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COOKIE CUTTERS OVERVIEW It was perfection right from the start. When a retired couple decided to take their homemade cookie recipes and share them with the world before they pass on, a revelation began to bake. The idea became a reality and the company began to evolve. They pride themselves in creating premium quality homestyle homemade approach soon leads to cookies that amazed all consumers with their essentially perfect, cookie cutter bakery fresh taste which led to the creation of the brand name. The design evolved around this story incorporating elements that represents the premium, homemade, and unique cookies that Cookie Cutters provides. STRATEGY Cookie Cutters must appeal to a middle class audience that is attracted to a homestyle quality that is economical yet premuim. Much of this audience will include families that yearn for homebaked goods but are too busy to make them themselves. Therefore, the design must be eye-catching and unique to appeal to the all ages with a hand-crafted package and bright colors. The visual cues will be drawn off of the importance of the handcrafted nature of the brand. SOLUTION To emphasize the idea of homemade baking and perfect quality, I merged three different concepts into the logo. First, the circular form is meant to represent the shape of a cookie. Second, the four different sections within that circle represent the idea of a cookie cutter. Lastly, the chef’s hat is utilized as a more direct nudge to premium quality baking. The colors, out towards its desired audience and to give a more crafty feel, nodding again towards the importance of everything being handcrafted. Further handcrafted touches include the ribbon that is tieing it all together. I went with unique packaging the somewhat represented the exterior of a bakery so show that Cookie Cutters is innovative, different, and of a premium windows in the packaging to reveal that creating trust between the company and consumer.


GREEN ORCHARD OVERVIEW It was a young family’s dream to utilize the beautiful fruit orchards that sat within their family’s farm to produce healthy and organic snacks for families like theirs. This family farm became the roots for Green Orchard where delicious and fresh apple chips are home made right on their very own farm. These freeze dries chips go straight from their orchards to the kitchen where they work together as a family to yield only the most STRATEGY Green Orchard must appeal to healthy families that desire premium organic snacks. Green Orchards packaging must be able to be reproduced economically to keep the focus on the quality of the apple chips. The design must illustrate the story behind the brand and the importance of a homegrown and home produced product. SOLUTION To keep the product affordable, simple aluminum packages are used with one fold over label. Therefore, Green Orchard is able to economically produce the packaging quickly. The logo consists of a watercolor tree to portray a nature and organic feel with the tree’s branches forming a heart in the center to represent health and nutrients. In the label design, a silhouette of a barn, a rooster and leaves are incorporated as a direct reference to where these chips come from with a sunrise tying everything togther. The color green is is a key color in both the logo and the packaging to illustrate the company’s name and the natural and organic feel of the product itself. Realistic photographs of the apples are used to create trust within this premium product.


LAS VEGAS ACES OVERVIEW The National Hockey League has been debating expanding the league for years now. Las Vegas has been a strong contender in possible cities to obtain this new team and now the time has to a brand new NHL team known as the Las Vegas Aces. This team needs an identity, beginning with a logo and jersey design. STRATEGY Based on the 30 other NHL teams in North America, the majority of the teams have approached the identity by focussing in on the aura of the city itself and what it represents. Las Vegas Aces will follow this approach and capture the essence of the city in it’s identity. The logo must be simple, consistant with the other NHL logo’s, and appeal to an audience of sports lovers and men of all ages to draw in not only the players, but fans young and old. SOLUTION The two main colors of the Las Vegas Aces are gold and blue. to Nevada’s major resource of gold mining. The primary logo merges a spade and a star to illustrate the name of Aces in both its meanings of a playing card, and a star pupil. Because Las Vegas is known for it’s entertainment and gambling, these two symbols were important to incorporate. Inside this shape is a skyline of the city mirrored with a silhouette of the desert mountain ranges found within the state in order to further in order to blend in with the other NHL logos. A secondary logo of LV ties everything together. The jerseys are simple and follow the sharp curves found in the logos to maintain consistancy.


