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BSB News: Key Dates March

Issue 22 5th March 2010

From the Executive Principal Dear Parents, Another superb and busy week for us here at BSB.


Coffee Morning, Shunyi


Numeracy Workshops


Secondary House Music Competition


Coffee Morning, Sanlitun


FS (Sanlitun) Music Workshops


Model United Nations

12— 14

FS SY Music Workshops


Last week of Secondary ASA


Last Week of Primary ASA


Yr 5 Residential Trip to Xi‘an


Primary Reports go Home


Yr 5 Residential Trip to Xi‘an

20 – 21

World Scholarship competition


Jumble Sale

International Day—To Be Confirmed

Our students came 8th IN THE WORLD this year in the World Maths Day competition. I can‘t begin to say how proud I am of all the hard work and effort which they put in and would like to say that the whole school community is behind them and the work they did. I won‘t single out any individual student, this was a team effort and something that we can all be justly proud of. A truly amazing achievement that will have me smiling all weekend and well into next week. I‘ve been so pleased to welcome so many new families to our school over the last few weeks. It has been my pleasure to welcome families from the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Ecuador, Malaysia, and Taiwan just this week! A second joy was the performance of our teams at the Handball tournament this weekend. It was a massively competitive event. We cruised past Dulwich college and into the finals but then were defeated in a very close game by the German school. Rest assured that this young sport at BSB will develop further and soon…the cup will soon be ours! In other sporting news I‘m looking forward to going to the soccer match at Shunyi this weekend when we take on TEDA in the U19 competition and the upcoming ―Swimviational‖ event to be held soon. I‘m not looking forward to the staff Table tennis tournament though...I fear I might not fare so well! Musically the activity level has remained high with the house music contest which was a real showcase for our young talent in the secondary school. Apart from the level of simple expertise which one can almost begin to take for granted on occasion (wrongly!), it was the bravery and bravado of the performers that impressed me the most. The confidence to get up and perform or sing a solo or in a small group is something that must be built and nurtured. The decision was extremely hard and only 1.5 points separated the houses in the end, truly the closest possible margin. I‘ve been visiting most classes every morning this week and will continue next week just tightening up on the school uniform. The vast majority of students are of course extremely smartly turned out so it‘s just been a matter of helping one or two to remember the correct uniform so we all look at our best. Of course some of the boys in secondary school ―forget‖ to do up their top button from time to time but I‘m always happy to remind them! On a personal note I have been working with the year 12 students organising revision sessions and work experience. I was also able to get into a classroom and teach a science lesson this week which is something I love to do. The students were very gracious and actually clapped as I finished the lesson…I think they were just surprised I could still actually teach! Mike Embley

BSB News: Whole School, Shunyi and Sanlitun: es


The next Shunyi Parent Society M eeting will ta ke place on Tuesd ay 9th M arch at 9.30am in the school Coffee Shop.

rent The next Sanlitun Pa take ill w g tin Society M ee h 9t y place on Tuesda M arch at 2pm .

Dear all mendation Following a recom Advisory made at the Parent pleased to Board meeting I‘m re it will be confirm that in futu e annual possible to have th in the school school trip include fees. wards a flexible We are working to lution for this parent focussed so iled proposal matter and a deta will follow shortly M any thanks M ike Embley

BSB will be hosting a World Scholarship Regional competition on the weekend of March 20 / 21. About 170 students from many regional and international schools (including 12 from BSB) will be participating in the competition.

