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Spring 2013 VOLUME 1 Issue 3

Chartered in 2010, the Waynesburg University CHapter of the Public Relations Student Society of america Strives to Prepare Members for their Future Profession through Experience, Opportunity and New Member Spotlight Kara Bemer

Hometown Parma heights, O.H.

Major Public relations



2013 PRSA REnaissance Awards positions On Thursday, January 24, members of our PRSSA chapter traveled to the CONSOL Energy Center Lexus Club to assist Dan Ayer from Gatesman+Dave host the 2013 PRSA Pittsburgh Renaissance Awards. Jordan Mitrik, Kara Bemer, Molly Winters, Brittany Semco, Haley Green, Kyle Oland, Mitch Graham, Abby Pittinaro, Taylor Bombalski and Kaitlyn Wood all assisted in different areas of the event. Graham and Oland were in charge

of registered guests, while the other PRSSA members assisted in creating table centerpieces, greeting event guests, and showing them to their tables. Winters, Pittinaro and Bombalski assisted the emcee in the handing out of wards. Semco assisted the professional photographer. Recent Waynesburg University graduates Chelsea Cummins and Samantha McClintock also assisted in the planning of the event. Chelsea assisted in creating the event presentation while Samantha assisted with the

registering of guests. The event was an overwhelming success. Ayer was very impressed with all the members from Waynesburg University, and said the event wouldn’t have been as big of a success without our help. Our members acted with unparalleled professionalism and expertise.

Alumni Spotlight

Executive board welcomes Frick, Oland Upon losing three great PRSSA officers at the end of the Fall 2012 semester, we now welcome and congratulate the two newest members of the executive board, Kyle Oland and Hope Frick. Senior, Hope Frick will serve as secretary for the remainder of her time at Waynesburg University. Frick is a Public Relations major from Elizabethtown Pa, she will graduate in the Fall 2013

semester. During her time as secretary Frick plans serve the chapter well, “I will continue the point system put in place by the former secretary and contribute ideas that will be beneficial to the chapter,” said Frick. Junior, Kyle Oland also plans to serve the chapter well as treasurer for the rest of the academic year 2013. Oland is from Baltimore and is majoring in Public Relations.

Samantha Mcclintock

possible name that will represent all the hard work they do. President of the Firm, Abby Pittinaro said, “I want a catchy, yet professional name that really stands out.” Members have come up with multiple unique names, but only one can be chosen and submitted to PRSSA’s executive board for approval. As the organization advisor, Professor Krause, chair of the

communication department, has proposed and is partial to “The 1849 Agency”. In the intense effort to find a suitable name, members have researched the history of Waynesburg University and its communication department. Professor Krause would like to have the name include the year ‘1849’ to remind students of the founding and initial mission of

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Contributing Writers

brittany semco, Editor-In-Chief


Being the only male member of the executive board, Oland plans on making a difference, “I want to bring a male perspective to the chapter as a leader,” Oland said. Both are highly involved in PRSSA and will each bring something new and exciting to the chapter while serving on the executive board.

mission to establish firm name continues Waynesburg University PRSSA’s student- run firm has the primary mission of working with clients to gain experience and participate in the university’s mission of service. However, members have recently been researching and trying to develop a formal firm name to aid in the process of becoming nationally affiliated. The firm members have been working diligently to find the best

Kara Bemer has been involved with Waynesburg University’s PRSSA chapter since the end of her freshman year, however, recently became an official member. Bemer loves the field of public relations and decided that joining PRSSA was the next step in furthuring her career. “My favorite part of PRSSA is the many opportunities it provides whether it’s professional development or just getting the chance to connect and work more closely with fellow public relations students,” Bemer said. Bemer has recently been appointed to the role of account manager for the Firm’s new client The American Cancer Society. We look forward to seeing much more of her as she plans and coordinates the annual Bark For Life event in Pittsburgh, P.A. later this semester.

molly winters abby pittinaro Mitch Graham Haley Greene matt giardina Kaitlyn Wood

Hope Frick Kyle Oland Mandy Ormsby Jordan Mitrik kelsey bradley

Crafton, P.A.


PUblic Relations

Organization Waynesburg university

office of University relations

Samantha McClintock (Scribner) is a recent graduate of Waynesburg University’s Public Relations program. She now works as a Communications Specialist in the Waynesburg University Office of University Relations. Some of her responsibilities include press release writing, editing and web posting. Samantha served our chapter as president, vice president, and treasurer. She also served as the vice president of Lambda Pi Eta.

