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Bryan J McClatchie


October 11, 2010

Admittedly, my project was a little rushed, but I can explain. I had initially started off with a totally different song and movie choice and I changed it at the last minute because I had a much better idea. Proper lighting was probably one of my bigger problems because this campus is not very well lit and it’s hard to find a castle in Bloomington. Probably my largest and most noticeable shortcoming is that photos that there photos that were supposed to be photoshopped that were not because I did not have Photoshop on my computer, a problem I didn’t realize until too late. The picture with a man looking to the left was supposed to be photoshopped with the picture of the car swerving around the corner to make it look like he was about to be hit by the car. I’m happy that I got the shots that I needed, because I couldn’t find anyone so I just asked some random guy to look left when he crossed the street and the man is in a right third and the car would be in the left. Then there is the mugging scene. I’m pretty proud of the lighting in this picture in particular. We had one of the guys in the picture turn the brights on in his car and then adjust its distance until I got the effect I wanted, a sort of dark and yet colorful nighttime mugging. This is another shortcoming brought on by my lack of photoshop, as I was going to take out the plastic knife and put a real knife in. The pictures aren’t horrible with the plastic knife, but they change the way I wanted the view to be seen. In the mugging scene, the plastic knife takes away from the hero’s masculinity, where as in the hallway scene it simultaneously adds to his resourcefulness of the hero, but takes away from his intelligence and his masculinity. In the hall scene I wanted the knife to be in a hot spot, with the villain in the right third and I think that came out pretty good. The lighting in the hallway was weird, because half the lights didn’t work, so we had to adjust our spacing according to what would cast the hero in the light. Then there is the scene with the freshmen having his “first” beer. I was going for “Snow White eats the poison apple”. I used this room because the floor gives a faux grass effect. Also, the beer bottle and his face are in hotspots with the beer bottle on the top third line. And now the pre-sex scene, my personal favorite. The princess came through by bringing a royal blue shirt and blue jeans. She’s in the left third, and I couldn’t get him into a third because the bed was too close to the wall for me to move around very much, so I settled for a center shot.

Korn from the song Coming Undone Wait, I’m coming undone Unlaced, I’m coming undone Too late, I’m coming undone What looks so strong, so delicate And my visual aesthetic was Disney movies

This is a scene from Aladdin, and their outfits look oddly like the ones in my pre-sex picture


Awesome write up with pictures because i couldn't figure out how to do them in a pdf file

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