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The Kings of Good and Bad Leadership

10 A Word with America’s Leader

18 Angelina Jolie: A Servant Leader

20 How to Self-Regulate a Lesson Learned from Justin Bieber

24 Always Remember (quotes from great leaders)

27 Charlie Sheen: Characteristics of an underestimated Leader

29 A Word from Our Editors

“Don’t be afraid of failure. This is the way to succeed”. – LeBron James


The Do’s and Don’ts of Leading a Successful Night Out

• Have self-awareness. Know your limits when it comes to how much you can drink and still be functional. • Have self-regulation. Make decisions that are beneficial to everyone and think clearly of the consequences that could result from your actions. • Be motivated. Having a great time is always the goal for a good night out. Be a motivated leader and aim high for a great time and a safe time; that’s what a successful night is all about. • Have social skills. Be socially aware of your surroundings. Understand your friends and their feelings about your chosen destination. Make sure everyone is comfortable • Be empathetic. If your friend is upset or wants to leave, acknowledge their feelings and understand them. Find the root to your friend’s problem, and help them feel better before or on your journey home

Dont • :Don’t get out of control. Drinking too much can be dangerous for you and your friends. • Don’t leave your group. There’s safety in numbers. Don’t leave your friends because of differences of what your night should consist of. • Don’t become emotionally unintelligent. Not taking how everyone feels about your night out into consideration will cause tension and ruin your night and possibly a friendship. • Don’t be bossy. Lead, don’t take advantage of your situation. Compromise is key.

By: Brittni Scott

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How to Acquire King like Skills


• The Kings of Good and Bad Leadership ave you ever watched a movie that portrayed both good and bad leadership skills? At the time, you may

not have noticed or looked for any leadership skills that were being used throughout the movie. In my opinion, movies that showcase both good and bad are those that demonstrate the life of ancient Greeks. The film that you will begin reading leadership qualities about in this article is 300. 300 is a movie that was released in 2006. This film demonstrates the battle between both Spartans and Persians. The leaders throughout this film are King Leonidas; King of Sparta, and King Xerxes; King of Persia. This story takes place on a Greek mountain known as Thermopylae. The battle began once King Xerxes threatened to take over King Leonidas kingdom and enslave his people. King Leonidas was apposed to the idea of someone taking over his land and enslaving his people. When Leonidas asked his council for permission to go to war with Persia, he was denied. So, instead of listening to his council, he took 300 of his soldiers for a “walk,” but in reality he was going off to fight over 100,000 Persian soldiers. As you continue to read, you fill discover the leadership skills, both Leonidas and Xerxes retained.

King Leonidas King Leonidas was the King of Sparta, who is a natural born leader. As a child, his parents sent him out into the wild to build his strength (i.e. leadership skills). He possesses self-awareness, self-regulation, motivational skills, and empathy. In terms of self-awareness, his ability to possess these skills allowed him to be able to recognize and understand his moods, motions, and its effect on his soldiers. Example: When King Leonidas was first threatened to have his land taken and his people slaved by a king named Xerxes, he became very angry and beginning to speaking very loudly. Once he became angry, he in effect caused his soldiers to yell and become aggressive. Once he realized that he was raising his voice (something out of his character) and the rowdiness of his soldiers, he began to calm down and speak very calmly, but stern. As he calmed down, so did his soldiers. When it came to self-regulation, King Leonidas was very skilled at controlling any of his aggressive impulses and mood. Example: When Leonidas met with Xerxes face to face, Xerxes suggested that he and Leonidas both rule Sparta and that Leonidas would get all of the riches he could imagine. While Xerxes was speaking this nonsense to Leonidas, Leonidas back was facing Xerxes. While his back was towards Xerxes, he showcased facial expressions of disgust and range, but once he turned around his facial expressions showcased amusement and flattery. When it came to motivation, Leonidas was also very skilled at this. He was motivated for reasons beyond self-satisfaction or personal gain. Leonidas reason for going to war with Xerxes was to ensure the safety of the Spartan people. Example: When Xerxes threatened Leonidas's kingdom, Leonidas responded by saying, “You bring the crowns and heads on conquered kings to my city steps. You insult my queen, you threaten my people with slavery and death!� This quote explains why Leonidas was driven to gather up only 300 Spartan Soldiers to fight off 100,000 Persian soldiers. He was willing to give his own life for the lives of the Spartan people. King Leonidas was also very empathetic when it came to his soldiers. Example: While fighting the war against the Persians, Leonidas was fighting right beside his soldiers. Actually, he was the first one to emerge during battle. This empowers and allows for his soldiers to trust and respect him because they know that they have a leader who puts in the same amount of work and effort as them. So, when the soldiers express to him how much they miss their family, he is able to understand because he has left his family behind too.

