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1 Brittni Cameron ENC 3250 11-30-12 Informational Guide

Top 4 Parks Introduction: The purpose of this guide is to show the reader the ‘Top 4’ parks in the Port Orange, FL area. The four parks are Airport Road Park, Spruce Creek Road Park, Buschman Park and Reed Canal Park. Whether it’s the amenities or the scenery, each park offers something different. With this guide you will learn the location, description, and overall review of the park, so that the next time you are looking for a park suitable to your needs, you will not have to look very far. The parks are listed in no particular order because let’s face it, it’s impossible to pick a ‘Top 1’ when they all bring something extra to the table.

1. Airport Road Park

Location: 6751 Airport Rd. Port Orange, FL 32128


Description: Airport Road Park has a playground and swings for children, but also amenities for adults to choose from. There are 6 tennis courts, 1 large basketball court with 4 hoops, 2 soccer fields and an overhead pavilion with bathrooms. A new addition to the park, for its older audience, is Port Orange Health Fitness Equipment, courtesy of the YMCA. It includes three fitness activities for each day of the week. Airport Road Park also has several picnic benches that are around small retention pond to work off what you ate.

Review: Airport Road Park is right next to an elementary school, and as with any other park there are a lot of children vacating the area. It also is adjacent to a fire station, although a lot of parents already remain in the vicinity; it creates for an extra line of safety. This park is perfect for both child and parent. There are plenty of ways for the adult to get in a workout, while still making sure the child is too enjoying oneself while remaining safe.


2. Spruce Creek Road Park aka All Children’s Park/ Spruce Creek Recreational Facility

Location: 5959 Spruce Creek Road Port Orange, FL 32127


Description: Spruce Creek Road Park has two components to it and two separate entrances. It really depends where you want to spend most of your time that day. The recreational facility has a larger parking area compared to the playground area. In this area, there are 6 tennis courts, 2 baseball fields with bleachers, 1 large basketball court w/ a small play area and a concession stand that is not in use, but includes restrooms. When you’re done using these amenities there is a wooden bridge that takes you through a nature trail and leads you to the All Children’s Park. Along the wooden bridge there are two benches for resting or just to embrace the scenery. Once you finish on the bridge you run into a small clubhouse type building for more restrooms. There is another path which leads you to the jungle gym, which has a pirate theme to it. Including is a tire swing, a BBQ grill and several picnic benches surrounding the area. There is sufficient parking in this area as well, but the actual park has bus parking for larger crowds. Last, but certainly not least, there is a dog park for the dog lover in your life.


Review: Spruce Creek Road Park offers the best of both worlds because there is something for everyone. A nice addition to this park is that there are trash cans attached to every lamp post to prevent littering. The playground area is much smaller compared to how large the facility is. At Spruce Creek Road Park, the adult crowd wouldn’t really be able to play a game of tennis and still be able to watch the children because of the two separate locations. However, those that come to the park looking for adult activities would more than likely favor that because there wouldn’t be small children running around.


3. Buschman Park

Location: 4575 Spruce Creek Road Port Orange, FL 32127

Description: Buschman Park is part of the Halifax River Audubon Bird Sanctuary and it becomes apparent as soon as you step foot on the property. There is wildlife everywhere and an additional fishing area. The entrance contains a very small jungle gym for the children and it is located by the parking area. There is a boardwalk that crosses over a flowing river. Palm trees surround the water, creating a canopy that reflects against the water. It connects to a gazebo that overlooks the lake. Also around the lake is a big circle designated for walking, but if that is not enough there is a separate walking trail through the woods. Picnic tables and benches vacate the whole circle. To protect its wildlife, the

7 park has a container, on a wooden post to put in leftover fishing line. There are several different types of trees around Buschman Park and they’re posts that tell you which ones they are. Two examples are the Live Oak and Water Oak. Buschman Park also includes restrooms so that you can stay longer.

Review: I don’t think this is a place that favors small children, hence the playground so far away from everything. It also is not very safe to leave a child unattended for even a

8 second because it is so close to the road. Buschman Park is most suitable for those that enjoy fishing and those that appreciate nature. It is the most beautiful of the parks because of the amount of water and how quiet it is. There aren’t any children running around and the only commotion is the birds, which makes it effortlessly enjoyable.

4. Reed Canal Park

Location: 919 Reed Canal Rd. South Daytona, FL 32119


Description: When you first enter the park one of the more noticeable things is that many of the benches are “in memory of...”. Another thing much different than any of the other parks are the trees they have. The trees are in a circle around the whole pond and have little red buds on them. There is a wooden deck that leads to the water, but there is a sign posted that there is no swimming allowed. Also, if someone wants to fish it is only catch & release. An added feature Reed Canal Park offers is a container that holds bags to put pet waste in so that disease isn’t transmitted. A lot of wildlife frequents here, with several sea gulls flying around. Like others, this park has a boardwalk type bridge that goes over the water and leads you to the nature trail. The trail contains a disc golf course which is pretty uncommon for a park to have. There are many trees cut down, leaving stumps, but there are some palm trees and regular trees still standing. For sitting, there are a few benches scattered around the trial. When you come back out of the trail, to the side is a playground and a cabana with tables. In this area, is also the “Crime Dog Wagon”, which is surrounded by cops on motorcycles. Even more miraculously, this park is where the greatest Sloth in North America was found.


11 Review: One negative is that this park is directly next to a neighborhood; therefore, problems could arise from that. However, that adds to the quiet nature of the park. Many people in the nature trail play Frisbee and walk their dogs. This aspect of the park is definitely for the mature audience, but like I mentioned there is an area for children to play. The play area is near the crime wagon so parents can feel safer with letting their children wander around the jungle gym. Reed Canal Park is a suitable park for anyone that just wants to get some fresh air and take in all nature has to offer.



As you can see now, it’s almost impossible to pick a number one park because each one would not work for the same type of person. With this guide, there is a “Top 1”, but it will not be the same for everyone, it is your choice. Hopefully, this guide will be used as a tool to find the most suitable park for you and many other park goers.

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