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Spring 2013- Issue 3



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Victor He Rebecca Gasiorek Stacey Lupiani


s you all know, the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life is an event that takes place at many universities throughout the nation. I had the pleasure of attending the Relay of Rochester’s Roberts Wesleyan College; my aunt teaches at the nursing school, and her students put the event together. Several of our family members live nearby and made it a point to join team Loop d’Loop’s in honor of those in our family who had developed cancer. Even my grandmother was able to come out and show support!


The Story of One Girl and Her Two


Right off the bat there were several differences. Being their first time holding the event, it ran throughout the afternoon. This particular school is small relative to SU, and there weren’t nearly as many students in attendance. They still found ways to have fun, though! One activity that I hadn’t seen before was a frozen t-shirt contest: the contestants (including my aunt and myself) raced to be the first to unravel a freezing cold t-shirt and put it on! They also had xBox Kinect games to play- donating a dollar gave you a certain amount of time to play. The smaller crowd didn’t put a damper on the fun at all!

speak with one of the girls who worked on the event. She told me the difficulties they went through to bring the event to their campus, and though not many people showed, she was grateful for the experience. Something that will stick with me was when she told me, “We could only raise $2500, and I’d be perfectly content with thatany money we raise today will be money the American Cancer Society didn’t have yesterday.”

The most immediate similarity to SU’s Relay was the set up of stations around the track; face painting, manicures, and hand massages were some of the services provided upon donating to the cause. Before I left, I was able to

It was an incredible opportunity for me to participate in such a moving and genuine cause twice, and with my Lupiani and Phi families. Pictured are a few of my aunts who were able to attend, along with my grandmother.

By: Stacey Lupiani

Twas a Phine Weekend for Sectionals

By: Rebecca Gasiorek


hile the majority of Phi was kicking cancer’s butt at Relay for Life, I was checking in at sectionals, hosted by the Chi Pi chapter at SUNY Fredonia. I was nervous being alone for the night, but my worries were quickly forgotten thanks to the wonderful brothers running the conference. Upon checking in, I heard a brother say that he was from the Mu Omicron chapter, which is located at Clarkson University. I asked his name – it was Scott – and continued to harass him with questions about Bill Lindahl. He knew nothing about Bill Lindahl, and so I gave him a brief history of Phi and the impact that their chapter has had on ours thanks to Bill. I realized afterward just how much information I was bombarding him with, and so I apologized and moved on to the fellowship room to make cards and play board games with brothers from other chapters. By 10:00pm, those of us who were given housing at the Harvest Chapel, and were ready to head out were led over by Amy who was in charge of arranging the free housing over at Chi Pi. There were three of us in total - Amy, Scott, and myself. We set up the rooms for the night and went exploring into the depths of the church where we found plenty of fun things like Nerf guns, pool noodles, nativity

scene animals, a ping pong table, and a room full of sofas. After bonding over our search for cool things in the church, we headed to Tops to grab some snacks, and enjoyed the fruits of our labor (which consisted of bagel bites and cookies) while the rest of the brothers showed up from Xi Zeta (RIT), Epsilon Nu (RPI), and Mu Omicron (Clarkson University). That night, we all became closer to one another over a pool noodle fight, a quick game of ping pong, a round robin air hockey tournament, and finally, a massive game of Cards Against Humanity while eating Cadbury eggs. It was a grand old time that gave me the chance to plant the seeds of friendship with one chapter in particular. Saturday, the rest of Phi showed up, and we divided and conquered the roundtables on Service, Traditions, “Bad Pledges”, NIB/Pledge Life, as well as the Section 87 meeting and the APO LEADS Achieve course. During lunch, we sat with the brothers from Mu Omicron, and talked about a variety of things, including the tradition of stealing other chapters’ mascots. I knew nothing about stealing chapter mascots, until Paul from Epsilon Nu came up to me during lunch, while I was holding Cindy Lou Schmoo (Mu Omicron’s mascot). Apparently, during your first sectionals conference, you are encouraged to “steal” the mascots of other schools, and the mascots are returned at Banquet Saturday night if the demands of your ransom are met. Once I had my hands on Cindy Lou Schmoo, I had Bryce grab my things, and made a quick escape with Cindy Lou Schmoo. Yes Phi, I stole the Schmoo. For those of you that aren’t aware of the power of the Schmoo, it’s huge. And in order to prevent anyone from stealing her back from me, I had to carry her around for the rest of the day until Banquet. Fortunately, she was quite cuddly and comfortable. After a quick power-nap with Cindy Lou Schmoo, I finally returned her to MO over good food, good friends, and creative roll calls at banquet. The best roll call of the evening went to a chapter that made a parody of “Let It Go”, while Phi presented itself

with some pretty PHInomenal puns. One of the brothers, Paul, even came over during banquet to let us know that he thought our roll call was “really good”. I questioned his judgment, (they were terrible puns, finger guns included) but still thanked him on behalf of Phi for the compliment. Later in the evening, Phi was presented with an award for Outstanding Service across section 87, 88, and 89, before Aaron Knight was presented with a paddle commemorating his four years as our section’s chair. It was an emotional moment when they announced Alex Lee as our new section chair, however Aaron assured us that we would not get rid of him that easily. I don’t doubt that. After circling up to sing the toast song, we danced the night away before returning to the chapel, where the first half of the demands of my ransom were

met with a massive cuddle puddle between Phi and Mu Omicron, with some RIT thrown in the mix. As for the second part of my ransom, well, that’s in the works. All I can say for now is that we will be forming a stronger relationship with Mu Omicron over the next couple semesters as we plan some inter-chapter events and visits. So, keep your ears open for opportunities to connect with our MO bros. Looking back, I am almost thankful that I missed out on Relay for Life and headed to Fredonia on my own, because I was forced to leave my comfort zone. I was able to make friends I otherwise would have been too shy to talk to, and establish these connections that I am thrilled to bring to the chapter. After that weekend, whenever somebody asks me what my favorite APO moment is I am now able to say Spring 2014 Sectionals without hesitation.

My First Experience in Relay for Life By: Victor He


first heard about Relay for life at Syracuse when I was interviewing brothers as a pledge last semester. A streak of twelve brothers all said that Relay for Life was their most memorable experience. They described it as an event that honors people who have struggled with cancer. This year was the first time that I participated in Relay for life. Relay for life was an honorable and fun experience. I witnessed a united crowd of people, all from different organizations, give their support to those who have had life changing experiences. At the beginning of Relay of life, everyone formed a huge rectangle and had the survivors walk around it in a pattern so everyone could give their tribute to those who have come such a long way. It was a meaningful way to start Relay of Life. There were numerous brothers and pledges present at the event. Never have I seen this many people affiliated with Alpha Phi Omega in the same place socializing with each other and having the time of their lives. I also participated in Zumba with all the brothers and pledges around me. We danced for about forty minutes but in those forty minutes I clearly saw that a lot of people in Phi had a lot of

hidden dance moves up their sleeves. I felt the brotherhood aspect of Phi while I was dancing and socializing with everyone. Aside, from socializing and dancing there were brothers and pledges who were knitting and setting up registration tables for the participants. In one event I saw how members of APO were leaders, friends, and were of service. Finally Relay for life conducted a ceremony that honored the lives of those who were influenced by Cancer. This ceremony reminded me how fatigue life really is and to always treasure those who are around you. Life doesn’t last very long when we all think about it; why not make every moment of it worthwhile. Everything in life has meaning because we are the ones that give it meaning.

Philings Issue 3  
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