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Do You Hold Your Baby Too Much?

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32 Adding a Punch of Colour


33 Spice it up! Read 50 Shades of Grey


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48 Do You Hold Your Baby Too Much?


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Conveniently located in Eagles Landing Plaza at located Eaglesand Landing at theConveniently North-East corner of in Dufferin MajorPlaza Mackenzie the North-East corner of Dufferin and Major Mackenzie 1460 Major Mackenzie Drive W Mackenzie Unit1460 N3, Major Vaughan, ON L6ADrive 4H6 W Unit N3, Vaughan, ON L6A 4H6 T: 905-303-6010 T: 905-303-6010 F: 905-303-6025 F: 905-303-6025 E: E:

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CONTRIBUTORS - EXPERTS Jodie Rosen, B.A, Dipl. ID, LEED AP Interior Designer Lori Borden, B.S.W, M.S.W, R.S.W Therapist Alina Singer Elementary School Teacher Elizabeth Chambers Teacher, aka “resident book worm” Taya Griffin Homeopathic Practitioner & Lactation Counsellor Allison Zeltzer, M.A. Nutrition and Wellness Counselor, Healthier Ever After Andrea Benaim, CA Tax Specialist

Natasha Marchand CD, HBCE, YTT200 Certified labour doula, HypnoBirthing Practitioner, Yoga/Fitness Instructor Jaimee Diamond-Mandell Twins Expert Amanda Schwartz Holistic Nutrition, Registered Dietitian Lori Hacker PR Professional; Chef de clean cuisine at Chez Hacker Dr. Dina Kulik Pediatritian Dr. Kristin Heins, N.D. Naturopathic Doctor


N.D. completed the doctor of naturopathic medicine program in 2006 at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM). She is currently co-director of Thrive Natural Family Health – a multidisciplinary clinic that specializes in pregnancy, pediatrics and young family continuum. For more information see


A Certified Image Consultant, and founder of Toronto based Next Image Consulting. Nicole strives to help individuals present their “best self” possible. Nicole is equipped with the tools to help men and women of all walks attain their ultimate goals and aspirations. To contact Nicole, visit her website www., email her at info@

MEYTAL ALGRANTI SHEKHTER A former wardrobe stylist and successful store owner. Her portfolio ranges from music videos, celebrity styling, fashion editorials and personal one on one styling. After opening Labels or Love, Meytal decided to focus on personal styling. From corporate to everyday, and evening wear to a night on the town, Meytal fulfills her responsibility as a stylist by encouraging women to achieve their individual style capabilities.

BLOGGERS - LIST Mommy Blogger: Melanie Lam Mommy Blogger: Andrea Traynor, Mommy Gearest Mommy Blogger: Jane Rozin Daddy Blogger: Stephen Gosewich Fashion Blogger: Terri Krajden COMMUNICATIONS & MARKETING Sales & Marketing, National Account Manager - Jonathan Hiltz Director of Marketing - Brittany Wasserman




A Nutrition and Wellness Counselor who runs a successful counseling practice in Toronto, specializing in nutritional eating, sustainable weight loss & lifestyle change. She is a 12 year cancer survivor & mom to 2 beautiful little ladies.



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testimonials What people are saying about I LOVE IT! Mazalations Nickerbacher! You did it! I knew you could and you would! It’s going to be a great success! Mazal mazal mazal! Don’t forget the lil people when u get big time :) So proud of you, Jack Just saw the mag, looks phenomenal you should be very proud, this is fabulous by the way! Lisa That is amazing!!!!...I’m so happy for you and your wonderful accomplishments !!..xo Jessica



at the cover shoot

Noah & Sammy, our famous models, warming up their smiles for the cover shoot.

Nic the magazine is amazing! I’m so impressed! All of your hard work has paid off!!!!!!!! Xoxo Alex It looks great… Congratulations!


Congrats nic. Looks amazing. Really proud of you!! Loni

It’s super sweet….:-) Great style, layout and very fun to do through; even for an a dad in wanting. Jeff Nicole this is amazing!!! Dina Congrats Nicole! So exciting! xoxo

Dana -Three To Be Look what we found, Toms for your Tike

Nic, First of all - amazing job on the mag! All your hard work is paying off. Second, please sign me up to be a pink and blue mom tester for products! Xo Nat Hi Nicole, This is my email to let you know I’ve done all to enter! Thanks for another great contest. Debbie Hey Nicole, Congrats on the ‘first’ issue of the magazine, it looks great! I’d love to be a mom tester!

Thanks, Rachel

Meytal works her magic, styling our favorite high & low looks.



Hello, My name is Anna and I have a 5 month old baby girl named Aurora. I would love yo be a mom tester for your magazine. I loved hearing about products from actual moms and I think this is a great idea for you magazine! Thanks for considering us! Anna


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By Nico

mberg le Bloo

utting together a magazine is a lot like the holiday chaos - the hectic rush to buy gifts and the stress that sometimes goes with it, but then the joy of seeing it all come together like a well orchestrated event. You need to picture the glamour of it all: checking out fashion events to see trends, pulling product, shooting the cover. It is similar to envisioning sparkly Christmas lights when you’re circling the parking lot to find a tree when there are no spots left. It is overwhelming with many moving parts, but then you realize all the pieces will come together to create this organic magazine with contributions, real stories, and great fashion that makes it all worth it! In the end, it is all about reflecting upon how amazing life really is and enjoying your family and friends. In life, be thankful for every moment you spend, do what you love, and make everyday a memorable one. My daughter is only 20 months old and already I cannot remember her being an infant. I did not really believe that would happen to me. It goes by so quickly. We are only on Issue 2 of Pink & Blue and it has already grown quickly, moving with lightning speed. I’m sure that many of you struggle to juggle it all and find time for your families. Personally, I have grown with the magazine and learned so much from all our new contributors/experts. Their advice continues to make our moms fabulous and our dads savvy! I am living my dream and every minute our team spends creating Pink & Blue makes me truly believe it is an outlet people turn to for advice. It is so rewarding that we can give back to the community. We built our magazine from the ground up with the voices of our readers taken directly from our popular Facebook forum. We offer a place where parents can connect and ask questions, and we make it fun with all of our amazing opportunities to win products! The Pink & Blue Team is like one big family that has come together to create an edgy Parenting Magazine that is filled with passion. A special thank you to all our continued contributors and team of top graphic designers, fashion editors, editorial directors, photographer, web designers, and interns that have brought their talent, expertise, and poise to a distinct magazine that has built a name, not in just Toronto, but right across North America. I would like to wish you and your families a wonderful holiday season filled with joy, happiness, and health. From mine to yours, I hope your home is filled with white light that surrounds you and your family. Keep your comments coming. We love hearing what make your heart tick, how you follow your passion and how you help your kids find theirs! Xo

Nicole Bloomberg Editor-in-chief Pink & Blue Magazine is not responsible for advice and information that is expressed in this magazine. If you have any medical question please consult your health professional. Reasonable care is taken to ensure that Pink & Blue Magazine articles and other information on the web site are up-to-date and accurate as possible, as of the time of publication, but no responsibility can be taken by Pink & Blue Magazine for any errors or omissions contained herein. Pink & Blue Mag will not be held responsible for any claim, loss, damage or inconvenience caused as a result of any information within these pages or any information accessed through this site. Furthermore, responsibility for any losses, damages or distress resulting from adherence to any information made available through this website is not the responsibility of Pink & Blue Magazine. The content from any organization websites which you link to or from Pink and Blue Mag are our of our control. These link are provided purely for your convenience. They do not imply Pink and Blue Magazine’s endorsement of or association with any products, services, content, information or materials offered by or accessible to you at the organizations site. The opinions expressed are those of the authors, reviews, and other materials and do not necessarily reflect the views of Pink & Blue Magazine. All copyright and trade marks accessible via the links from Pink and Blue Magazine are owned by the respective website owners, or their licensors.

fall/winter 2012


pink&blue buzz


from real mothers

My son, who is 14 months, will be starting daycare in a month and I plan to buy his daycare clothes on boxing day. Any recommendations as to the best way to dress toddlers for daycare? (especially as we get into winter) Rachelle

Where are the best indoor playgrounds in Toronto?

•S  tephanie My best advice is sweats...


•J  essica: Candyland in Woodbridge. It’s amazing and so clean! •J  ane: across from Yorkdale - very clean! and near Yorkdale! •A  liza: Peanut Club is really fun! its small, lotsa riding toys, open area to run around... my daughter loves it there!

Can anyone give advice on learn to skate programs for my 4 year old? I am considering Forest Hill Figure Skating Start Right or a private lesson. Any advice on group vs private and the FH Start Right program? Thanks! Becky •T  heresa Group should be good to learn basics, etc. and go for private if it’s something your child is very interested in after the group session or wants to become competitive •H  eather I’m a skating coach... I would recommend signing up for Skate Canada’s CanSkate program. At age 4 your child would be involved in a group lesson, which should be circuit based. I personally wouldn’t recommend private lessons at that age, as the group atmosphere is good for kids, and there are plenty of coaches and assistants on the ice to provide individual help. •T  ima Thanks - where can we do that in Toronto? •H  eather Most skating clubs should offer CanSkate programs. You can try looking here

I’ve been searching everywhere for proper pjs for night time sleep for my 14 month old. The cotton pj’s or sleepers are not warm enough and the fleece ones are too warm. No blanket yet and don’t want to use a sleep sac as she’s still learning to walk and stands in her crib. Tina



sweat pants are the easiest for the workers to get on and off, especially when he is potty training. •A  yala Ditto on sweats. Anything that can get dirty, lost etc. plus send extras! • Heidi Layer!!! •A  riela: Usually dress her in a long onesie, socks/boots (runners are her inside shoes), sweats, or comfy jean pants (w/ band around waist), a long sleeve t-shirt and a zipup or similar sweat shirt. That way they can take off/put on as many layers as they need. •L  isa: Cheap clothes that you don’t care if they get ruined.... My son often goes through 2-3 outfits in a day at daycare •E  than: Hey as someone who worked in a daycare and currently on mat leave this is my advice, no jeans! Sweats are the best, lots of extra clothes at daycare in a bag incase he gets dirty! Layers are also good for warmth and comfort.

Looking for cool ideas for a very active, sportsobsessed 5 year old’s birthday party. I am hoping to stay away from the usual indoor gyms. Birthday is in the winter. Any ideas? Thanks! Inna

• Natasha: Rock climbing? area at active kidsZone •R  omina: Parties hosted at • Melissa: Fitness 4 success. the local community cenSooo awesome. tres. You could check with • A  my: Skating! Lootbags can them for some ideas. I also be winter hats. remember going to a friend’s • R  obyn: We had my sons 5th party at a Sportsplex. They birthday at Newtonbrook rented the ball hockey and Bowling. So much fun. soccer field. •M  indy: My daughter went to a •T  alia: Sports with Jay is great. birthday party at Beach Blast •S  ari: Sportball. The sport and had a great time.

•H  eidi: Our 10 month old sleeps in a body temp is perfect. You can always sleeper (most of them Pekkle from put socks on for extra warmth. As long Costco) with a short sleeved onesie unas their core is warm, they’re great! derneath. Her room is pretty cool, but as • D  aphna: Have you tried the Snugabye long as the back of her neck is warm, we outlet on Caledonia. know she’s plenty warm enough :) •N  atalie: I actually find the Pekkle cot•J  ill: I use the pekkle PJs from Costco ton ones at Costco quite a bit thicker on my 11 month old son and I put a than the Children’s Place ones and long sleeve onesie underneath and his their regular price is around $8.00.

fashion&  beauty FALL STYLE

Cool clothes, accessories and beauty tips to keep you looking hot through the season.



Pink and Blue Stylist Meytal Algranti Shekhter loves the look of this Free People linen jacket paired with a Wildfox tee. The casually classic and understated Jbrand jeans keep this look low key and perfect for the daytime, while the cool skull bracelets and House of Harlow earrings complete the look. OVER THE RAINBOW House of Harlow Earrings: $65 Free People brown linen jacket: $177 Wildfox t-shirt: $84 Jbrand Jeans: $239




We love colored pants! Mustard yellow pants add an edge to an otherwise demure look. The black jacket and blouse by VELVET are classy yet sassy when accompanied by the awesome 7 for all Mankind colored denim. Over the Rainbow Jacket –Velvet: $195 Camel Pants-7 for all Mankind: $215 Shirt-Blouse: $125

low Save a few bucks and grab a similar look like this blouse and cardigan combo paired with fire engine red jeans. Old Navy Cardigan: $28 Old Navy Blouse: $33 H&M Red Pants: $30

3 Low Look: Get the same cool look for a much cooler price with this Green Jacket by Zara, H&M printed tee and bangles, completed with denim by Old Navy Zara Green Jacket: $100 Old Navy Jeans: $40 H&M Shirt: $13


Now this is fun! It doesn’t get better than metallic jeans! But don’t get too crazy- soften the look with a plain white tee, and make it a fall favorite with this fabulous black shearling vest by VELVET. Need some color? These bright accessories compliment an already stylish look!


