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Marketing Examples

Press Release for Class Project Snow Queen Press Portland, OR 97209 503-555-2345 Contact: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Snow Queen Press Celebrates Release of Mirror’s Edge with Winter Wonderland Launch Party Snow Queen Press is proud to announce the release of Mirror’s Edge, a young adult novel by Tara Lehmann. Mirror’s Edge is a chillingly unique retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen, and will have readers dying to know what Lumi will choose: to complete her mission of repairing the mirror that will restore peace to the world, or saving the man she thought she’d lost forever. According to Marissa Meyer, author of the bestselling Lunar Chronicles, “Lehmann’s twist on a classic fairy tale is wonderfully refreshing!” To celebrate the book’s release, readers are invited to attend a winter wonderland launch party featuring readings by both author Tara Lehmann and Marissa Meyer, who will be reading a sample from her upcoming third book in the Lunar Chronicles, Cress. The party will also include a mini ice sculpture of the Snow Queen’s palace, games, prizes, and music by The Weird Sisters. This event is free, and begins at 7 p.m. Tara Lehmann graduated with a B.A. in English Literature from Arizona State University in 2009, and is currently a graduate student in Portland State University’s Book Publishing program. She is a self-described “full-time mental creationist of the fantastical persuasion,” while being an Administrative Assistant on the side. She currently lives in Portland, Oregon. Mirror’s Edge is her first novel. Snow Queen Press was established in September 2012 by three students in the class “Publishing for Young Adults.” We strive to publish excellently designed and written novels for people who love to read books about snow, queens, polar bears, and flying snowmobiles. Fore more information about the book, upcoming readings or events, please email marketing@sqpub. com. Mirror’s Edge will be available for purchase November 1 at local bookstores and online retailers.

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Onesheet Designed for Class Project (also wrote copy) Snow Queen Press Portland, OR 97209 503-555-2345 Contact:

Mirror's Edge Released November 2013 Long ago a great mirror was shattered, its pieces infecting mankind across the globe. Lumi, the Snow Queen, has spent a thousand years hunting for the missing pieces. Until the day her search brings her to the one person she thought was gone forever—her long lost love, Owain. But Owain’s soul is trapped in the body of 19 year-old Kyle, and the only way for Lumi to complete her mission—and heal the world—is to rip the final shard of the mirror from Kyle’s body—killing him and losing Owain—forever. Tara Lehmann’s chillingly unique retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen will have readers dying to know what Lumi will choose: to complete her mission of repairing the mirror that will restore peace to the world, or saving the man she thought she’d lost forever.

Blurbs “Lehmann’s twist on a classic fairy tale is wonderfully refreshing!” - Marissa Meyer, author of Cinder “Spellbinding.” - Publishers Weekly “The best thing since peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!” - Forever Young Adult

Events November 1, 2013: Winter wonderland themed book launch, featuring a mini ice sculpture of Lumi’s ice palace, a reading from Marissa Meyer’s upcoming third book from The Lunar Series, Cress, a reading from Mirror’s Edge, games, prizes, and music by The Weird Sisters. Doors open at 7 p.m. November 8, 2013: Reading at Powell’s Books on Burnside in Porltand, OR November 23, 2013: Reading at The Elliot Bay Book Company in Seattle, WA

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Tara Lehmann was born January 26, 1987 in Phoenix, Arizona. She developed a love of writing at an early age. By the time she was nine, she’d written her first story about a cat with magical powers who saved the world from the evil dog, Mr. Spots. Lehmann graduated with a B.A. in English Literature from Arizona State University in 2009, and is currently a graduate student in Portland State University’s Book Publishing program. She is a self-described “full-time mental creationist of the fantastical persuasion,” while being an Administrative Assistant on the side. She currently lives in Portland, Oregon. Mirror’s Edge is her first novel.

