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PROGRAMME 10am 10.45   11.15   12.30 1.30  

Registration and coffee Welcome and introduction Somia Shafiq, General Secretary Dilwar Hussain, President The current picture: what do British Muslims want? Mosques and communities: Imam Qari Asim MBE, Leeds Makkah Masjid Media and public perception: Saba Zaman, freelance journalist and producer Inter-community engagement: Julie Siddiqi, Executive Director Discussion Break for Lunch and networking Prayers

2:00 3.45   4.00   4:30   5.30 6.00

ISB Session (Chair: Mahmud al-Rashid) Reports from President & Executive Director Feedback from membership and questions to Shura Constitutional Amendments Coffee break Dawud Wharnsby Reflections on the future: What do British Muslims need? Chair: Dilwar Hussain Amra Bone, Knowledge Engineers Ltd Mohammed Abdul Aziz, Deputy Chair, Equality and Diversity Forum Discussion Conclusions, Dua and close Departure

What do we want?





Do WE have something to say? •  •  •  •  •  • 

An alternative voice? A voice of sanity? Normality? Hope, not hatred Lead, not follow Pull people out of victimhood Courage, not just do the easy thing

islamic Faith Our faith  is  at  the   core  of   everything  we  do  


of britain

Family Fraternity We are  a  society,   made  up  of  families,   built  on  bonds  of   ukhuwwa,  and  to   provide  something   for  future   genera:ons  

Fraternity and   solidarity  with   our  neighbours   and  fellow   ci:zens  as  part  of   our  na:on    

2011 – 2012  A Snapshot

Departments Connecting communities Schools Education and training Infrastructure / membership Public relations / partnerships Campaigns Communications IT Support Campus Youth Fundraising Social Media

Sughra Ahmed Rabiha Hannan Ahtsham Ali Somia Shafiq Julie Siddiqi Julie Siddiqi Khalid Anis Husman Khan Umamah Ahmed

Other office bearers Vice-President Vice-President Executive Director General Secretary Treasurer Office Manager

Naved Siddiqi Sajid Quayum Julie Siddiqi Somia Shafiq Shabbir Hussain Shakil Ahmed

Branches Glasgow Halifax Bradford Manchester Leicester Birmingham Luton London West London East

Aman Durrani Eman Badri Shabbir Hussain Iskander Choudhury Sughra Ahmed Mohamed Hanif Atif Nasim Obaid Khan Tareq Ali

Targets 1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6. 

New ISB brochure (for marketing, PR, fundraising) Revamp website, add in CMS and introduce blogs Launch of schools resource website Launch of e-learning system Constitutional and legal status review Double our social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Website hits)

7.  Branch action pack for connecting communities work 8.  Launch of ISB scholarly debates events 9.  Mosque visit pack (school visits) 10.  Launch of national ISB lecture series 11.  Launch of annual learning exchange / unity event

     

by Dec 2012 by Dec 2012 by Dec 2012 by Dec 2012 by Dec 2012

12.  Double existing number of paying members 13.  PlainIslam website on first page for Google search on ‘Islam’ 14.  Re-establish and re-energise youth and student work 15.  At least four campaigns in the 2-year term

by AMM 2013 by AMM 2013 by AMM 2013 by AMM 2013

Events •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Living Islam (July) KS summer courses (Aug) Members Weekend (Oct) Student Leadership Weekend 1 (Oct) Youth work consultation (Dec) KS winter course (Dec) Members Weekend (March) Islam Awareness Week (March) Student leadership Weekend 2 (March) Shura (4) and Exec meeting (2)


Cut costs / pay debts Branch visits ongoing Minutes of meetings now public Projects moving Core members Membership database

