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Quick Start Guide to My Account To get you started, we have designed this Quick Start Guide. You can save it, print it or get back to it any time you like through the help link on the top right corner of every page. This guide is organized to describe each area based upon the four tabs at the top of each page: My Dashboard, My Account, My Stats and My Photos.

My Dashboard

On this page you’ll find all of your local profile ads that you have with The Knot Wedding Network. To view or make changes to any of these ads, click the green edit button. From there you’ll be able to select photos, modify your descriptive text, review and change your search criteria and more! Any changes you make will appear online within 24-48 hours.

profiles turn red when they are up for renewal!

Contact Info This is the contact information that appears online. Please review and check your spelling before you save anything here. A note about your address: in order to have the mapping feature work properly, you must have a full street address. We understand that many local businesses do not wish to have their address appear online. Here are some options: Use a different street address (must be a legal, physical address for your business)  se descriptive text—i.e. Serving the Tri-County Area U (mapping will not be available)  o not list an address—please note a zip code is required, D but will not display online (mapping will not be available)

quick start guide to my account


my account

Search Criteria Many of the online categories have filters that allow our members to personalize their search results. If your ad category has criteria like this, you will be able to view, add or change the details on this page. If your ad category does not have this function, this page will not be active. If you do not make selections, it will exclude you from searches using those criteria.

Brands/Designers If you are part of our Bridal Salon Referral Program (BSRP) or Jewelry Store Referral Program (JSRP), you can view the designers that are associated with your store. To make changes to these designers, please contact a customer service rep at (877) 331-7752 or email

Profile Gallery This is the page where you can view and change photos on your online profile. You’ll have this same screen for each ad you have with The Knot Wedding Network. Changes you make here only affect this particular ad. To add photos, you need to upload them to your photo collection. To upload photos, click the “Upload More Photos” link, or click the “My Photos” tab at the top of any page.


download our “Internet Art Standards” PDF for more info!

Your profile ad(s) have a reserved spot for your company logo. You can upload your logo the same as a photo, and then select it here to put it on your ad. Please note: Logos must be in GIF format, not JPG. Logos can only go in the designated logo area and may not go in place of photos online.

quick start guide to my account


my account

Reviews This is the page where you can see the reviews that have been posted on You may respond to any review in this area. Please refrain from using to comment. Responding through My Account will indicate that the comment has come directly from your business. Please note: Your reply will be displayed online, with your review for others to read. As an advertiser, you have the benefit of being able to highlight your best reviews. From this area, you may select 1 testimonial and up to 3 favorite reviews to be displayed on your profile on Your 1 testimonial will be displayed on the main page of your profile as well as first in a separate reviews tab on your profile on Your 3 favorite reviews will be displayed also within the reviews tab on your profile on TheKnot. com. On your profile on, your testimonial and 3 favorite reviews will appear first in your list of reviews.

Request Reviews This is the page where you can request reviews from your previous clients. Use the form on this page to request reviews from 5 clients at a time, as many times as you would like to use the form. We will send your clients an invitation to review your business, which will include a link to your profile on

My Account

This is the information that we have on file from your contract. This is how we contact you regarding your services and billing. To make changes to this information, please contact a Customer Service Rep at (877) 331-7752 or send an email to To add or find out about new services and opportunities, please contact your Account Excecutive. Their contact information is listed on this page. Please note: To make changes to how your contact information appears online, go to the “My Dashboard” tab and click “Edit” next to the ad you would like to modify.

quick start guide to my account


my account

My Stats

We’re very excited to give you visibility into the activity on your profile ads. My Stats will allow you to see not only how your ad(s) is doing, but also how your numbers compare to the averages in your market and category. On this page you’ll see a graph with your Total Page Views and Clickthroughs to your site followed by a month-by-month detail for four different actions. A description of each action appears on the right side of the page. If you have more than one ad, the graph will display for the first one listed. To see the graph view for any of your other ads, click “View Graph.” Please note: To view more details on your monthly reports, click on the underlined number, within the month-by-month detail for each action. This will display the date of the action; the user’s first name and last initial as well as their location.

download our “Understanding your profile ad tracking report” PDF for more info on stats!

For help reading your stats, click here for our guide “Understanding your profile ad tracking report.”

My Photos

Your “My Photos” tab is where you upload and store the photos and logo for your online ads. This is a central storage area for all of your ads. To see a photo larger, just click on the image and the view will change. After you’ve uploaded your photo(s), you’ll want to associate them with your ad. Go to your “My Dashboard” tab and click “Edit.” You can then select the Profile Photos option on the left.

Upload Photos The interface to upload photos is very similar to what you’ve seen on other sites. Click “Add Files”—and find the photo(s) on your computer. Check “I accept Terms of Use” and click “Upload Files”

central storage for all your photos + logos!

The technical specifications for your photos are listed on the right side of the page. Please also review the Internet Art Standards.

quick start guide to my account


my account

We’re here to help As you move around the site you’ll find tips and helpful information on the right side.

Pop-Up Help Tips On many pages you will see an orange question mark: Hover your pointer over this icon and helpful information will appear.

Help Tab If at any time you have a question, the best place to start is the help button on the top right corner. Here you’ll find frequently asked questions (FAQs). If you don’t see the information you need, contact a customer service rep at (877) 331-7752 or send an email to

We Need Your Feedback

Your feedback will help us to make this the most useful tool for you and all of our local advertisers. Please send your comments to

quick start guide to my account


Quick Start Guide for My Account System  

Directions to how to make changes or check the tracking for your online profiles.

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