Marketing Plan Example

Mirror’s Edge MARKETING PLAN Title: Mirror’s Edge Author: Tara Lehmann Contact info: Book Description: Long ago, a great mirror was shattered—its pieces infecting mankind across the globe. Lumi, the Snow Queen, has spent a thousand years hunting for the missing pieces. Until the day her search brings her to the one person she thought was gone forever—her long lost love, Owain. But Owain’s soul is trapped in the body of 19 year-old Kyle, and the only way for Lumi to complete her mission—and heal the world—is to rip the final shard of the mirror from Kyle’s body—killing him and losing Owain—forever. Tara Lehmann’s chillingly unique retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen will have readers dying to know what Lumi will choose: to complete her mission of repairing the mirror that will restore peace to the world, or saving the man she thought she’d lost forever. Categories: • JUV000000 JUVENILE FICTION / General • JUV012030 JUVENILE FICTION / Fairy Tales & Folklore / General • JUV012040 JUVENILE FICTION / Fairy Tales & Folklore / Adaptations • JUV013070 JUVENILE FICTION / Family / Siblings • JUV037000 JUVENILE FICTION / Fantasy & Magic • JUV014000 JUVENILE FICTION / Girls & Women • JUV026000 JUVENILE FICTION / Love & Romance JUVENILE FICTION / Magic • JUV039030 JUVENILE FICTION / Social Issues / Death & Dying Format: Hardback, trade paperback, e-book Trim Size: 5.5” x 8.5” Page count: 244 Imprint: n/a Warehouse date: October 2013 Pub date: November 2013 ISBN13: 978-1-123456-78-9 List Price: $19.99 – hardback, $14.99 – paperback, $9.99 – e-book Print run: 1,000 Book Code Book Title Abbreviation: M E

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Edition: First Competition: • Cinder, by Marissa Meyer (pub Jan. 2012) – Retelling of Cinderella with a sci-fi twist. • Sweetly, by Jackson Pearce (pub. Aug. 2011). Retelling of Hansel and Gretel set in current day. • Mermaid, by Carolyn Turgeon (pub. Mar. 2011). Retelling of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid. Audiences: • Young Adult (14 -18 year old girls) • People who like fairy tales • Adult women who like romance stories (30-44) • Libraries • Book Clubs Societies and Organizations: • Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators • Willamette Writers – Perhaps could host a workshop for the young writers and/or YA writers. Markets: Stores: • Barnes and Noble • Powell’s • • Costco Wholesale • Fred Meyers • Independent bookstores Specialty Markets: • TAB (Scholastic’s book catalog for middle grade and young adults) • Forever Young Adult book club ( • The Young Adult Book Club on GoodReads (over 8,000 members, • Young Adult Book Club on GoodReads (over 5,100 members, • Book of the Month Club – Children & Young Adult Books ( • Barnes & Noble Book Clubs : Teen Reads, Romantic Reads • Library Book Groups ( Events (Meetings and Associations): • YALL Fest – Charleston, SC Young Adult Book Festival • Los Angeles Times Festival of Books (YA Stage) • Wordfest – Portland, OR

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Start to Finish – Portland, OR KidLitCon New York Book Festival Get Lit! Festival – Sponsored by Eastern Washington University Press

Public Institutions: • Oregon, Washington, and California Public Library systems • Oregon, Washington, and California high school library systems Media:

Magazines: • Teen People and Girls’ Life – Pitch an article about something having to do with body image, as Lumi is very concerned with hers. • Teen Vogue and Seventeen – Pitch an article about the Snow Queen’s fashion choices, maybe around Winter formal. Newspapers: • PSU’s The Vanguard • Willamette Week • Ooligan Press’ newsletter • The State Press – Arizona State University’s student newspaper; Tara went to school here. • The Daily Citizen - Dalton, GA newspaper. Tara lived there for a while, and still has family there. Websites: • Will have a page on publisher’s website. Blogs • Tara will be starting a WordPress blog where she will talk about her writing and editing process, give writing and publishing advice to aspiring young writers, as well as answer fan questions. Will also include a playlist of songs/artists she listened to while writing Mirror’s Edge. Facebook • Tara has a facebook page, will link to other social media sites. Twitter • Tara has an account. Will start posting updates on progress of book, launch ideas, author readings, as well as give away sample of Chapters One and Two, link to free downloadable bookmarks, and wallpaper of book cover. • Once book is out, start separate pages for four sisters, Bear, and Kyle. Other Social Media (To be linked with Facebook, Twitter, and author’s blog) • Pinterest • Tumblr

Related topics to this book: Body image, love, death, fairy tales, myths, the Devil.

