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DREAM BIG Brittany Yeldell Carl Wunsche Senior High School Medical Tower Ms.Walther Period 6/7

Fall Semester 2011-2012

In the beginning... Mothers Name: Nancy Bean Birth Date: October 18, 1963 Birthplace: Houston TX.

Father Name: Craig Yeldell Birth Date:February 8, 1961 Birthplace:Houston TX.

Grandmother Name:Louise Bean Birth Date:May 23,1940 Birthplace: Houston TX.

Grandfather Name:Tom bean Birth Place:September 15, 1938 Birthplace:Houston TX.

In the beginning.... -My mother work school district in the Human resources area. -My dad work for a gas company. -In my family their is about 30 kids and out of all of them I am like number 25. -When I was a child it was fun because I always had something fun to do,most of the time i stayed in trouble with my parents. -My two memories are when I got my first bike, and when I rode the motorcycle with my daddy. -While growing up i learned right from wrong.

In Your Neighborhood... -It was a very fun environment because everyone on my street knew each other,so we felt like family. -I never got that close to anyone,but the friends i did have were fun to be around -You would always here news about someone at a store or from your next door neighbor.

SCHOOL DAYS... -I attended Langsted Primary in 1999, Third good Marshall in 2000, Shadydale Elementary in 2001, Calvert Elementary in 2002 ,Ruby Reed Academy in 2003-2006, Grantham Middle School in 2007, Bammel Middle School in 2008,Westfield High School in 2009 and Carl Wunsche Sr. High School in 2010-2012. -I remember when a little boy pulled out a pocket knife on me and, a girl cut my pony tail at school. -I disliked how my engineer teacher never let us use our eraser in his class. -I would love to tell the other generation that, if you treat others with RESPECT you will receive it. -While growing up I was a cheerleader and a dance for my school.

Career Exploration -When I grow up I want to be a Labor and Delivery nurse, they have to take care of the mother if, she is having a baby. -I want to work at Houston Northwest,Over the years Houston Northwest Medical Center has earned numerous awards for quality health care. These commendations have been made possible because of our dedicated team of health professionals. Everyone, from doctors, nurses and allied health professionals, to support staff and administrative personnel, has worked hard to set us apart from other hospitals and make Houston Northwest Medical Center the hospital of choice for our community.

Career Exploration -If I were to be a physician i would want my practice to be located in a busy area because, you will make a lot of money. I want to be in a private practice. I plan on having over 20 people working in my office. I want them to be Registered nurses. I plan on paying them at least $11.00 an hour.

College Exploration -I want to attend Sam Houston State University. It is located in Huntsville,Texas. The history of the school, for more than 130 years Sam Houston State University has been preparing students for meaningful lives of achievement.It's motto,"The measure of a Life it's service,"echoes across SHSU's colleges and beyond campus through student research, creative, endeavors, service learning, volunteering and more. -20,000 would be my estimated income upon graduation. -I plan to graduate from a university,hopefully it will be Sam Houston. If I get a scholarship in cheer leading I will do my best.

College Exploration -You can choose from Lone Star Hall, Sam Houston Village etc. They have a population size of about 34,500 and is surrounded by a forest, lakes and ranch lands. Sometimes most of the students pass the state board exams but, most won't pass because they don't try or they need more help.

Moving Day...

-I want to live in a nice neighborhood but,not too expensive.I want to live no more than 30 minutes away from work.In the houston area the crime rates are high.We have things happen such as a murder case, robbery, rape, aggregated assault, burglary, theft, and auto theft.I plan on going to the nail shop at least twice a month and get my hair done every two to three weeks. When I get a car I want it to be a good used or new car, no more than $35,000.I want some affordable insurance.

Triumph and Tragedy... -The best time of my life was when i got my first car. -The most thing I hated about senior year was when my grandmother passed away. -I have learned that joy and sorrow won't last forever. -When I was in cheer leading practice I fell head first to the floor and I thought that it was a breakthrough because I was alright after it happen. -If I could do anything different in my life I would Get closer to God and trust him more.

Words of Wisdom... -I would like to tell the younger generation to never let any stranger do anything you don't want to do and never say never.

Funny Bones... -In my family we get alone well but,we always make fun of each other in a good and funny way. -My family comedian is my uncle ,James Bean. Every time we have something at my grandmothers house he always have something funny to door talk about. He keeps us laughing no matter what. -I remember when my uncle found out my sister was pregnant, he was happy for her.After a while he came in the room with a ball under his shirt and said,"When your stomach get big it's going to look like this".Then he got on the floor and started spinning around on the ball.It would be funnier if you were their.

Thank you... -I am grateful for having a house to stay in, clothes on my back, shoes, a car,my family etc. -I have always told people that you should be grateful because, most people in this world don't have what you have, so be blessed that you do have stuff. -My heart and I will put my family first.

Reflection... To get from point B to point C will be a challenge. I plan on going to a four year college. I want a Bachelors degree but, i might just wait a little after i get my masters degree.While in college I am going to stay focused and study hard because it would be a waist if I go their and do nothing.


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Dream Big  

project for health science

Dream Big  

project for health science