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Purify Coffee, November 1, 2012

Volume 6, Issue 2

Oklahoma State University Water Weekend

P Table of Contents OSU Water Weekend.....................1 Letter from the President..............2 Mission, History and Products.....2 Wishing Well...................................2 Creative Director’s Passion............3 Sponsors...........................................3 Help Us Change the World............4 Nonprofit coffee organization for the global clean water crisis

“We must fight for those, who cannot fight for themselves”

urify Coffee is hosting OSU Water Weekend, which is two days of charity events orchestrated by student volunteers. These philanthropists are on a mission raising money to provide clean water for developing countries. Water Weekend will include a live concert on Library Lawn, free coffee and merchandise, a speaker event from organization presidents, an iPad giveaway and family fun activities. The weekend kicks off on April 12, 2013, at 7 p.m. on Library Lawn with a free performance from the band Fun, who will sing their hit song, “Some Nights.” Purify Coffee volunteers will provide free coffee samples, T-shirts and many other surprise giveaways to all guests. Water Weekend will continue on April 13 at 10 a.m. in the Student Union Atrium, where Purify Coffee President Brittanie Douglas and Wishing Well: Water for the World President Ryan Groves, will speak. Douglas and Groves will explain their plans to end the global clean water crisis within their lifetime. T. Boone Pickens will also speak at the event. A series of promotional videos as well as a ticket drawing for an iPad will close out the weekend festivities.

“Nearly a billion people across the globe live without a clean water supply,” Douglas said. “If you’re a fan of coffee, fun, music and free gear, what’s stopping you from making your small contribution?” “College students have a passion to give back that I’ve never seen before,” Groves adds. “I’m excited to see how OSU students can add to our momentum.” Tickets to Saturday’s event can be purchased at www. for $5. All proceeds and donations will directly support clean water efforts. Purify Coffee and Wishing Well are empowering students to transform their world by giving clean water to rural areas in Africa. Communities around the U.S. have partnered with both organizations to raise money for wells and raise awareness about the water crisis. The goal for the Water Weekend event is to raise funds and awareness among the OSU community. In a society where water is readily available at the turn of a knob, Americans can easily dismiss or ignore the need for clean water present around the globe. Through this event, we hope to educate and informall who attend how important this relief effort is. Help us end the global clean water crisis within our lifetime.

Letter from the President When plans to create this dream of a nonprofit organization first came about, I never imagined our mission would become this successful. Tulsans, Oklahomans and Americans across the board are stepping up and making their voice heard through donations, gifts and most importantly by volunteering. Our overall goal is pretty ambitious, to end the global clean water crisis within our lifetime. Our supporters have helped transform this goal into a reality and we continue to improve. The Purify Coffee logo has become a well known brand in the eyes of Oklahomans, a milestone I never thought we would be able to reach. As donations and ideas continue to flow in, I am so excited to see what else we can accomplish together.

Brittanie Douglas

100% clean water

Who We Are


A nonprofit organization created in 2010 that sells coffee and coffee products to raise funds for those living in developing countries without access to clean water. In a world where over 80 percent of the world’s population is incapable of accessing clean water, Purify Coffee has hopes to inspire Oklahomans to lead an effort that will change the lives of millions. Purify Coffee, which is based out of Tulsa, is run by a group of friends who graduated from Oklahoma State University together. The crew considers themselves a family on the pursuit to use their skills and passion to enhance the lives of others. Most importantly, they enjoy their ‘work.’

In addition to saving thousands of lives, clean water has the power to provide hope. Children are able to attend school, rather than walking miles each day to provide water for basic daily needs for the entire family. Better education leads to an opportunity to earn a better living. We believe our generation has the drive, compassion and resources to end the world water crisis in our Unclean water lifetime. Our generation has the 84% of the world’s population ability to change the world.