It’s a



Mix Baby! 10


Over the Rainbow Rich & Skinny Metallic Pants: $215 James Perse Shirt: $58 Velvet Vest: 198 New York designer Pink ring & earings

low Same style, different price tag. Try swapping the black vest for a gray knit piece from Forever 21 with a plain black tee and add tie-dye skinny jeans for extra drama! Don’t forget the Aldo beaded necklace to help add colour. H&M PANTS: $50 ALDO ACCESSORIES NECKLACE: $20





Keep cozy with opaque black tights and riding boots to accompany this fall staple! Black Dress by Velvet: $220



An utterly uncomplicated switch up in a cinch? Transform this fall staple into a nighttime look with some fun accessories such as a necklace and bracelet, add a pair of closed-toe heels and tada!! You’re ready to meet your friends for dinner or drinks!  Black Dress by Velvet: $220 Independent Boutique Necklace Gold & Pink bracelet: $25

Day to Night

How to transform your look from day to a night out on the town BY MEYTAL SHEKTER



Who said black shiny pants are only for clubs and nighttime? Dress down this look to suit your daytime style by adding a funky sweater or a casual yet, not-too-busy top like this cashmere 260 sweater. 260 Cashmere-Skull Sweater: $265 Pants-Jbrand-black shiny pants: $350



Keep it classy at night by pairing these shiny skinnies with a tasteful blouse that dresses up your look, yet keeps it refined! Try this Free People black and white blouse and add an accessory for extra flare. Free People B&W blouse: $118 Cocktail Necklace Over the Rainbow: $79 Jbrand- Black Shiny pants: $350

TOP - H&M Black & White Blouse $40

fall/winter 2012


Next Generation of Inline Strollers Phil&teds is a company striving to help parents adapt&survive and avoid being

prisoners of the nursery, by making products that allow them to live a dynamic lifestyle with kids in tow. Phil&teds is famous for its invention of the inline stroller that grows with your family and adapts to take one or two children from newborn to 5 years. phil&teds have just launched not one, but two brand new strollers; enter the Dot & Navigator. They’re the guys who introduced us to inline strollers, with the capability of tackling all terrain.  Their tagline: adapt&survive! is something all parents have to live by.  The Navigator has features that we’ve not seen before, the primary one being that it’s the first ‘parent facing’ all terrain. In true phil&teds style, the Navigator can expand with your family, as does the Dot. The double kit allows the Navigator to make light work of transporting two children across all terrains. Adventures have never been so accessible, even with two little ones in tow! Then, if tiredness should take over, both seats can recline for some serious snoozing. phil&teds are releasing the Navigator in black with a choice of four colour packs; sky, golden kiwi, cherry and black – really mixing up their existing color range. Some beautiful clashes can be achieved by mixing and matching seat liner and canopy colors. Now let’s talk about the Dot - named because it’s a compact, slimline, inline, all terrain. The Dot is a downsized version of the phil&teds explorer, in fact it’s 15% smaller. It has all the features of the Explorer model. However don’t confuse less size with less comfort or less ability. It has a full sized seat and can tackle all sorts of terrain, it has a one-handed fastfold and one-handed recline control. It has the same new tail-free harness as the Navigator, ventilated seat and is available in Apple, Flint (charcoal) and Chilli flavors. Both strollers launched July, 2012. phil&teds products are created by parents for parents who wish to continue their active, dynamic lifestyle with kids. Their uniquely innovative, adaptable & multi functional products allow parents to retain their sense of self by making everyday life easier for themselves & their children. The phil&teds Dot stroller can be purchased at Moms To Be And More


named bec ause a compa it’s slimline ct, inline, a , terrain ll .


Dior – Diorshow Mascara: $25

Stila – Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner: $20

Ciaté – Velvet Manicure: $19

Nars – Velvet Matte Lip Pencil: $24



Fresh – Sugar Lip Treatment, Plum: $22.50


The hottest beauty trend for the upcoming Fall/Winter season

is the dark lip. We are seeing everything from stains to gloss to matte sticks, in hues ranging from berry to Bordeaux to aubergine. An alternate look that is still always a glam option is the smoky eye. Regardless of what look you choose to don, always pair the bold feature with a natural look for the rest of your face – if you go with a smoky eye, opt for a nude lip, while opting for a natural eye is best when doing a dark lip. Keep your makeup bag’s weight in check by using products that work for both looks, including neutral bases, neutral eye shadow palettes, versatile eyeliner, and great multi-purpose mascara. To take your day look up a notch for an evening out, simply add dark shadow and eye liner or darken the lip, depending on the look of choice.

Make Up For Ever – Rouge Artist Intense: $19

Urban Decay – Naked2 Eye Palette: $50

* All products can be found at Sephora

fall/winter 2012



Over The Rainbow – Wrap Bracelet: $34/each

Over The Rainbow - Trapeze Jacket: $399 Zara – Leather and Lace Blouse: $60


N E X VI Contrasting what fashion

has seen for a few seasons now, with bright colours and intense prints, black leather has emerged as one of this season’s hottest trends. We can probably thank books, television shows and films such as The Matrix, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and True Blood, as designers often look to cultural mediums for inspiration. We are seeing this look head-to-toe on the runways of Proenza Schouler, Versace, and Givenchy, among others. Showcase your inner vixen by incorporating some of this leather inspired look to your wardrobe. Wearing this trend head-to-toe is probably too harsh for any mommy on the run. However, incorporating certain “leather” pieces will update your ensemble this season. For the hottest seasonal look, try keeping it dark and mixing textures.

Over The Rainbow – Canada Goose Beaconsfield Shirt: $450



H&M – Patent Leather Bag: $35 Over The Rainbow - Skinny Snake Print Jeans: $298

H&M – Leather Bootie: $40



Black and Gold Necklace – Aldo Accessories, $20

Red Printed Trouser with Contrasting Waist – Zara, $80

Print Coin Purse – J. Crew, $30

We have seen patterns

for quite some time, but this season the geometric print is HOT! We are seeing printed pieces worn as full outfits on the runways of Prada, Miu Miu, and Etro, to name a few. Wearing geometric prints on a whole outfit may not be in the cards for everyone, although mixing prints with solids and neutrals is a great way to stay on trend while maintaining a sense of practicality. Look for “easy to wear” printed tops and bottoms, and pair them with pieces you already own (ie. denim jeans and shirts, leggings, solid basic shirts). This is a great way to refresh your wardrobe for the season, without breaking the bank. CAFÉ CAPRI IN NAVY TWEED – J. Crew, $70

Red Print Silk Scarf Tunic– J. Crew, $348

Blue Print Blouse – Zara, $60

Printed Nail File – H&M, $4

fall/winter 2012




THYME MATERNITY GREEN ARMY PANTS: $45 Comfort is key, and you don’t have to look sloppy just to be comfy! Check out these awesome pants from THYME Maternity!

OLD NAVY PAISLEY BLOUSE: $28 Pink and Blue understands that pregnancy is a hard time for many mothers to be. Take time to look and feel great by embracing maternity wear like this fabulous flowy paisley top by Old Navy


wear Easy pieces that you can mix and match...

CITIZENS OF HUMANITY: MATERNITY JEANS: $190 Pregnant women need a night on the town too! Stay up to date on awesome denim trends by splurging on your favorite jeans, maternity style! That’s right, Citizens Of Humanity makes jeans for the expectant mom!

OLD NAVY PURPLE T-SHIRT: $8 Your regular tops might be getting a tad too snug at this point in your pregnancy! Be comfortable and free in this Old Navy stretchy top with ample space for your growing belly




THYME MATERNITY GRAY YOGA PANTS: $27 Staying active during your pregnancy? Get into a pair of THYME Maternity yoga pants to keep you comfortable and snug while staying fit.


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style fall





Many mothers themselves would wear this fabulous getup, but this look is for your pint sized beauties! Pair this light weight denim dress with a knit cardigan and some funky booties to complete the look! All from the GAP!

Layers are not only for fashionable adults! Double the tutu and double the cuteness with this adorable look by H&M! Pink Hearts -Tiny TOMS Glitters- $38.00

Get your kid a biker jacket that screams cool! They can pair it with jeans and a rocker tee from H&M.

Jazz up your kids from head to toe with these stylish picks

Get your boy some serious fashion street cred with this utterly fashionable set by H&M, without breaking the bank! We suggest kicks to finish off the look! Tom’s Shoes. With every pair TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One.

Military meets the wild! Get your girls in animal print this season and pair it with fabulous denim, like this ultra cool military jean jacket from the GAP! Pair with these cute bootie shoes.

fall /winter 2012




BOON NAKED BATH TUB GREEN Moms to be & More, $89.99


BOON LAWN DRYING RACK Lil’ Niblets, $29.99




GUIDE This seasons top 10 baby gear must haves!


OWL CRANE HUMIDIFIER Moms to be & More, $75.00




BUGABOO CAMELEON, Moms to be & More, $999.00



FIRST YEARS HOME AND AWAY MONITOR Moms to be & More, $229.00



ADEN & ANAIS SERENITY STAR Moms to be & More, $90.00


SKIP HOP 4 PC SHEET SET ALPHABET Moms to be & More, $128.00

10 BLOOM FRESCO CROME HIGH CHAIR - MERCURY Moms to be & More, $700.00

fall /winter 2012


KIDDIE PROOFERS Your one stop Safety Shop! All About Child Safety,

we are your one stop safety store. With the Kiddie Proofers safety process, we will child proof your home and leave you worry free. Our home safety consultants will assess and advise on the best products necessary to provide your family with the safest environment. Our experienced technicians will install your gates, locking mechanisms, and all other safety products you requre. As part of our full service safety commitment, we offer child car seat advice from our experienced and certified installers. These incredible experts are always available to educate you in making the appropriate car seat choice, and install it, free of charge. Kiddle Proofers also offers CPR and First Aid workshops, nutrition and allergy classes, as well as car seat clinics. With our children’s first year “Must Have” checklist, we will look after all of your safety concerns in every area related to stairway, electrical, car seats, fire and water. In addition, we offer a full range of safety related products such as our Magnetic Locks for cabinets and specialty locks for drawers. Keep your children out of cabinets and drawers that may contain toxic chemicals, or harmful utensils, with our magnetic locks, invisible on the outside, that are easy to operate and worry free. We always welcome your questions or concerns, so put us to the safety test. Whether you require custom gates or answers regarding your specific car seat queries, we will be happy to provide you with the best solutions. Have a Kiddie Proofers Safe Day!!!

Visit our website at or one of our store locations to see our selection of safety products. Join us on Facebok, or contact one of our consultants who are always ready to answer your questions.

health&  food

YUMMY FOR MY TUMMY Nutritious and delicious recipes mixed with fitness suggestions to keep everyone’s mind and body feeling great.





regnancy is a time of great change for both mother and child – in body, mind and spirit. It is also a time when the health of mom will directly correlate with the wellbeing of her developing child. Supporting a healthy lifestyle including balanced diet, hydration and rest, regular exercise and prenatal health care like naturopathy and body work will help ensure you and your baby have the best possible pregnancy, birth and post natal experience. Ideally pregnancy is a time when you dream and plan with excitement the future of your family – not agonize with back pain or suffer from sickness, headaches or heartburn. Prenatal naturopathic treatments may include acupuncture, homeopathy or safe herbs to effectively alleviate your discomfort. From week 36 to delivery, trained NDs can also help prepare your body for delivery and the demands of new motherhood. Staying active is one component of a healthy pregnancy I strongly advocate for women whenever possible. It is important that you get approval from your health care provider to exercise, especially if you have not, prior to pregnancy, been active on a regular basis.The benefits of ongoing, moderate intensity low-impact exercise include: promoting an on-time delivery, helping to build stamina for delivery, improving sleep habits during pregnancy, promoting healthy weight gain, and helping reduce the likelihood of developing gestational diabetes.



• Aim for 30 minutes of moderate intensity, low-impact exercise most days. • Do not exercise to exhaustion. • Include exercises that focus on the pelvic cavity, hips and low back including prenatal yoga and squatting. • Be aware that pregnancy hormones make joints looser so sudden jerking motions or over-stretching can cause injury. • Avoid overheating by drinking plenty of water and do not exercise in hot, humid conditions. • Avoid physical contact activities that can cause injury or involve being hit by a ball in the abdomen. Always consult a health care provider before starting an exercise routine and stop exercising immediately and consult your midwife or doctor if any of the following occur during or after exercise: bleeding, cramping, faintness and/or dizziness, elevated blood pressure or severe joint pain. — Kristin Heins, ND is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Co-Founder of Thrive Natural Family Health clinic.








ood prep for a family can be complicated. Add to that a child who suffers from food allergies and can become overwhelming. The good news is that it does not have to be! Today, there are an everincreasing number of healthy gluten-free or dairy alternatives to chose from. There are also tons of alternatives to common allergens like egg and gluten when cooking at home. Did you know arrowroot flour or potato starch acts as an egg substitute in cooking or that you can bake with a banana instead of egg? Seeing a naturopathic doctor or nutritionist is a great way to learn more about how to prepare healthy food for children with food allergies or sensitivities. Naturopathic doctors also provide immune system support to help strengthen the immunity of children with food allergies. Below I have listed a few snack ideas as well as a recipe that uses hypoallergenic ingredients. Enjoy! Make a healthy trail mix or home-made granola that kids can munch on. Make it with gluten-free oats, (so long as your child is not allergic), and add in dried fruits, shredded coconut and any nuts and seeds your children can tolerate. For a nut-free school option try a snack of veggie sticks and hummus or guacamole. Avocado is a healthy, creamy option and can be mashed and flavoured with lemon / lime juice, sea salt and a bit of pepper and garlic. For a treat there are lots of packaged gluten, egg and/or dairy free cookies on the market. Method: Mix ground flax seed and arrowroot powder in boiling water and let sit a few minutes. Mix in rest of ingredients and stir batter. Place spoonfuls on a greased baking sheet and bake at preheated 350F for 20-25 minutes. Kristin Heins ND is a Toronto-based Naturopathic Doctor and is Co-Founder of Thrive Natural Family Health

WHAT YOU NEED: 4 4 2 2 ½ 6 20 4 ¼ ½ 1

tbsp ground flax seed tsp arrow root, powder cup boiling water cup quinoa flour tsp baking soda tbsp ginger, finely grated dates seeds out and chopped tsp honey cup olive oil tsp clove, powdered tsp cinnamon powder

For a tre at package there are lots of d gluten , egg and dairy fre /or e You can a cookies on the m arket. lso try ba kin like the G INGER D g your own, ATE COO 4 tbsp gro KIE und fl ax seed 4 tsp arro w root, po wder 2 cup boili ng water 2 cup quin o ½ tsp bak a flour ing soda 6 tbsp gin g 20 dates se er, finely grated ed 4 tsp honey s out and chopped ¼ cup oliv eo ½ tsp clove il ,p 1 tsp cinnam owdered on powder

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Mixed Veggie ‘Fried Rice’ WHAT YOU NEED: 2.5 cups, brown rice, cooked 1.5 cups, quinoa, cooked 2 eggs, scrambled and set aside ½ cups, shredded zucchini ½ cups, large carrot, shredded ½ cup mixed bell peppers, chopped fine 1/8 cup red onion, chopped fine ¼ cup broccoli florets ¾ cup cauliflower florets, raw or cooked and chopped fine ¼ cup frozen peas, thawed ¼ cup frozen corn, thawed 1 cup sesame oil 1 cup sunflower or peanut oil 1 cup minced ginger 2 cloves garlic, grated 2 cups soy sauce (Low sodium or gluten-free) ¼ cup gluten-free Teriyaki sauce 2 cups, roasted sesame seeds (optional)



hen I started making food for my now two year old son, I made a conscious decision to ensure that I would try to feed him as much as I could that was homemade and full of nutrients and flavour. I refuse to succumb to the idea that ‘children’s food’, is boring, bland and beige. Meaning carb-loaded through refined flours and sugars, fried chicken fingers and french fry meals that show up on every kid’s menu in a restaurant.

What you get with this dish:

• A high protein, gluten-free meal in one bowl • Lots of flavour that you build with fresh ingredients • Variety of veggies • The quinoa is a perfect way to give them protein along with the rice you know kids like

• Great way to use up leftover veggies and grains in your fridge to make a nutrient and flavor-packed meal that will fill the tummies of everyone at the table


• Organic vs. regular ingredients is your choice. Do what works for your mind, body and budget.

• If you don’t like some of the veggies swap or replace them

with what they do like. Try using one new veggie each time combined with veggies they know and like to expand their veggie-eating repertoire slowly.

