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Spring 2013- Issue 2


We are ONE FAMILY. We are PHI.

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Leadership Friendship Service

On the Question of Being a Leader By: Ivan G. Zhivkov


he question of leadership and what it takes for someone to be a strong and influential leader has provoked a myriad of responses from numerous people. I do try to absorb them all, however it tends to become rather confusing. Is it better to be strong or humble? A fighter or a peacemaker? An Achilles or an Odysseus? There are many definitions of what being it takes to be a leader but what has truly stuck with me is a simple saying, “Do good and inspire others to do the same”. I am not sure where I’ve seen it, read it or who I heard it from, but I am almost positive that it came from my old man when I was a kid. It is simple and straight to the point. Do good and make others do the same. A true leadership quality that came from one of the leading figures in my life, my father.This idea was further reinforced by my mother, who quoted Dante and told me “Seek and you shall find”. Thus, I grew up in a household where good deeds were greatly encouraged. Through living in Bulgaria and the USA, I aimed to help out anyone in need and do good for others. Having a little sibling, I was able to encourage my brother to do the same. I was first directly involved in community service in high school, where I was thought the virtues of civic duty and citizenship. I read of the Ancient Greek system of direct democracy, where the citizenship and participation of an individual maintained the liberty for all. Also, the subsequent centuries of tyrannical rules of individuals without opposition and complete lack of civic engagement by people. I

came to understand that a leader must be involved and must participate. There needs to be a good amount of social capital and service to the fellow man in order for liberty to persevere. The individual is a leader in oneself, able to make a change through working together with other. That is how I view leadership in Alpha Phi Omega: each and everyone is a leader. Each and everyone of us contributes an immense amount of social capital in the organization, making us learn from each other before going out to serve our community and do our duty as American citizens. We help ourselves and we help our fellow man in causes that we are passionate about. One of us does work with animals, another works with children, while a third one works on environmental sustainability. Each of us in this massive organization is passionate for something. The job of this organization is to serve as a Forum, on which ideas for engagement and service can be discussed. It is a place where leaders meet leaders and work together, regardless of their gender. That is what makes our brotherhood so unique. In my last remarks, I would like to stress the importance of doing good deeds. The immense joy that one receives from kindness and the gratitude that is returned from making someone’s day. Follow your passions and always be a leader.


was interviewing brothers and pledges last semester as part of my pledging process, I discovered many people who shared my interests and passions, and I realized that there is something deeper than a simple love of service that bonds us as brothers. By: Madeleine Durbin Although many of us come from different backgrounds and have varied academic riendship is an integral part of Alpha goals and interests, we all have one thing Phi Omega. It is important because with in common: passion. Although what I’m friendship comes loyalty and trust, two passionate may be different from some of key characteristics of being a brother. In our my friends in APO, we are friends because chapter, our loyalty not only to our chapter, but also to each other, is what keeps us strong. When we share a level of passion for something, as well as a love of service. When we I joined Alpha Phi Omega, I was driven mainly make friends in the brotherhood, whether by the desire to participate in service. However, I quickly realized that it was also an opportunity through our passions, love of service, or academic interests, we create stronger to make many new friends! From the very bonds, and we truly do become brothers, beginning, APO encourages its members to be with relationships based on common social together, and to get to know each other at a deeper level than just names and faces. When I ground, mutual respect, loyalty, and trust.

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under construction By: Sawyer Cresap


ince pledging Alpha Phi Omega Phi Chapter in Spring 2013, I’ve had the opportunity to complete countless amazing service projects through the brotherhood. The most recent and rewarding project I served with was the Habitat for Humanity Spring Break trip. This trip took us 11 hours west of Syracuse to the Chicago suburbs of Flossmoor, Illinois where 9 other Syracuse students and I worked alongside professional Habitat for Humanity crews to demolish a home. Usually when you think Habitat for Humanity, you think building a home, however, in many cases older, dilapidated homes are purchased by habitat for humanity to be demolished and repurposed. As many affordable housing options already exist in Flossmoor, we worked to remove decks, siding, drywall, and insulation in a preexisting home. We wore hard hats and dust masks and learned how to use hammers and crowbars. My unscrewing of screw operation could have rivaled that of an old pro. We watch a walls of a house fall to pieces as sledgehammers knocked and what seemed like hundreds of buckets of drywall were removed and carried into a deeming dumpster. What was once an empty house became a blank canvas, stripped of fixtures, room divides and flooring, to soon be rebuilt for a family to call home. Working as a team with friends who only a week ago were complete strangers lifted my spirits more than I ever could have imagined. I saw how beautiful life can be, full of possibilities to meet new people everyday in any unlikely situation. I became so acutely aware of the impact we can have with our own lives, both in our actions doing good for others, and our interactions with others. Though there is a chance I will become president, or work for a non-profit building wells overseas, it is not guaranteed my life will have a significant impact on the global community. However, it is guaranteed that my interactions with others will influence their lives. This irrefutable impact through connection is the most meaningful way I can see to influence the lives of others, and if I have a chance to change the world, I’m going to take it. Service to others does not have to take place with a hammer and a hardhat, but with words and with action guided by love. The effect I have on others

