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By: Brittany Semco Alejandro Pinzón (WU music lecturer) guest conductor in Argentina On Saturday, Aug. 25 at 6 p.m., Waynesburg University Music Lecturer and Conductor, Alejandro Pinzon performed as guest conductor for the Argentinean orchestra “Camerata Cattaruzzi.” The concert took place at the University of Buenos Aires. Pinzon spent a total of 10 days in Buenos Aires and its surrounding regions. Along with Pinzon was his esteemed colleague and friend, a performing pianist. The pianist Sabrina Blebel and Pinzon met in 2004 when Pinzon was invited to play as a violinist in South America’s “Youth Symphony Orchestra of Mercosur.” After meeting, the two musicians wished to one day perform together in concert. It was not until “Camerata Cattaruzzi” invited Pinzon to conduct them and Blebel’s piano solo that they would perform together in front of an estimated 400 people. “The amount of people we counted was impressive and exciting for a classical music concert,” Pinzon said. Pinzon conducted “Camerata Cattaruzzi” as part of the University’s “Cycle of Great Concerts,” as best translated into English. Pinzon’s concert consisted of “Piano Concerto No. 12 in A Major” with Blebel as the soloist, “Sarabande, Gigue and Badinerie,” “Panamanian Dances,” “Spanish Serenade,” and “Caminante del Mayab.” Every Saturday evening, as a part of this cycle, an ensemble performs in the University of Buenos Aires’ School of Law’s Auditorium or “Room of Acts.” “The School of Law’s Room of Acts was very beautiful and reminded me of Waynesburg University’s Alumni Hall with it’s tall ceilings and classic wooden style,” Pinzon said. Pinzon enjoyed many aspects of his trip including the cuisine, the venue, the importance of community among the locals and the professional relationships he made. “Besides the meat, one of my favorite parts of the whole trip was the venue.” Pinzon wishes to continue the artistic relationships with the orchestra and the musicians he met on his South American tour. Pinzon also hopes to perform once again alongside Blebel. “Sabrina does many concerts and we hope to one day soon do a concert here in America,” Pinzon said.

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This is a piece that was published in the Waynesburg University newspaper The Yellow Jacket.

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