• Don’t use olive oil. Its smoking point is not as high as other


cooking oils and it has a distinct flavor. It doesn’t match with the Asian notes in this dish. If you don’t have allergies to worry about, peanut oil would be best. Otherwise, sunflower oil is my choice for these types of dishes.



1. Add the oil to the pan and heat to low-medium and let heat for 4-5 minutes. It should be nice and hot before you add ingredients as the key to this dish is not to overcook the ingredients so the flavours, (and nutrients) shine. 2. If you use raw cauliflower instead of cooked add them to the pan first for a few minutes so it ensures it softens. 3. Add red onions and sauté for 2 minutes. 4. Add garlic and sauté until onions are translucent and the garlic is cooking. Be careful not to let it burn or it will make the dish bitter. 5. Add the zucchini, carrots, cauliflower and broccoli. Sauté until veggies heat through on medium heat then reduce to low-medium heat. 6. Add minced ginger. Continue sautéing. 7. In another large pan, add sesame oil and heat through precooked rice and quinoa on medium heat. Add teriyaki and soy sauce and stir through until sauces uniformly distributed. 8. When rice heated through, turn off stove and let sit. Add thawed peas and corn and mix through.. 9. Combine veggie mixture into rice mixture and mix thoroughly. Add scrambled egg and mix through. 10. Sprinkle with roasted sesame seeds and serve. *Note: For leftover meals, drizzle with teriyaki and ½ tsp of ginger and reheat.




food Do you have a ton of leftover Halloween candy that you don’t know what to do with? This recipe makes incredible fudge bars and uses up a whole bunch of your leftovers!


(All packages are in mini-halloween sized) •  6 boxes of Smarties •  6 packs of Coffee Crisp •  6 packs of Kit Kats •  6 packs of Aero Bars •  4 packs of Oh Henry’s •  4 packs of Reeses Pieces •  4 Hershey’s Cookies & Cream chocolate bars •  3 Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bars •  2 Hershey’s Caramel chocolate bars •  1 Reeses Peanut Butter Cup


1. Line a 9 inch square pan with foil so that the foil extends over the sides of the pan, and butter the foil. 2. In a large saucepan, combine sugar, butter and evaporated milk. Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring constantly. Boil for 5 minutes, stirring constantly. Remove from heat. 3. Add candy and blend until smooth. 4. Stir in vanilla and walnuts. 5. Pour into butter, foil-lined pan. Cool to room temperature. Refrigerate until firm.

INGREDIEN TS cups white

2½ ½ 2/3 4

su cup of butte gar r cup of evap orated milk cups chopp ed (anything yo candy u want; see below for sample combinatio ½ cup chop n) ped walnuts 1 tsp vanilla

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ome mothers sing songs, others do dances and some simply just lay on the floor and have a complete tantrum, but sometimes the best thing to do with a picky eater is to keep your cool and just keep trying. Frequently stubbornness and a strong desire for independence are displayed during mealtime during toddler-hood. This is the time to establish lifelong healthy food preferences and eating behaviors. It is important to provide your baby with a wide variety of healthy foods and to reintroduce those previously rejected.






1 Introduce new foods one at a time. 2 Use portions that are appropriate for your child (i.e. little pieces for little children).

3 Just like you and me, there will be foods that your child simply just does not and never will like. Don’t stress about it.

Frequently Asked Questions How do I know if my preschooler is getting enough? If your child is

growing well, appears healthy and happy he or she is likely doing fine. During periods of growth spurts your child will eat more and when growth slows, he or she will eat less. There is no need to be concerned over the odd skipped meal. Do remember to contact your pediatrician if you are concerned over; a) Your child’s growth or general health. b) Your child’s refusal to consume 500 mL (2 cups) of milk or fortified soy beverage on the majority of days. This may signal an insufficient intake of calcium and vitamin D. c) Your child’s refusal of all foods from an entire food group. He or she may not be getting enough nutrients such as iron. Should I give my toddler a multivitamin with mineral supplement? If a child is eating a variety of foods he or she should not need a multivitamin with minerals. If you are concerned about the variety of foods consumed discuss this with your health care provider. Whole foods offer more nutrition than supplements can provide. In addition, the supplement industry is not fully regulated and you can never be certain that what you’re providing is 100% safe. If you do decide to provide your child with a supplement check out results of investigations on various brands at What can I do when my child wants a snack and it’s not snack time? Tell your child that he or she can eat at the next meal or snack time and offer water between meals and snacks. Make sure that you are lovingly firm about not eating between meals and snacks and try to redirect your child to do something else. You do not want eating to become a way to resolve boredom. My child wants to eat the same thing over and over again. What should I do? These periods are referred to as “food jags.” They are very common and can last anywhere from several weeks to several months. The majority of the time there is no need to be concerned. As long as your child’s favourite food is nutritious just continue offering it to your child. If your child’s nutrition is compromised due to this, discuss it with your primary health care provider. My toddler gags. Is that normal? Gagging or coughing food back up is a very normal behavior. Choking, however, is not. Help prevent gagging by: a) Cutting food into small pieces. b) Reminding your toddler to chew his or her food and to eat slowly. c) Ensure foods are enjoyed when seated at the table. Do not offer food in the car, while playing or while watching TV d) Always supervise meal and snack times in case of choking. If gagging, trouble swallowing or choking happens often, contact your health care provider. Feeding your child should be an enjoyable event. It can however, be incredibly stressful at times. It is important to remember that your child will feed him or herself when hungry. Keep in mind that eating and nutrition issues are common concerns with moms everywhere and that various supports are there to help manage this difficult period in your child’s development.

4 Feed your child at a set time so he or she comes to the table hungry and

more willing to eat new foods. Do not delay these times or your child may come to the table cranky from hunger.

5 Eat together as often as possible to teach your child healthy eating habits, table manners and how to use utensils. Make one meal for your family instead of separate meals.

6 Always serve one food you know your child will eat (for example, bread,

milk, rice, potatoes) so he or she won’t go hungry.

7 Make sure mealtimes are relaxed even if you are using this as an opportunity

to model table manners. If your child wants to eat with his or her fingers, allow it. Eventually he or she will pick up on manners but if you constantly nag about eating with utensils meals may be associated with anxiety.

8 Avoid all distractions such as the phone, television, computer, radio and toys at the table.

9 Let your child decide if and how much to eat. Remember your child’s

appetite will vary depending on growth spurts, activity levels and general health. Provide your child with smaller portions and the opportunity to request more.

10 Children do not eat well when they are pressured to do so. Remember as a child being forced to finish your whole plate of food just to get dessert? This encourages overeating and does not allow your children to listen to their stomachs.

11 Serve new food in small amounts alongside familiar foods only when your child is hungry and healthy. Provide food in a variety of ways. For example, carrots can be mashed, soft cooked or grated into muffin or meatloaf.

12 Don’t be discouraged - it can take 8-10 tastes before a child enjoys a new food.

13 If possible grow, pick, cook and shop for food together because

your child will be more open to trying new items.

14 If your child tends to fill up on fluids first, provide drinks at the end

of the meal. Also, try not to fill them up on high sugar juices throughout the day. Water and milk are always your best choice.

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Breastfeeding + Pregnancy

=Possible! In my practice helping mothers reach their breastfeeding goals, I get asked every question that you could possibly imagine about the breastfeeding experience. A recent query that appeared in my inbox was from a mother of two who is expecting her third baby in March. She reached out to me as she was still breastfeeding her eighteen month old and had questions and concerns about breastfeeding while pregnant. When we met, I realized that there is a great deal of misinformation floating about and a few myths that need busting around this topic. So if you find yourself in the same situation, or are anticipating being in the same situation, read on!

Breastfeeding is a contributing factor for miscarriage…


Breastfeeding does not contribute to miscarriage. The reality is that 25% of women will miscarry at least one baby. It really is more common that we realize. If your paediatrician is encouraging you to wean because you have experienced a miscarriage then send him / her to the Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Journal article entitled, “Does breastfeeding induce spontaneous abortion”. The answer is no. A little research goes a long way!

Breastfeeding while pregnant depletes mother of essential nutrients…


There is no research to show that the growing fetus or the nursling gets priority in terms of nutrients. Unless you are truly malnourished or are on a special diet, (dairy-free, vegan, etc), everyone in the relationship should get enough. It is important, as with every pregnancy and breastfeeding experience, to eat well and to follow your appetite.




Breastfeeding during pregnancy may induce labour…


An easy, natural and pain-free way to induce labour? We wish! The kind of nipple stimulation required to induce labour and stimulate uterine contractions would have to be far more vigorous than any breastfeeding session your infant may manage. In addition, the amount of oxytocin released during breastfeeding will never be enough to open the cervix before it is ready to do so. There are a few things to consider if you find yourself breastfeeding while pregnant. You may experience some nipple soreness, irritation and even nausea when your baby latches on. Encourage your baby to open wide and make sure the latch is deep to reduce the pain. Deep breathing and focusing on something else, like reading a book or playing on your iPad, will help to distract from some of these sensations. In and around the fourth month, 70% of women note a significant drop in their milk supply. A La Leche League poll showed that just 26% of children will self-wean due to the decrease in supply. While 28% of mothers initiated weaning themselves, the other 46% went on to nurse their new baby and older infant / toddler! As with everything regarding the breastfeeding experience there will be highs and lows •M  othering Yo when breastfeeding Norma Jane ur Nursing Toddler by Bumgarner • A  dventures while pregnant. As Breastfeedinin Tandem Nursing: long as those highs and Beyond g during Pregnancy Peggy O’Marby Hilary Flower and outweigh those lows • www.kelly a m then you can feel conlinks-nursi • www.llli.or ngpregnant/ fident to keep calm g/nb/nbpre gnancy.htm l and breastfeed on!

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just for  you  SEX& HOME Spice up your home and your sex life


Adding a Punch of


A house is not a home if it is not a reflection of those living within it.

Many are intimidated by colour and texture and instead use neutral pieces in their spaces – but those are the elements that set a home apart. There is definitely risk involved in swaying from the ordinary. Neutral is easy, safe and also boring! The bedroom/office split in this project started off as a safe space and did not reflect the rest of the home, or its owners; it was clear that this was the forgotten room. The rest of the home was modern, classic and sophisticated; the homeowners wanted to continue that feel in their private space. The trick was to maintain a relatively neutral palette for the larger ticket items. The bed, bench, sofa and desk are all in combinations of white, off-white, wood and chrome. These investment pieces will work with any future colour schemes. What takes this space from nice to wow is the injection of colour. The hot pink became a jumping off point when the homeowner fell in love with a hot pink chair in an ad for Barrymore Furniture. From there, we worked toward finding dynamic fabrics for the throw cushions on both the bed and the sofa. This colour was then repeated in the amazing Second Life rug, artwork and accessories. The result is a cohesive space that is both functional and high in style.



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1 Role-playing. Example, the Delivery Guy (or Gal) just


Without going balls to the walls (excuse the expression) Christian Grey has some ideas that can be adapted so anyone with a little daring and imagination may try: 50 Shades of what? Banned from the li-

brary? Mommy Porn? Twilight for adults? A book that has gained extreme popularity lately is 50 Shades of Grey by E L James. It’s easy to start this book with pre-conceived notions because everyone is talking about it. Warnings range from “have your husband ready and waiting as you read” to “this is so poorly written, I can’t believe it is making millions!” It was tough to take this book seriously with how it is written. “It’s a stunning vista, and I’m momentarily paralyzed by the view. Wow.” And a personal favourite, “His voice is warm and husky like dark melted chocolate fudge caramel…or something.” The connections to Twilight are blatant if you are a fan, and the idea of a young beautiful girl being a virgin at 21 (having kissed only twice) seems unrealistic. The language is

winked at wait, that’s your partner. Or that parentteacher interview is getting a steamier than you thought. Dress the part, have fun.

2 Blindfolding. It would heighten your senses as Ana often describes in the book, and it’s not too hard to manage since you can probably use a variety of items in your closet to complete the job.

3 Ice cream. Christian is on to something here by using

something cold in contrast to your warm bodies to provide a new sensation. Like the book, be sure to have a change of sheets! 4M  usic. Playing a specially chosen soundtrack while in the bedroom may set a new mood that you and your partner can relate to.

basic with an SAT word thrown in now and then. So it is not an intellectually simulating novel, just as the movie Magic Mike is not being watched for the deep story line and dramatic acting. This book is simply fun fluff, where you can visualize “what if”. What if a hunky multimillionaire wanted to introduce you to a very dark side of sex? What if your new guy was haunted by his inner demons but was trying so hard to make you happy? What if there was a guy out there who bought you really expensive gifts just because he could? There are hot sex scenes so do not read this around your kids, but it is like picking up a good Harlequin novel – fun, steamy and enjoyable. A word of warning, though: You will not be able to stop until you have read all three! – by Elizabeth Chambers

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What makes the difference? Is there a way to shorten the learning curve to get your children out and having a great time on the mountains? You bet. Evolve Snow Camps, based in Toronto, is a ski and snowboard camp for children ages 6-17. The Evolve program includes a full day of skiing and snowboard lessons every Saturday or Sunday in the winter. Campers travel to either to Mount St Louis or Horseshoe by a coach bus in the morning, and return to various pickup spots in the GTA by dinnertime. Upon arrival they are welcomed into a camplike atmosphere, joining various groups based on their age and skill level. Evolve’s programs are split between two focuses: a learnto-ski program and a freestyle program. The freestyle program is popular with kids who want to learn how to jump, hit rails and ride the half-pipe in the terrain park. The learn-to-ski program teaches kids how to ski or snowboard, or helps them to improve upon their current skill level. Whatever they choose, your kids will have an awesome time learning and accelerating their skill level in a fun and safe setting.

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GrabThose Skis and Hit Your Favourite Ski Hill!