King Xerxes: King Xerxes is a Persian king who does not have the appropriate leadership qualities. He lacks self-awareness, selfregulation, empathy, and motivation. He was a king who loved to be in control of everything. When it comes selfawareness, Xerxes was not able to monitor his emotions. Example: when Xerxes met with Leonidas face to face and was denied the offer he made, he began to scrunch his face and quiver his entire body, showcasing his emotions. In terms of self-regulation, Xerxes could not control himself when he became angry. Example: when the Spartan were defeating his army, he became so upset that he began to cut the heads of the soldiers who came back to Persia alive. Empathy was definitely not a strong point for Xerxes. Example: during the entire war, Xerxes did not fight next to his soldiers. He has no respect for any of his soldiers because in the Persian kingdom they are all his slaves. Meaning that he has no clue how they are feeling, nor does he care. In terms of motivation, Xerxes is motivated to go to war with the Spartans for his own satisfaction. He wants to conquer Spartan land to gain slaves and riches. He does not care about what those around feel about the decision he is making.

Do You Often Feel Negative Energy in Your Group? If so, Smile, Listen, Talk, Be Welcoming, Be Encouraging, and Understanding‌.

Groups Are Like A Box of Chocolate, You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get

We Just Hope You’re Good at Picking the Right Box

A Word with America’s Leader By Catie Goins

Leader’s Digest got a chance to sit with our nation’s leader, Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States. Obama talks exclusively on what it means to be a leader, tips on being a leader, and how being a leader can be a challenging task, especially when you’re leading the United States of America. _________________________________________________________________________

Almost halfway through his second term in office, Obama has brought many new bills into effect, worked to bring the troops home, and become one of the most influential presidents within pop culture. He is also the first African American president of the United States. Obama has been a very successful leader for many years, as a community organizer, teaching at the University of Chicago Law School, and representing the state of Illinois as a senator. It is

safe to say that he is overly qualified in experience as a leader, on many scales. During our time with the president he got to tell us his incredible role as a leader. CG: Well first off, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us. It’s an honor. OB: It’s my pleasure, thank you for giving me the opportunity. CG: To start off, how would you define the term “leader”? OB: I would define a “leader” as someone who can motivate their team to accomplish their shared vision or goal. But also being emotionally intelligent, or maintain a high EQ as, as I like to say. Having the right skills for the job is also important. But all leaders must be self aware of the way your team and yourself are feeling emotionally.

CG: A leader seems to I am sometimes include a lot of guilty of components than most neglecting these. people would believe. As a leader it is Are there any important crucial to be selfqualities a leader should aware of how the poses that are sometimes people you are neglected? leading feel. You BO: Yes, being a leader is need feedback a lot of responsibility and it takes many different things to make an effective and successful

and the ability to understand the feedback you receive. Also, the ability to self-regulate is just as important. In certain situations you may want to naturally react, sometimes irrationally, but you have to regulate yourself and think before you act. It can potentially save situations and create a

OB: Nothing is but you have also CG: Wow, that’s more rewarding than grown as a leader or amazing. You never reaching your goal teammate. think of a leader in or shared vision Leaders grow just as that way; that they with your team. To much as their rely on their know you all followers, during the followers, similar to worked together process they grow and the way followers through what may transform learning rely on the leader. be tough times, but new skills to better What are some tips you did it! You got themselves, a you would give to through it and have transformational those who inspire to no one to thank but leader as I like to call be a successful those around you them! It’s a two way leader, similar to

leader I would say, 1. Be confident in not only yourself, but also your team! It start with you and your team. 2. Always remember to motivate yourself and most importantly your team, regardless to the situation. Be passionate. 3. Consistently be self aware of your emotions and how they effect yourself and your team. 4. As a leader, you have to be the bigger person and regulate your emotions and reactions during




