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Leeds University There are so many universities you could go to. Why choose Leeds? We excel at what we do. We are one of the top ten UK research universities with internationally recognised research making a real impact on the world. Our research is integrated with our teaching to give you an inspirational learning and teaching experience. We are one of the biggest universities in the UK which means we can offer you an enormous range of courses. Whatever your interest you can find it here. We have over 32,000 students from over 130 different countries. They provide a rich cultural diversity and interesting environment in which to live and study As a student from the University of Leeds you will be highly employable and much in demand. Our award-winning students’ union is one of the largest in the country and will be the focus of your social activities. The city of Leeds, right on your doorstep, offers you endless opportunities for shopping, eating and drinking, sport,

Sixth Form Developments….. The Sixth Form Common room has been extended to accommodate our new and returning students.

music, art, and nightlife. Come and explore!


Q&A with the Executive Principal • •

I went to Leeds University because it had the best fit of the course I wanted to take at a really excellent department and the kind of place I wanted to live. Leeds was/is a really vibrant city with a lot of music and culture which was almost as important to me at the time as my studies. It’s important even at University to work very hard but also to allow oneself a break from time to time. I studied Medical Genetics (which is to do with inherited diseases but my particular area was cancer treatment. Cancer is often in large part a disease that is to do with the interaction of genetics (inborn factors) and environment (external factors). I believe that the key to treatment of cancer lies with the immune system rather than advances in chemotherapy. Of course this might be some way in the distance. I don’t have one favourite book, there are just so many that have been amazing. As a window into the mind of another person a book is of incredible value. Also as a way of thinking deeply and becoming truly more aware (as Gurdjieff might say “Awake”) a book is worth 100 movies or internet searches! Also as a way to transport oneself somewhere else little can beat them. I’m reasonably sure that reading will remain despite that prognostications of its death. The internet is not actually a good medium for thought and self development. It’s a good medium for quick and easy dissemination of information in bite sized chunks, there is some value in that. It’s good for news and good for indulging the endless narcissism of the young on sites like Facebook and Twitter. On the other hand I’m reasonably sure that as people develop they will soon tire of reading “OMG I’m in Starbucks and drinking a mocha latte and I can see Justin Beiber”. I don’t believe enough credit is given to humanity sometimes, especially young people. My favourite band. Hmmmm…that would have to be another dodge. Rush and King Crimson along with a band called Earthworks. Rush because I grew up with them and also wanted to be a drummer because of Neal Peart. King Crimson because the changed music more than once and have some awesome (and awful!) songs. Earthworks because it showed me that not all jazz is overly cerebral and they have some truly beautiful moments in their music… Yes I do believe in global warming. Climategate was interesting in that it did expose some of the complacency of scientists. I don’t believe (and neither does good science suggest) that scientific dogma should replace religious dogma. All science should be open to question. That being said I’m reasonably convinced that pumping millions of tons of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere every year will have an effect. That effect might not be what we’re expecting but when I take a look at the smog in Beijing sometimes I’m pretty convinced we have an issue we need to sort out. As a bit of a car fan I look forward to advances that allow us to combine personal transport with real (not just at the point of emission) clean solutions.

The Sixth Former Issue 1 | August 2010 | Page 1 From the Head of Secondary

University Application Update • •

Welcome back

I hope that you are all rested and recuperated after a long summer holiday and are eager to get back to school and start working. I will be starting my first term at the British School so it will be very useful if you can come and tell me as much about yourselves and your lives in the School and the city of Beijing. The School has grown an awful lot over the summer vacation and we will be welcoming over two hundred new students to the school as well as registering our first year 13 class. So please be especially helpful to newcomers to the School.

• • •

1st September 2010 - Applications for 2011 entry begin 15 October 2010 - Deadline for Oxford, Cambridge, Dentistry, Medicine and Vet Science 15 January 2011 - Closing date for 2011 applications End March 2011 - Majority of decisions made Early May 2011 - Deadline for applicants to make replies to offers

There are three main areas that I will be asking you to focus on this year and they are:

USA SAT October 9th November 6th December 4th January 22nd

Happiness Success Being good citizens and ambassadors for the School.

PSAT/NMSQT October 13th October 16th

Clearly there is a lot of hard work to do both inside and outside the classroom this term, but let us also make sure that this is balanced by fun, enjoyment and plenty of sport and other activities I look forward to meeting you all over the first few days on the Autumn Term Robert Hewett, Head of Secondary

Important Notice

Upcoming Events

Uniform Reminder

Dates for your Diary

Business attire Suits with shirt and tie for boys Suit, dress or skirt/trousers and blouse for girls

Saturday 4th December

Leather shoes for boys and girls. No sandals or flip flops

Christmas Shopping Trip

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