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Strongest selling feature(s): Genre/subject: Fairy tale retellings are really popular right now in YA (see competition list), and television (Once Upon a Time, Grimm). Author: Tara has a lot of knowledge and ties to the publishing industry. She is also very good at public speaking. Tie-in with Holiday: Would do really well around winter holidays. Message to reader: Love can come from unexpected places, teaches the value of learning to let go. Value to other Writers: Does a really good job of using classic fairy tale in a unique and modern way instead of just being a straight up retelling. Series Information: This is the first book in a trilogy. Book two is currently in the idea phase. Key selling points: • Release to coincide with Disney’s, Frozen; an animated retelling of The Snow Queen. • Compelling story with unique characters. • Deals with teen issues: body image, sibling rivalry, first love. • Revives Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tale; will resonate with older adults who grew up reading it. Special marketing opportunities: • Release to coincide with Disney’s, Frozen. Can possibly get a cross promotional deal with Disney. • Author will do a blog tour month before release of book in order to generate buzz. • Collaborate with Ooligan Press to do an author Q & A or panel discussion at Write to Publish, also will get involved with Wordstock. • Produce a book trailer to put on various social media sites, blogs, and websites. Special emphasis as: Trade Book, Library Book, Book Club book STRATEGY/TACTICS: List your plans and goals for reaching our market • Get book in YA book clubs. • Work with local book conferences (Write to Publish and Wordstock) to generate buzz. • Attend YA book festivals to get author interacting with teens. • Author book tour. • Author blog tour. Galleys (Send to whom): • Send to book clubs. • Send to Hollywood agents to generate interest in movie deal. Review Copies (How many and to which media outlets): • Teen People • Seventeen • Publisher’s Weekly • USA Today • New York Times

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Boston Globe Horn Book Kirkus Booklist School Library Journal Forever Young Adult Flaming Net Booksmugglers Galley Smith YA Book Central other various YA blogs

Awards to Apply For: • National Book Award • Printz • Newbery • Teen Choice • Oregon Reader’s Choice • Oregon Young Readers Choice • Book Sense • IRA Children’s and Young Adults Book Awards Promotion Materials, Collateral: • Free sample of book (Chapters 1-2) • Bookmarks • Buttons of different sisters/seasons • Downloadable wallpaper of jacket cover • Author’s playlist with links to Amazon/Itunes stores in order for users to buy songs • “Which season are you?” quiz • Give aways of ARCs through social media sites – Something along the lines of, “Be the 100th person to repost book summary and receive free advanced copy.” • Book trailer • Hand held mirrors Related Launch and Events/Opportunities: • Book Launch – Some kind of winter wonderland with ice sculptures of different characters. Have author do reading and book signing, hire actors to dress up as different characters and take pictures with fans, have a large puzzle version of the mirror for fans to put together during event. • Try to partner with Disney to do some kind of promotional event close to release of Frozen. • Author book tour including Pacific NW, Arizona, Georgia. • Author YA blog tour.

