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Extension Menu Directions Pick 2 choices to work on. Color the boxes in as you complete the tasks. 1. Recognize shapes of solid figures that have been pressed into clay.

2. Use plane shapes to build a collage.

3. Identify geometric shapes in the environment.

What shapes can you make in the clay with these solid figures? Which figures make more than one shape?

4. Observe differences in the direction of an irregular shape after a slide, a flip, or a turn, is performed with it. Does the shape look different?

Student Choice

5. Create 5 different shapes, either solids or flat by using modeling clay and toothpicks.

Did the shape of the picture change as you moved it? 6. Recognize lines in the environment. Go around the classroom and find horizontal and vertical lines. Draw the objects on your paper.

7. Create a math poem about your favorite shape.

8. Design 3 different symmetrical pictures using pattern blocks.

Use at least 3 other everyday objects in your poem.

Glue down your design onto a separate sheet of paper.

Draw the objects to go along with your poem.

Draw the different lines of symmetry for each picture.

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