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2 JULY 2010


Key Stage One , Shunyi

Last week...

This week Year 1 have been doing another science investigation, to learn more about how plants grow. The children are also monitoring the growth of their bean plants now. We are wondering if any of the bean plants will grow as big as Jack’s beanstalk! On Thursday afternoon, the children were very excited about watching the Key Stage 2 production of ‘Hoodwinked’. It was fabulous! On Friday the children celebrated their 400 marble reward, by decorating yummy cup cakes with a variety of different toppings, before licking their lips and gobbling them up! In Year 2 we have had an interesting debate on whether or not it is alright to cut down trees in a tropical rainforest. The children were challenged to understand why this is happening, trying to look at both sides of the argument for and against it. The children have also been continuing to explore electricity. They pretended to be electrons carrying electricity around a ‘circuit’ made of hoops (to represent wire), with a switch and a mains power source (shown using signs). They then had a go at building and testing out different circuits.

This week...

Year 1 have had a year packed full of exciting and interesting trips which linked with the science and topic work we were doing in class. In the Autumn Term, we visited the beautiful Lama Temple. The children learned a lot of about the artistic style of these types of buildings and created beautiful patterned tiles inspired by this trip. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the Great Wall Trip in the Spring Term. Justin enjoyed going up in the cable car, whilst Jasmine enjoyed pretending to fight the Mongol invaders! More recently, the children have visited the Botanical Gardens. Irene enjoyed sketching the pretty flowers, whilst Sebastian enjoyed searching for different shaped leaves. As well as trips to sites in Beijing, we have had lots of fun with the marble rewards which the children worked hard to earn. Our favourite marble rewards were the water fight in Summer term and decorating cup cakes. Dawn Ross What a fantastic year, Year 2 have had, full of a variety of activities! We asked the children what they had enjoyed the most during Year 2 and here are their answers: They loved visiting the planning museum – but their favourite trip this year was when we

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