Got POints? The newly installed points system was a great success for the fall semester of the 20122013 school year. Our members have shown eagerness and enthusiasm to gain points and through their hard work, participation, and help, all official paying members have earned more than the amount of points required for each semester.

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From the President's Desk Welcome back to a new

semester that is filled with fresh opportunities to express our passion for public relations! I am so excited and honored to be the new elected president of PRSSA. Since I have been back, I have led many meetings and have noticed that participation and feedback are very strong. On Jan. 24, ten members, including myself, received the opportunity to work the 2013 PRSA Renaissance Awards at the Consol Energy Center. It was such a great event to work and I believe that opportunities like this reinforce the reason why we are enthusiastic about public relations.

Our chapter is very fortunate in the opportunities that we are given to strengthen our skills and minds. There are many events that PRSSA will be attending and helping with throughout the semester and I am confident that it will be the best one yet! I am so excited to be working with all members because each person brings something unique to the table. And as we all know, there is always food at any PR event. Keep up the fantastic work and let’s have a great 2013. Thank you.

Molly Winters

acing the infamous job/ internship interview As most college students are at

this time of year, you are probably searching for that perfet job or internship. The first step is to ace the interview. Interviews are the ultimate first impression. Going into an interview, you must be fully prepared, both physically and mentally. Here, I’m going to talk about impressing the interviewing manager with your appearance. When you are preparing for an interview, you must take into consideration what you’re wearing. It’s important to dress with the thought of making the best first impression you possible can. For men, subtlety is key. Stay

with a solid color suit, preferably black, navy or dark gray. If you’re wearing a long sleeve shirt underneath that is not white, be sure it matches the suit you are wearing. If you’re a man that works with your hands, make sure your hands and nails are clean and neatly trimmed. Make sure that your face is cleanly shaved, and your hair is neat and professional. If you’re the type of guy that likes to wear cologne, it’s best to skip it for the interview. There’s a fine line when it comes to wearing cologne in the workplace, and it’s best to just avoid that line during an interview. For women, the same basic rules apply when it comes to a suit. If

you decide to wear a skirt suit, it is absolutely necessary to make sure your skirt is long enough to allow you to sit down comfortably. Wear conservative shoes, and make sure your makeup is not too heavy or bright. It is better to wait and express yourself appropriately and professionally through makeup after you have landed the job. Keep jewelry to a minimum. Arms full of bracelets and large earrings are things to avoid. And remember, cheap jewelry is worse than no jewelry. Use your best judgment. Now that you’re dressed for the job, be sure to prepare yourself mentally for the interview and and land that job!

Special Events Update Last semester, Waynesburg University PRSSA (WU PRSSA) took part in four major special events including, Harvest Fest, Jacket Fest, a new Firm generated event called Pink is the New Greene, and an event run by Pittsburgh firm Judith Kelley and Associates called Dignity and Respect Month. This spring, Waynesburg University will hold its annual Mini Relay For Life. Relay For Life is a national event that takes place every year

to raise funds and awareness for cancer research. Clubs and teams raise money for different types of cancer research and then an actual relay is held where each member of the team spends at least one hour of the designated day walking. Each team also sponsers a fundraiser to raise money for their chosen cancer. All proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society. This year, WU PRSSA

looks forward to being involved in and promoting a great cause. Their tentative theme for this year is Paws for a Cause in order to coordinate with another firm generated and sponsored event, Bark For Life. Anyone interested in being a member of PRSSA’s Relay for Life team, please see Haley Greene as soon as possible.

Points System Cont'd Special Events Coordinator Haley Greene leads the chapter with 141 points. Her regular attendance at both general and firm meetings, as well as her help with various chapter events, shows her true passion for public relations and PRSSA. Greene County Historical Society Account Holder and freshman

Kaitlyn Wood follows with 110 points. Though this is only her second semester as a member, Wood has shown that to be no disadvantage and continues to dedicate her time to the chapter. Professional Development Coordinator Matt Giardina closes the top three with 95 points. Always willing to help, Giardina is

committed and dedicated and has helped make numerous chapter events a success. Every member of the chapter has done a great job of accumulating points, and the Executive Board knows this will only continue into the spring semester!

firm name cont'd the university. Unique information was also used for name ideas such as the discovery of the ‘Hayes Building’, where the very first classes were held in September 1849. To help make the final decision, the firm leaders have decided to submit top five names in the form of a ballot. Professor Krause

will administer these ballots to students in the Introduction Public relations and Advanced Public Relations class in the hopes of finally making a decision. As soon as the name is finalized and approved by Professor Krause and PRSSA executive board, the design team will immediately start the development of a logo. In the

meantime, Pittinaro will finalize the process of becoming nationally affiliated and account holders will work on maintaining relationships with their clients. The firm is very excited to become nationally affiliated and is hoping to gain more clients.