Fingers crossed we get an early ski season this year. Most ski programs allow children to start learning how to ski at the age of 3 years. For snowboarding it’s usually 6 years. Most ski places have snow-making capability, however if the conditions are too mild, like last year, smaller places may have to wait to open, and the bigger places may have fewer runs open and icy conditions. Centennial Park in Etobicoke and Earl Bales Park in North York have ski and snowboard school and night skiing. Skiing lessons for children start at 3 years old and snowboarding lessons start at 6 years old. They also have racing programs for children as young as 6 or 7 years years of age, and a Freestyle Terrain Park for advanced skiers and snowboarders including rails, boxes and jumps (lessons are for children 9 years and older). At in Milton and www. Lakeridge in Uxbridge you can ski, snowboard, take lessons, try out the terrain park and go tubing. (Children must be 42” or taller for tubing.) If you’re looking for winter birthday party ideas, Glen Eden offers tubing birthday party packages. I may have to put this on my list for my daughter and son who are winter babies! Here’s a list of other ski hills around Toronto: • Uplands Ski Centre in Thornhill •S  now Valley in Barrie •H  ockley Valley Resort •B  lue Mountain •H  orseshoe Valley •C  hicopee




Packing snow works best or your snowman will quickly fall apart. Test it out by making a few snowballs before announcing that you’re all making a snowman, in order to avoid extreme disappointment (tantrum). Start with the base. Make a snowball and roll it on the ground away from you. It will quickly grow large. Make sure to pat it with your mittens as you roll. Do the same for the mid-section which will be smaller than the base, and then the head, which will be the smallest. When you have placed them one on top of the other, add more snow between them and pack it in to make the snowman more stable. For the eyes you can use two black buttons or rocks. The typical thing to use for the nose is (of course) a carrot. For the mouth you could use small rocks, or twigs. Put larger sticks into the mid-section on each side for arms and hang a pair of mittens your child has out-grown on them. And lastly, on top of the “head” you could use an old woolly hat that will stick to the snow and stay on when it’s windy. Don’t forget to take photos of your masterpiece and your proud little artists!



(York-Durham Heritage Railway) Santa will be riding the www.ydhr. ca Heritage Railway Trains departing only from Uxbridge station on Saturdays December 1st and 8th and Sundays November 25th, December 2nd and 9th. Santa will visit each child at their seat and distribute goodies. Each trip is 45 minutes long and has on-board entertainment for both children and adults. Fares for the Santa trains are $19 each. Seating is limited so book fast.


W  atch a Santa Claus Parade

Toronto’s 108th Annual Santa Claus Parade is scheduled for Sunday November 18th. Watching a Santa Claus parade will be a must for me and my two bundles of joy this year. HERE IS A LIST OF PARADES GOING ON IN THE GTA: Durham Region Saturday November 10: Pickering Santa Claus Parade Saturday November 17: Santa’s Parade of Lights in Oshawa Saturday November 24: Uxbridge’s 51st Santa Claus Parade Halton Region Saturday November 17: Santa Claus in Downtown Oakville Saturday November 17: Acton’s Santa Claus Parade Sunday November 18: Milton’s Santa Claus Parade Sunday December 2: Burlington’s Santa Claus Parade Peel Region Friday November 16: Brampton Board of Trade’s Santa Claus Parade Sunday November 25: Mississauga’s Santa Claus Parade York Region Saturday November 17: Santa Claus Parade in Newmarket Saturday November 17: Georgina’s Santa Claus Parade Sunday November 18: The Holland Landing Santa Claus Parade in East Gwillimbury Saturday November 24: 40th Annual Markham Santa Claus Parade Saturday November 24: Santa Under the Stars Parade in Aurora Sunday November 25: Richmond Hill’s Santa Claus Parade *Note: Times and parade routes are not given here as most information was not available at the time this article was written. Whitby, Maple, Markham parades: TBA.You can check an updated list of all parades and times here



One of my favourite things about the holidays is the beautifully-decorated city with all of the coloured festive lights. I’ve never been to a tree lighting ceremony and it’s on my list for this year. Here are some to check out: • Cavalcade of Lights at Nathan Phillips Square on Saturday November 17: Watch the first lighting of the Christmas Tree in Nathan Phillips Square. Thousands of LED lights in red, white and silver make this tree an amazing sight. Enjoy musical performances and a fireworks finale. • Tree Lighting Ceremony in Oakville on Friday November 16: The official lighting of the tree will take place at Towne Square in Downtown Oakville at 7:30pm. Santa and his Elves will be on-hand to treat all to hot apple cider. The annual downtown Christmas carol singalong with the Salvation Army Band will be there to entertain. • 27th Festival of Lights in Markham on Saturday November 24: Help light the 30’ Christmas tree and watch fireworks. • Annual Christmas Tree Lighting in Brampton on Friday November 16: An evening of holiday entertainment and the lighting of Brampton’s 65-foot spruce tree. • 8th Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony in Aurora on Wednesday December 5: Join in family fun and festivities, greet Santa, sing carols and decorate the town tree.


Join Special Programming & Events With the holidays just

around the corner there are many special holiday events and programming for your family. If pre-registration is required, book your spot as soon as possible to secure your preferred dates and times. Here’s a list of 10 to get you started! The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair at the Exhibition Place in Downtown Toronto kicks off on November 2nd and runs until the 11th. Toronto’s Museums feature a number of holiday activities going on, so do check out their schedules as they become available. Some programs may require pre-registration. Colborne Lodge in High Park  (Toronto’s West End) will have Christmas wreath & centerpiece workshops. Mackenzie House in Downtown Toronto will have Victorian Christmas traditions. Montgomery’s Inn in Etobicoke will be holding Christmas season concerts and cookie workshops. Scarborough Museum will have a Christmas Open House, Victorian Extravaganza and Desserts by Lamplight. Check out the City of Toronto’s Community Centres and Riverdale Farm (Fun Guide) for pre-registered winter holiday programming. Special Christmas festivities will be at Black Creek Pioneer Village in North York. Create a new Holiday family tradition with several memorable Victorian Christmas activities throughout the Village. On from Saturday November 17th to Sunday December 23rd. Don’t miss the Heritage Parade of Lights at Country Heritage Park in Milton. A spectacular parade of vintage tractors and machinery will be decorated with coloured festive lights. Enjoy meet-

ing Santa, Mrs. Claus and the jolly elves at the heated Gambrel Barn, and warm up with some hot chocolate and enjoy delicious cookies. Adults: Donation. Children 15 years and under are free. Step back in time and tour through the historic village, traditionally decorated for the holidays with evergreen boughs, bright ribbons and berries at the www. Children’s Old-Fashioned Christmas at Scugog Shores Museum. Children will be able to visit Santa Claus, string popcorn and cranberries in the Lee House, bake and decorate cookies in the Log Cabin, create unique ornaments, decorate traditional Victorian Christmas cards and explore the Museum Village on a Holiday Scavenger Hunt. Hot chocolate, cider and Christmas cookies will be served. Experience the traditions of a Victorian Christmas on a farm in 1900 at Bronte Creek’s Homestead Christmas in Oakville. Enjoy decorations, stories, caroling, sweets and a toy shop. Visit the reindeer barn and then enjoy a personal visit with the big guy.  Heritage costumes will be available for family photos with Santa. Halton County Radial Railway in Milton) is opening their doors one last time until spring so you can ride the rails through the woods with Christmas carols in the air. Come experience Christmas on the Rails. Celebrate the season with family and friends, and enjoy a traditional Christmas Dinner and Guided Nature Hike at the Kortright Centre in Woodbridge on Saturday December 15. Ring in the New Year at Family First Night in Aurora on Monday December 31st with wagon rides, bonfire, swimming, skating, games, children’s activities and much more Check out MelanieOTG’s events page for more special programming and family fun.

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What could be better than sitting, relaxing and watching a show with your children? Hmmm perhaps sending grandma or grandpa to see the show with your children. Check out these shows scheduled to start in December: •T  he Nutcracker: On December 19, 2012- January 5, 2013 at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts in Downtown Toronto. •D  isney’s Phineas and Ferb: On Sunday December 15 at Oshawa’s General Motors Centre. •M  ax and Ruby: On Saturday December 15 at Toronto’s Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, and Sunday December 16 at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga. •D  isney On Ice Presents World of Fantasy: December 21- December 30 at Toronto’s Rogers Centre in Downtown Toronto.



Make a Snow Angel

Make sure your child has plenty of layers on as it can get cold lying in the snow, making art. How to make a snow angel? It’s easy, fun and tiny tots can do it easily. Lie down, keep your arms on the ground and sweep them up over your head until they’re touching each other, and then bring them down to your sides. I tell my daughter to pretend she’s a bird flapping her wings. Then move your legs away from each other as far as they’ll go and bring them back together again. If your child knows how to do jumping jacks, that’s a good way to describe it; jumping jacks in the snow! Be careful when you get up as a hand or footprint can ruin the angel. If you have food colouring, you can mix it with water and put it in a spray bottle so your child can decorate.



R  ide Down a Hill in a Toboggan

Young and old can enjoy tobogganing. Make sure you dress warmly and pick a spot that’s not too busy on the hill, not icy, and has a long area at the bottom that is obstaclefree for the toboggan to slowly come to a stop. If your child is young, get a toboggan big enough for you to go down together. And do wear a helmet! ”Tobogganing and skiing are among the most dangerous activities linked to www.cbc.careported by the CBC earlier this year. For the very young, a nearby neighborhood park with a slightly sloped hill will do. For the more adventurous, check out these favourites: • Jack Darling Park in Mississauga • Centennial Park in Etobicoke • Riverdale Park East in Toronto • Behind Swansea Public School in Etobicoke • Deer Pen Road, which runs alongside High Park Zoo in Toronto’s West End



barn open year round for 1- 10 year olds. •C  edarena in Markham: Located in the beautiful Rouge Valley. You can warm up with hot chocolate and hot apple cider in the old clubhouse. Most outdoor skating rinks usually open in •C  olonel Samuel Smith Park in Etobicoke: late November, weather permitting. Here The city’s only ice skating trail located next are some rinks in and around Toronto: to the Power House Recreation Centre. • Harbourfront Natrel Rink right at the  elebration Square in Mislakefront in Toronto: In the winter it’s an • C sissauga: Newly opened ice skating rink. Check out their live web and one of the cam here. Skating lessons are offered at biggest in the the Natrel rink for 3 – 17 year olds. GTA. No change •B  rick Works Skating Trail in Toronto’s facilities or lockEast End: Free skating and limited rentals. Skating lessons are offered here for 4 ers here though. Click for a full list year olds and up. •B  ronte Creek Provincial Park in Oakville: of outdoor rinks in Toronto that There are heated change rooms, a bonare operated by fire area and refreshments at the Parks the City. Store. You can also check out their play


Have a Good Old-Fashioned Snowball Fight

I’m not sure I’d get involved in a serious snowball fight personally, however a friendly one with my kids when they’re older… why not? First of course you have to wait for the perfect type of snow. Not too dry and not too wet, the type that packs well. It goes without saying, make sure there’s no ice or rocks in the snowballs when you’re making them as this will hurt when it hits the target! For younger children, you might want to make a game out of throwing at a stationary target before progressing to a moving target. Not really a snowball fight but you’re building skill! If your kids are older and can throw well, set a rule to aim for the waist and down or wear helmets. Keep in mind that many public places ban snowball fights as they can result in injury. Snowball fights are meant to be fun and not intended to hurt anyone, so make sure everyone is on the same page beforehand. Do agree on a “safe word” if someone gets hurt or wants to stop. IF YOU’RE REALLY SERIOUS, HERE ARE SOME TIPS: • B uild a good reserve of snowballs before-hand so you don’t waste time making them. • Layers of clothing will give you more padding to protect against a hit, and wearing waterproof outer layers will keep you dry and warm longer. Make sure you have a good set of waterproof mittens or extras on-hand • You should be able to dodge most snowballs unless they’re flying everywhere. Be quick on your feet!

Whatever you decide to do this winter, I hope you enjoy spending the time with your kids and getting out and making the most of the season. We can’t make the cold go away so we might as well make the best of it!



GREAT WOLF LODGE I’ve heard rumblings about a magical place in Niagara Falls called Great Wolf Lodge since I joined the parenting community. The rumours are true.



ur friends’ kids call it “the best place on earth,” and now I know why. Our 20 month old got as much out of the experience as her four-year-old brother because the park caters to toddlers as effectively as it does to tweens. From the wristbands that double as your room key and onsite credit card, to the fast-food restaurant inside the waterpark so you don’t have to get your kids into dry skivvies just for a lunch break, Great Wolf Lodge nails the details. I wondered if some of the activities might be too “big kid” for my little ones, but they enjoyed every last drop of entertainment. There are four waterslides that were the perfect size and speed for my son. There’s even a spa for kids. My daughter picked out a sparkly purple polish for her first pedicure and left with pretty toes and a tiara. I think I loved the experience as much as she did. Keith Simmonds, Great Wolf Lodge’s general manager, hyped the latest innovation, Magi-

Quest – “a $1.3 million investment” that’s played with an interactive wand. While my daughter simply waved her wand around like a princess, my four year old totally understood the game and spent hours finding Pixies and unlocking treasure chests. Though we didn’t take advantage of it, there’s in-room babysitting. That means you can enjoy the amenities or leave the resort for dinner while your kids sleep. I was most impressed with the lifeguards; you can check your heart palpitations at the door – there’s always someone with eyes on your child. Two important tips: although there’s free towel service, if you’re partial to large, absorbent beach towels, bring your own; and, if you’d prefer your kids’ meals be salt-free, be sure to ask your server in advance. Otherwise, Great Wolf Lodge really might be the best place on earth.

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eco sleep forkids

There wasn’t much “green” in my life before I had kids. But when all-that-is-Google collided with popping out a couple of babies, I got a little – what some call – crunchy. BY: ANDREA TRAYNOR, WWW.MOMMYGEAREST.COM


t’s not about saving the planet for my future bloodline; for me, it’s about what we can do as parents to impact our children’s health positively. Going organic doesn’t have to be all or nothing, and you don’t have to be wealthy to make organic choices. I simply can’t afford to buy organic in all areas of our lives, but organic products that help my kids rest well at night are an important investment for me; I’ll forego free-run eggs any day of the week to avoid toxic After all, the average child will have slept more than 71,000 hours by the time he’s 18 years old (that’s about three years!).

