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in dream land

as per usual, catching some z’s and every single morning I sleep through my alarm, but every morning I wake up to some of the most bizzarre, and miraculous dreams, i’ve ever had. Although, to my surprise, this very morning, I will wake up with a very different perception on my ‘dreams’.


as you can see, the alarm clock has been going off for 2 hours. From 7 am, to 9am as the sun is shining through my window. My dream starts to appear in the cloud.

passing hours

as I’m looking up at my house, and my car I notice a shiny peice of bling on my ring finger. This is when I realize that I’m in my very own dream, and something isn’t quite right. So I go for a wander; why not?!





By now I’ve realize I am in my ‘dream’, but not only a physical dream, a mental one as well. I dream of having a big house, and married with kids. In this scene, I’m looking at photos on the wall in my future home, of my wedding day, and my family photos.

married with kids

As I’m having a look at my family photos, a phone starts to ring so I go find it. I end up in a photograhy office, and its a cotumer calling to confirm a photoshoot that I have booked with them. I have always dreamed of being a photographer, and one day hopefully that dream will come true; it has in my dream thats for sure!


After hanging up the phone with the customer, and confirming her appointment, I decide I want to look around a lot more! Ive always been curious when it comes to my future so why not take advantage of the time that I have here in my dream? In slides 8, 9, 10 I come accross a barn in my backyard and lots and lots of animals. I’m a huge animal lover and would love to have tons of backyard animals, cats and dogs.





Slide 11 shows my mother waking me, and as you can see the alarm clock has been truned off, and it’s 11:30am. I was dreaming my dreams, and I loved it.

loved it

Brittany McGimpsey Medicine Hat College Visual Communications Art Student P: 1-(403)-527-7732 E: W:

brittany In Dream Land  

In my visual Studies class at Medicine Hat College we were required to make a 12 slide cartoon about our 'Life'. Whether that meant out pres...

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