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2 JULY 2010

Key Stage Two, Sanlitun



On Friday Year 5 went on a wonderful trip to the planetarium to finish off their topic about Space. The children looked around the different exhibits and tried out lots of the ‘hands-on’ activities. We explored the core of the sun, walked on the moon, learned about asteroids and explored the surface of different planets. Despite all of this, there was still more excitement to come! We were all given a pair of spectacles and made our way to the 4D - YES 4D - theatre. I don’t think I have heard so much screaming in my life! We watched a film about the creation of the planet and the effects were amazing. We had all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures of the sea swimming at us and even trying to eat us! If anyone is wondering how 4D differs to 3D it seems to include things that affect our other senses. We where blasted with air, and sprayed with water during the film. One squirt of water coincided with a creature being chewed and it felt like we were being sprayed with its blood. Gross! The children had a wonderful time and to finish off the morning we had a beautiful lunch at The Red Rose Restaurant. Yummy! Christine Armstrong Year 5

Good luck for the future year 6! Year 6 at Sanlitun this year have been a wonderful class, producing some excellent work and setting a great example for the rest of the school. The key word at the beginning of the year was ‘independence’, and it has definately come to fruition in Y6B. It has been lovely to see each and every member of the class develop in confidence, to be able to work more indepently and reach their potential. The class has also been a lively and imaginative place to discuss ideas – we’ve looked at World War Two, Global Warming, John Lennon and Genghis Khan – and a place to have fun and laugh with our friends. I am sure, wherever they go next year, all the children will keep working hard and learning a lot, and we wish them all the best for the future. Good luck 6B! By Mr Salmon and Miss Beverley

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