 500 to 900 pounds (227 to 408 kg). • An elephant never forgets! Likewise, once you learn about an African elephant, you’ll never forget it. Unlike most four-legged creatures, an elephant’s legs are placed directly under it. An elephant’s skin can be up to an inch thick in some places. And elephants drink up to 50 gallons (189 liters) of water each day to stay hydrated in the hot African sun. • Let’s not forget about our other African giant, the hippopotamus. Did you know that a hippopotamus can live up to 50 years? The hippopotamus is the third-largest living land animal and can weigh up to 31 tons. In ancient Egypt, the hippopotamus was revered as a deity. There is also another type of hippopotamus that lives in Africa, the smaller pygmy hippopotamus of West Africa, which is listed as an endangered species.

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1. San Francisco’s Jim Barr (1972) and the Chicago White Sox’s Bobby Jenks (2007) each retired 41 consecutive batters. 2. Billy Martin in 1978 and Gene Michael in 1981. 3. Nine consecutive bowls. 4. Chicago faced Utah two consecutive years (1997 and ‘98). 5. Once -- the 2006-07 season. 6. Mark Martin, in 1993. 7. It was the 1991 French Open (Jim Courier vs. Andre Agassi).

1. Rita Moreno 2. About a minute 3. Marilyn Monroe 4. Williamsburg, 1716 5. Butterflies and moths 6. New Flower 7. A sphere 8. 11 pipers piping 9. U.S.S. Sea Tiger 10. Canberra

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ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Starting something new is always exciting for the adventurous Aries. And here’s the good news: This time you might be able to get some assistance in helping you finish what you’ve started. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Put your daydreaming penchant on hold for now, and face the facts as they are, not as you’d like them to be. Your customary hardheaded approach to “deals,” etc., would be called for. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Problems beyond your control might delay some of your plans. But things should start to get back to normal by midweek. The weekend could bring an unexpected (but welcome) visitor. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) It’s a good time to buckle down and tackle those unfinished tasks so you’ll be ready to take on other projects. The week’s end could bring an invitation from a most surprising source. LEO (July 23 to August 22) Mixed signals could create a few stressful moments for the Lion. But by midweek, explanations should help ease the tension. The weekend is party time! Share it with someone special. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) This is a good “catching up” week for finishing tasks, calling old friends and maybe reading that book you haven’t opened yet or renting that movie you wanted to see again. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) Money matters should be worked out, even if it takes time away from a more romantic situation. Better to settle things before feelings turn hard and angry on all sides. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) A jobrelated problem could turn out to be less troublesome than it seemed at first. Just a few moments of talk ‘twixt the parties resolves everything to everyone’s satisfaction. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) The Sagittarian Archer takes aim at health and fitness issues this week. Watch your diet, and try to put more exercise time into your typically busy schedule. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) As you continue to focus on a career or job change, it’s a good time to look over some of your rarely used skills and see where they can fit into your future workplace plans. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) A loved one’s health might be worrisome, but there’s good news by midweek. Expect people who share your ideas and your goals to try to contact you by the week’s end. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) A colleague’s request that makes the typically perceptive Pisces feel uncomfortable is a request you probably will want to turn down. The weekend favors family get-togethers. BORN THIS WEEK: You have a gift for making others feel warm and wanted. Even newcomers feel like old friends.

1. New; 2. Er; 3. 12 years; 4. Solomon; 5. 50; 6. Darius


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AFRICAN SAFARI (continued): • Found in the grassy plains and woodlands of Africa, the lion is one African symbol that everyone recognizes. Did you know that a lion’s roar can be heard up to five miles (eight km) away? The lion is a natural predator, and its only real threat is humans. • The largest of all living primates surely deserves its part in our African safari. Adult, male gorillas, which live in central Africa, grow to reach heights of 5.75 feet (1.75 m) and can weigh up to 450 pounds (204 kg). Did you know that gorillas, like humans, have individual fingerprints? • You might not think of penguins when you think of Africa, but the dark continent certainly has its fair share of our fine-feathered friends. You can find this semi-aquatic creature along the islands off the coast of Southwest Africa. • Speaking of creatures that are black and white, we can’t end this article without talking about our friend the zebra. There are three species of zebra in Africa, and they can be found most prominently in the savannas of the eastern coast of the continent. Did you know that a zebra’s stripes are as individual as a gorilla’s fingerprints? Talk about unique. But we’re not the only ones who appreciate zebras: They are part of the Botswana coat of arms.

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