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION Kids On The Stage is back with its second theatre course for kids between 6-12 years. Beginning March 7, students will spend 10 weeks learning about Mozart’s life and music in preparation for a performance of the musical, “Of Mice and Mozart.” Instrumentalists, singers and actors are all welcome. Rehearsals take place every Sunday from 9am-12pm at The British School of Beijing’s Shunyi campus. RMB2,000 for BSB students (RMB2,500 for students from outside schools) includes two tickets to the final performance. To apply, please contact Maggie at 13331066610 or 15710076196 or

BSB News: Whole School, Shunyi and Sanlitun: Over 50 000 schools from around the world took place! The top 5 students in the school were; Joowon Lee Diana Park Minnie Park Danny Yang Edward Park

20133 16535 14594 14539 14100

The total correct answers for the school was 679 366 Congratulations to Ngs Numerators for the 8th place finish in the world! SIMPLY AMAZING! Also a quick note to say thank you to all the parents who attended the numeracy workshops this week. The staff and children are very lucky to have such a committed and enthusiastic parent group that make the world of difference to their children and the whole school community. Catherine Hall, Numeracy coordinator

Beautiful Harbour Mrs Ross and Mrs Ridout were delighted to be able to make a return visit to the Beautiful Harbour Orphange this week. They were keen to follow up on the progress of little Mary, since her first operation at the end of last year. As you may remember, the operation on Mary‘s cleft palate was paid for from the sponsorship money generously raised by the BSB community in October. The teachers were thrilled to see how well Mary is doing since the surgery. She is a beautiful, strong and healthy baby, who is now eating well, and has even begun to crawl. It was also lovely to see the other children being looked after so well, in this caring and nurturing environment. Team BSB is now in training for the Great Wall run in May, and hopes to raise yet more money for deserving causes such as Beautiful Harbour. Watch this space……. Mrs Ridout

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BSB News: News From Sanlitun: From the Headteacher Dear Parents, What a lovely Open Morning we had in the main campus, with an array of different lessons to observe. I know those of you that came were extremely impressed with the standard and quality of both teaching and learning that was going on. I have a very hard working, talented set of teachers who are continually striving to do the best for every child in their care. We held a very informative coffee morning which was a great refresher course on first aid for children. The Parent Society are looking in to organising a more in depth one for anyone who is interested. Thank you to all those who are sending in goods for the jumble sale. Please keep a couple of hours free between 10&3pm on Saturday 27th March to pop in and join in the fun. Mrs Robinson has been working hard to set up sporting clubs for our youngest children. The Nursery and Reception gym classes are now full but she has put names on a waiting list and they will be first to enter the next set of classes. There are still some places left in the pre nursery gym class and it is also open to siblings and friends even if they are not in our pre nursery. I will be in England next week, interviewing for Teaching Assistants and Teachers and am very impressed with the CVs I have been sent. If there is anything you need during that week, Mr Young will be available in person or I will be continually checking emails. Warm regards, Janet Brock

ASA Having made ice sculptures at the beginning of the term, the children have since completed totem poles made from boxes, bottles and plaster that dries rock hard. Following the Native American style of totem pole design the children decorated them with images of possessions, places, beliefs, activities and people they hold dear to them. Now the children have embarked upon a project using clay in which they have created miniature statues of human figures twisted and warped in artistic and creative ways following the style of the famous English sculptor Henry Moore – an artist who made similar sculptures out of bronze. The moulding, smoothing and bending have led to some fascinating shapes! SCOTTISH DANCING ASA We have had a lot of fun in Scottish Dancing so far this term. Dances that we have learnt and can do quite well include Strip the Willow, the Virginia Reel, Duke of Perth and the Gay Gordons. The children are getting better and better at dancing without Mrs Grierson calling out each move, and hopefully, by the end of term, will be able to do this for all four of our favourite dances. The difficult task will be choosing which one to perform in assembly at the end of term! Jennie Grierson

BSB News: News From Sanlitun: EAL All of our EAL students are continuing to make so much progress. It's hard to believe that everyone is still improving week after week! Highlights from this week included writing stories about a rabbit who likes to pull tails, reading about Roman invasions, and making very silly sentences about Mr. Fromer and Mr. Michalak. Here's a tip for all of our EAL students: Are you reading every night? Even if it's not a book for school, reading a little bit before you go to sleep will not only be great for your English, but will also be a lot of fun! Mr. Fromer and Mr. Michalak

