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Architecture Portfolio For Leighton Design Group 2010-2013 Brittany Varengo


6. Sorrento, Italy student living complex – educational building

The Sorrento Student Living Complex project was to establish a living and learning space for students that travel abroad to Sorrento Italy. It was a partnered project where my job was to establish the educational building. Two studios, classrooms, balcony’s, and offices were some of the mandatory spaces needed. The site was a sloped hill which came up as a difficult yet major design quality. The upper floors of the building held apartments for two faculty members as well. 04/2013

South elevation

level 3

West elevation

level 2

Section 1

Section 2

level 1

7. Salic Park Salic Park was an academic project, done by hand with use of SketchUp. A feeling or experience was to be portrayed through the architecture. My experience was sitting in a willow tree when I was a child. It felt like my secret place of serenity and seclusion. I tried my best to portray this experience through the structural arches and beams of the building, materials, and semi translucent windows. The site is located in a busy area where one can go and experience this seclusion by escaping to the building. 09/2013

8. Children's Museum at Buffalo, NY Canalside

The Buffalo Canalside Museum fuses architecture with history to create a one of a kind experience that unfolds through an individual’s movement through space, form, and color. The museum engages the architecture of the historic Erie Canal businesses that occurred on the old canal waterways. This museum extends along Main Street and is distinguished by 6 cylindrical silos elevated amongst industrial forms. As visitors move through this museum they will experience a flow of light, space, and structure, with views from one level to another from inside to outside. The movement of light through the building allows views outside that show the rebirth of the historic site in relation to the history found within. The architecture stands alone as it recalls the industrial forms and buildings of Prime Slip, while the fluid, cylindrical, silos create a sense of wonder found in the monumental grain silos. The structure holds strong and is exposed to allow inspiration and educational views that relate to the industrial fabric of old warehouses. An indoor canal feature with moving water in the same location of the historic Prime Slip is the focus of the building. This canal recollection allows children to see how water was used in buffalo’s history while the surrounding paths and elevated levels, connected through a tall atrium space, bring one back in time to what the busy Prime Slip would look in its prime time. The integration of history into the building combined with the hands on exhibits by Explore and More create great opportunities of learning. Children can see bright colors and move levers, grind wheels, and push buttons, they can feel the cool water running through exhibits, and they can also hear the running water of the central canal throughout the building. These interactive, colorful, and fun exhibits draw children and families in to engage with buffalo’s history where one can learn about the water usage, agriculture,inventions,and much more. A strong relationship between the building design and the museums interactive exhibits celebrate Buffalo’s history and create an environment where children and families can create, learn, and become inspired all while having fun. 12/13

Lobby / Temporary exhibit

Prime Slip

Moving Water exhibit

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