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2 JULY 2010



Last week, from June 21st to June 25th, Y7 students had a fantastic time in Hangzhou and Shanghai for their residential trip. Hangzhou is regarded as” The Heaven in China” and was our first destination. After a very early start (5:00am from Sanlitun), we gulped down a delicious Thai lunch at the Banana leaf restaurant on our arrival in Hangzhou. Then, we headed toward the famous “West Lake”, where students were told about the beautiful yet sad love story of “The Madame White Snake” which happened on the “Broken Bridge” there. We all took pictures of the 3 gourd-shaped stupas, Hangzhou’s well-known symbol that can be found on the one Yuan notes. Later we visited “Lei Feng Pagoda”, “Ling yin Temple” and shopped in” He Fang street” at night! The next two days in Hangzhou were packed with fun: we went to the silk museum and made Tie-dye, spent a crazy afternoon of complete true fun in the Song Dynasty park: 3 hours of water games, a few walks through the haunted house and up the Buddha mountain, and 1 hour of magical sound and light show… Unforgettable! We also went hiking in a tea plantation and enjoyed “Dragon well green tea”, before leaving the green region for the very crowded and huge Shanghai. On our way to the big city, we did the Y7 bus Spelling Bee competition. Our 4 winners are Ragi (7EL), Joseph (7AA), Ben T. (7AA) and Ben W. (7AA). Well done boys! Needless to say that we were all very tired and achy from the hike. Never mind, we spent the evening playing bowling and went to a walk along “the Bond” to take pictures of Shanghai by night! Thursday was the World Exposition Day. Mist and rain had replaced the sunshine but it did not stop us! We managed to see 11-13 pavilions and took a great number of pictures. We got VIP access for most of them! Cool! We even got a treat with Burger King!!!! It was a long but exciting day and got back to the hotel absolutely soaked with the rain. A hot shower and a good night sleep worked wonders and the next morning, we were on our feet, ready for more adventures before returning home! Science and Tech museum, Imax cinema and maglev fast train to the airport: there was no space for down time there either! The Maglev train took us to Pudong airport in less than 8 minutes and it was time already to say good bye to Monica, Esther, Sabrina and Tina, our tour guides from Unknown China. What a great week we had! Thank you yr7! A special THANK YOU to Mr. Watt for his very helpful hand to get us VIP access and treatment at the Australian and British pavilions! Mrs. Azeem, Mr. Ng and Miss. Liu

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