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New Seasons Market Cover Letter Dear _______, Ooligan Press is excited to introduce you to one of our titles, Brew to Bikes: Portland’s Artisan Economy by Charles Heying. Brew to Bikes, which profiles hundreds of locally owned and operated Portland businesses and how they utilize sustainable business practices, features a section on New Seasons. So not only will your customers learn about Portland’s artisan economy, but also about the history of New Seasons, and what makes your company unique. Ooligan recognizes New Seasons’ commitment to supporting local, organic, and sustainable products and practices, so I know you will be happy to know that Brew to Bikes is part of Ooligan’s OpenBook imprint. The imprint focuses on producing books with the most sustainable materials and processes available, and every title comes with an environmental audit which lays out the overall environmental impact of the printing process. We know your customers will recognize and appreciate that the production of Brew to Bikes epitomizes New Seasons’ own core values. Enclosed you will find a short preview of the book, detailed specs about the book, ordering information, and a high resolution cover image. Best regards, Sales Team Ooligan Press

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Web Copy Example (written for ooligan press' blog) 10/1/2012, The Happenings Up Nights has had a very exciting and productive summer. First, our wonderful editing team finished the final round of the developmental edit, and second, a cover design was chosen (a quick shout out to Brandon Freels for doing an awesome job), giving Up Nights a face! As of now, the interior of the book is being designed, and low and behold, I just so happen to be the designer. When I first started thinking about what the inside should look like, I immediately pictured something classic and simple with wide margins and a nice serif font (not Garamond). So, in order to get a little inspiration, I went to Powell’s with a camera and a list of books in hand that had either come to mind while reading through the manuscript, or were given to me by the project managers as a starting off point. Among the list were William Burroughs’ Junky, Gary Amdahl’s I Am Death, and Jack Kerouac’s On the Road. Sitting in a corner, surrounded by books and trying not to look too suspicious, I took pictures of different design elements I found intriguing in each of the books that I looked through. After about an hour or so, I was filled with ideas and eager to start playing around with fonts and paragraph styles in InDesign, so home I went. As many of us at Ooligan know, choosing the perfect font can be a challenge, and if you’re not careful can lead you headlong into a black hole of free font sites. I probably spent an entire day looking through each and every font on my computer for ones that I found both aesthetically pleasing, and easy to read. As of now, I have narrowed my search down to either Century Schoolbook or Bodini for the body text, but something tells me that I will probably find another font or two that I really love before I hit save for the final time. The next step in the process once I’ve finished up with the interior is to send the designed manuscript back to editing so they can start the proofing stage. We are also on the seemingly never-ending hunt for blurbs, and on that note, I have some exciting news: we have recently received a blurb from the amazing Lidia Yuknavitch. Overall, things are moving along swimmingly for Up Nights. Both myself and Kylie Byrd have both recently taken over for Olivia Croom and Lacey Friedly as Project Managers, and have been spending most of our time getting caught up on what’s been happening, as well as what’s coming up, so that is all I have for now. We’ll keep you posted as more develops! Until next time... ~Brittany Torgerson Torgerson  0 11 

Web Copy Example (written for ooligan press' blog) 10/29/2012, The Marketing Process Since mailing out the sales kits last week, we’ve had a bit of a lull in the workload over the past week. The break has actually been nice because it’s given both Kylie and me some time to catch up on our homework! (You know—that stuff teachers are always handing out. Lol.) But, as it’s never too early to start planning ahead, we’ve been doing a little research into the cost of getting matchbooks printed, as we have been discussing using them for collateral. For the non-marketer’s out there, collateral is the cool swag that publishers hand out in order to generate awareness of a book. This is actually something that we have been working on with our awesome Marketing department. Typically, once Ooligan acquires a book, Marketing immediately starts brainstorming collateral ideas, on top of writing the book description, author bio, researching potential reviewers, and also a list of potential blurbers. As a project manager, it’s our job to then go through those lists and start whittling them down to the best ideas, and proceed from there. We had a pretty long list of collateral ideas for Up Nights, so Kylie, Emily (one of the Marketing Managers), and I all decided to get custom matchbooks printed. They will have the title, Daniel’s name, as well as a the book’s release date on them, but of course that may change. We are also talking about running an advertisement in the Portland Mercury because that publication’s audience (a.k.a. readers) is exactly the kind of people we believe would be interested in reading Up Nights. Since we don’t have a big marketing budget, we are now looking into ways we could do the matchbook ourselves, so we have money left over to place an ad. Until next time... ~Brittany Torgerson