Social Media Corner With Mitch Graham

If you’re on Twitter, I’m sure you know about hashtags. In this section, I’m going to talk about how you can use hashtags to elevate your personal brand, network with public relations professionals, and get your word out to larger audiences. Most Twitter users use hashtags to express an emotion or thought. However, many people in PR use them to connect with other professionals. For example, if you were posting a professional article related to public relations, you could include the hashtag #PR or #socialmedia, or whatever the subject of the article was. A basic rule to keep in mind when you’re using hashtags is to make sure that it’s one word, even if the hashtag has more than one word. For example, the right way to use a multi-word hashtag is to say #Ilovepr, not #i love pr. If you use spaces between the words, the hashtag will not register correctly. The most important reason to use hashtags is that they are searchable. Twitter users can search by hashtag, which expands the potential reach of your tweet. Search for any personal interest or public relations term and you’ll see who is saying what about that topic. It opens to door to finding new people that are interested in the same things you are. Give it a try!

FIrm update

with abby pittinaro

The spring semester has brought the Firm an entirely new executive board. Jordan Mitrik was elected the Assistant Firm Director and voted in by the Chapter. Mitrik is responsible for assisting the Firm Director with various tasks along with reaching the goal of National Affiliation. Senior Mitch Graham is the new Account Executive for The Waynesburg Press. Graham sees the client as a unique client due to the fact a Starbucks is now rooted on campus. The Firm looks forward to seeing what Graham has in mind for The Press. Junior Mandy Ormsby is the Account Executive for the Greene County Food Bank. Ormsby has been working closely with the Food Bank on ideas for promotions. Ormsby and Dr. Sherman’s Web Design classes will be working on a website for the Food Bank in the following weeks. Sophomores Kara Bemer and Haley Greene and both Account Executives for the American Cancer Society.Currently, Greene is working on the Waynesburg University Mini-Relay for Life and is the captain for PRSSA. Bemer is focusing her efforts on planning the second annual Bark for Life, which is another ACS event. Kaitlyn Wood, freshman, is working with the Greene County Historical Society and is their Account Executive. Wood is working closely with their PR Office to aid assistance. Currently, there is still not an official firm name, however students and faculty are continuing to collaborate ideas.

Coming Up

Feb. 8, 9 Regional Conference April 4, 5, 6, 7 National Assembly

Opportunities Betsy Plank/PRSSA Scholarships

Moores hot dog fundraiser According to Abby Pittinaro, the vice president and firm director of WU PRSSA, an agreement was made with Eric Moore, the owner of Moore’s Hot Dogs, that WU PRSSA would receive 15 percent of the profits from the two-day event.

Deadline: June 7, 2013 Awards: First honor $2,000. Second honor $1,500. Third honor $1,000.

Upon starting the event, Pittinaro said the chapter had a few goals.

You must be a PRSSA member in your junior or senior year of college, preparing for a career in public relations to apply for this award. More information located on

“We wanted to raise as much money as we could and do a better job of promoting the event – which I think we did,” she said.

Stephen D. Pisinski Memorial Scholarship

Not only was the event beneficial financially, but the networking that has occurred with Moore and his business could potentially open up other doors.

Deadline: June 7, 2013 Award: $1,500 The check will be payable to the recipient’s university for the recipient’s use, and can only be used to fund educational pursuits. Eligibility: To apply, you must meet the following requirements: Be a journalism, communications or public relations major. Be in your junior or senior year of college. Have at least a 3.3 overall grade point average on a 4.0 scale. Be a PRSSA member.

Internship of the Month: Strategic Analytics (2013) Internship Mylan, Inc. Apply Add to Saved Where: Morgantown, WV Deadline: rolling basis Interns are assigned to Strategic Analytics for the entire summer program (typically 10-12 weeks)

AP Style Guide by Brittany Semco Here are this month’s key AP Style examples to remember and use: Bachelor’s degree * Master’s degree* An associate degree (no possessive) Bachelor of Arts degree/ B.A.** Bachelor of Science degree/ B.S. ** Master of Science degree/ M.S. ** Mastor of Arts degree/ M.A. ** *preference unless it becomes cumbersome ** used only after a full name Ph.D. ** Set off by commas No courtesy title before the name Do not use the word degree after abbreviation Incorrect- Ph.D. degree or B.A. degree Correct- She has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry **used only after full name College Graduates Alumni- refers to group of men and women Alumna- refers to a woman Alumnae- refers to a group of women Alumnus- is a man Alumni- also the plural for MEN ONLY Alum- can use it for anything (more casual and relaxed writing- the abbreviation for just an informal usage)


11a.m.- 3p.m.

