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10th December 2009

“San Francisco’s Earthquake”

Dire ct or(s)

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Brittany Matlock, Casey Brown, Erika Sullivan.

CCN A2 Media Studies

Brittany Matlock, Casey Brown, Erika Sullivan.

Workin g title:

San Francisco’s Earthquake


2 hours

Produ c tio n start Weekend starting 12th December d a t e:

Det aile d d es cription: Elliot (our talent) will be lip-synching to

the chorus (“I don’t know what I’ve done, within this ruin is a broken gun, I was ready to fire, I was ready to break, like San Francisco’s earthquake.”), dressed in everyday clothes (including a hoodie), and wearing full face make- up, similar to that of The Joker from the Batman comics. Shots included will be of him dancing in a manic fashion, lip-synching, and running outdoors. A variety of shots taken in an indoors location of a plastic baby doll (wearing the same make- up) will be included to vary the shots and locations within the video.

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