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Brittney Wooten Contemporary Issues Final FASM 400 November 15, 2011

History §  Asos is an online UK based retailer founded in 2000 that carries apparel, accessories, shoes, and beauty products for men and women ages 16-34. §  The company has their own labels and carries more than 50,000 other branded products. §  Asos caters to products for different sizes and shapes. They carry women, men, plus size, and maternity. §  13.6 million customers visit per month. §  Asos has country specified sites for the UK, U.S., France, Germany, Australia, Spain, and Italy.

The Asos Strategy §  Asos puts an emphasis on core values, they’re people lovers. §  Making the customers happy is their number one purpose. §  They keep customers engaged by offering innovative products and by creating a good shopping experience. §  They want customers to discover who they are through fashion. §  Asos philosophy: “To inspire and power your fashion discovery.” §  Asos is evolves around the focus of creativity and innovation.

Innovation §  Asos thrives on making sure they keep their customer based engaged in their products. §  Asos keeps up with social media and technology to be successful. §  They connect with customers through several outlets: Asos Magazine, social media: Facebook, Twitter, Asos Fashion Finder, Asos Marketplace, Catwalk, etc.


§  Focusing on consumer wants, innovation, and creativity. §  Creating good shopping experiences with every purchase. §  Large variety of products, styles, and sizes. §  Providing the best products the fashion industry has to offer. §  Innovative environment for customers and employees.

Weaknesses §  Asos is doing very well with sales internationally. §  The biggest issue the company is facing is driving sales in the UK due to the economic downturn. §  International sales have increased by 150 percent over the last six months, while sales in the UK have only increased by 8 percent. §  Despite the economic condition in the, Asos is not sure how sales are so much lower in the UK when they are selling the same product internationally. §  “I sell the same dresses to customers in Adelaide and Aberdeen…I’m not going to drive UK sales when I can make more money selling internationally.” –Nick Robertson chief executive.


§  Asos only has an online presence. §  Why do customers come to Asos when they could go to a store where they can come out with products in hand? §  Asos provides customers with the best products. §  Customers can’t physically see products in person, however Asos provides them with detailed product descriptions, photos, and a runway video.

Opportunities §  Asos is always looking for ways to improve the company. §  With thriving success of international sales, Asos can make up for the fact that the UK is not in a good place right now.

§  They recently launched their site in Australia, Italy, and Spain. Asos has plans to launch China and Russia soon. §  With the recent launch of Asos Fashion Finder, they are getting their foot in the door with online fashion communities and opening it up to their competition. Asos Fashion Finder is also a way to get future customers.

Advice/future opportunities §  Asos is doing a really good job with their strategy and core values, trends etc. §  The company focuses creative and innovative ideas, which is why they keep consumers engaged in what they have to offer. §  I suggest Asos try out pop-up shops, but not the normal four-walled room filled clothes and accessories. §  They have a double-decker “style bus” right now it’s more a party bus, but perhaps they turn it into something that will generate revenue and get them exposure.

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