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Design Examples

Ooligan Press Onesheet

What is Ooligan Press? Founded in 2001, Ooligan Press is a general trade publisher rooted in the rich literary tradition of the Pacific Northwest. A region widely recognized for its unique and innovative sensibilities, this small corner of America is one of the most diverse in the United States, comprising urban centers, small towns, and wilderness areas. Its residents range from ranchers, loggers, and small business owners to scientists, inventors, and corporate executives. From this wealth of culture, Ooligan Press aspires to discover works that reflect the values and attitudes that inspire so many to call the Northwest their home. As an affiliate of Portland State University, Ooligan is also a teaching press dedicated to the art and craft of publishing. Ooligan is staffed by students pursuing their master’s degrees in an apprenticeship program under the guidance of a core faculty of publishing professionals. Ooligan Press students, having already received important real world training while at the university and in various internship positions in the greater Portland area, become ideal candidates for jobs in the country’s growing community of independent publishers.

Our Interests We seek to publish regionally significant works of literary, historical, and social value. We define the Pacific Northwest region as Northern California, Oregon, Idaho, Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska. We recognize the importance of diversity, particularly within the publishing industry, and are committed to building a literary community that includes traditionally underrepresented voices; therefore, we are interested in works originating from, or focusing on, marginalized communities of the Pacific Northwest. Additionally, our press is concerned with sustainability and the future of the publishing industry. Our OpenBook series represents our pledge to transparency in sustainable book production. By focusing on responsible and efficient printing methods, the titles in our OpenBook series are published with minimal environmental impact. We welcome work that examines and engages these issues.

The Master’s Program To fulfill requirements for graduation and receive an MA or MS in book publishing, students must complete forty-eight hours of graduate level credits through a combination of core courses, Ooligan departments, and other elective credits. Students are allowed to apply credits from internships and graduate level courses outside the field of writing to count toward their degrees. At the end of the program, all students must present a portfolio of their work and complete a written and oral exam.

What’s an “Ooligan?” The name Ooligan is adopted from a Native American word for a smelt otherwise known as the candlefish. The Ooligan was an abundant natural resource in Pacific Northwest rivers. It may well be the word from which the name Oregon was derived. During the trade of the valuable fish oil to tribes east of the Rockies, the L in Ooligan was replaced with an R, giving us the sound Ooregon. Gradually, this usage became the name of a place and assumed its current spelling of Oregon in the course of history.

Ooligan Press | 369 Neuberger Hall | 724 SW Harrison Street | Portland, Oregon 97201 | Phone: 503.725.9748 | Fax: 503.725.3561 |

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Up Nights interior



Up Nights a novel

Daniel Kine

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Book One

1 There were very few reasons for Francis to come looking for me, but he did, because he always had. We’d grown up together in Detroit— spent our teens fumbling through basements and books and older women’s apartments—but had lost track of one another. After leaving the Midwest, Francis took a scholarship to study poetry at a college in San Francisco, and I ended up wandering around places like Mexico trying to make sense of something that felt very much like a mistake. But the sound of his voice falling through the lines of a pay phone brought something back to me. I was twenty-four, living in a hotel in Southwest Portland, without job, direction, or money, and was in no place to deny anyone of anything. So I gave him my address and hoped that he’d bring cash. He showed up two weeks later, his suit and luggage drenched from the rain, pounding on the bell in the lobby of The Burnside Hotel. When the old man at the front desk called up to my room mumbling something about the time of night, I somehow knew that