Wishing Well


Purify Coffee is working closely with a nonprofit organization based out of Oklahoma City, Wishing Well: Water for the World. Wishing Well is empowering communities in developing countries across the globe. Wishing Well engineers are making advances in building water wells with readily available materials. The combination of technology and compassion is the driving force behind this outstanding organization. Corporations across the U.S. are collaborating with Wishing Well to combine resources and knowledge to make a major impact on how water wells are built.

The Ethopian coffee is 100 percent Arabica, which is grown at 6,500 ft. elevation in the mountains. Whether you prefer coffee beans or grounded, we guarantee the coffee is a taste you will love. Purify Coffee also sells coffee products with the distinct Purify logo. • • • • •


Mug 16 oz. Plastic tumbler 22 oz. T-shirts Monthly coffee subscription Stickers




magine how many times a day people perform the simple task of turning on a water facet. Could you picture waking up one morning unable to shower or brush your teeth without the threat of becoming ill? Over one billion people across the globe struggle to reach clean drinking water every single day, according to UNICEF.

Tommy Fields Vice President Creative Director

Tommy Fields, who was named Oklahoma State University Philanthropist of the Year in 2011, has made the global clean water crisis a life mission. The graphic design senior supports all attempts to provide “We have the clean water to the ability to end the world through involvement with global clean water Purify Coffee.

crisis in our lifetime”

Fields says he wasn’t exposed to how large an issue clean drinking water is for millions living in developing countries until his first visit to Uganda in the summer of 2011, where he saw the need first hand. “It was that type of experience that changed my life forever,” says Fields, Purify Coffee’s Creative Director. “Seeing how big of a need something as simple as water is for these people, I will forever be grateful to drink water out of the facet without the worry of contacting life threatening diseases.” Fields started his journey with Purify after meeting President Brittanie Douglas in a college course. The two instantly formed a friendship with the common passion to make a difference in the world.

‘13 graphic design from OSU Dallas native

When Douglas created the nonprofit organization, Tommy was ecstatic to be on board. Fields has single-handedly revamped the Purify Coffee brand image with his graphic design experience and creative knowledge. He has been a driving force in raising funds for the cause through creating unique designs for T-shirts, mugs, packaging, stickers, posters, and the list continues to grow. “Purify Coffee would not have flourished without Tommy’s expertise,” says Douglas. “He is constantly calling me with new crazy ideas for products or event. I trust his input 100 percent.” Tommy has created a brand image that is spreading awareness to millions. Changing lives of those less fortunate begins with finding a way to combine passion and skill, an experience Fields is blessed to pursue.

Sponsors T. Boone Pickens has graciously

donated $1 million to Purify Coffee’s mission. The OSU alumnus has been heavily involved in the beginning efforts of Purify Coffee getting started and making a name for itself. His input and gift will inspire and change the lives of people everywhere.


The OSU Foundation is a private fundraising organization for OSU existing to unite donor and university passions and priorities to achieve excellence. OSUF employees volunteer their time and money on a regular basis. We are forever indebted for their support.

We must fight for those who cannot fight for themselvesWa t

Pur er fo


urify Coffee has recently reached their fiscal yearly goal of $1.2 million this past September. Thanks to generous donations from sponsors, volunteers and coffee lovers from around the U.S.

Upcoming Events

Through coordination with organizations such as Wishing Well, Purify Coffee has been able to build and secure over 86 wells in developing countries in Africa. More than five wells are being built each and every week across the globe. Purify Coffee is working on securing wells in Uganda, most recently. The Purify Coffee logo is becoming a trademark across the metro of Tulsa, Okla. Volunteers and supporters are sporting T-shirts, drinking out of Purify mugs, and indulging in the rich taste of foreign coffee beans.

OU Water Walk............March 22, 2013

UT Water Walk................ April 2, 2013

Tulsa Riverside Walk........April 2, 2013

OKC Water Walk............April 14, 2013

OSU Water Weekend.....April 14, 2013

Support and donations continue to flow in from across the U.S., leading an effort to end the world water crisis within our lifetime.



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