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Club Song S is for scientific E environmental T is for technology H health every time We pledge to do our part The message to impart Without science, health and technology We have a world in jeopardy  (Chorus) Science on our minds Enriching our lives We need it to survive For its fun every time SETH Club shall be your guide

President – Brittney Samuels Vice President – Janiel Wright Secretary – Kenice Kenlock Treasurer – Rushelle Reynolds Director of Science – Natalia Paulwell Director of Environment – Danielle Gooden Director of Technology – Shanice Bryan Director of Health – Danielle Williams P.R.O. 1 – Takesse Reynolds P.R.O. 2 – Alyssa Knibb

President's Message The Science Environment Technology and Heath Club (S.E.T.H.) had many interesting activates this academic year. These activities were based on the different departments (Science Environment Technology and Heath).Examples of these activities include, the remake of a human Heartbeat using mercury and sulfuric acid. Also the members learned about the different parts of a computer and helped to pull apart and assemble a C.P.U. We also gave back to our school through our many lab clean ups through out the year. Although we had a lot of fun and there were also challenges that I faced as the president. Presidency is new to me and I had to learn a lot and figure out many things on my own. This experience has helped me to grow as an individual and as a leader as I move forward into the next chapter of my life. Your staff advisor is there to guide you, so do not be afraid to ask questions if you are not sure about something. Running a club can be overwhelming at times but trust me it is all worth it in the end when everything works out. I know the upcoming executive body will do well and remember try your best and leave the rest to God. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!! Jď Š Brittney Samuels President 2013-2014

Secretary's Message The past school year has had its ups and downs, but I've had the most fun and pleasure being the Secretary of SETH Club. SETH is filled with ladies who have a genuine interest in all the areas that make SETH what it is and without them, the club wouldn't have been as fun and successful as it was. This year has helped me to grow both as an individual and as a leader as I step into the big bad world. Keeping track of club activities and members has also made me more organized and accountable. The mixture of the executive body, showed me that with determination and a common goal, much can be achieved. To the incoming board, remember that God is in charge of all that we do and through Him all things are possible. Keep each other up-to-date and ensure that communication lines are kept open to express your feelings in a respectable way. United we stand, a recipe for Excellence. All the best! All the best, Kenice Kenlock Secretary 2013-2014

S.E.T.H. Club Report for the year 2013-2104 Term 1 (September – December) September Sept 12- First club meeting. The executive board was introduced to the club. Members were allowed to sign up for the various sectors of the club in which they were interested. The plans of the club and how to be inducted were also discussed. Sept 16- Last week's meeting was recapped. The Science director was also in charge of the meeting. Sept 19- The Science director made a presentation on Fingerprints. Sept 23- This was a games meeting where the game Taboo was played. Members were required to act out scientific terms. Sept 26- The Science director made a presentation on the "Mercury Heart", which is a simulation of the beating of a heartbeat. Sept 30- This was a games meeting where the game Hangman was played, with members guessing the scientific term to be solved.

October Oct 3- The Environment director presented on non-toxic ways in which to clean the home. Our Induction Ceremony will also take place in February. Oct 7- The annual bake sale is scheduled for November 8 and members were asked to begin making donations. The club trip at the end of the term was also discussed. The President also made a presentation on 'Why does water rise?' The Induction Ceremony is being planned for February. Oct 10- Members were asked to make a contribution of $500 or a pastry item towards the bake sale.. Directors were also encouraged to meet with the persons in their group to discuss the items to be placed on the bulletin board. Oct 14- An environmental Treasure Hunt was held, where members had to take pictures of the "lost" items in order to win. Oct 17-The Technology director made a presentation on the latest advancements in technology. The Holho, Hovding and the Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch were the featured items. Oct 24- The Technology director presented on the CPU. Members were given the opportunity to break down a unit, where its features were shown and explained.

Oct 28- Members were taught the club song. Oct 31- The Health director presented on the skeletal system. November Nov 7- The final details for the bake sale were finalized. Nov 11- Members were congratulated on a job well done for the bake sale. The proposed destination for the club trip is H'evans Scent. The club song was practiced. Nov 14- The Health director presented on Epidemic Diseases. Nov 18- The club trip to H'evans Scent will be subsidized due to the funds generated from the bake sale. Additional destinations included Green Grotto Cave or a Marine Lab. Nov 21- The club trip will be on December 16,2013 where we will be accompanied by Mr.Smith and Ms.Harris. Nov 25- Members were notified that club pictures will be taken for the year book on November 27 at 3:15pm. Prospective members were also given the opportunity to view the number of points they had gained so far and reminded of the criteria to be inducted. Nov 28- The presentation to be done by UTECH students did not take place. Members were reminded that the bulletin board had to be decorated.

December Dec 2- The Science director demonstrated a trick on how to burn money using ethanol and water. The destination for the club trip has been changed to Chukka Good Hope Estate. Dec 5- Club members were reminded of the down payment fee of $2000, in order to attend the club trip to Chukka Cove on December 16. Dec 9- The trip to Chukka Good Hope Estate will cost $3500 inclusive of the down payment fee which is to be paid by December 13. Details of the trip were also given.