Up Nights

everything Francis and I had been through together as kids had become too distant to matter. I was no longer able to attach importance to anything other than what was in front of me. I knew that Francis was running away from something, abandoning a feeling or ideal that had nothing to do with me, but this meant nothing other than that it had brought him to Portland—to me—and so I dressed and went down to meet him. Descending the staircase into the lobby, I found him standing near the entrance, staring out into the street. His jacket was wrinkled, his black hair falling over his eyes and ears like a tangled cloud of smoke. He looked worn out. Beaten. The way he lifted a cigarette and narrowed his eyes, intent on deciphering every piece of whatever he was staring at through the window, made me think of the two of us sneaking his mother’s cigarettes behind the rectory in Catholic school. Seeing me, he turned, smiled, then circled the room with his eyes as if to remove himself from something. I struggled to return the gesture, letting my gaze fall over the old suitcase he’d been carrying around since we were kids, pulling a cigarette from the pack in my shirt pocket. “Anywhere to get coffee this late?” was the first thing he wanted to know, lighting my cigarette before I had the chance, reminding me of how much effort he’d always put into things. “There’s a place on Stark—Coco’s. You can leave your suitcase at the desk…we’ll take it up when we get back.” Francis let a heavy arm fall over my shoulder, using the other to slide his suitcase toward the glaring old man at the front desk. Walking out into the night—touching the street and rain, breathing in the sudden chill—I hardly recognized Francis. Something had happened to him. An intrusion that had made his skin look pale and horrible. I noticed a tightening, an unnatural filing down of the muscles exceeding the jaw. 3

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Up Nights Onesheet

Up Nights, A novel by Daniel Kine Ooligan Press 369 Neuberger Hall 724 SW Harrison Street Portland, Oregon 97201 Tel: 503.725.9748 Fax: 503.725.3561 Email:

Up Nights, Daniel Kine’s second book, is a classic road novel for a new generation. In raw, unrelenting prose, Kine tells the story of the complexities of human relationships when four friends embark on an existential journey through the underbelly of society. As they drift from city to city, they each struggle to connect with the disenchanted people they encounter along the way. Up Nights speaks to the reality of the human condition: the unequivocal impermanence of life.

Selling Points • The Portland setting makes this book appeal to the drifting subculture that has claimed Portland as one of its central hubs. Portland is also currently a popular subject in mainstream culture, as in IFC’s Portlandia. • Offering an alternative to traditional happy-ending stories, Up Nights is populated exclusively by anti-heroes. • Various settings in the book (Portland, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Cuba) make it marketable as a road story, which appeals to adventurous youth.

Marketing & Publicity • April 26, 2013 @ 7:30 p.m. reading at Powell’s City of Books with Lidia Yuknavitch, author of The Chronology of Water and Dora: A Headcase (Hawthorne Books). • April 30, 2013 @ 6 p.m.reading at Sam Bond’s Garage, in Eugene, with Eliot Treichel, author of Close is Fine (Ooligan Press). • Book launch event to be held at the Jack London Bar, in Portland, on May 2, 2013 from 7-9 p.m.

Release Date: May 1, 2013 Format: Trade paperback and e-book Pages: 212 Price: $13.95 trade paperback, $9.99 e-book ISBN: 978-1-932010-64-0 trade paperback, 978-1-932010-64-0 e-book


Daniel Kine is author of the novels Between Nowhere and Happiness (2009, Smallhand Press) and forthcoming Up Nights (2013, Ooligan Press). He was born in Toledo, Ohio, in 1984, and studied philosophy and literature in San Francisco, Mexico City, Guatemala, and Portland, Oregon. His writing has appeared in several publications, including Modern Review, Q Poetry, Pathways, and Indie Literature Now. His fiction has been described as “concerning the rootlessness of modern youth.” Common themes in his novels revolve around suicide, affectlessness, drug use, and the struggles of individual freedom. He lives in London.