matters, and I will do everything I can to make sure my interactions leave others feeling better than they had before, happier, stronger, and inspired to pass it along. This trip allowed me to meet nine silver lining, to carry with my in my own life, to think about when I’m sad or lonely. The way they treated me will forever shape who I am and who I hope to be. It is with this commitment to kindness that I will serve others throughout my time in Phi, and beyond.

“ The hike consisted of 12 miles through the woods. Along the way we somehow lost the trail and we got lost during the hike. �

Spring Break 2k14 By: JJ Pang


his spring break I had the opportunity to go to Franklin, West Virginia with Aimee Leong and Mali Golomb-Leavitt. We did a bunch of various activities throughout the week but one that I really enjoyed was a hike called The Death March. This hike consisted of 12 miles through the woods. Along the way we somehow lost the trail and we got lost during the hike. I see getting lost as a blessing in disguise though because I got to bond more with Aimee and Mali during our 12, now 14 mile hike. We also had the opportunity to go into a nearby town called Harrisonburg in Virginia! It was a nice little town that has Salsa night on Thursday night! We attended and learned how to salsa and we all danced together, it was like a little mini fellowship in Virginia! I am glad that I was able to go on this trip with some of my brothers and get to know them a lot better than I did before!

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Nia Stiit

Year & Major: Freshman, Psychology/pre-med Family: MAFIA How she spends her days: Doing work, hanging with friends, and reflecting about life Some of her hobbies: Watching movies, spending time with friends The best meal she’s ever had? Homemade Pizza Her dream job: Doctors without borders The best gift she’s ever given: Her time The best gift she’s ever received:​Love


Yvonne Lim

I’m currently a sophomore studying Wildlide Science at ESf. Go Green! I’m in the ever sneaky and beloved SAL family with all my sexy Asian lady friends. (And Jack, JJ and Gary, haha) Ow oww! Uhh, my day is pretty uneventful for the most part. It’s usually get up, go to class, hang out with my friends, go to more classes, then head home to do work. I occasionally go to club meetings and events hosted by ESF, ask my friends a weird question or two and share a good laugh, but yeah, pretty boring. On weekends, Saturday mornings, I volunteer at a pet clinic and I get to greet and sometimes play with the patients and that’s always the highlight of my week. Then I spend the rest of the afternoon and Sunday either painting my nails, doing homework, eating and sleeping, watching movies, and cleaning my room like a neat freak. Well, definitely painting my nails. They say it’s your “second face” and I would like my second face to be just as pretty as my first, haha. I also read a lot of manga and watch a lot of anime like the true Asian that I am. My other hobbies include knitting, swimming, and just being quirky in general. The best meal I’ve ever had (and always will be) Chinese New Years dinner at home with my family. My mom is a wonderful cook and I look forward to this dinner every year because there’s so much food and fancy dishes that she doesn’t usually make. It’s sad that I can’t stuff myself fast enough or have a big enough stomach to do so :( My dream job is to be a veterinarian. I love animals and I would like to be able to help them in return for their companionship and just pure awesomeness. I do not know what kind of animals I want to work on yet, but I just know I want to go into that field. Honestly, even if I don’t get this as my career, my dream job would be working with animals (studying them or playing with them). I would like to be paid (who doesn’t) but just an amount that is enough for me to live off is enough :) I’m not to sure about this as I don’t think of myself as a great gift-giver and I’m always bad at keep surprises from the people I do give gifts to... I would probably say a scarf that I made for my friend. It turned out really nice and she was happy to get it, despite the fact that it was mid-June at the time. The best gift I ever received is just having my family and friends around me and I’m not just saying that. They all make me life very interesting and they are the ones who help me grow and become who I am today. Also, they are willing to making time for me and that’s mote than I can ask for. My most memorable moments are always my birthday, which is in May. It’s also the time when allergy season rolls around and I always come down with really bad ones and end up feeling miserable on my birthday. However, my close friends never fail to come and hang out with me, despite my grouchyness, and my parents always get me a cake. It makes me really happy.

Philings Issue 2  

This issue includes the importance of LFS, a Spring Break story, and Featured Pledges.

Philings Issue 2  

This issue includes the importance of LFS, a Spring Break story, and Featured Pledges.