Foundation Stage Have you been spotted???? This week we have started something exciting in Foundation Stage. We have introduced our ‗Spotted book‘ which the adults are looking for children who do nice things. When they are spotted they will have their name and photo put in the book and on the display board in the main entrance. Monday the Foundation Stage children will dazzle their mummies and daddy‘s with our music assemblies. Please refer to the note for each year group‘s time. 'The weather might not be fantastic outside but it was bright and sunny in Pre-Nursery as we pretended to wash clothes and pegged them on the clothes line to dry. We have been looking at wool and sheep this week. We made a huge collaged patchwork blanket. We learnt that wool comes from sheep and had fun unravelling knitted fabrics. We practised our cutting skills by cutting wool into little pieces and sticking them onto our wooly jumper cutouts. We also collaged a huge sheep using balls of cotton wool.' We had such fun on the farm last week in Nursery that we have stayed on for a second week! This time we looked at all the different patterns we can see on cows and then used sponges to paint and create our own breeds. We moved from the cowshed to the chicken coop to find out about the life cycle of a hen. We ended the week with stories and songs about a scarecrow and found that scarecrow begins with our sound of the week‗s‘! Reception have been learning about lifecycles of animals this week. We have looked at frogs and butterflies and how they grow. We became authors and made our very own information book on ‗The lifecycle of a butterfly.‘ We have also used past learning of patterns and shapes to decorate our butterflies. Sandi-Rae Keating Reception Teacher

BSB News: News From Sanlitun: Key Stage One The Year 1 children in Sanlitun have been busy this week researching different animals that live in the Polar Regions as part of their topic work. They decided on the animal they wanted to find out about and then learned about the way it looks, where it lives, how it keeps warm, how it camouflages itself and its position in a food chain. They presented all this amazing information on a poster so that they can share their facts with others. 1M have also been preparing for their class assembly which they performed for us all today. This was an amazing re-telling of the story of ‗The Magic Paintbrush‘. The children had previously filmed themselves reading the story aloud, so we listened to this narration while the children acted out their various roles wearing fabulous costumes. Fantastic! In Year 2 the children were excited to watch a real sparkler burning in the dark as part of their literacy work on firework poetry. Having watched and listened carefully they came up with lots of new WOW words and similes to use in their work. In topic lessons the children got stuck in with investigating whether various materials can be changed by twisting, bending, squashing or stretching them.

Key Stage Two This week during topic lessons Year 3 have been learning all about pneumatics. We know all about the different jobs that pneumatics systems complete in our everyday lives and we were desperate to try building some of our own. With that in mind we designed, tested and built our very own ‗Moving Monsters‘! Each monster featured 2 pneumatic systems which were meant to scare, disgust or amuse our unsuspecting audience. Each member of the group had to fill out a booklet of ideas and pneumatic features which were then compiled to create a single, monster-tastic creation. These monsters will go on display in the lobby area of the Sanlitun campus. Those of you that are brave enough are more than welcome to try them out but beware; you could be in for the fright of your life! David Thomas

BSB News: News From Sanlitun: Storytelling Howdy from Texas! Our family has been home introducing our newest addition (Aaron, 4 months) to all the extended family here in the States. This trip has also allowed me to spend time talking with my Aunt, Sharon Hogan, who is a 25+ year veteran reading specialist working with dyslexic children. She shared a few of her own tips, which I plan to pass along to all of you. If you have any tips that you have discovered as you work with your child, please pass them along, too. The more information we share, the more equipped we are! Reading Tip #2: Have a set amount of reading, either time or number of pages/chapters. For reluctant readers, it allows them to see the end goal and know when the reading will begin and end. For eager readers, it allows them to understand that there is an end point where they must put the book down and wait for the next day. Take a colorful sticky tab and put it at the designated end point for that reading session, so when your child reaches the sticky tab, they know they are done. For eager readers who want to read more, use it as a reward for completion of tasks, good behavior, or excellent performance in something. Book Recommendation: Sylvester and the Magic Pebble by William Steig. This Caldecott Medal Award winning book tells the tale of a donkey named Sylvester who discovers a magic pebble that allows him to wish for anything he wants. Read and see just what it is Sylvester wishes for the most! This book is aimed for the Year 2/3 crowd, but its good vocabulary is great for younger children and its message can reach older children, too.