HERE ARE SOME GREAT INVESTMENTS TO ENSURE YOUR KIDLET’S SLEEP IS AS SAFE AS POSSIBLE: •A  N ORGANIC MATTRESS. Realistically, you’re only going to buy two in your child ’s life if they’re high-quality – starting with your baby’s first, her crib, and later, her big girl bed. Soma Organic Mattress’s latex crib mattress is a safe, comfortable option; Soma makes a wallet-friendly lineup of juvenile mattresses, too. Just don’t forget to pair it with a chemical-free foundation. •A  N ORGANIC PILLOW; some standouts include Organic Lifestyle’s and Essentia’s full-size for older kids. Shredded rubber has a comfy down-filled feel to it, and Essentia’s eco-friendly memory foam contours perfectly to every set of head and shoulders. An like the one from Naturepedic. We have the toddler size and it’s a great way to protect my son’s pillow and his airway. •O  RGANIC SHEETS AND DUVET COVERS make your little



one’s nest super-cozy; you can’t go wrong with anything from Dream Designs. The colours they sell are beautifully rich. •O  RGANIC MUSLIN SWADDLING BLANKETS, like the www. safari swaddle from aden + anais ensures that baby doesn’t overheat. Its large size means it even works for bigger babies! Please be sure to swaddle safely and ask your health-care provider for recommendations. •A  SLEEP SACK keeps your child free of tangled blankets. I’m in love with the merino wool and bamboo/organic cotton version from; it’s luxuriously designed and the temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking properties of wool are widely known thanks to www. Ugg. Look for a “tog” rating based on the season and the temperature in your home. My eldest was in a sleep sack until he was three! • ORGANIC PJS are an economical way to keep your baby’s tender skin next to super-soft organic cotton. Two of my favourites are from and www.skylarluna. com Skylar Luna; at around $39 per pair for each brand, they make ideal gifts, too. •C  LOTH DIAPERS! They’ve come a long way, baby. If the idea of chlorine-laden disposable diapers resting against your bambino’s bare bottom all night long makes you shudder, I’m loving Charlie Banana’s One Size diapers, which I double-line with the pads provided for the overnight shift. No, they’re not organic – but they do keep a massive number of non-biodegradable disposable diapers out of landfills. •L  OVEYS. What’s nighttime without a cuddly buddy? Doubling as unique décor are the über-funky www.buginarug. info. My kids love Charly, the donkey, and Borston Thorston, the pig. Did I mention they’re saliva-resistant and washable? Remember: “natural” doesn’t necessarily mean organic. The most important thing to look for is a third-party organic certification like Happy shopping and sweet dreams…

family&life Side of Manhattan. One would think, since the boys just slept the entire night, that they would be ready to conquer the world. But no, fresh air equals sleep. So as they are passed out in their comfy City Select stroller, Andy and I have some quality time to get some of our NYC favorites in the neighborhood.

9:20AM First stop, Andy’s

green monkey smoothie. Second stop is a toasted everything bagel with whitefish salad; remember I am Jewish. Then we stop at the famous, Joe The Art of Coffee, for an amazing cappuccino. I digress from a kids article, but we adults need our own time and these little things make us happy.

10:00AM Believe it or not, the

kids are still sleeping. We head over to the farmers market held every Sunday at Columbus Ave in front of The Museum of Natural History.

11:00AM The boys start

awakening, giving us enough time to get our lunches to go. We are ready to eat in Riverside Park

12:00PM We head into

elephant park off 76th street and

Y L I M s A d a F d o w N t f o R life E e h t D n i y O a D M Riverside drive where the kids can go on the swings. Amazing to see how inquisitive they boys are - Phoenix more so than Sebastian.

1:00PM Getting hot outside, best 7:23AM Phoenix has finally started rolling over;

we call him Phee-Phee the Phlipper. Problem is, he hasn’t figured out how to fling himself back. Crying ensues, Sebastian gets restless, awakens and now all of us have arisen; hence the typical Sunday has begun.

7:45AM Breakfast with accompanied ba-ba (slang for

bottle). I am usually the one to start the day, as Andy gets a little more shut-eye. The morning diaper change - I own. The boys are always so animated in the morning. You would think it’s to see the loving daddy and papa (FYI I am the daddy and Andy is the papa), but they even get excited seeing our handyman, Johnny. But it is amazing to see their magnanimous morning smiles making you forget you missed sleeping late on Sunday.

9:00AM Looking dapper we are ready to hit the NYC streets. We are off for the morning stroll on the Upper West

to take cover in the house and watch Yo Gabba Gabba until the nanny comes giving Andy and I some downtime.

3:00 – 5:00PM Nap time for everyone. I get my usual spot on the second floor couch, NY times in hand, and television on; I usually last about 5 minutes and then pass out.

7:00PM Dinnertime. Our burping time is hysterical.

The twins face each other and have conversations with each other. Who knows what they are saying!

8:30PM One of us is bathing and dressing, while the other is feeding. The kids love bath time.

9:00PM Now they smell Mustela fresh and suck down

a 6oz bottle like it’s nobody’s business. We place them in their cribs, asleep or awake. It did take time to train with a few nights of crying but it’s so worth it; they have it down pat. Of course, the second you put Phoenix down, he flips onto his belly. Just like the start of the day. Goodnight Moon!

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i 42


double THE ANXIETY For couples who experience difficulties conceiving, the blessing of one child often seems far-fetched. But the news of having conceived multiple babies is unfathomable. It is an exciting time, but the fears and anxieties of mothers expecting multiples seem to multiply with each baby you conceive.



was about one month into my pregnancy when I discovered through an ultrasound that I was carrying multiples. We resorted to fertility drugs to get pregnant, so it shouldn’t have come as such a shock, but I don’t think anything could prepare me for hearing such wonderful, yet unbelievably terrifying news. As an anxious person from the get go, it took me quite a while to adjust to the idea that I was getting more babies than I had “planned”. My excitement had been replaced by anxiety, making it very hard to connect to the pregnancy. I couldn’t understand how I would be able to give each baby the love and attention each deserved, and felt I would miss out on the special bonding that a parent has with a singleton. I would have to divide my time, and would need extra help, which meant not being the independent mother I pictured myself to be. I felt consumed with guilt for not being excited and thankful for this blessing which had been bestowed upon me. Compounding the emotional anxiety were various health issues I had to deal with that are common to women carrying multiples. I became extremely hyperthyroid due to the elevated hormone levels and was unable to function at all. I worried about my health and the health of the babies. As I’m sure every woman reading this can attest, it is impossible to be pregnant and not worry about the health of your unborn child. Multiple pregnancies come with an increased risk to the health of the babies as well as to mom. I worried every day about something or other: Would they be too small? Would I be able to sustain the pregnancy long enough? Would one baby take too much food or too much space?

In my second trimester I had to undergo CVS genetic testing. While it proved to be a traumatic experience, it was also when we were told that we were having two boys. In that moment, something shifted. An excitement came over me and I instantly felt the connection that I had been longing for. I still had no idea how I was going to handle two babies at once, but in all honesty, do any of us even know how we are going to handle one baby?! My fears and anxieties didn’t go away, but my thinking turned toward the positive aspects of having multiples. I was going to have an instant family. My boys would always have someone to play with, and I would always have the comfort of knowing that they have each other during important milestones like the first day of school, camp, etc…I shifted into nesting mode. I decided to look at my fears and anxieties and take charge of the things over which I actually had control. I had to take a look at how to best manage a life with twins. I bought books, took a twins prenatal class and sought out the guidance of other mothers of multiples. The pregnancy taught me that in the face of a challenge, the best thing any of us can do is to inform ourselves. I came to understand that mothers can still be independent even when we need help. I look at my two boys and I wouldn’t change one thing about the journey I took to get where I am today. Born on February 14th, 2012 at 35 weeks, Rhys Joseph and William Dane are now almost seven months old, and while I continue to search for control in my new world of chaos, I cannot picture my life without either one of them. Our adventure continues…

fall/winter 2012


i E E R H T E G A T S M O FR










n October of every year, we wear pink ribbons to acknowledge Breast Cancer Awareness month. We are advised to do breast self examinations, attend our yearly mammograms, and think about the loss, hope, courage and strength of women whose lives have been affected. At 34 years old, I am proud to be a survivor, and celebrate the healthy life that I fought for more than 12 years ago. At twenty-one years old, I was diagnosed with a stage 3, aggressive cancer in my right breast. I had found the lump myself, and was misdiagnosed for 4 months. Because of my age, I was given incomplete and incorrect tests, and was lead to believe that I was fine. Twenty-one year old girls were not old enough to have cancer, right? In the months that followed, the lump became bigger, and was starting to become painful. It was decided that even though it “wasn’t dangerous”, it was going to be removed. I was put under a local anaesthetic and tried to remain as calm as possible. I remember the nurse holding my hand the entire time. During the surgery it was determined that I had, in fact, two lumps, one bigger than the other, and because these they were “benign cysts,” the operating doctor was going to leave the second one in. I told her to take it out. November 1, 1999 was the day that changed my whole life. Diagnosis day. The benign cysts weren’t so benign after all, and apparently, twenty-one year olds can have cancer. The following is an excerpt taken from my journal at the time. I was lying in [the doctor’s office] for the check up following my lumpectomy. It was supposed to be a benign fibro adenoma. I was lying on my back, half naked, and all alone. She was examining her work, and repeatedly saying, “excellent.” Then-in a sort of, ‘oh, by the way’ attitude, she said, “this was nothing that they ever expected, but they found some cancer cells.” I was in shock and did not understand. She called in my mother and grandmother into the office. I looked at my mom as she was walking in, and she knew that something was wrong. As [the doctor] was explaining everything, I felt faint and had to go lie down in the next room. My mom had kept her composure, but my grandmother was crying. After a minute or two, I went back inside because I thought I felt better. She was drawing a diagram of some sort, and I felt faint again. [The doctor] escorted me back in the other room, and soon after, I was shaking uncontrollably. I never cried. My mom came in, and gave me the most important speech I will ever hear in my whole life. “You are not Rose Freedman’s granddaughter for nothing. It is going to be really shitty these next few months, but we’re all going to do it together.” From then on, I really, truly believed that everything was going to be ok.

Over the next eight months, I had the lumpectomy, laparoscopy, mastectomy and reconstruction surgery, eight rounds of chemotherapy, and twenty-five sessions of radiation. On June 13th of every year, I celebrate the day I finished my treatment. The most important thing that got me through this difficult and challenging time was my attitude. I tried to stay positive no matter what, I tried to ignore all the “noise” around me, and focus on what was important, and I surrounded myself with my friends and family who offered their unlimited love and support. I have an unconditional amount of gratitude and special place in my heart for my surgeon, who performed my mastectomy on my birthday, and allowed me to have all of my birthdays since. Since this diagnosis, more than twelve years ago, I travelled on my own to Australia, jumped out of an airplane, walked across a glacier in New Zealand, stayed with a Zulu family in South Africa, completed my Masters degree in Counselling, and married the man I fell in love with in New York City. I am now a mommy to two beautiful little girls. This year marked a pivotal change in my life when I decided that I needed to change my post baby body, and get into shape. I have lost almost 20 pounds by relearning how and what to eat, and by exercising regularly. I went from not being able to run half a block to running a total of 24 minutes just the other day. I made small changes, one at a time, that were reasonable and sustainable. From this experience, I started my own company, and developed a program so that I can share my journey and knowledge with others. My hope is that I can motivate and lead people to live Healthier Ever After.

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THE COST OF RAISING A CHILD WITH DISABILITIES No one ever said raising a child was easy on the bank account. But, when your child lives with physical and/or developmental disabilities, the expenses can become astronomical.

ast year at Annual Zareinu Fashion Show ( index.php/events/detail/the/), Marlene Benlolo shared with the crowd the struggles and joys she experiences raising a child with Rett syndrome, a disorder of the nervous system. Because of Rett’s, her daughter Rachel experiences severe developmental reversals, especially in the areas of expressive language and hand use. In order to support her development, a variety of therapies are required. Marlene told the enrapt audience that she expects it would cost her $75,000 a year, if she had to pay for all the services privately that Rachel gets as part of her Zareinu education. This mind-boggling calculation is hard for most parents to fathom. “And, even at that rate Rachel wouldn’t come close to getting the same level of socialization she gets at Zareinu, something that has been vital to her development,” Marlene said. While there are many support services available to families whose children have disabilities, it’s not only the expense that proves to be challenging. The coordination of driving kids to and from appointments, while trying to hold down a job at the same time can be next to impossible for parents. This is part of the inspiration behind Zareinu Educational Centre of Metropolitan Toronto—a school and treatment centre based in Thornhill, Ontario that offers families a



one-stop-shop for all of their child’s learning and treatment needs. And, one of the reasons why fundraising events like the annual Zareinu Fashion Show are so important. “Having education, therapies, and socialization available to the children in a complete package, not only saves time, stress and worry, but money as well,” says Stacy Markin, former Zareinu parent and co-chair of Fashion Show. Unlike the $75,000 per year predicted by Marlene, it costs Zareinu $50,000 per year for a child to attend the school. This cost includes all therapies, education, low student to teacher ratio—all under one roof. The program also integrates children with a wide range of physical and developmental disabilities into age-appropriate classrooms. Yet parents pay significantly less than the $50,000 in a large part due to the huge success of fundraising initiatives like the annual Fashion Show. And, this year fashion lovers are in for a treat, when models offer an exclusive preview of the ESCADA Resort 2013 Collection. For more insight into how Zareinu helped Shayna, Stacy’s daughter, please watch: For more information about Zareinu, for a tour of the school and a chance to speak to parents about the financial challenges placed on them, please contact me.

. . . y l r a E Start

Stay Caviaty ...e lyre r-F

Start E

Now accepting new patients at age one!

Stay Cavity-Free

Now accepting new patients at age one!


KEY POINTS IF FOLLOWED CORRECTLY WILL DRAMATICALLY REDUCE ANY CHILD’S RISK OF DEVELOPING CAVITIES: Before the first tooth comes in, wipe 1 your baby’s gums with a washcloth after each feeding

first tooth comes in, begin 2 After  the tooth brushing Schedule a visit with a dentist around 3 your child’s first birthday Never give your child a bottle with 4 milk or juice to go to sleep Never give your child a pacifier that is 5 dipped in honey or other sugars If children are using “sippy cups” as 6 training aids, avoid juice

Bathurst St.

Bathurst St.

Dufferin St.

Dufferin St.

Keele St.

Keele St.

and it may occur shortly after tooth eruption. Despite our advanced knowledge and understanding of this disease process, many parents are unaware of the harmful effects of their children’s feeding patterns. In many cases, the destruction is so severe that it necessitates dental treatment with sedation or general anesthesia. Dental cavities develop when bacteria inside the mouth metabolize food substrates and produce acid. The acid causes weakening and destruction of the tooth surface. If left untreated, the cavities will become deeper and children are at risk of pain, infection, and early loss of baby teeth. Longterm complications can include poor eating habits, speech and development problems, and damaged adult teeth. Children who go to sleep with a bottle or training-cup filled with milk or juice tend to develop a particularly severe pattern of decay. In these children, the teeth are bathed in sugar for extend periods of time which gives the bacteria large amounts of sugar to consume. If the habits continue, with extensive destruction there may be teeth that are infected or no longer fixable. The good news is that dental cavities – particularly this aggressive Conveniently located in Eagles Landing Plaza at It starts with parents form – is largely a preventable disease. the North-East corneraccurate of Dufferin and Major obtaining information from Mackenzie a dental professional. This Conveniently located Eagles Landing at fact is why every inorganized dental Plaza association recommends Teston Rd. the aNorth-East of Dufferin and Major Mackenzie first dentalcorner visit no later than a child’s first 1460 Major Mackenziebirthday. Drive W Despite the limitedTeston potential of aUnit oneN3, year to cooperate, Vaughan, ON L6Athis 4H6first visit Rd. Mackenzie Drive W is important for risk assessment1460 andMajor counseling parents. This is 905-303-6010 Unit N3, Vaughan, ON L6A 4H6 particularly important forT:new parents. F: 905-303-6025 905-303-6010 can contribute Many parents ask whetherT: breastfeeding Major Mackenzie Dr. F: 905-303-6025 E: to this condition. When children are eating other foods, the Major Mackenzie Dr. Rutherfordin Rd. breast milk will combine and can cause cavities sugars E: Rutherford as well. For thisRd.reason, the teeth erupt, breast-feeding throughout the night and on demand is not recommended.

