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Examine the Great Impact of Pear Shape Cut Diamonds The pear shape cut diamonds are immensely popular. They are made exclusively by combining the round shape and the marquise shape. They look amazing on fingers, when they are worn with its narrow side facing the finger. They come in different sizes and shapes. Mostly, they have wide cuts and slim cuts to give a longer and a slimmer appearance to the fingers. However, the most important thing in a pear shaped diamond is its symmetry. Anyone purchasing a pear shape cut diamond should never compromise on its alignment or symmetry. The points and the edges of the diamond shape should be aligned with its apex on the round side. The wings should not have straight edges. They should form uniform curves with proper symmetry. The rounded top should not be narrow and should make a complete semicircle.

The length to width ratio of a standard pear shape diamond is 1.401.70.However, you have the liberty to choose the size of the diamond. You can choose the narrow pear diamond cut for danglers or a wide pear shape diamond for a solitaire ring. You can experiment with its shape depending on your requirements. The pear shape diamonds also have a bow-tie effect. However, this bow –tie effect varies and is not easily visible. Therefore, if you desire to examine the bow-

tie effect of the pear shaped diamond, you can easily do that by contacting a diamond consultant. A diamond consultant will guide you and brief you properly about the bow tie effect. To set the Pear Shaped cut Loose Diamonds properly in the ring or any other ornament, it is important to use a prong at its edge. This will give stability to the diamond. It would also hide all flaws in the diamond shape that occur due to additional facets.

It is important to buy a high – quality diamond to have some timeless benefits. Therefore, to buy a high-quality diamond you must check its color, clarity, carat and cut. The color of a good quality diamond ranges from D-F. However, to check the clarity, carat and the perfection of the cut, you should consult a diamond consultant or a gemologist. You can also opt to buy a certified pear shape cut diamond as it will assure you the quality of the diamonds. You will be able to judge easily the clarity, color, weight and the cut of the diamond by looking at the certificate.

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Examine the great impact of pear shape cut diamonds  

The pear shape cut diamonds are immensely popular. They are made exclusively by combining the round shape and the marquise shape.

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