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Issue 2 Fall 2014

Communications Committee Britanny Baechle- Comm. Director Areli Fisher- Graphics/Design Deena Lucas- ESF Liaison Christian Unkenholz- Social Media

Congratulations to the Pledge Class of Fall 2014!

Aaron Robinson Andy Castiel Ashley Chong Denis Borges Diana Chin Drew McClain Emma Scavo-Alarcon Eric Evangelista Jack Chapell

Jack Chapell Jyotika Shah Kai Troge Kathy Chu Klaire Ann Moller Natalia Cabezas Natalie Marks Nedda Sarshar

Nidhi Baid Paulina Colon Sarah Cabell Sissi Tess Zandonadi Thomas Mastin Tori Short Vanessa Salman Zachary Gipson

Welcome to Phi!


Phaces of









“Apply for a job (AKA find out what I’m doing for the rest of my life).”- Amy Dries

“Get a life.” -Stacie Fanelli

“Meet Boeheim before I graduate.” -Ana Kanakaris


“Settle down in Boston in a design “Finish an album and figure out firm, find a nice apartment. And my life. i.e. Boston or Spain.” get dat green card y’nah mean?” -Fabían Rodríguez Castro -Sai Prateek Narayan

“Maybe graduate, maybe get a dog, and hopefully end up somewhere that isn’t Syracuse.” - Molly Mahoney


Tiffany Kwong


“Take a nice pic with Otto and avoid living in my mom's garage after Graduation at all costs.”

“Find a nice & cheap apartment in a safe Bohemian neighborhood of Boston. Also to not be Gluten Intolerant anymore.“-Alexandra Marie Figueroa Miranda

“Getting Hillary Clinton at least 2,000 more supporters. #ReadyforHillary.”- Paulina Maria Colón González

“Find a well paying job, move out of my parents’ house, get a car, and get a husky.“ - Shirley Chan

“Figure my major out so I can stop stressing about what I am going to do for the rest of my life. Also, internship!“- Claudia Garib






5 Things to Know About Sectionals * The Schmoo: Clarkson University’s APO mascot which is a duck. It’s a challenge for NIBs each sectionals to attempt to steal the Schmoo and hold it for a nonmonetary ransom. * We’re the only chapter that bum, bum, bum’s in the Toast Song. You’ll get weird looks but embrace it and accept those little Phi things. * Roll call: It’s a live performance by each chapter to more or less announce who they are. Some chapter are more prepared than others… * Phi is a part of Section 87 and our sectional conference comprises of sections 88 and 89 as well. * We can’t drink but obviously other chapters can and they do. You’re going to have fun regardless.


ould you spend 48 hours in an entirely APO environment? If you can, sectionals might be for you. Actually though, I had no clue what I was getting myself into when I signed up in October. If you mentioned back then the word “sectionals” you might have triggered a panic attack. Phi is big, I’m shy, and primarily none of my close friends were going so it was a hard thing to cope with. Now if you mentioned sectionals to me, I get flashes of my future husband, losing Stacie and Ruby in Walmart, our Mulan themed roll call, and almost dying in a car because of Rebecca. Basically, I loved it or I loved most of it. I came out sectionals feeling closer to the brothers who went and to APO as a whole. Sectionals was held by the Theta Kappa chapter which is Binghamton University and the theme… The Great Gatsby. Alright… eh

but at least it gave me a reason to wear my inductions dress again. We got there late on a Friday night so we checked into the hotel and into the conference before heading off to get dinner. There were already events going on but food was far more important to us #priorities. We had the chance to meet a couple of the chapters on our floor during all of this like Clarkson and SUNY Canton (Shout out to my beautiful future husband who definitely, 100% doesn’t look like Sai). Then there were bedbugs and Stacie breaking our door. Seriously, I wish I was kidding. Then we went to Walmart and lost Stacie and Ruby because the grey abyss will suck you in and not let you out. So Friday actually turned out to be pretty eventful despite the lack of doing anything productive. The 8am wakeup call the next morning was probably my least favorite moment of the weekend. It might have had something to do with staying up until 3am because of Girl Scout Merit Badge

Day but I digress. AND THEN REBECCA GASIOREK SHOWED UP OUT OF THE BLUE. I didn’t think much about it at the time but that would definitely be something that would lead to some wonderful hysteria. Anyway, Saturday was a full day of workshops. Jon-Eric and I started off our Saturday morning with the 3 hour LEADS course Launch. It was a lot to sit through admittedly but I came out with a better appreciation for what it means to be a leader in APO and in general. I get to take all of that with me in t-minus 6 months and into the real world. These are the types of things that make me grateful for APO in the first place, serious endless opportunities for growth. After that I took two workshops on retention and public relations. I took less away From those for what we can apply to Phi and took away more of the experience of seeing and understanding how other chapters function and the appreciation for seeing APO at a larger level. Maddie sums that up perfectly, “It kind of breaks that barrier of thinking of APO at the chapter level and its implication and existence in the world beyond Syracuse. Almost like a turtle coming out of its shell if you would.” When workshops were done, the brotherhood bonding got turned way up. There was a Target adventure with Rebecca, Jon-Eric, and Michael where the latter two almost got left behind and then we almost died because Rebecca spotted frozen yogurt. Wow. It started to get late and we reallllllllllllllly needed to work on that roll call. Or not. That was okay too. Which by the way, shout out to Aaron Knight for recording our performance. I really hope it got deleted. We also happened to perform on initiations night (I think our wonderful president recorded it and hopefully subsequently deleted it). Phi cleaned up real nice for banquet by the way. Ruby wore a fedora-thing, Jon-Eric had his hair braided, and I took a lot of snapchats of our unamused faces the entire time. They’re saved if you didn’t have a chance to see them. Banquet was

banquet-y, we sat in a corner table like the awkward people we all are, Maddie and Jon-Eric entered a swing dance competition for which he would like you all to know, “…the swing competition was not swing music.” It’s okay, you two were still the best out there because you actually knew what you were doing. After that we shuffled back out, Rebecca and I pining over our unrequited love and everyone else surely rolling their eyes at us. Let’s just say the night devolved into pure hysteria after that. There’s a video on my Facebook that shows us still pretty normal which says a lot. Rebecca stuffed a pillow in her maternity pants, I cried because other chapters got to drink (#drychapterproblems) and I’m pretty sure Michael was really hoping we’d eventually just pass out. Sorry Michael. I’ll give the final words to our Fall ’14 Parliamentarian, Rebecca “Leaving Way Too Soon” Gasiorek, “Sectionals was fun. As Aaron Knight put it ‘It’s a great chance to see just how normal you guys are as a chapter.’ We. Are. NOT THE MOST SOCIALLY AWKWARD CHAPTER ACROSS SECTIONS 87/88/89. #proudofPhi.” Next Stop: Nationals. *If you go onto my twitter, you can find my live tweets from sectionals.



Philings 2 Fall 2014  
Philings 2 Fall 2014