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Heart shape cut diamonds A huge collection of diamonds are available for anyone and everyone these days. Ranging from traditional round diamonds to fancy shape diamonds, each diamond portrays its own beauty in a unique style. Different types of diamond shapes: Diamonds are available in a variety of shapes. There are unique characteristics which help to determine the quality of each shape. The shapes included are round, princess, emerald, marquise, Asscher, radiant, pear, oval, heart and cushion. Out of all, heart shape diamond is the one that is extremely popular and is considered a symbol of love. Heart shape cut diamonds are used in rings and pendants as an epitome of love.

The heart shaped cut diamond is considered a symbol of affection,love and romance. However, you require an excellent skill to create the curve of the heart. Therefore, a heart shaped diamond is only created by a person who is extremely experienced in creating diamond shapes. The specifications of Heart shape diamonds: The heart shape diamonds have rounded lobes, which come from a centered cleft and slopes down coming together at one point. They have a cleft at the top. The heart shape diamonds should be cut in an accurate symmetry and balanced proportions to produce the right shine and charm.The accuracy of a heart shape diamond is very important. The diameter of a heart shaped diamond is measured at its lobes, which is the shoulder of the heart. It is not measured from the top to the tip. The diameter also judges the girdle thickness, the table size, the pavilion measurement and the depth. The diameter is always equal to the length of the lobes. The optimal ratio of length and width is close to 1-1.

The heart shape cut diamonds can be used in rings , pendants, necklaces and bracelets. Anything and everything with a heart shaped diamond looks hundred times better than a normal pendant or a necklace. However, make sure any heart shape diamond you buy should be EGL certified. An EGL certified diamond has an exceptionally good quality in terms of the four C’s, that are, carat, color, clarity and symmetry. Therefore, if you desire to gift your partner an epitome of love, a heart shaped diamond is absolutely perfect. Once you buy a perfect gift for your love,that is, a heart shaped diamond, you don’t need any words to express your feelings.

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Heart shape cut diamonds