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Up Nights



a novel by

Daniel Kine


Up Nights Collateral & Flyer

Powell’s City of Books on W Burnside St. April 26th @ 7:30 p.m. Readings by

Daniel Kine


Author of Between Nowhere and Happiness (2009, Smallhand Press), and Up Nights (2013, Ooligan Press)

Lidia Yuknavitch

Author of The Chronology of Water: A Memoir (2011, Hawthorne Books), and Dora: A Headcase (2012, Hawthorne Books)

May 2nd @ 7–9 p.m. Up Nights launch party hosted by Ooligan Press @ The Jack London Bar 529 SW 4th Ave., Portland, 97204 In the basement of Rialto Pool Room For more info go to: 18  0  Book Marketing & Design Portfolio Powell’s City

of Books on W Burnside St. th

Powell’s City of Boo April 26th Read

Daniel Kine


Author of Between Nowhere and Happiness (2009, Smallhand Press), and Up Nights (2013, Ooligan Press)

Up ho @

5 I


Powell’s City of Boo



August 14, 2013 To whom it may concern: I would like to sincerely recommend Brittany Torgerson as an entrant for a position with your organization. I worked with Brittany from 2012-2013 when she was the project manager and press liaison for Ooligan Press. Brittany exceeded all expectations in working with me during the publishing process of my novel. As Ooligan Press is operated largely by students of Portland State University’s masters in publishing program, Brittany was a full-time student during the time we worked together. Despite this, she displayed first-rate communication skills, both written and verbal, which were very much necessity, as I was living overseas for the majority of our working relationship. She is very much organized, and able to handle multiple tasks. Her availability and willingness to work independently were crucial to her role as project manager and liaison. All tasks presented to me by Ooligan Press were explained by Brittany clearly, and accompanied by her individual input and task-managing support. All requests put to the press by me, were delivered and responded to in Brittany’s consistently timely manager. I met and worked with Brittany personally in April and May of 2013, when I visited Portland, Oregon to give readings for said project. Brittany continued to offer extensive support and guidance throughout this time, going as far as to provide me with transportation, scheduling support, and liaising between myself and the bookshops in which I read. She also played a vital role in arranging said readings. My experience working with Brittany assures me that she would be any asset to any employer, and that her skill set and capacity to work under pressure and meet deadlines with integrity and social grace makes her a well-suited candidate for any undertaking. Sincerely, Daniel Kine

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August 16, 2013 To Whom It May Concern, I am writing to recommend Brittany Torgerson for a marketing position with your company. I know from project-managing a novel with Brittany that she is hardworking, communicative, and a team player, as well as a creative, independent thinker. Brittany has extensive marketing experience from her work at Ooligan Press. She worked as a Department Manager for the marketing department shortly after joining the program; following this, she co-managed Up Nights, a novel by Daniel Kine, along with myself for several terms, proving an enthusiasm for and skill at mastering leadership roles. As project managers, our main responsibility was supervising the book’s production schedule by delegating every step of the process to the requisite press departments. However, due to Ooligan being a teaching press and thus often understaffed, Brittany and I frequently stepped in to assist with various tasks. We planned and executed the book launch event. We played a vital role in scheduling and staffing the author tour events, including transporting Daniel to Eugene. We were the main avenue of communication between Daniel, who lives in London, and the press in Portland, OR, and we established a good rapport that has led to a continued professional friendship with him. We wrote weekly blog posts updating on the book’s progress through production; we wrote back cover copy, tip sheets, cover letters for blurbs and reviews. We weathered a copy snafu storm wherein all the online stores such as Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Google Books, and somehow had the wrong version of the synopsis and the author bio. On another note, Brittany also possesses superb design skills. Not only was she chosen as the interior designer for the book we managed, she laid out and designed many of the marketing materials we created, such as the sales kit, and the collateral matchbook labels. She takes direction with grace, and she delivers on every assignment. She is also a very nice person and a delight to be around. I highly recommend Brittany for a position with your company. She would be an asset to your workplace. If you have any questions for me, please call (928) 606-3485 or email Best regards, Kylie Byrd Freelance Editor

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Brittany Torgerson Publishing Portfolio  
Brittany Torgerson Publishing Portfolio  

A collection of my best work in interior book design, document design, and marketing.