BSB News: News From Shunyi: Message from Head of Primary Maths Magic in the Primary School Maths (or numeracy as it is often called at BSB) is a very popular subject at BSB. We can be certain about this fact: data from standardized tests tell us most children in Y3 and Y6 really like or love maths, children work enthusiastically in class and we have had an overwhelming positive response to this week‘s World Maths Challenge! The Shunyi campus answered a staggering 679,366 questions during the challenge and we are very proud of Y4JN who are now officially #8 in the world! A most wonderful achievement for this class of 8/9 year olds. We were also very proud of Edward (Y5), Danny and Minnie (Y4) and Joowon (Y4) too as they all answered over 14,000 questions EACH. Many thanks to everyone who took part – we certainly made our mark in maths! Parents too have been learning and increasing their maths knowledge. Miss Cat Hall and her team of teachers led 2 numeracy workshops this week. Parents from Rec to Y2 came along on Wednesday, and KS2 parents came along on Thursday to hear about and try for themselves the modern maths methods used at BSB - methods taught to enable children to UNDERSTAND their maths and be able to use mental strategies with even large numbers. Parents earned House Points for their children by answering well in class and using new methods. Thanks to all who came along and tried the ICT games and new strategies too with such enthusiasm! We are certainly a learning community! Have a lovely weekend Jane Smith Primary School Magazine ASA Each Tuesday this term a team of creative and hardworking pupils have got together for Primary School Magazine ASA. In the group we have budding reporters, artists and editors, all working together to produce a magazine for pupils, by pupils, that all members of the ASA will definitely be proud of!

Ice skating ASA; Each Wednesday this term a small group of Year 5s and 6s have been ice skating for their ASA. They have dramatically improved their skills on the ice, and they had the chance to compete against their TAs! Both the students and TAs have had an excellent time.

BSB News: News From Shunyi: ASA Handball ASA The handball ASA started with some trepidation, their coach (me, Ms Thomason) had never seen the game before! Luckily the German School were happy to help and after spending an afternoon watching how they played and practiced we were off. The 16 boys and I from years 4 to 6 have had a brilliant term. The game itself is quite simple you can dribble, pass and even run with the ball (maximum 3 steps) and you score by shooting at a football style goal. The difficult bit is that you are not allowed into the goal area unless the ball is leaving your hand for a shot and of course there is the opposition to worry about. We have played matches against Harrow and have been in two tournaments at the German School, we managed to reach the quarter finals on both occasions! Now we are looking forward to reaching even greater heights next handball season. Below is a great report written by the team about out latest tournament. We took two teams to the German School handball tournament on 27th February 2010. Team 1 played WAB 3 first, they are a really good team and we were beaten 7 – 0. Meanwhile team 3 played BCIS we won the game easily 6-1, Brian was our man of the match he played in goal and was fantastic! Team 1’s next game was against the German School another really strong team, we played much better in this 2nd match but…we were still beaten 10-2. Team 3 were up against WAB 2, we lost 9-2, we were all shocked because we thought we were the best team. Team 1 now played BISS we knew it was going to be hard for us to get through to the quarter finals, we lost again 7-2, we were out of the tournament. Team 3’s next game was against Dulwich we were petrified because if we lost we would be knocked out, but we played fantastically and won 4-2! It was a close game. So we had made it to the quarter finals! We were playing the German School and we knew they would good. We felt that the ref was really unfair to us but we still played our best. Unfortunately the German School won the game 8-5 and so we were knocked out of the tournament. Until next time!!!!

