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Make the Neck Arresting Moment Special with Three-Stones

There are so many reasons why you should buy a diamond pendant. It could be due to your wedding, engagement, birthday or the fascination that you have for diamonds. Pendants have been in style for a long time. They have appeared in different styles like cross, heart, skull etc. Depending on the age, class or taste the use of pendants transformed over the ages. Today, the craze for diamond pendants is heading to a new direction of fashion. They are available in different shapes like heart, pear shape, oval cut, pillow shape etc.

Heart shaped pendants are popular among couples who are celebrating an anniversary of when they first met. In addition, on the special event of an engagement, you can give your partner a diamond pendant for a gift. If this is your first wedding anniversary, buying a three stone anniversary pendant will make that moment very special. Three stone pendants symbolize three important phases of a couple’s life together. The logic behind using such pendants is that it would represent your past, present and future. For a couple, a three stone pendant may represent their past dates, present life

and likelihood of their life together in coming days. Apart from engagements, wedding and dates, three stone anniversary pendants can be given as gifts on the anniversary of your child.

As the name suggests, three stone pendants include three stones that are connected together in a setting. However, the placement may be in horizontal, vertical or diagonal series. As already said, the shapes may be different as per your preference. It can be a heart, cross, curves, round, or oval. There are different trends of three stone anniversary pendants available in the market today. Some of which are white gold with diamonds, white gold and blue topaz pendant, white gold and citrine pendant, three-stone diamond drop pendant, yellow gold threestone diamond pendant etc. As you know the significance of an anniversary in anyone’s life, you must make sure you get the best quality diamonds for your pendant. The stones should be perfect in terms of length/width ratios, quality and clarity. There are various retailers, online dealers and

wholesalers in the diamond business. You should always look for the certified dealers who will provide you with quality diamond pendants.

Buying a quality diamond will always be something special, it is something that will last a lifetime and will go down in your family from generation to generation, and therefore you should make the right investment. This will also make you feel confident that you are offering a diamond with the best quality and of the highest value to the love of your life. Keeping in mind the increasing popularity of three stone anniversary pendants, designers are always trying to give these pendants a trendier look.

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Make the neck arresting moment special with three stones  

There are so many reasons why you should buy a diamond pendant. It could be due to your wedding, engagement, birthday or the fascination tha...

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