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July-August 2011 ..................................................

Hello Circle K'ers! Here's an update to let you know what's going on in the Coastal Division of Georgia Circle K!

.................................................. Table of Contents: Member Spotlight Club Spotlight New Recruits! FMR Funds Some Fun :) District Goals

Don't Forget!! Service Social Tour: October 21-22, 2011 Fall Membership Retreat: November 4-6, 2011 District Convention: February 24-26, 2011

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Congratulations to our Member-of-the-Month AND Member Spotlight from East Georgia College, Sara Strickland! She was acknowledged in the July 2011 Issue of the Governor's Gavel under the Member-of-the-Month section on Page 5 and was also recognized in the latest August Issue of the Kronicle under the Member Spotlight section on Page 6. You can read both articles and other GACKI publications by going to, clicking on the Resources tab, and selecting Publications. Member: Sara Strickland College: East Georgia College (transferred to Georgia College & State Summer 2011) Major: Nursing Sara Strickland is a remarkable young woman with a compassionate heart for service. She has outstandingly shown her commitment to others on several occasions, including when she cooked a spectacular meal for about thirty people at the Ronald McDonald House in Savannah earlier this spring. As a club member, she is actively involved in service projects, socials, and fundraisers, always offering to help the club in any way possible. In the past, she has helped to organize, plan, adjust, and lead any team to a successful goal while also being a friend to others. Her concern was well displayed at the Pinetree Breeze Bikeride this year when she spent countless hours giving food and water to the bikers, talking with and encouraging them to never give up. By the end of the race, all the bikers had something good to say about her character. When it came to large-scale events like District Convention and the Subregion G Event, she met those new opportunities with candidness and a smile, even shuttling four other individuals on a ten-hour round trip for the latter event. She has embarked on every endeavor, climbed every mountain, and showed kindness to every person she met along the way. She has never held a leadership position at the club or district level, but I would dare say she is a true leader by example, and what I would call a real unsung hero. Sara Strickland was recommended by EGC President Kristi Parker and nominated by Coastal Division Lieutenant Governor Brittany Horton.


More handclaps please for East Georgia College Circle K! Their club was recently recognized in the August Issue of the Kronicle under the Club Spotlight section on Page 6! Good job East Georgia College! The Coastal Division continues to make me proud! :) Club Spotlight: East Georgia College East Georgia College Circle K has done well to set forth an example in the Coastal Division by taking every opportunity to serve as a blessing. Over the past few months, I have watched this club expand their arms to families in stress and grief at the Ronald McDonald House in Savannah by preparing a home-cooked meal to bring them some comfort. I have seen as they diligently prepared the Pinetree Breeze Bikeride in Swainsboro, Georgia, to raise money for the Herrington Homestead, a Georgia Sheriff Youth Home, by fundraising and obtaining sponsors for the bike ride. Not only did they accomplish this, but they also painted the roads and tended to the bikers the day of the ride. They were so caring and encouraging that no biker had one negative thing to say about them, only positive assurances of the quality people they are. Even as the spring semester drew to an end and several of the members graduated, they still took time to drive five hours to Cleveland, Georgia, May 20-22 to attend the Subregion G Summer Service Social. Throughout the entirety of the weekend, each member felt they made a contribution to the overall goal - to serve the community. They came home laughing and smiling, not thinking how tired they might have been but instead how grateful they were to have the opportunity to meet so many new people and do so many great things. Great job East Georgia College and keep up the good work! Nominated by Brittany Horton, Coastal Lieutenant Governor.

Fall Semester + Incoming Freshmen = New Recruits! Fall Membership Recruitments are the perfect things to get your club rolling, especially if your short on members. Try throwing a "Freshmen Frenzy" to reel them in early, or promote your CKI Club on your school's Club Day. Ice Cream Socials, Freshmen Giveaways, Door Prizes, and other fun activities like Icebreakers can really help get those new members in! Check out the Recruitment Resources, found under the Resources tab on our website to help you get started! For your convenience, you can find free recruitment materials by clicking here!

