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Research Project Proposal Project Name: Biskuit Magazine Project Goals: By the end of this project i hope to have full magazine finished,both online and hardcopy.But most of importantly i want to improve on my creative process,as i am looking of heading into the Web Design area after school.I believe this project will help improve the way i approach design and really help to think creatively.Since this magazine is going to be directed towards mostly media/design related topics,i want it to be useful for people interested in design.

What is my project? My research project is to develop a mini magazine,it wont be as many pages long as most magazines are but it will still be a magazine.The name is yet to be decided on but i have narrowed it down to a few.Since this is a Media course it will be a magazine focused around Media content,although it wont be all media related their will be small sections for other interests e.g travel articles,fashion pages interviews ...I’m planning on contacting and asking some succesful designers that have their own site and blog and interviewing them & incorporating that into my magazine.It will be directed to the younger crowd 16-35yr olds but anyone who has an interest in media and design will benefit from it to. I also want to interview people in the class like Tyler who for his project is doing a clothing company so i can put them in under the fashion section.All the interviews that i plan to have in their will be real,but the filler pages inbetween the main content e.g Adverstisemnts will be mock up ficticious ones that i create myself.I want the magazine to have a fun young feel to it,but also have useful information that young designers like us can use for the future.As well as indesign ,i will be using and learning photoshop skills along the way to help me with the creative layout of the magazine.More thorough research will be done to find out what works best in magazines and what doesnt.

Research Project Proposal Challenges? I think the hardest challenge will be learning my way around Indesign a program that i have never really used before.And also creating a magazine that is completely original and trying to bring something new to the table.I have and i will even more look to other magazines for inspiration and see how they did things,but my aim is to make it all my own.But sometimes you see so much of one thing ..e.g how a magazine looks ,how they present their article covers find yourself emulating those looks.Obviously its going to have the magazine style but i really do want to put my own spin it with my creative ideas.So not too copy exactly what other magazines have done will be something i will keep on mind throughout this whole process,because sometimes you think it’s your ideas.And i think just the process of laying everything out making sure it looks professional and aligned..will be challenge but a good one i’ll be stretching my creative skills and learning how to be organised so its a positive.

Software? Indesign will definantly be the main piece of software,but i ill be using photoshop and illustrator for the graphics for the magazine.Also a camera will be used for some areas of the magazine.The magazine will be printed out into an actual magazine and i plan to have an online version aswell.

Research Throughout this process i will be constantly checking out design blogs to gain ideas and inspiration for my magazine.I have looked around and have some ideas.I will be trawling through to see what articles worked well and looked good so i can get and idea of what will work well in my magazine,again i dont want to copy exactly just get ideas.I have also decided i will have a blog just for documenting my whole process on this research project.

Research Project Proposal Copyright Issues? As for copyright issues,since i said everything i will be creating will be my ideas and come from me,there really shouldnt be any issues with copyright.I’m not going to take ads that are already out in some other magazine or on the web and use it in mine.

Rough Project Timeline Week 4 -Submit Proposal Week 5 - Research more online magazines Week 6 - Indesign Tutorials Week 7 - Try and finalize what is going in the actual magazine Week 8 - Start creating the layouts & graphics for the inside pages. Week 10 - “ ” Week 11 - “ ” Week 12 - “ ” Week 13 - “ ” Week 14 -Finalizing the magazine and get it actually printed. Week 15 - Group Presentation


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