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Falling in Love with Diamond Stud Earrings Anniversary gift or simply show of love, you can always count on Diamond Stud Earrings to outlast the moment and be enjoyed by coming generations. So, she walks onto the stage, smiling charmingly at everyone. The diamond stud earrings she is wearing glitter brilliantly, sparkling unendingly. She receives an outstanding ovation, catches your eye and smiles even brighter and blows you a kiss. Eyes turn towards you in acknowledgment making your heart burst with pride. You love this lady more than words can tell. Of course, she is not your girlfriend or wife, she is your daughter and your wife, seated beside you is just as proud of her. The glittering diamond stud earrings she wears however are family heirloom. She is not the first to wear them, your mother wore them and hers before that and before your daughter, your wife also wore them. Diamonds are like that, beautiful pieces that sparkle from one generation to another.

Diamond stud earrings are easily one of the most popular pieces of jewelry that gets passed on from through generations but they are not just generational gifts. Nothing prevents anyone from buying diamond stud earrings for a loved one as a remembrance or anniversary gift among other reasons, of course. Should you decide to contribute to the diamond stud earrings gifting tradition, here are a few things you should bear in mind:

Diamond Size: Individuals have their own unique styles and while some people like small diamonds, others prefer the larger ones. In terms of carats, you have to note that the Total Carat Weight (TDW) refers to the combined carat size of all the diamonds in the earrings. Therefore, if you have a TDW of 2-carats, it means that each earring contains a 1 carat diamond. Diamond Cut: There are quite a diverse range of diamond cuts and you have to be sure of the one that suits your preference, purpose or style. As far as diamond stud earrings go, the round brilliant cut remains very popular given its 58 facets that guarantee amazing brilliance and sparkle. Other cuts that could look very great too include the Asscher, princess and emerald cuts.

D iamond Origin: Whether you are considering making your diamond stud earrings a family heirloom or not, you certainly do not want to use 'blood diamonds', which originate from areas of conflict and are used as a medium of exchange for illegal weapons purchase. Diamond Quality: Here, the four parameters for grading diamonds come into play; Carat, Cut, Color and Clarity. The more colorless diamond, the higher the quality and therefore price. Of course, no noticeable flaws also mean that it rates high. Looking to know more about Diamond Stud Earrings or Certified Diamond Earrings before purchasing click on the link. Feel Free to Contact Us DiamondSafe Address: 42 W 48th Street New York, NY 10036 Telephone:212-997-9060 Email:

Falling in love with diamond stud earrings  

Anniversary gift or simply show of love, you can always count on Diamond Stud Earrings to outlast the moment and be enjoyed by coming genera...

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