Paying vs Non-Paying member Benefits of monthly donations A great  cause  

Third party   discounts  –   Emel,   Barefoot,  etc  

Family network  -­‐   children  

Paying Member   Discounts  at   events  &   Programmes  

E-­‐Group /   website  


Current membership database

GeLng out  of  date  

Non-­‐ paying members  

Addi:onal names:   non-­‐ members  

No link  to   payments  

Upgraded membership database Online facility  

Link to  New   Direct  Debit   payment  

Separate ‘Friends  of   ISB’  list  

New Membership   database  

Maintain exis:ng   informa:on  

Paying Members   only  

Upgraded membership categories

Core Members     Members  

Membership contributions

Minimum monthly donation Core members monthly donation


Student / unwaged

Age 12-16




2% of net income



EVERY MEMBER SHOULD PAY SOMETHING Increase from £5 to £8 agreed 2 years ago

Public relations and networks

Over 70 meetings Creating new partnership Working with old ones Building strategic alliances


London Launch for IAW 2012 with Christian Muslim Forum Good coverage in variety of media New website Facebook page  Team already in place for 2013 Connecting communities


Student Leadership Weekends Very positive feedback Third event in summer Start activities on some campuses in new academic year

Education and training

e-Circle Syllabus being re-looked at, simplify Study circle survey Working on online self-learning modules

Wed 29th Aug – Sun 2nd Sep 2012 Markfield Conference Centre Cost: £99 only (with full board) if booked before 15th August Training budget for members: 90% discount for core members!


Website launched this week Sent details to 23k UK schools Very positive feedback so far Mosque visit guide being worked on

I’ve just received the email about the launch of your website and I just wanted to say thank you. There are few good online sites about Islam for teachers/students about so this is a valuable resource and looks great.   Many thanks,


More regular communications to membership via egroup Members newsletter Established clean email list 3,500+ names Blogs and messages on various issues Tweets and Facebook updates regularly New video and audio equipment purchased Training coming up

Media interviews / articles: BBC Asian Network BBC Look North BBC News Website - various BBC Radio 2 BBC Radio 4 – various interviews BBC Radio 5 Live BBC Radio Leicester – various interviews and thought for the day BBC Radio Lincoln BBC Radio Manchester BBC World Service Central News TV Classic FM Common Ground News Daily Jang Eastern Eye

Emel - various Guardian interview Iqra TV ITV Central Letter to Sunday Times with Bishops (on benefits cap) Lincoln community radio Lincolnshire Echo Methodist Recorder New Statesman Press TV Radio Ramadan (Various) Sky News Sunrise Radio Takbeer TV Unity FM

Websites and Social Media

Websites – visits this month   ISB Main site 1,618 Schools 1,500 YM 1,291 PI 980 IAW 373 KS 352  Total: well over 3k unique visitors (last year: 1,200)

Hits Flickr: Twitter:   Facebook:   YouTube:

1k (last year: 0) 2k Followers (last year: 200) 10k (last year: 300) 140k views (last year: 0)


Old debts of about 17k – Paid half of that Cut back on office space Web hosting etc. Gift Aid Increasing membership Fundraising Waqf / Zakat Trust  Monthly income ~ £5k Current balance: £7k

Video for fundraising campaign Just Giving campaign – over £11,000 Other funds – about £3k Approached number of potential donors 5k (pledged) for youth work 1k for video equipment Commission for fundraising Looking into viability of a Zakat Trust fundraiser

Local work



Busy, talented membership Hard working families with young children Many members (tired after 15-20 years) Volunteer numbers low Not an activist culture anymore Not representative of the Muslim landscape Money No physical central presence – buildings, centres, etc Lack confidence in our USP


Understand Islam in an open, pluralistic way Understand this country Family ethos Strategic / Savvy Connect with the wider world, network Talented, educated people Innovate and think creatively Wealth potential Strong brand and USP

Priorities for last year

Strong, clear message and direction Connecting with membership Clear targets and work plan that connects with aims Stabilising finances and reducing costs where possible Tying up loose ends, sorting out infrastructure Enhancing communications, networks and presence Develop new partnerships

Next year

Branches Membership Youth Campaigns Initiate steps for long-term projects Women in leadership Fundraising – waqf, student fund, scholars fund Communications / presence Development / skills / tarbiya Egroup


Living Islam every year? Physical presence in Central London? Festival atmosphere from LI to localities, local festivals? Employ more people?

Members Conference 2012 Presentation  

Collated powerpoint presentations, including report for 2011-2012

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