TYPE STYLES OVERVIEW Type Styles takes the world of typography and puts it into a stereotypical Hollywood lifestyle that we see in pop culture magazines. It is meant to mirror the gossip magazines that we see on shelves today in both style and content but have a somewhat humourous side since the subject has shifted from Hollywood celebrities to typographic celebrities. The magazine is also meant to subtly reveal many of the basics of typography. STRATEGY and to accurately parallel other gossip magazines. The content is created through research of pop culture magazines and then shifting the subjects to create this new world of a typographic Hollywood. Much of the content must give a nod to the basics of typography. The design and content must appeal most strongly to young women who generally purchase such magazines. SOLUTION After analyzing pop culture magazines, I took some of the most popular columns including, “Best and Worst Couple,” where I combinations, or “couples,” Paparazzi scenarios of different typefaces, and “Celebrity Cribs” which illustrated various grids such as modular and axial that particular font families live in. Readers that are new to typographic are then able to learn something new from the content while having a chuckle at the same time. The color scheme is neutral to balance the content and to give off a contemporary and clean vibe.


ARTIST CATALOG OVERVIEW An exciting new exhibit is coming to the Guggenheim museum. Felice Varini, a painter known for his geometric perspective-localized paintings in rooms and other spaces, will be bringing his talent right here to New York City. What is so neat about his order to see the geometic image, otherwise you only see abstract strokes. The catalog for his exhibit represents the artists unique style while staying true to the essence of the Guggenheim. STRATEGY The catalog must emphasize Felice’s geometric style while mainting the contempory feel of the Guggenheim. It should be bright, fun, and a little quirky just like his paintings and unique approach. The catalog must portray the inventive style of the artist and show how important perspective is to the artists style. SOLUTION The catalog utilizes photographs of the artists work to show the completed images from the correct standing point, as well as faded vectorized images of how it could appear from another viewpoint. This concept is seen throughout the catalog along with text about the author himself. The colors match the bright coloring of his paintings. A one and two column grid system is used to maintain a controlled amount of white space for breathing room.


FROZEN IN TIME OVERVIEW bliss, moments of accomplishment‌ but every once in a while, greatness is captured on the ice creating a notable and monumental moment that lasts a lifetime. One of these moments is Sasha Cohen’s performance to Dark Eyes during the 2006 mance that would become a standout Olympic performance in Alexei Yagudin skated a riveting program that will forever remain a signature program. With a dynamic footwork sequence, huge quad jumps, and perfect artistry, Yagudin has from his blade upon the icy surface in a celebration of his history ran away with the gold at the 2010 Olympics in front of a home crowd. Their exceptional program to Symphony No.5 across the ice, capturing gold by an estonishing 15 point margin. Jamie Sale and David Pelletier delivered a sensational performance during the 2002 Olympics that left the audience at a loss or words. They captured the essence of their program, Love Story, in a way that no other pair could do. Telling a story on the ice and drawing the audience right in led to an unforgettable performance. STRATEGY To illustrate these momumental moments, I will be experimenting with the qualities of ice itself throught the camera lense and through photo manipulation. This poster series will be a mix between physically created work and digital effects in order to create a unique viual experience. SOLUTION These posters were created through frozen ice trays with ink for a natural amalgamation of ice and color that matches the mood of each poster. I studied each program and the story and mood behind it to decide on the colors, and traced out the ice tracings that each program made as a unique way to view and commemorate the performaces. Furthermore, I laser cut into attributes were brought together through photoshop to freeze-frame these beautiful and monumental moments in time.


BEAUTY ZINE OVERVIEW Diets that will have you droppping 10 pounds in one week, creams that erase cellulite, injections that set you back 20 years. These are just a few of the manipulative techniques that the beauty industry uses to decieve girls into thinking they need to buy a company’s product. By presenting an idealized model who is created through unrealistic techniques such as photoshop manipulation, and professional hair, makeup, and clothing, the beauty industry is giving young women a false sense of identity. STRATEGY This zine must emphasize just how deceptive the beauty industry is by telling a story through images and minimal type. Rather than saying how deceptive the beauty industry is, this zine should communicate that through a unique treatment of the images and icons. The tone should be satirical in order to subtly criticize the industry without blatently stating the effects that it has on us. SOLUTION Damsels In Deception uses multiple photoshop techniques, layering, and glitching effects in order to illustrate the deceptive effects of the beauty industry on young women. Minimal type is used to encourage and inspire the viewer to love themselves, topic while still remaining satirical and not overly harsh. Every image, silhouette, and icon used is heavily manipulated whether through distortion, cutting, cropping, glitching, or coloring in order to truly emphasize just how distorted the fashion industry is.

Brittany Belyea Portfolio