For a third time in the chapter’s brief history,

Waynesburg University’s Public Relations Student Society of America (WU PRSSA), partnered with Moore’s Hot Dogs to raise money for the chapter. As part of a two-day event that occurred from Dec. 11-12, the chapter netted $161 from the event.

“We are potentially adding [Moore’s Hot Dogs] as a client [for the Firm],” said Pittinaro. “I think our work with the fundraiser has given us an avenue to work with [Moore]. I think we will add [Moore’s Hot Dogs] on when [Moore] gets his larger all-year truck. “ After evaluating the event, Pittinaro had a number of ideas to make the event more successful in the future. “I think we should keep doing the event,” she said. “In the future I think we should do additional promoting such as a Facebook event or putting it on the Toilet Paper (Student Activities Board information sheet).”

New Account Holders for firm, expanded Upon the start of a new semester, the firm announced the new board members for spring 2013 semester. After electing Abby Pittinaro as the new Firm Director in November, it was decided to re-elect and appoint members of the Firm for the account holder positions. The PRSSA members elected Jordan Mitrik as the Assistant Firm Director. Mitrik will work alongside Pittinaro and assist with executive decisions and with the process of getting the firm nationally affiliated. After establishing both executive firm positions, members of PRSSA were then nominated for account holder positions. Firm

Account holders act as liaisons between the firm and its local clients such as The Waynesburg Press, the Greene County Historical Society, the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, and the American Cancer Society. The nominees were required to write a letter of intent to the Pittinaro as to why they were the most qualified person to represent a specific client. The process left the firm with five new account holders. Mitch Graham is the new account holder for the Waynesburg Press. Kaitlyn Wood is the new account holder for the Greene County Historical Society, a client she worked

with last semester. Mandy Ormsby is the new account holder for the Pittsburgh Food Bank, a client she has a lot of experience working with. Kara Bemer and Haley Greene have both been appointed the account holders for the American Cancer Society, a client they are very passionate about. Bemer will coordinate the annual Bark For Life Relay event in Pittsburgh, while Greene will coordinate and represent PRSSA in the annual Waynesburg University Mini-Relay event. Congratulations to all of those who have new positions within the firm!

"from the outside": Superbowl media costs a lot! by pr daily staff feb. 1, 2013

Last year, more than 111 million people watched the Super Bowl. That means a game between the Patriots and the Giants—two teams from the Northeast— trounced the ratings for the season finales of “Cheers” (84.4 million) and “Seinfeld” (76.3 million). Sure, Americans love football, but 111 million?

It must’ve had something to do with Madonna’s halftime show— or the commercials. Perhaps that’s why a 30-second spot for last year’s Super Bowl cost $3.5 million. This year, it costs a whopping $4 million. When brands drop that kind of dough, they try (and sometimes fail) make sure it’s money well

spent. After all, several commercials have become cultural icons, think Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef” or Nike’s “Hare Jordan.” Which Super Bowl commercial, whether from last year or decades ago, is your favorite? Let us know on PR Daily’s Facebook page, where people are weighing in.

new fundraising coordinator, ormsby Mandy Ormsby, from Lynchburg, Va., is junior Public Relations major, with a minor in Marketing. As a result of the recent PRSSA elections, Ormbsy has taken on the role of the new Fundraising Coordinator for the Spring 2013 semester. Upon coming to Waynesburg University, Ormsby’s original objective was to pursue a degree in journalism, but as she learned more about the area of public relations her interest for it began to grow deeper. “Public relations filled my passion for cre-

ativity, writing, and working with people,” said Ormsby.

PRSSA take part in the Waynesburg University mission of service.

Ormsby chose to run for the position of fundraising coordinator because of her interest in raising money and making a difference. “I am hoping to create a traditional fundraiser for PRSSA that will help raise money to send people to conferences and programs that will enhance our skills,” said Ormsby. She also is working on a fundraising proposal to raise money for charity and to help

Although Ormsby has many fundraising ideas, there is a lot of planning that needs to be done before PRSSA can move forward in the fundraising process. “I am looking forward to seeing my ideas through and making them reality through hard work and an awesome Chapter standing with me,” said Ormsby.

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