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2 JULY 2010

July 2

End of Term & Prize Giving





August 30

First Day of Autumn Term

Forbidden Planet Performance

Space and more

Splash Day

Secondary perform to a packed house on Thursday 1st July Return to the Forbidden Planet with stellar performances from all involved.

Sanlitun School visit the Planetarium

Foundation Stage and KS1 cool down with water on a hot day!

From the Executive Principal


ear Parents

As the year draws to a close and I’m surrounded by the sounds of a cheerful school and way too much icecream being consumed by students in primary and secondary (and some of the teachers…) I’m reminded of just how eventful a year this has been, and how successful. I cannot in this small space find room to mention even a fraction of the events or special people that have contributed and so I won’t. That is what the year books are for. I have seen students rushing around to have them signed by as many of their friends as possible and am reminded of what great memories they will have when they look back in many years time. Of course there is also not room here to really thank properly all of our teachers and TA’s and admin staff for all of their work. We have a superb team here, it has been a pleasure to work with them all. The students of course are the life of the school and I am endlessly impressed. Next year brings a number of new challenges and developments. There will be a significant renovation of the Sanlitun main campus with improved canteen facilities being perhaps the headline event. The playground will be redeveloped of course. We continue to look for extra-facilities in the Sanlitun area but the search, though active, remains fruitless at present. In the meantime we will continue to invest in both campuses to maintain the standard that you must expect from The British School. At the Shunyi Campus we will develop the new Lego Lab’s (and I might even have to personally “inspect” them regularly…) and add the secondary Design and Technology lab as well as cricket and rugby facilities amongst other areas. We will be joined next year by a significant number of new families. I have met them all at Shunyi and Janet has met them all at Sanlitun. Our main criteria for accepting families remains just as it ever was during my tenure at the school; will the students add to the life of the school and be supportive of our absolute insistence on high standards of behavior and social skills. We will continue our unwavering focus on this key area. The British School is, and will remain, the first choice for families in Beijing. Have a safe holiday and I look forward to seeing you all again in the new school year Very best regards Michael Embley

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