Here are a few tips from Immediate Past Subregion G Representative, Krystal Weaver: Some things to think about when recruiting: -Body Language Speaks Too!- While tabling at an event, watch your body language too. Closing/crossing your arms may make you look disinterested. -Be Organized!- Misplacing items will make you look bad in front of prospective members. Also, don’t be passive/inattentive when handing out flyers, stay alert! -Avoid Acronyms– While CKI, DOTC, DCON, ICON, LSSP, etc. may be everyday talk to us. To a new face, they don’t know or really care about acronyms. Don’t overwhelm them. -Target Your Audience– Some people in your audience may be interested in CKI for one reason or another. For a general audience, focus mainly on fellowship and service. For people that are more logical or into law, convince them with the leadership aspect. -Go for Freshmen– A lot of CKI members have been in this organization since their first semester of school. Recruiting members at the start of their college careers may help them stick around longer. Work with Key Club seniors for even more results.

Retaining members is just as important and here are some ideas how: -Make the first few meetings “social”- While decorum makes us professional, to a new person it makes our club look boring. Liven up the first few meetings of a semester shorter and more social with food or icebreakers. -Be Interested!- Older members should hang out/sit near prospective members. Genuinely be interested in a new person’s well-being and be awesome around them. -Hang Out with them Outside CKI– If you see a new member outside a meeting, try to hang out with them, make small talk. It will likely make them feel welcomed. Don’t overwhelm them about CKI though. -If they come back, remember!- It’s really important to remember names of new people if they return for a second or third meeting. It makes them feel noticed and welcomed as well! -Avoid Cliques!- Cliques can cause drama in the club and may intimidate new members as well. Be sure to include others. -Open Up Leadership Opportunities– After a while, new members may want to help out. Club committee chairs are a great way to make opportunities.

Fall Membership Retreat Need some


One of the major events of the Circle K year, the Fall Membership Retreat (FMR), is coming up November 4-6, 2011. Held at the Georgia State FFA-FCCLA Camp outside of Covington, this event is the first major opportunity of the new school year for members in Georgia to come theme is "Circle K Cinema," and it's sure to be one fun-filled feature presentation! So don't miss out on all the fun just because your low on funds. Get out there and do some fundraising (i.e. car washes, bake sales, club yard sales, pie-in-the-face contests, etc.). There are so many opportunities to make some money out there! If you need some help getting ideas together, check out the latest Issue of the Kronicle which has all these ideas and more! You can also go to, Resources, and Leadership Resources to get the ball rolling too! Another way your club can raise some money is by selling ads for FMR! Granted these ads will go towards your club's District Convention (DCON) cost, but it can definitely offset your club's expenditure for the year. Imagine how excited you'll be when you see the significantly lowered cost of your ticket for DCON (which can tend to get pricey)! So if you or your club wants to get crackin' on those Ad Sponsors, visit our website at or email me at to receive your sponsorship forms!

Fun, Please? Check out this cool Professional Personality Test! It helps you determine where you are best suited to help your club or organization. Go to to take this awesome test and find out what you are!

Georgia District Goals :) 1. Have 375 dues paid members by March 31, 2012 2. Have 60 Circle K members at the Fall Membership Retreat and 85 Circle K members at District Convention 3. Have 3, 750 reported service hours by March 31, 2012 4. Have 150 reported inter-clubs and 100 K-Family relations by March 31, 2012 5. Charter/Reactivate 5 clubs by March 31, 2012 We are on track with our district goals, we have a district goal of 3,750 Service hours, and right now as of August 10th, 2011, we have 1064.75 hours of service. We have a goal of 150 Interclubs and 100 K-Family Relations, and as of August 10th, we have a total of 107 Interclubs and 37 KFamily Relations. We have a goal of 5 new/reactivated clubs, and we have 1 new club, 1 club in formation, and 2 with interest. With all this club activity happening in the what-would-seem slow summer months, I'm so excited to see what the next two semesters will bring our way! Keep up the great work guys!

~Until next time!!~ Brittany Horton

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