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Breathtaking Heart-Shaped Engagement Rings are Quite Popular Now-a-days! Do you remember the time when there was no variety for engagement rings? Everybody wore similar kind of rings with same designs; there was just nothing unique about them. Thankfully, we are out of that era of monotony, as modern designers have expanded their design palate by introducing distinct designs for special occasions like engagement ceremonies. The beautiful heart-shaped design of diamond rings is gaining massive popularity nowadays. Some may think, "Oh! Diamonds already symbolize love, so what is the need of a heart-shaped diamond engagement ring?'' It is true; heart is a symbol of love, therefore the diamond is worth for this outstanding cause.

If you are a hopeless romantic then there is nothing better than presenting a heart-shaped diamond to your beloved on your engagement. It may sound clichĂŠd but it is a well-tested formula. Women love diamonds, and they love it even more when they are shaped like a heart. You can, of course, choose a unique design in case you do not want it to look too clichĂŠd. Wide arrays of heart-shaped rings are available nowadays. They have distinct designs, setting, size, shape and cut. Normally the heart-shaped diamonds are made of the modified brilliant cut, with 58 facets. The facets are symmetrically aligned, so that they give out a bright sparkle.

A beautiful heart-shaped diamond made with the modified cut shimmers like fire and symbolizes passion. To make this work, the two halves of the diamond should be proportionate. Their dimensions should have the same specifications. Symmetry is very important for a heart-shaped diamond to reflect the right amount of light. Asymmetrical lengths would end up in creating the 'bow tie' effect that ruins the diamond's appearance. The stone should be cut proficiently. Anything less than 0.5 Carat will look disproportionate. A diamond cutter should be wary of the size and shape. Even a simple mistake in judging the proportion and size could lead to a disaster. That is why it is advisable to purchase heart-shaped engagement rings from a respectable and experienced jeweller.

The length-width ratio in a heart-shaped diamond usually ranges from 0.9-1.1. Anything less than 0.9 is not considered ideal. The same goes for over-sized ratios exceeding 1.00. You can choose a unique setting for your heart-shaped diamond ring. These settings are pavet, prong and bezel. You can also choose the Three Stone style for your ring. Online galleries make your job

easier than ever expected before.

You can violate your hassles in love by purchasing a Heart Engagement Rings for your spouse. In this way, you are surely able to increase happiness on her face. Simply click on the princess cut diamond engagement ring and choose her favorite engagement ring.

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Breathtaking heart shaped engagement rings are quite popular now a days!  
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