Term 2 (January – March) January Jan 13- Discuss plans for the upcoming term such as a making a club banner, plan an interclubbing and election of the new executive board. Jan 16- Thanks was extended for the support of the club trip in December. Prospective members were informed about the upcoming induction ceremony. Jan 17- Executive Meeting Jan 20- Bulletin Board clean up Jan 23- Laboratory clean up Jan 27- SETH Major Project for Open Day was discussed. Jan 30- The Vice President conducted a discussion on technology and its impact on present and future society February Feb 4- Invitation from the Jamaica Cancer Society to attend an Anti-Tobacco Forum. Members were encouraged to make posters for Open Day.

Feb 6&10- Induction details were explained. The Induction Ceremony will be April 4. Feb 13- Laboratory Clean up Feb 17- HIV/AIDS discussion Feb 20- Jamaica Cancer Society's Anti-Tobacco Youth Forum Feb 24- Games Day March Mar 3&10- Nomination of the New Board will take place on Thursday. Club badges will be ready in time for induction. Mar 13- Nomination of New Executive Body. Mar 17&20- No SETH Club meeting as sixth formers have mock exams. Mar 24- Voting for New Executive Body. Mar 27&31- Final details for induction discussed.



Annual S.E.T.H. Club Trip to Good Hope Estate (Trelawney)

S.E.T.H. club members meet at school for a day full of excitement and learning.

Aging Jamaican rum was on display at the front desk of Good Hope Estate.

A colourful bird poses for the camera at the Good Hope Estate Aviary.

Members gather around to listen and learn about the history of the Estate

Members gather around to listen and learn about the history of the Estate

Members get ready to go rafting.

S.E.T.H. club members accompanied by Faculty advisor, Mr. C. George (left) and teacher, Mr. Smith (right) get ready to be driven to the river where they will be rafting.

S.E.T.H. club members take a group picture in their life vest before heading into the cold river water.

S.E.T.H. club members take a group picture in their zip lining gear.

S.E.T.H. club members pose for the camera in their zip lining gear.

S.E.T.H. club members take a quick picture together before zip lining.

A brave S.E.T.H. club member gets ready to zip line.

S.E.T.H. club members enjoy a meal together after a long day of learning and adventure.

Science : Recreation of a Human Beating Heart Activity

Members gather around science director, Natalia Paulwell, to view the recreation of a beating heart using mercury and sulfuric acid, as some of the ingredients.

Science director, Natalia Paulwell, gives the camera a closer look at the experiment.

Vice President , Janiel Wright, gets involved and tries to recreate a human beating heart too.

Technology : Inside a Computer

Members gather around to help disassemble learn and about a C.P.U.

Members disassemble the shell of a computer were the C.P.U. is located

Members Gather around to listen to the director of Technology, Shanice Bryan, speak about the C.P.U. and how it works

S.E.T.H. club members meet for weekly meetings

S.E.T.H. club members meet for weekly meetings

Health : Bones in The Human Body

Member gather around to learn about the bones in the body while assembling a paper skeleton.

Members help each other to assemble the paper skeleton

The Director of Health, Danielle Williams, poses with the finished skeleton

S.E.T.H. Induction Ceremony 2014

Faculty advisor, Mr. C. George Taffe.

Elisa-Gaye Campbell, 2014 inductee, shares her beautiful voice with special guests and the 2014 inductees.

Guest speaker, Dr. Steve Foo, MD Family Physician addresses inductees and guest school, K.C.

The beautiful 2014 S.E.T.H. club induction cake.

The official 2014 S.E.T.H. club banner made by The Director of Health, Danielle William, being held by the Director of Technology, Shanice Bryan (right) and Renee, S.E.T.H. club member (left).

LIST OF 2014 INDUCTEES Allen Rehema


Messias Britney


Austin Renessa


Mc Farlane Jevoya


Bailey Kamoija


Morgan Melonie


Bailey Kande


Palmer Dayna


Bispott Olivia


Palmer Nattasha


Burrowes Ashley Campbell Elisa-Ga

9/40 12

Reid Shaneil Simpson Seyena

13D 12D

Clemmings Peta-Gaye


Singh Sabrina


Dixon Sarah-Elizabeth


Thomas Ashleigh


Duffus Anika


Vaz Jodie-Ann


Guy Lisanne


Watson Daniela


Hemmings D'Anne


Williams Alexa


Hemmings Imani


Williams Brittany


Jones Sarah


King Jessica


Latibeaudiere Ashley


Leach Lori-Ann


Melissa Mayne

12 C

The 2014 Induction Program (Back and front page)

The 2014 Induction Program (inside pages)

S.E.T.H. Scrapbook for 2013-2014  
S.E.T.H. Scrapbook for 2013-2014  

(J.A.) I.C.H.S. S.E.T.H. Scrapbook for 2013-2014