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Do you hold your baby too much?

Short Answer:

NO 48



Long Answer: You can never hold your

baby TOO much. You will not spoil your baby by attending to their needs. Your baby is not manipulating you by crying; that is their only way to communicate. My partner and I tried for 3 years before we finally conceived my daughter. For those three years (and many before that), I dreamed of the day I could finally hold a baby in my arms. Now, I will be the first to admit most days do not look nearly as peaceful as those dreams but I still count my blessings every time she rests her head on my shoulder. Shortly after my daughter was born, I began receiving advice (I am sure well intentioned) on how I should be raising her. Where she should sleep, what she should eat, how she should play. I was told my life would be easier if I traded my breasts for a pacifier, or my sling for a crib. I was warned that running to her and scooping her up after every whimper would create a dependent child who would never learn to play or sleep on her own. I wanted to hold her as much as possible, but I started to doubt myself. What if I was creating a spoiled, dependent baby who wouldn’t sleep in a big girl bed until her teen years? I needed to know that what I was doing was right, so I did what any good mother would do......Research! I scoured over library books, research papers, websites and Facebook pages, all while my baby nursed or bounced in my sling. Here is what I found:

1 2 3

When you attend to the cry of your baby, the less they will cry. That’s right, turns out that when a mother (parent, primary caregiver) attends to her baby’s needs, it creates more security in their relationship and they trust that their needs will be met. One study (Hunzinger & Barr 1986) showed that children who had more responsive parents were more sociable, could easily sooth themselves and cried less (50% less). Holding your baby helps them grow and develop. Nurturing touch stimulates growth. Promoting hormones improves intellectual and mother development and regulates babies’ temperature, heart rate and sleep/wake patterns. Babies who receive nurturing touch gain weight faster and have better intellectual and motor development. (website: Attachment Parenting International) Attending to your child’s needs (often by holding) helps them regulate emotions. Children who are able to regulate their emotions are more social, have fewer behavioural problems and have more control over their behaviour. How did they get that way? They learned it from their parents. When a parent consistently holds their baby and responds to their cries, the baby creates a secure attachment to that parent. This becomes their emotional regulation system; the parents model emotional regulation strategies and soon the child is able to regulate their emotions independently.


Attachment and responsiveness helps baby’s regulate stress. In one study (Nichmail et.,1996) toddlers were placed in a situation designed to cause stress or fear. The toddlers who had a securely attached relationship with their parents showed no elevations in the stress hormone cortisol. In fact, another study on baby rats showed that the babies who were groomed and licked more grew up to respond better (less cortisol) to stressful situations. Cool right?


Babies will explore more, and with more confidence, knowing your arms are there for them if needed. When they are ready (and trust me, that time does come) to crawl, walk, run and explore, children who have had their needs met in the past have formed a “secure base” from which to explore. This popular theory by Ainsworth states that children will readily explore a new environment when their mother or primary caregiver is present. If the mother or caregiver moves away, the child’s exploration will slow and their behaviour may change. Upon the return of their caregiver, they may signal to be held for some time until they feel confident enough that their secure base is there for them to explore.


Holding your baby helps them to become MORE independent. That’s right, and a number of studies have found this to be true. One study showed that children who slept with their parents in infancy were reported to be more self reliant and show greater social independence at pre-school age (Keller & Goldberg, 2004). In another related study (Sroufe, Fox, & Pancake 1983), children who had been securely attached as infants were better able to work out problems on their own and sought teacher attention in a more appropriate/positive way than their peers. There is a growing stack of information out there for parents who are hoping that their instincts to hold their child as much as possible is a good thing for them and their baby. Just this year, two popular books were published on the topic, with plenty of scientific evidence to back up their claims. Check out ‘Beyond the Sling’ by Mayim Bialik and ‘Why Love Matters: How Affection Shapes a Baby’s Brain’ by Sue Gerhardt. And don’t forget the staple book on the topic, the tried and tested ‘The Baby Book’ by Dr. Sears In the end, it is important for families to do exactly what is right for them, and to follow (and if needed, research) their instincts. After reading as much as I possibly could, I can happily say I truly believe I am doing what is right for me and my family. Yes, it is tough. Yes, I am tired sometimes and yes my house is a mess but I didn’t become a parent to get more sleep and have a cleaner house. I know that in time, my child will naturally become more independent. I can already see it happening now that she has started to walk. One day she may even look at me and say ‘Please mom, don’t hug me, that’s embarrassing!’, and on that day, the day she decides she no longer wants to be held, I can look back on all the hours I spent holding her with no regrets.

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Save or to Save not





believe in the power of saving; saving for retirement, for your child’s education, for your next vacation, or saving for the possibility of unforeseen capital expenses. Whatever your case may be, this saving mentality comes from the belief that it is safer to purchase what you can afford, rather than going in to debt for what you cannot. Of course, there are those on the opposite end of the spectrum, who believe that saving adds no ease or benefit to daily life. That being said, one’s savings mentality is entirely a subjective state of mind. I prefer to pick the method that helps me to sleep better at night. In determining on what end of the spectrum you rest, things you will want to consider are: Are you someone that likes to plan ahead? If yes, how far in advance do you like to plan ahead? Will having a savings account put your mind at ease, or is having a stronger day to day cash flow more appealing? My suggestion is founded on the belief that your savings plan should be one in which, once created, becomes a resource for added calmness in your life. Below, I will lay out a savings plan, rooted in a financially conservative methodology, focusing on what to save for, how to save, and when it becomes okay to splurge. Find out what works for you, and tailor the plan to suit your individual and family needs.

WHAT TO SAVE FOR & HOW TO DO IT RETIREMENT Saving for retirement is a must. Whether this savings plan is in an RRSP, or your own business, it is key to start saving now for retirement. While retirement for many will be several years in the future, when the day comes, you will want to ensure that you are set up to ease into a lifestyle that mirrors the same quality of living that you have been used to – vacations, restaurants and all. Plus, the money you save now in your RRSP will be tax deductible today, and will likely be subject to a lower rate of tax when retrieved at retirement. Saving for your RRSP can be made easier by getting your bank to withdraw funds on a monthly or semimonthly basis. This will ensure that the money is automatically taken out of your account and saves you having to think about it. Alternatively, if you have your own business corporation, retaining money in the corporation (i.e. not taking out all the cash in the form of salary/ dividends) can also help to create a retirement fund for you and your family. Similarly, you may want to purchase investments in your corporation such as GICs, bonds or securities, with the long term goal of taking you in to retirement.

EDUCATION Investing in your child’s education is just as important as setting up your own retirement fund. Helping to pay your child’s way through school is crucial to ensuring that he/ she can focus on getting an education, rather than worrying about money and maintaining a job while studying. By setting up an RESP today, and having the bank automatically withdraw funds on a monthly or semi-monthly basis, will ensure that the money is automatically taken out of your account, and saves you having to think about it. EMERGENCY FUND There will come a time where you will need extra cash on hand to pay for spur of the moment expenditures which you could not have foreseen. It never hurts to have some extra money saved away, in the case of an emergency, or needing extra cash for unforeseen expenses. ENJOYMENT While savings is important, it is just as important to go out and enjoy life! Whether enjoyment for you means a vacation, cooking classes or a deck for your backyard – spending your hard earned money on things you can enjoy is highly recommended.


It is perfectly okay to splurge on the more immaterial life expenditures just as long as you have the money to do so. That is, the day to day life extras such as restaurants and shopping are perfectly fine insofar as purchasing these items does not put you in to debt. You can minimize the potential to go in to debt by limiting the amount of credit cards you carry and only purchasing items via credit card if you have the money in your bank account to pay off the card each month. It is important to mention the commonality of mortgages, credit lines and other forms of long-term debt in today’s economy, given the lower interest rates. As such, most of us are likely more in debt than our parents and grandparents were at our age. However, savings and debt are not mutually exclusive. You may have a mortgage on your home, a credit line for your car, but you are still able to put away money each month to save for the things that are important to you. It is important to do what works for you – while being mindful of the importance of saving for the future as well as staying finically and mentally fit. Find a plan you feel good about, helps to put your mind at ease, and provides you with an additional boost of confidence in your financial decision making ability.

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like it

HOT! This winter you can get away to these exciting warm destinations, which typically have deals to make it easier on the wallet BY: STEPHANIE HILTZ


Turks and Caicos is a stunning island. It’s one of those places where the crystal clear waters seem to stretch forever off the beach. It’s a bit lighter on the tourists, which is nice as it makes for a quieter vacation. (Who are we kidding though; we already sacrificed quiet time when we had our first born!) This island has one of the Beaches Resorts, which is completely family-oriented. Before booking this resort we recommend searching for discount deals because Beaches can lean towards the pricey side. It’s geared to families with multiple children and multiple age-ranges by having age-defined pools and constant activities. There is a nanny service during the day and you can even hire someone to baby-sit at night so you can have a quiet (there’s that word again) meal with adults.




Jamaica is a large island with a lot to see. We recommend going there with slightly older children because they can have fun doing touristy excursions. Dunn Falls is beautiful and a great way to tire out your kids! You can climb along the edge of the falls witnessing their beauty right up close. Seven Mile Beach is in the city of Negril, which is by far the most stunning beach on the island with white sand and shallow turquoise water stretching on and on. There is a hotel called The Rockhouse that is adult-only but has a spectacular spa and restaurant if you have someone who can watch the kids for a bit. Or you can take turns getting spa treatments while the other plays with the kids on the beach. Jamaica is known for a lot of people trying to sell you things, so we try to stay close to the hotels when possible because they bother you less there.

Costa Rica For those of you who like nature and prefer a more

outdoorsy vacation, Costa Rica is fantastic. The Costa Rican government has reserved 30% of the entire country as an untouchable nature reserve. Take the kids to explore the rainforest, do a volcano tour or experience natural hot springs. For hot springs we recommend Tabacon Resort in Fortuna which is utterly relaxing. If surfing is more your speed, you can take the kids to Witch’s Rock in Tamarindo for a week long surf camp and learn to ride the waves. San Jose, the capitol of Costa Rica, is fun but busy so we tend to avoid it. It rains a lot all over the country so the best time of year to go is December to February, but be prepared for over 30 temperatures.


For those of you who are nervous about flying or just enjoy the drive, Fort Wilderness in Disney World is a unique and fun way to spend your winter vacation. Right on the Disney grounds there are cabins, trailers or spaces to park your motor home. They offer the ‘camping’ experience with bon fires, s’mores and charcoal grills but there are also restaurant options and you can take busses and boats provided right to Disney World! If you are traveling with another family, keep in mind each campsite holds a maximum of 10 people. When you need a break from Disney, there are other great theme parks for the kids nearby in Orlando, such as Universal Studios and Sea World.


A cruise is a perfect blend of relaxing and excursions on a vacation. Families can enjoy the all-inclusive atmosphere and planned activities from their in-room daily newsletter. Days at sea are spent relaxing and enjoying your stay on the open water. There are often kid zones for the older kids and day care options for the little ones so you can have a spare moment or two to relax.On days when the ship is docked you can hang out on the beach or go on an excursion to learn something neat about whichever island you’re visiting. If you want to bring a baby monitor you could probably catch a few shows in the evening while keeping an eye on your kids. Keep in mind rooms are always smaller on cruises, so assume you will only be there for sleeping and getting dressed.You could always get two rooms, one for you and one for your kids, but of course this would double your costs. Luckily, some cruise ships are now offering family sized rooms, which can accommodate five people!

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help your

teen by

At the Crossroads


with yourteen&drugs Lori Borden, B.S.W, M.S.W, R.S.W

n my private practice, there are few heart wrenching moments that come close to the calls I receive from parents desperately seeking assistance for teens they believe have serious drug and/or alcohol issues. A common question is how do they identify if their child has a problem and if they do, how can it be resolved? Substance abuse issues are complex and require a deep examination of the teen, his/her world and home environment. Adolescence is a trying time in the lives of many teens. It is a time where your child is establishing independence while shaping his/her identity. It is common for teens to experiment with drugs. Some teens may remain unaffected by their casual use, eventually stopping when the excitement wears off. Others however, may develop far more serious issues that effect both them and their family. Here are some common signs that may indicate serious substance use issues: • Difficulty in maintaining relationships, including family members with whom the teen did not previously have a strenuous filled relationship. • Mood changes that can range from feeling hopeless, depressed and even suicidal to


short tempered and erratic. • Increasing fatigue decreased hygiene and a deterioration in the teen’s physical appearance. • Inability to function with daily activities e.g. getting to school on time or maintaining a job. • Decreased motivation in school and/or other hobbies that were previously important to your teen. For example, lack of interest in achieving good grades or participating in recreational activities that he or she previously enjoyed. • Deceptive behaviour that could involve lying or stealing. It is true that any parent who has a teenager could look at the above list and state that these are common signs of any adolescence. However, it is important to remember that if your child is developing a serious substance abuse issue the changes they will likely exhibit will be dramatic. I often advise parents that if their instinct is telling them that their teen is not doing well, they are more often than not correct and should seek help from a reputable health care provider or substance abuse counsellor to determine whether further interventions are necessary.

•P  roviding an atmosphere in your home for open communication and early education about drugs and alcohol. • Remaining calm and confrontational when discussing your concerns with your teen, as difficult as it may be. Remain calm and non confrontational. Approach your teen sincerely expressing your concern and love for them while reassuring you are there to offer support during their difficult struggles. • Making any accusations rather discussing specific behaviours that you have observed. •T  he substance abuse issues that your teen may be experiencing can wreck havoc on the entire family dynamic. It is important to have ongoing conversations with your spouse and not to negate the impact this may have on other family members. There are various family support groups that loved ones may attend to guide them through the difficulties of living with a teen who is abusing substances. • Remember, change takes time. I urge you to remain committed and hopeful that with the right support your family will be able to work through each obstacle one step at a time. Lori Borden, B.S.W, M.S.W, R.S.W Co-Founder of Borden Counselling Services 416-454-2323 bordencounselling@gmail. com. Registered social worker and therapist.

littlebig steps  STAGES & AGES Be prepared for your child’s every step with important facts and guidance for every phase of their childhood.