BSB News: News From Shunyi: Foundation Stage What a fun week we have had in Foundation Stage! In Reception the children have been continuing their work on ‗Life-Cycles‘. They have been learning all about the life-cycle of a frog and a butterfly. It has been fascinating to look at the different stages of development, draw pictures and paint them. The children have made frogs with moving legs, beautiful collage butterflies and a wonderful frog display for each classroom. The classes have even made an amazing real life ‗frog world‘ from stones, sticks and leaves that they found outside. In Nursery the children have been continuing to learn about the farm. They have been making animal noises and talking about animals and their babies. The children have also been talking about the life-cycle of a chicken and identifying how the baby chick grows and changes. It has been so much fun making playdough mummy and babies and making animal prints with sponges. In Pre-Nursery the children have been focusing on clothes and learning to dress and undress independently. The children have been matching and sorting socks and dressing up from the fun treasure box. Pre-Nursery children have been fabric painting socks and pants and playing dress up on the interactive whiteboard.

Key Stage One Year 1 continued with their new Unit on Materials this week. They looked at the materials that are used to build a house, and discussed the different properties of the materials and the suitability for their purpose. They also did an investigation to see which materials float and which sink. They continued developing their weaving skills, as they began to weave a warm scarf out of wool for their class teddy bears. This week in our Changing materials topic, Year 2 looked at how different materials change when they are heated and then whipped up some delicious pancakes with chocolate to demonstrate this! The children are also enjoying their poetry unit focusing on firework poems. They have been thinking about onomatopoeia, similes and metaphors and picked out their favourite descriptive lines to create a piece of firework art to illustrate them. All the children had a ―mathemagical‖ time taking part in World Maths Day on Wednesday, and did themselves proud when they competed against children from all over the world. Well done! Susan Anderson

BSB News: News From Shunyi: Key Stage Two World Maths Champions in Year 4 I have had the most amazing week this week with my class! It all began when Zen and Joo won came back from G&T maths excited about ‗World Maths Day‘ and telling 4N that Miss Hall had enrolled them and us in ‗World Maths Day‘. Their enthusiasm was infectious and so I had a peep at the website. The class decided to go home and have a go and managed in the practice rounds to get themselves top of the league – ‗World Maths Fever‘ had begun and what a thrilling ride it was to be! When the competition opened on Tuesday night 4N decided they were going for itthey‘d had a taste of success. They clocked up a massive 30,000 points in their own time at home and got Mr Fitzmaurice and I enthused by their sheer enthusiasm. They have worked together all week tirelessly, cheering each other on, encouraging everyone- and it has been a week of maths for all! We are so proud of them. They have amazed us with their stamina and determination! On Thursday after school they were 5th in the world! Ace Bae had got to level 5, Ace, Joo won and Willie from our class with Nathan Bell 4T and Danny Yang 4T got themselves in the top 100 in the world. How amazing is that? Everyone in the class was now calculating at an amazing speed! Thursday evening the competition was extended for 12 hours but the weary children battled on! At 11pm they reached 160,000 and continued to add points until they reached their final total of 166,337 and average of 8,000 points a child! The competition ended this morning at 7am. 4N ‗Ng‘s Numerators‘ finished 8th in the world and will now receive a gold trophy for being one of the top 10 classes in the world! Amazing! I would like to thank Miss Hall for having the vision to enrol us. Mr Fitzmaurice, and the parents for their unwavering enthusiasm and support. But most of all I would like to thank the children in my class for the experience – you really are the best class in the world! Well done! Julie Ng