Angelina Jolie: a Servant Leader

By Catie Goins

Angelina Jolie is a very popular actress who is not only known for incredibly popular movies but also her outstanding humanitarian work. Jolie has volunteered, leading missions, working in refugee camps, adopting children, and working on the board of the UNHCR in over 30 countries. many around the world. She continues to aid many in refugee camps and to While Jolieliving is a very popular influence on shine light on the issues and grasps a better understanding of the world. Jolie aims many, her services have inspired and helped to serve in refugee camps, disregarding her role as a very influential leader in many countries. She started volunteering and attending mission trips to learn more about things she had witnessed in the impoverished country of Cambodia. Jolie credits her first field trip to a refugee camp as a life changing experience, where she ultimately acquired a greater understanding of the world. Jolie has been promoted to the rank

Ban Insecurities.

Be confident. Ban Following.

Take control.

Choose Ban, and start leading

How to Self-Regulate: aByLesson Learned from Justin Bieber Catie Goins If you have been on the internet sometime this year, you have seen that teen singer, Justin Bieber, has not had the greatest year. Since his break-up with Selena Gomez, Bieber has been arrested, charged with vandalism, and charged with assault. As a celebrity, you are sometimes seen as a leader, which entitles a certain presentation when you’re in public. Based on Beiber’s year in public, we can give

tips on how to self-regulate and become self-aware of yourself! In order to become self-aware you have to fully understand your emotions and mood and what they potentially do or who they can effect. In Beiber’s case, he may have forgotten he is often in the eye of the public and has millions of fans he influences. Being self-aware also means you are conscious to how people perceive you. This could include the way you present yourself physically and emotionally, and your actions. So yeah, peeing in a mop buck in public may alter the way people perceive you.

Self-regulation is the ability to withhold or redirect impulse or irrational responses you may have in a certain situation. In order to achieve this you have to remember you are the leader and your team looks up to you. Self-regulation not only shows a sense of control but also gives you a chance to stop and think before you act. By doing so, you usually have time to think of all your options and react better. Sometimes this means you have to step back and think before you assault your limousine driver. Hopefully you can take these tips and examples from Justin, and apply them to your own life!


What song motivates you?

Always Remember… By Samantha Schal

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy” - Martin Luther King Jr.

“Before you are a leader, success is about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others” - Jack Welch

“Remember the difference between a boss and a leader; a boss says ‘go’- a leader says ‘lets go!’” - E.M. Kelly

“Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it they will want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.” - Walt Disney

“The key to successful leadership today is influence not authority.” - Kenneth Blanchard

Charlie Sheen: Characteristics of an Underestimated Leader When people think about a leader they a have a long list of qualities they are supposed to have, and I feel like one quality they are supposed to have is swagger. When a leader walks into a room you know off the first glance that you are already judging this person seeing if their up to par on your standards of a leader. And I feel like Charlie Sheen shows in his movies and TV shows that whenever he walks in the room people tend to attract to his swagger. And I feel like that a main quality of a leader, people in the work world at times are shy and need someone to go to and voice their options and if they know if that person is approachable and reasonable to talk to then they will feel a lot more comfortable talking to that person. Charlie Sheen uses about 4 out of the 5 skills that define a leader Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Motivation & Social Skills. In the TV show two and a half men Charlie Sheen utilize these skills to show that he has swagger in everyday situations. I feel like Charlie Sheen use SelfAwareness and Self-Regulation in his shows Two and a half men and Anger Management, in two and a half men he puts together a plan when he talk to women then executed his plan of pick up artist. Now no that’s not a leader quality but in a since of a way it’s like a leader, a leader always has plans they are regulation and then puts in into action like Self-Awareness. Just like in homework 9 the article explains Self-Awareness is the ability to have a full understanding of your own emotions, in the article it states you should control all of your moods and emotions. And Charlie Sheen shows that in his shows whenever he walks into a room let his swagger speak for himself but also controlling his emotions knowing that his swagger will attract women.