Toddler How to Keep the Peace Your two year old son or daughter is on the floor, screaming, kicking, hitting and is inconsolable. This is the third time today, and he or she seemed perfectly content two minutes ago. Dr. Dina Kulik, FRCPC


nfortunately, this is a temper tantrum, equally common in boys and girls and usually occurring between the ages of 1-3 years. Some kids have them regularly, and others rarely. Just as we often feel frustrated and out of control when sitting in traffic, so to do kids when they can’t control a situation, or master a task, or get what they want. Adults’ swearing, throwing things or slamming doors is the adult equivalent – it’s all just venting. When toddlers do this, though, it gets on our nerves! There are a few basic causes of tantrums in toddlers to which most parents can attest: fatigue, hunger, attention seeking, frustration. These are common experiences for any child, but are often avoidable with the right planning. In addition, a toddler’s immature vocabulary makes communication a challenge at times. They understand more than they can say, which can lead to further frustration. Luckily, as language improves with age, so do the tantrums. Finally, toddlers strive for independence and control – often more than they are capable of handling. When they realize they can’t have or do whatever they want, tantrums may ensue. So what is the best strategy? In my opinion, avoiding the tantrum is key:


avoiding tantrums 1.

Maintain an organized, predictable schedule for your toddler. Many toddlers will have tantrums when they are hungry or tired. If your child can predict when they will eat and sleep, this may minimize the tantrum.

2. Make sure your child is getting

a lot of ‘good attention. Try to catch them doing something good, and reward this. If we only pay attention to the negative behavior, the child may act out or tantrum to get any attention at all, even if negative.


Try to give your child control over some things Offering choices such as, ‘do you want to wear this shirt or this one?’ can be helpful in providing a sense of control.

4. If an object if off limits – hide it and keep it out of reach. Temptation followed by an inevitable ‘no’ is dangerous.

5. When in doubt – distract. Tod-

dlers have short attention spans. If frustration is looming, simply change the subject, take to a new environment, or discuss something that your child is excited about. My personal favorite is at the park before bed when my son wants to keep playing. I distract as I move him away from the park with, “What book do you want to read tonight?” This works!

6. Consider the request carefully

when your child wants something. Is it reasonable? If so, consider for a moment before saying ‘no.’ You have to pick your battles.

7. Know your child’s limits. If you

know your toddler is tired, it is better to go home for a nap than to try to squeeze in one more errand.

8. Mean what you say and say what

you mean Many parents regularly tell their children ‘no,’ or ‘stop,’ and the child continues to disobey. If there is no parental follow through or consequences the child will not listen. Who is in control and what will happen the next time? Many children will tantrum when they are told ‘no.’ The parent scolds or punishes the child but if inconsistent with this, the child feels a loss of control. This is avoidable. If you say ‘no,’ mean it and follow through. It will pay off in the short and long term. Similarly, if you say ‘no’ to your child and then give in to a tantrum and say ‘yes’, what have you taught your child? It’s easy to see how this will lead to more tantrums next time the ‘no’ word is uttered.

101 I tried to avoid the tantrum but, alas, my child is on the floor screaming… 1. Keep your child safe – remove from any unsafe environment.

2. Consider holding your

child tight on the floor in a bear hug. If your child responds well with this, continue. If it brings on further frustration let go.

3. Don’t argue or scream back – your child is not listening.

4. Don’t let the fear of a tantrum change your parenting – filling your child up on candy or pre-emptively buying a toy you wouldn’t otherwise buy to ‘prevent’ a tantrum will cause your toddler to expect these treats, and then tantrum if this doesn’t always occur. Remember – be predictable. 5. Keep your calm – your child is learning how to interact with the world through you. If you hit or yell, it teaches that it is an acceptable way to communicate.

My child is finally calm, now what? 1. Consider praising

your child for regaining control. Now is not the time to chide or punish, or your child may learn that regaining control was not a valued behaviour.

2. Move on – redirect to a

new activity or environment and set the stage for a calmer rest of the day.

3. Consider a nap or a snack as this may have been the cause of the tantrum in the first place.

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achilds day

atthe local library by: Elizabeth Zahorchak


Solution Two: Walter the Farting Dog: Trouble at the Yard Sale by William Kotzwinkle and Glenn Murray

This one was taken on pure recommendation of the faithful librarian due to a certain reservation over the “f” word, but the kids were grateful it was borrowed. They loved it. The story is pure silliness and the images are pure fun. This is the story of Walter the family dog who has an awful flatulence problem. The dad sells him to a man at a yard sale while the kids are busy getting ice cream and the man uses Walter’s farts in a fart machine to fill balloons that he uses in a bank robbery. Not a literary classic, but the kids did have a riot reading it again and again and again!



Miss Toddler: 11 months going on wanna-be grown-up! Solution: Maisy Bakes a Cake by Lucy Cousins

The baby loved this book. The pull-tabs were wonderful and kids get a kick out of moving the items that Maisy needs to cook with. Also, moms and dads can talk about what it takes to cook by referencing the side bar, which shows what Maisy needs or is using. My biggest recommendation for this book is buy it, don’t borrow it from the library. Your toddler will want to play with the tabs and if they have been half pulled out or ripped out already, it is not as much fun. This is one they want to have all the fun with themselves.

The task at hand...find a book for all those under 14 in the household. It’s off to the local library to harass the incredible librarians! We need books...NOW!


School aged Miss who wants to read but struggles. Solution: I Can Read Beginning 1 Reading: Splat the Cat Sings Flat! Based on the creation of Rob Scotton.

This is a great story that helps you talk to your children about what it is like to be shy. Splat cannot sing like the others, but his teachers praise him for that and give him a special part in the song. Splat puts it best when he says, “I didn’t forget to sing flat! I forgot to be shy.”


Older Miss 9 year old going on 30. Solution: Laura Secord’s Brave Walk by Connie Brummel Crook, illustrated by June Lawrason.

Right now in the local Niagara libraries there is a big promotion for books that relate to the war of 1812. This picture book tells the story of Laura Secord and her trek to give Lieutenant FitzGibbon vital information about an upcoming attack. The illustrations are a beautiful and though the information is a bit dense it does lead to a lot of great discussions about what one person can do to help others.


Little Mr. Man: age 3 going on “I can do whatever my older sisters do and more” age! Solution: Just Big Enough by Mercer Mayer

It’s tough to deny the fact that at one point or another our children are going to have to face bullies. Who didn’t want to be bigger when we were kids so we could do the cool stuff older kids and older siblings were doing? Just Big Enough is a fantastic story that shows how everyone is different with their own weaknesses and strengths. The grandfather gives the ultimate wisdom and the Little Critter learns in the end that he is indeed ‘Just Big Enough!’


Teenage boy looking for adventure and the adults wanting a break from the vampire books! Solution: Max: A Maximum Ride Novel by James Patterson.

James Patterson is not really an author whom you think of regarding young adult books, but he now has a whole series in the science fiction young adult genre. The book has his classic short chapter, quick read style and you definitely want to know what is happening in the end. The biggest recommendation, though, is to start with the first book in the series as the book alludes to things mentioned and dealt with in previous stories. The premise of the story is a group of teens that were genetically altered before birth with bird DNA so they can fly and have special abilities. It is a tad unrealistic and sometimes has you floundering for reality, but the idea about the dramatic effects of pollution is good for has dramatic effects is one that is good for teens to look at and think about.

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Age The


he announcer was talking about how he was dealing with his new young stepsons. He was tossed into the fire, dealing with an altercation between the two boys and an X-Box. The older boy received the X-Box as a gift from a family member and wasn’t willing to share it with anybody, especially his younger brother. The newly appointed Dad had to make a decision on how best to handle the situation. Because the older boy who owned the X-Box was so stubborn and unwilling to share his X-Box with his sad younger brother, it was decided simply to buy another X-Box so that the two boys would have their own and there would be no need to fight or argue over who got to use it. The announcer then put out the situation to his audience for comments. Having never been one to call into any of these talk radio shows, I simply turned up the volume, took a sip of coffee and listened quietly as caller after caller called in offering up his or her own opinions of how he handled (or mishandled) the situation. The overall consensus amongst his callers was that he made a huge blunder. He rewarded bad behavior (on the part of both of his stepsons) allowing the older boy to continue playing with his game and also awarding the younger stepson with a pretty expensive gizmo of his own. Not once did this new step-dad discipline his two boys. Maybe it was because he was their new step-dad and felt a bit uncomfortable. Regardless, he handled it incorrectly.

Entitlement While driving in my car this morning, I was tuned into a talk radio station (no, I wasn’t chatting on the phone or reading through important memos like certain mayors of certain cities, who shall remain nameless). Stephen Gosewich


Let’s face the facts at both ends of the socio-economic spectrum. We are either going into further debt to amass a whole bunch of stuff for our children or we are never saying no to our kids and showering them with stuff as a way of dealing with our own guilt because we are too busy with work or other commitments to spend any time with them.

We put screens in front of our kids to entertain them. These screens are like high-tech pacifiers...they quiet our children down and occupy them for hours on end. We are spoiling our children, giving them what they want and they are coming to expecting it. The more they get, the more they expect. “This is the dawning of the Age of Entitlement”.  As new parents we always say that we want our children to have the best. It starts with swanky strollers that give our newborns an air-cushion ride (even though they have no clue what brand of stroller their ride is). We parents buy all the paraphernalia that we are told to purchase by the hundreds of books that act like an Owner’s Manual to having kids. Grandparents splurge on high priced clothing so that they can beam when they take them out for a stroll in their cushy high priced stroller. I remember once going into a boutique in downtown Toronto and seeing on display, for sale, a $200 cashmere “onesy”.  Really? We shower our children with mountains of toys to help stimulate them and to assist with motordevelopment skills and all the other things we are told we need to purchase to give them every advantage. I have witnessed children having meltdowns at stores like Toys R Us because they didn’t get what they wanted, while the parent storms toward the front of the store with the toy in hand. We overindulge them on birthdays or at Christmas and Hanukkah with even more presents reaching a point where they come to expect and demand these regular gift dousings.  Can you see the nasty behavior being shaped right before your eyes? I am not a crusty old guy who doesn’t believe in giving his children presents or gifts. I am not Scrooge. However, I am concerned that in this Age of Entitlement, our children expect gifts and special treatment.

All this creates is a potential monster that will grow up expecting things. I remember when I was in high school (a hundred million years ago), seeing a kid who was in grade 13 (this dates me, doesn’t it?), roll up in front of the school in his new Porsche. No, it wasn’t used and it wasn’t his daddy’s car. A 17 or 18-year-old kid driving a Porsche? What does a kid like this have to look forward to? What is this kid going to do when he becomes an adult? Will he continue to expect a free ride? What will it take for him to start thinking differently about this sense of entitlement and start contributing to the world? Toys, strollers and fancy cars really mean nothing. They are an instant hit of gratification but really have no extended benefit. In fact, I would like to suggest that they potentially do more harm than good.  Think about it, how many times have you given your kid a present and he or she is more interested in playing with the box it came in? Ultimately, the best present you can give your children - the best way to spoil your child and not feel guilty is to simply spend time with him.  The gift of time spent together is the best gift of all... and anyone can afford it.

...the best way to spoil your child and not feel guilty is to simply spend time with them.

Stephen Gosewich is an aspiring enlightened male. Weekdays he doubles as a commercial real estate representative. At all other times he loves being a husband to his wife of 20 years and a dad to his two wonderfully inspiring daughters. He loves hanging with the family, pop culture, blogging and when he isn’t dealing with one ailment or another, he loves spinning up a storm, walking or perfecting his downward dog. You can read some of his other posts at

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little big steps Is this what I am supposed to be feeling? Do you identify with any of the above

thoughts or feelings? If so, you are not alone, are not “crazy” and you are not a terrible mother. For many, the perfect dream of living a bliss-filled first year with your baby is not reality. In fact, 15-20% of women experience a condition known as perinatal mood or anxiety disorder, which is often mistakenly referred to as “the baby blues.” The baby blues are emotions presented as one feeling weepy or irritable. The baby blues are thought to be linked to hormonal changes after giving birth but it does not last more than a few days and rectifies without medical treatment. Unlike the baby blues, the feelings discussed here are experienced for longer periods. This perinatal group of mental health conditions, which include the commonly known Postpartum Depression, occur both during pregnancy and up to 12 months after delivery. The good news is that if identified and treated properly these conditions can be cured.

How do you help yourself? Do not suffer in silence and confide in someone you trust. It will not be easy to be vulnerable; but it is necessary to your recovery. Inform your doctor or OBGYN. Any thoughts of harming yourself or your baby, although rare, can occur. Take these thoughts seriously and seek help IMMEDIATELY. Take time for yourself at every opportunity. Many women join support groups of other mothers experiencing similar conditions to aid with recovery. If you are worried about a loved one, please reach out!

There is hope.

Allow yourself to reignite your inner hope and continue on the journey of being a mommy to your new baby.


t o N s I s i h T Y b a B e h T

The female journey of conceiving, pregnancy and giving birth is often narrated by women telling of miraculous triumph, love and instant attachments to their newborns.


by: Lori Borden, BSW,MSW,RSW Co-Founder of Borden Counselling Services

ow, after the agonizing weeks and labour, your time finally arrives. Suddenly this tiny bundle is thrust upon you. Your baby is gazing at you and you expect (as countless mothers before you described) “love at first sight.” Everyone is smiling, congratulating you on your wonderful achievement; your perfect baby. Yet you stare at this new life and instead of exhilaration you feel detached. You try to remember stories women who felt like you, but you can’t recall any. It concerns you but don’t disclose this for fear of being judged. Instead, you ignore it and tell


yourself you are simply exhausted. Days and weeks pass but deep down you know something is not right. You feel guilty, are you even fit to be a mother? You feel anxious, imagining every worst case scenario for your baby. You become increasingly frustrated, laden with guilt and shame, feeling very alone and wondering, “Have I gone crazy?” Thoughts of being stigmatized and judged as being “an unfit or crazy mother” prevent you from seeking help. You spend weeks feeling overwhelmed despite the many loving people around you.

little big steps

Donna: Tsss nainnning…. Tssss puurrring…O’l man snnnoring…. He bumped tsss head and got booobooo Jack: NO! That’s not how it goes Donna! It’s raining, it’s pouring, The old man is snoring, He went to bed, and bumped his head, And couldn’t get up in the morning… Because he was dead. Donna: What? Jack: Yeah. The man’s dead. Mommy: Jack! What are you saying?? Jack:The man is dead. Like the spider on the porch. Like he died. Donna: Dead! Man Dead!!! Jack: Dead, dead bo-bead, Banana-fana, fo-fed, Me, my, mo-mead, Dehhhhh EEEHHHD!

e m o s e Aw kid music Have you listened to kids music, really listened? I never even paid any attention to the songs that I was singing to my children, until I heard Jack explaining one of his favourites to Donna on a rainy day last week.