BSB News: KS2 This week in year 6 we have been learning about what may happen to the landscape of the world if Greenland, the west Antarctic ice shelf, Antarctica or all were to melt because of global warming. We spent some time in the laptop and ICT suites studying about this topic on several websites. We learned that if the west ice shelf in Antarctica melted it would raise sea level by around 3 meters but if Greenland melted the sea level would raise by 3.6 metres. If all of Antarctica was to melt sea level would rise 61 metres higher than it is today. We went into the ICT suite to study more facts about the ice melting in Greenland on steffen/greenlad/melt2005/. On the website it shows maps of Greenland as it melts. Year 6 also traced the world map or one of country or state of choice and then we colored in the effects of the area according to how high it is above the sea level, so you can see how flooded the country or state would be if the polar ice caps were to melt. We went to the laptop suite and used a website to help us on the task; the address of the website is wiki/special:sealevel. On that website there is a color coded map of the world that shows the sea level, just like our maps above.These maps show how the UK and the state of Florida might look if global warming continues to cause rising sea levels. The dark blue on the map of the UK and the red on the map of Florida show the areas which are less than 6m above sea level, which given the rate of melting happening in Greenland is very worrying. By Vincent Shonka (6J)

Secondary From the Head of Secondary Music has filled the secondary corridors this week whilst students fine tuned their vocals and instrument playing skills in preparation for the highlight of the week; the secondary House Music Competition. The competition involved the entire secondary school and it was fantastic to see our students really reflect the spirit of the event; applauding, supporting and encouraging all performers not just those in their own houses. The afternoon was highly entertaining and showcased the immense musical talent that we have here at BSB and created a fantastic opportunity for us to celebrate the high calibre musical achievements that we are known for. A huge thank you to both the staff and the students for all their efforts. The U19 boys football team but in a valiant performance against ISB this week, creating many goal scoring opportunities but unfortunately they failed to put the ball in the back of the net on this occasion. However, I am confident that there is some prolific goal scoring to come; a solid team effort, well done. Today a representative from the University of British to Columbia visited our school and gave a presentation to our upper secondary students who will be shortly preparing their university applications. Today‘s presentation is just one in a series of events that we have organised to ensure that our students are equipped and supported to make sound fully informed decisions about their futures. Martyn Steel, Head of Secondary

BSB News: Secondary ASA Team Earth is a group dedicated to saving our planet from the effects of climate change. We would like to raise awareness of issues that affect our environment. We shall be participating in global initiatives to address climate change and using online collaborative tools to stay in touch with our project partners. Locally, we plan to plant trees, recycle and help to reduce energy consumption. Kim Ng Stock Market Challenge. Students have been given £10 000 to invest on the UK Stock exchange (FTSE 100). They were given a choice of 25 companies to invest in. Each week students are required to research different companies and decide if they would make a good investment. At the end of the ASA programme we will discover the BSB top investor. Students will also be taught the basics of the stock market including information of dividends. The current leaders are Hannah Jang with a profit of £695, and Doris Sun with a profit of £518. Tim Brightwell

We are delighted to announce the start of the first Year7 social club at BSB! Every week, Year 7 students will be able to meet up at break and lunchtime every second Monday and at lunchtime every second Tuesday in order to socialize, play ad learn at the same time! We will have a selection of games for you to play with but if you feel you have a game at home waiting to be played with during our club, please come and talk to your form tutor first, and we will tell you if you can bring it along! Alternatively, if you wish to donate games to us, we will make sure they are well cared for and happy in their new homes! Come on, year 7, let’s have some fun together!

Visit from University of British Colombia Year 10, 11 and 12 welcomed Dayna Li to the British School of Beijing, She is an international advisor from the University of British Colombia. UBC welcomes and fully recognizes applications from qualified A level students. For students achieving A or B grades credit can be given for the certain first year courses, reducing the total course length. Students first apply to a faculty or school and generally Major in their third year. So students have time to decide what they want to study. There are faculty specific requirements in addition to the general requirements. These are all explained on their website and in the prospectus that your child is bringing home today. There are many opportunities to work in order to help towards living costs and after graduation they can remain in Canada for 3 years to gain work experience. Limited Awards and Financial aid are available to cover the costs of the complete degree course. There is one full scholarship and BSB can nominate 3 students for this award yearly. They must have academic merit and demonstrate financial need. Dayna Li

