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Discover the Amazing Beauty about Heart Touching - Radiant Cut Diamonds The radiant cut diamonds are cube shaped diamonds, which have trimmed corners. They were created by Henry Grossbard in the year 1977. They are formed by combining the shape of the emerald cut with the round brilliant cut. Generally, the fancy colored diamonds are cut in the shape of radiant cut diamonds. They have a rectangular or a squarish shape. For this reason, they are adored by many diamond connoisseurs. The radiant cut diamond was designed 20 years ago, therefore, it is considered the father of fancy cut diamonds. The best part is its kaleidoscopic effect, which reflects more light than any other diamond shape or diamond cut. It has 70 facets and is confused with “ cut corners Princess/ Quadrillions.�It enhances the brilliance of the diamond, with fancy shapes. These radiant shape diamonds are generally the center stones for pendants and rings. They aid the brilliance of the diamond with its fancy shapes. Radiant shape diamonds are used as center stones for most of the jewelry pieces. It is a center stone for Trilliant Cut, trapezoid, half moon and shoulder stones. If you are planning to choose a radiant cut diamond, check out the color grade of the diamond. Any color grades below J will make the color more visible from the corners. The radiant cut diamonds are cut into a square shape or a rectangular shape depending on the personal preference of the designer. All the squared shape radiant cut diamonds have the typical width ratio of 1:1.10. If you are looking for a width ratio of a solitaire, then 1.20 to 1.50 is best. As they have a large facet pattern, it is important to consider the quality of the stone properly and ensure that it has great clarity and great color. Any radiant cut diamond that is imperfect, will easily show all the colors or imperfections it has in it. Therefore, make sure that you consult a gemologist who will guide you properly about the quality of the diamond or buy a certified radiant cut diamond so that you know the clarity, color, carat and cut of the diamond easily. Radiant cut diamonds are really good for wedding rings and engagement rings. They are known to have very high quality. Therefore, they are the perfect wedding gift for your partner. Purchase them now and impress your partner with this exclusive gifts. The rectangular shape diamonds are known to have excellent quality.

Discover the amazing beauty about heart touching radiant cut diamonds  
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