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You choose the t-shirt color, and a unique pocket is chosen for you.

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1. Client Profile 2. Creative Brief 3. SWOT Analysis 4. Expanded Target Market 5. Mood Board 6. Competitor Analysis 7. Style Guide 8. Logo Design 9. Print Ad 10. Media/Merch

Vintage Po

ocket Tees A t-shirt company run out of St Augustine Florida. It began when a very small group of individuals were sick of the same ole “pocket tee.” The goal of Vintage Pocket Tees is to supply a unique look to the popular pocket t-shirt. Using vintage material from thrift stores, they’re big on recycling and re-purposing products of great quality in order to create an entirely new product. Vintage Pocket Tees are made for both males and females, and have been sold to people of all ages. A variety of different prints are used for the pockets, both bold and neutral patterns. Some are meant to stand out and some are more timid and blending into the color of the shirt while adding a simple pocket design. Vintage Pocket Tees strives to use the most vintage, unique and quality patterns so no two pockets are ever the exact same.

Vintage pocket tees wants to start small but expand to surrounding central Florida cities in the near future. Vintage Pocket Tees will not only grow as a company but also with product availability. We currently have men and womens t-shirts but hope to have tank tops, kids sizes and sports shirts by the end of the year.

We target the creative, free spirited and unique individuals.

Artists, surfers, athletes and everyone in between Unique. Vintage. Recycled. Locally made. Classic. Trendy. Fashionable. Artistic. Reused. One-Of-A-Kind. Exclusive. Comfortable.



Unique pockets Recycled material for pockets Soft t-shirts Inexpensive to purchase Locally made




Small company Cannot create large orders within short period of time Could potentially run low on product


Can sell to local businesses Art shows and other events in St. Augustine Expansion of the clothing line



Larger companies are creating similar products Shortage of recycled materials Large orders with a small company


Name: Brittany D’Addio Age: 22 Gender: Female Location: Boca Raton Income Level: 55, 000 Social Class: Middle Class Occupation: Teacher Education: Bachelors Degree


Name: Cabe Nolan Age: 24 Gender: Male Location: St. Augustine Income Level: 80,000 Social Class: Middle class Occupation: Web Developer Education: Bachelors Degree

Who are we Duvin

Billabong Hurley RipCurl

competing with? Hurley, Billabong, RVCA and local brand Duvin are also creating pocket t-shirts with pockets that stand out.


They are not unique, vintage, or recycled. They send their products off to larger companies to produce them in bulk. What’s the fun in that?

Unfortunately for Vintage Pocket Tees, those brands are much larger, and they get their products released bigger, quicker and at more locations. Luckily we target those who don’t want to look like every other kid out there wearing a pocket t-shirt. We target the unique and creative ones who know better than that.

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How we brand



Vintage Pocket Tees