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REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Date: November 28, 2011 To: VENDOR XXX From: Method Media RE: Frost Bank Annual Buy Below is our request for proposal for Frost Bank’s credit rewards program. As the new Media Agency of Record, we would like to formally introduce ourselves to you. We are Method Media, and we are excited to begin a new business relationship with you in the coming months as we execute our media plan. Parameters for Frost Bank Annual Online Radio Buy Frost Bank has embarked on an exciting new journey in the development of a new credit card cash back/ cash rewards program. As this is a new program for the banking institution, we are open to ideas and suggestions beyond traditional media placements and are more than willing to entertain these ideas as they come up. This is an annual buy, and as such we will place advertisements within the stations with the most attractive and efficient proposals: aggressive CPPs, relevant and creative added value/promotions and targeted programming that best serves the objectives of the campaign. Increasing awareness of the program is the key performance indicator to the success of these promotions and an increase in the sign-up rate of the program! We recommend implementing a campaign within your online radio beginning in April 2012 and continuing through the next 12 months. Target Audience: The target market of these promotional efforts focus on Adults 25-54 with a household income greater than $100,000. These adults are typically of Caucasian descent and are very likely to have at least one credit card, though many have more. Our research indicates that this target market is the most likely to use credit cards for cash back rewards and are also most likely to sign up for a credit card in addition to those that they currently own. We hope to gain awareness within this target in order to increase the participant sign ups to the credit card during the first year of the program’s implementation. Secondary Audience: Our secondary market for our promotional efforts will include a test market in the Houston Metropolitan Area - Harris County - and will target Hispanics age 25-54. According to our research, these adults are unlikely to have more than one credit card and will therefore be open to a new credit card program that offers them cash rewards. Our goals for this test market are similar to the general target, with increased awareness of the program and increased program sign-ups to the credit card within the length of the test campaign. We suggest implementing this test market in Harris Country for a limited amount of time initially, from April 2012 until October 2012, so the effectiveness of the program can be assessed prior to making decisions regarding the rest of the geographic areas.

We are interested in advertising both on the online radio platform as well as on any targeted mobile app your company may have. Within your response, please include how your company can accommodate these specific needs along with the following:   

What kind of criteria is used when targeting advertisements to specific users, and how can this offer us an advantage when targeting our specific markets? What kind of creative opportunities are available as far as display ads, skins, voice overs, or a combination of all three? In the past, how many other banking institutions have advertised on your platform?

Due Date: Please email your proposal, answers to questions, and an up-to-date media kit to by Friday, December 30, 2011. Please feel free to email or call with questions. Thanks, and we look forward to working with you!

Online Radio Proposal  
Online Radio Proposal  

RFP to Pandora and similar sites for Frost Bank