But also like I explained in homework 9 Self-awareness is the first main factor in emotional intelligence building yourself up and also being aware to helping others, once you understand that you can successfully dive and motivate others and workers. Charlie Sheen shows this step in his show anger management, he has a group of people he mange to live a better life without their daily stress & some mental problems, but throughout the show he shows emotional intelligence with his group he shows how he can trusted with past experiences and show how to move past it and do fun things to bring everyone closer. Just like the book we read when you can create a norm then everyone’s feels more comfortable epically a leader such as Charlie to set that norm. Charlie Sheen also is a Motivator in the movie major league Charlie Shen was the pitcher in the movie and plays a key role in the movie as a motivator. During a scene where the team was down during finishing up the season to keep their teams alive he gives his team a speech that’s leds his team to victory and that’s a key sing as a leader with swagger a leader that’s lead by example. I refer back to Self-Awareness and Self-Regulating his speech had both of that in it he came up with a speech that new would get his team together and pull it together to win the game. As a leader when your team down, tired and feel at times they can’t pull it through then as a leader he/she need to give a speech so strong that it hits everyone in the heart. And last is Social skills now this is a very important key in being a leader knowing how to properly communicate with people is key in the business world and as leader. Key communicating will lead your people in believing in all you have to say and Charlie Sheen shows that. In the show two in a half men Charli always have some words of advice for his brother Allen on the show and they usually are work. But just like a leader Charlie social skills are important to Allen making sure he has the power to keep moving forward and the women he talks to, utilizes those skills gives them the influence that he has swagger. So ask yourself do you have swagger?

Written by: Mike Prince

A Word from Our Editors: Brittni Scott My idea of leadership comes from my mom. She has always displayed her leadership through her purpose to serve; all she wants to do is be a good person to everyone. I remember going home late one night with my mom and my sisters. It was cold and raining. My mom stops at a bus stop and picks up an old woman with grocery bags, because she didn’t want her to have to ride the bus. My mom drove a complete stranger 20 miles to her home and asked for nothing in return. The woman tried to give my mom her bus money, but she refused. My mom taught me the value and importance of being able to help someone less fortunate than you. She always believed in having compassion for others. Teaching her children to make a change in the world was her motivation for being such a great leader in my life. Everyone around her follows her lead, not because they feel as if they have to, but because doing so will make them better, and it does.

A Word From Our Editors: Mikhail Prince My idea of a lead comes from my grandfather even though i never met the man my family tells me im just like him. He was a businessman throughout detroit owning a taxi company, bus company and two restaurants. He showed emotional intelligence in all his companies and key leadership roles he gross over a million dollars and help all his employ rather it was paying bills or giving food to who needs its the most. that has influenced me to be a leader myself i know one day i will be just like him and improving on my social skills being a leader just like him.

A Word from Our Editors:Paisley Fisher

“The word leadership means a lot to me. In my opinion, leadership can be defined many ways. My definition of leadership is someone who is willing to put their own feelings aside to improve the lives of those around them. Being a leader takes a lot of courage, especially when you’re not used to being the center of attention. There comes a time in everyone's lives where they are somewhat forced into a leadership position. So, when you are put into a leadership position, you have to be strong and step outside of your comfort zone to get things accomplished. “ -Paisley Fisher “A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.”

A Word from Our Editors: Catie Goins A leader is someone who is motivated and and is conscious of their team and the decisions they make. One of the most influential leaders in my life is my younger brother. Although he is younger, he possess many qualities of a leader. Not only is he his class president, team captain of his football and basketball team, he is extremely emotionally intelligent individual. My brother, Kenny, is usually pretty conscious of his teammates emotions and how they are feeling. He also knows how to regulate his own actions, no matter how he feels. For example, when his basketball team does not play well, Kenny does not put his teammates or himself down for playing poorly. Instead, Kenny motivates them by cheering them on or pointing out the positives. Kenny is always continuing to grow as a leader becoming more aware of his own emotions and always being considerate of how his team or group is feeling.

A Word from Our Editors: Samantha Schall “One of the most important parts of being a leader is to be able to know when it is time to lead and when it is time to listen. Without the ability to listen, the ones who you are leading will feel as if their opinion or voice is not being heard and they will become discouraged within their environment. As a leader, it is also important that you help people find their positive blind spots and figure out your own. Positive blind spots could include telling someone who you are leading that you think they have a lot of good, creative ideas. Leadership isn’t just about controlling people, its about helping people reach their full potential.” “Remember the difference between a boss and a leader. A boss says ‘go!”; a leader says ‘let’s go!” E. M. Kelly

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