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2 JULY 2010

Key Stage One, Sanlitun


Sleepover fun!

Sanlitun’s Year 2 had a fantastic Sleepover in their classrooms last Friday. The children came to school on Friday evening with suitcases in one hand, and stuffed bears or pillows in the other, wide-eyed with excitement about their big Sleepover! After turning the classrooms into cosy bedrooms and making nests of pillows, mats and sleeping bags, the children had great fun outside. They leapt about on a huge bouncy castle, played a game of rounders in teams, and made their own burgers for the delicious BBQ which we all tucked into as the light began to fade. Once night came, the children got into their pyjamas and brushed their teeth before settling down for a DVD and soon it was bedtime. Despite being all together, and being so excited, and sleeping in the classroom, the children were so sensible and calm as they settled down for the night, and they slept well. In the morning they enjoyed a breakfast of toast, yoghurt and fruit before playing. Finally, they were being picked up by their families, with suitcases in one hand, a stuffed bear or pillow in the other, and slightly more bleary eyes! Mrs Godber and Mrs Laslett are so proud of all the children for being so wonderful and a pleasure to take care of, and feel they will be an asset to the school on any future residential trips. Esther Irwin


Though the end of the year is finally here, the EAL students at Sanlitun showed no signs of slowing down their incredible progress. Here’s one last piece of advice for all of our EAL students: You’ll be away from BSB and your EAL teachers for almost two months, so make sure you keep practicing your English during the summer! You can read books, play spelling games, watch movies with English subtitles, and teach your family new vocabulary--just don’t forget how hard you worked for the past ten months! Have a great summer and we’ll see you soon. Mr. Fromer and Mr. Michalak

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