By: Jane Rozin

ack overheard me ranting about the meaning behind kids’ music to a friend. Most of the ‘old school’ songs that have been sung to children for centuries are folklore. The meaning behind them, while sometimes historically accurate, isn’t exactly appropriate for kids to run around and sing today. “Ring Around The Rosie”, is often associated with the Great Plague in England in 1665. Interpreters say that a rosy rash was a symptom of the plague; posies of herbs were carried as protection and to ward off the smell of the disease. Sneezing or coughing was a final fatal symptom, and ‘all fall down’ was exactly what happened. Jack doesn’t get this when he is happily falling to the ground with his friends, but I do. I am also thinking about the drunken old man who died in the rain and other horrific things. So let’s make children’s music awesome. There are many new-age options to choose from, but they do require parents to learn the lyrics and not stick with ones they have learned as children.

1. Oso Simple – his new CD Squishy Banana is funny, kind and very easy to sing along to. 2. Lee and Sandy Paley – Their music is fun and active. 3. Rick and Sheldon – Look At Me - I have definitely hummed this while shopping. 4. Sonshine and Broccoli – This is the type of music you will forget to turn off when your kids leave the car. You could change the words to well known tunes; Jack came up with this one: It’s pouring, it’s raining, but we are not complaining,Rain is a blessing from the sky, cuz we don’t want our plants to die. It’s not musical perfection, but you get the picture. Lesson learned: Make singing fun and exciting, join in, but just watch out for the lyrics – they will be passed on for generations to come.

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Activities By: Alina Singer


rades are all that really matter in school, right? The answer is an uncomplicated NO. Extracurricular activities have many benefits for both students and teachers. The benefits that these thoughtfully planned activities offer include physical fitness, learning opportunities and inclusion. Physical fitness is an important benefit of extracurricular activities that many children lack in their lives. Joining the school soccer team or trying out for the dance squad is a great way to foster a child’s love of sports and physical fitness. Competitive after-school programs are often coached by experienced individuals, whereas school teams are usually coached by amateurs who simply enjoy the sport. Instead of the precise skills that they learn in a competitive team environment, at school, students learn sportsmanship and camaraderie. The ministry of education in Ontario mandates at least 20 minutes of physical activity per day, although children need 60 minutes of physical activity per day. Thus, extra-curricular sports teams offer physical activity extending beyond the minimum curricular requirement. Learning opportunities are another great plus of extra-curricular activities. From French club to the spelling bee, joining these clubs give the opportunity to learn skills seldom taught in the classroom. Students struggling with the demands of learning a second language can be joyfully en-


gaged in fun games that promote language learning in a lunchtime club setting. Those avid readers and writers who love words can compete in friendly and not so friendly tournaments such as scrabble and spelling bee all while expanding their vocabulary. The opportunities to learn are endless for those students who join a lunchtime or after school club such as these. Inclusion is one of those benefits that can make or break the experience of going to school. Those students who belong to school clubs or teams have friendships that extend beyond the classroom because they spend more time together. This in turn gives students greater self-esteem and a feeling of social well-being. There is no homework and there are no tests so students aren’t worried about making grades and teachers aren’t worried about students completing their work. More significantly, students who have the opportunity to represent their school feel pride and a sense of belonging, two of the biggest factors in improved classroom discipline and reduced bullying. When students feel as though they are a part of a community, they are more inclined to protect and improve that very community. So encourage your child to make the effort and time commitment to participate in extra-curricular school activities. They allow students to have an enriched and well-rounded school experience.



Pink & Blue's latest style buzz & shopping guide to the best stores in NYC, Detroit, Toronto, & online stores that you can find nationally. Your go to guide for the most fashionable accessories, shoes, and clothing around.

DETROIT The Purple Bear - 244 E. Maple Road Birmingham, MI 48009, 248-645-0400 “Infant and kidswear along with hip toys, great artwork and books that are keepers. Current trends and customers inform all our buying decisions.” Bec and Sam’s - 146 W. Maple Road Birmingham, MI 48009, 248.593.8650 “Fine playwear for girls up to size 16 and boys up to size 6, featuring a large selection of layette and baby gifts, blankets and room accessories. Also offering special occasion clothing: rompers and accessories, flower girl dresses, communion dresses and Bat Mitzvah dresses!! Great source for fine bedding and furniture for babies and children’s rooms.” Rear Ends - 6905 Orchard Lake Road, West Bloomfield Township, MI 48322, (248) 626-4333 “Women looking to buy the perfect jeans and T-shirt ensemble will find it at Rear Ends. With such a specific focus, the friendly staff is knowledgeable about the more than 20 brands of pants available. The store takes great pride in its customer service and

promises to fit the customer with the right pair. It’s been in business for 30 years, and it shows.” Caruso Caruso – 166 West Maple Road, Birmingham, MI 48009, 248-645-5151 “This is a GRAET place for tees, tanks, cute tops, summer dresses, and of course, JEANS! All premium denim can be found here, there is a massive jeans wall. All the best contemporary affordable designers all in one shop.” Tender- 271 West Maple Road, Birmingham, MI, 48009, 248-258-0212 “ Recognized around town, across the country and throughout the world’s fashion capitals, Tender is a luxury woman’s apparel and accessories boutique.” Sundance Shoes - 6915 Orchard Lake Road, West Bloomfield Township, MI 48322, 248-737-9059 “Sundance Shoes is a fashion forward woman’s shoe store, specializing in the latest and greatest fashion trends as well as comfort standbys. Also check them out for handbag and accessory needs.” Guys N Gals – 6353 Orchard Lake Road, West Bloomfield Township, MI 48322, 248-851-1260 “Contemporary store that carries the newest looks in clothing, accessories and

gift items for girls, boys, teens and adults.” Zieben-Mare - 32749 Franklin Rd. Franklin, MI 48025, 248-539-8879, “Lifestyle boutique featuring men and women’s clothing, shoes, jewelry, bags, antiques and other accessories and gift items. Also offering a unique selection of American, European, and Japanese designers.”

NEW YORK Crew Cuts - 28 W. 44th Street, 22nd FL New York NY, 10036. 212-302-2828,, Jcrew was smart coming out with a children’s line. It is less preppy than one would think. Fantastic tops and best of all you can shop online and they ship to Canada. Lesters - 1534 2nd Avenue Manhattan, NY 10075, 212-734-9292, www.lesters. com. An absolute MUST when going to NYC. The store itself is fun as it is filled with bright colours and trendy clothes and shoes. They carry a ton of brand names and non-brands too. Z Baby Company - Z’East: 996 Lexington Ave, Corner of 72nd St., New York, NY, 10021, 212-472-BABY Z’West: 100 West 72nd St. at Columbus Ave., New York, NY, 10023, 212-579-BABY This is the shop where all the celebrities go to for their little one’s. They carry a ton of great brand names and warm winter jackets. Make sure to look up the days they are open, because they don’t keep regular hours. Giggle - Upper East Side: 1033 Lexington Avenue (at 74th St.) New York, NY, 10021, 212-249-4249 Upper West Side: 352 Amerstdam Ave. (between 76th & 77th St.) New York, NY, 10024, 212-362-8680 Cute kids staples and they carry all stuff baby and fun toys. Ralph Lauren - 109 Prince Street,

fall/winter 2012


shopping guide New York, NY, 212-625-1660, www. Everyone knows the Ralph Lauren brand, their polos are beyond cute and they always have the best selection. Bloomingdales - 1000 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 212-705-2000 504 Broadway, New York, NY 212-729-5900 Head up to the top floor where you will find all the best brands under one roof - junk food, Polo, Sevens, Splendid, Uggs and so much more. Barney’s - 660 Madison Ave. New York, 10065, 212-826-8900, www.

TORONTO Mala Boutique Inc. - 6A Tippet Road, Toronto, ON, M3H 2V2,416-938-8551, MaLa Boutique is a contemporary children’s and women’s clothing store. Kids clothing sizes range from newborn up to size 16. Great brands like AviatorNation, Chaser, Rowdy Sprouts, Tailgate, Appaman, Joah Love, and more. Greatest part, you can shop for yourself too, they carry some great adult lines. Tulips and Sunflowers -129 Chiltern Hill Rd. Toronto, ON, M6C 3C3 416-6168414, Always bringing in new and innovative products sourced from all over the world, Tulips and Sunflowers is a hidden gem. They carry a wide range of products for babies, kids, moms and dads, which are difficult to find elsewhere. You feel like part of an exclusive club going here, as it’s a store in the basement of the owners’ house (very nicely done) and she has great brands like Appaman, American Apparel, Alternative Apparel, Bench, Imps and Elfs and tons more! Also, shop for yourself and check out the latest greatest toys. Sign up to get their emails because when they have a sale, they REALLY have a sale. Baby On The Hip - 969 Queen St. E, Toronto, ON M4M 1K2, 416-465-4141 786 College St. Toronto, ON M6G 1C6, 647-427-1484 Baby On The Hip ensures their products are based on guidelines of sustainability, non-toxicity, and overall quality. They understand that ecofriendly doesn’t have to exclude style, which is why their products are chosen with style in mind. Hello Sunshine - 5 High Park Ave., Suite 1, Toronto, ON M6P 2R5, 416-7634799,, www.

66 If you’re looking for a creative baby shop, Hello Sunshine is a fun place to shop. They bring you stylish, innovative and functional baby and toddler toys, clothing, accessories, books, diaper bags, gear and more! We’re always looking for new products with style and creativity. Zara - Yorkdale Mall, 3401 Dufferin Street, Toronto, ON, 416-640-0471, When looking for clothes for the whole family, Zara has large selections for baby, kids, women’s and men’s fashions. Clothes, shoes and accessories have a European feel as this is where the store originated. There are a few locations in Toronto, Yorkdale Mall is an example of where age-lines are found. H&M - Various locations, one is at Toronto Eaton Centre, 1 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON, M5G 1Z3, 416-5930064, Always a huge fan of H&M; their clothes are very trendy and they have some great staples. Old Navy - Various locations, one is at 260 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, 416593-2551, Cute licensed shirts for the football and hockey fans out there. You can shop online, as well, they always have sale days. Gap Kids - Various locations, one is at 2574 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, 416440-0187, They always have great staples for all seasons but word to the wise, EVERYTHING goes on sale within a few weeks! You can shop online as well, but just wait for one of their sale days as they have them very often. Joe Fresh - Various locations, one is at 1880 Eglinton Avenue East Toronto, ON, 416-750-7876, Joe Fresh is making a huge dent in the children’s apparel industry - their stuff is very trendy, adorable and best of all SUPER affordable! Sporting Life - 2665 Yonge St. Toronto, ON M4P 2J6, 416-485-1611, An amazing selection for all things North Face and Columbia for kids. Great for suiting your kids in all-season gear and if you wait long enough, a lot of their stuff goes on sale.

ONLINE HauteLook – A Nordstrom Company Sign up to get their daily sales. They always have great brand name sale stuff. They ship to Canada, but there are duties which they add to your

bill before checkout so there are no surprises. They also do returns! GILT - Brand name sale site that offers daily sales, they ship to Canada as well and have some really cute stuff for great prices. MYHABIT - A fashion & lifestyle website from Zulily - Daily deals for moms, babies and kids American Eagle Outfitters - 77 Kids American Eagle’s kids brand but rumor says it was sold to Children’s Place. They ship to Canada often have FREE shipping offers. Nordstrom - Saks Fifth Avenue - Fore!! Axel and Hudson Golf inspired boys’ apparel and accessories Jet Baby - Great rocker clothes for boys and girls and they have a wicked shoe selection (but it isn’t cheap). The Retro Baby - Looking for those old school prints like Mighty Mouse and Mr. T? Check out their website - a great find! naartjie kids - Amazing website with such cute stuff at A-M-A-Z-I-N-G prices. They ship to Canada. Eli’s Lids - Adorable winter hats for kids (both boys and girls) and they make it very easy to pick a size. Top Brands to Keep Your Eyes On: Appaman (unisex) - http://www. T2love Girls (girls) - http://t2love2011. Aviator Nation (unisex) - http:// Flowers by Zoe (girls) - http://www. Trunk (t-shirts unisex) - http://trunkltd. Rowdy Sprouts (unisex) - http://www. Chaser (unisex) - http://www. Seven for Mankind Jeans - (unisex) Joe Jeans - (unisex) Splendid - (unisex) Ella Moss - (girls) Colorfast - (unisex) Joah Love - (unisex) Tailgate - (unisex)

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SUGAR AND SPICE AND EVERYTHING ICED Loni 416.726.0884 Adeena 416.561.2231

JILL HOFFMAN SALES ASSOCIATE Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate 3319 Sheridan St. Hollywood, FL, 33021 C 954.270.9913 O 954.963.1600 F 954.874.3497 E RANDI GORDON

ROBERT NIKSIC FMA, CIM, CFP Investment and Insurance 647.407.7762 GROW. PROTECT. LIVE. TRANSFER.



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Mastermind Toys Symophony In B. Music Maker $99.95, Ages 3+

Shamballa Bracelet Making Kit $16.95, Ages 6+

Crayola Digital Light Designer $59.95, Ages 6+

Leap Frog Leappad II $119.95, Ages 4+ Sno Stompers $21.95, Ages 5+


DecorateYour-Own Cardboard Playhouse $29.95, Ages 3+

V-Tech 3-In-1 Learning Wheels Ride On $54.95 Ages 9m+

Remote Controlled Robot With Disc Shooter $29.95, Ages 5+ Cyber Cycle R/C Motorcycle $49.95, Ages 5+






for fall

One for you, one for me! With the upcoming holiday season, you know you’ll need a little hand in the kitchen and a little time to yourself after your guests have gone home. That’s where Cuisinart can help. Submit your best holiday food processor recipe for a chance to win a Cuisinart Holiday Feast Prize Pack featuring an Elite Collection 12-cup Food Processor (FP-12DCC) and a PerfecTemp Tea Steeper (TEA-100C) valued at approximately $500. Please click here to register online on our site. For more information about Cuisinart, please visit Winner must be a Canadian resident.

Van Halen Tee: $55

Find this look at: Over The Rainbow Denim Button Down Shirt: $160

There are a ton of looks trending in men’s fashion this season. We have chosen to focus on your after work and weekend look. Coloured denim was a huge trend in the summer, and we are seeing it continue into fall and beyond by featuring a more muted palette of browns, burnt reds, evergreen, eggplant, and mustard. Pair these coloured pants with a comfortable and worn in t-shirt for the ultimate casual outfit, then layer a great button down over that. Upon the first snowfall, put a coat on over this look, switch from sneakers to boots, Toms and bundle up with a Bota knit scarf. Voila! The Shoes: perfect Fall to Winter $95 weekend outfit.

Coloured Jeans: $245

fall /winter 2012


Pink & Blue Magazine Fall/Winter Issue  

Issue 2 of Pink & Blue Magazine-Fall/Winter

Pink & Blue Magazine Fall/Winter Issue  

Issue 2 of Pink & Blue Magazine-Fall/Winter