BSB News: Secondary Art Focus Secondary art is a wide ranging subject. Not only do our students learn vital skills that allow them to create purposeful images and sculptures reflecting on different styles, genres and art movements throughout history; it teaches essential life skills, empathy and creative thinking. In art lessons there is no right or wrong! Expression is the key. What if? How? Why? What can I do? Throughout Key Stage 3 students will paint, draw, sculpt, print, collage, use mixed media and work with textiles. Every project is themed with reference to an artist or designer, contemporary and from other times and cultures. This year so far Key Stage 3 have created giant Matisse inspired jugs, plaster Giacometti sculptures, Georgia O‘Keeffe flowers, Gaudi buildings, Milroy paintings, pencil studies of Westminster Abby, expressive portraits, charcoal landscapes, textured paintings…..and there‘s definitely more to come! The IGCSE and AS candidates have been working really hard to develop their personal studies; students can choose a topic or theme to explore; mind maps, drawings, media experiments are all coming together to create a ‘final outcome‘. Their skills are of a very high standard and their ideas insightful and indepth. I wish them all luck in their 10 hour external examination. Art club is a thriving ASA; this term we have focused on our clay skills, learning techniques that potters use to create artifacts and objects. We have used slab techniques, slips and coil pots. Next week we are off to Happy Land Pottery here in Shunyi to learn how to ‗throw‘ a pot. Hopefully we will all be very talented at this and have lots of fine pots to show off about in next weeks newsletter and display at school! Charlotte Yearn, Art

BSB News: Secondary Secondary Library I would like to thank Mrs Doris Mannes, who created an wonderful art piece in our secondary library. Students came in to admire the meticulousness and delicate 3D artwork. It's called 'Battle of the Books', which is also happens to be the name of a schools reading competition here in Beijing. Our BSB Reading team is preparing to enter their first 'battle' on 12th March at BISS. Tomoe Barnsley

Judges and helpers needed BSB will be hosting a World Scholarship Regional competition on the weekend of March 20 / 21. About 170 students from many regional and international schools (including 12 from BSB) will be participating in the competition. The main theme of the competition is ‗A World Divided‘. One of the four main events of each tournament is a team debate (teams are comprised of three students). We would be tremendously grateful for your assistance as judges at this event. On Saturday March 20, judging runs from 1:15pm to 4:30pm, with training and lunch provided for all adjudicators at noon. This tournament is being held at the British School Shunyi Campus. There are copies of the schedule and the debate guidelines. Please don't hesitate to e-mail the chief organizer of the event Mr. - Daniel Berdichevsky ( for the above information and with any other questions you may have. The students also have to write an essay. We also need a few volunteers to have a go at marking their essays. An answer format will be given. If you are able to judge or mark essays, please email the following – Mr Nick Bourne- the BSB school staff coordinator of the event. Again, thank you so much for your help. This program wouldn't be possible without the help of volunteers and the courage of students who cross the world to participate. Daniel Berdichevsky / Nick Bourne The World Scholar's Cup is an international non-profit educational foundation that brings secondary school students together online and in person to compete in a series of events related to a special global curriculum. The idea is to build an international community of future leaders and thinkers, while helping students gain new knowledge and skills.

Sports News

Always busy for the Bears! This week: U11 Handball The Primary handball players were back in action last Saturday DSP. All the been very busy practicing to develop their skills under the watchful eye of Coach Thomason. All pool games were keenly contested and BSB 3 was able to make it through to the knockout stages. Well done to all the players. Handballers have the opportunity to test themselves against an U12 Tournament on March 13. Continued on next page…………….

BSB News: News From Shunyi: Sports News Continued‌‌. TRIS Invitational Swim Meet The Aqua Bears and their supporters travelled to Tianjin for their first official outing and all students should be very pleased with their performances. Every swimmer recorded PB's (personal bests) which is no mean feat considering that this was the first time many of the swimmers had experienced a real competition. Several swimmers also managed to place (first, second or third) in their heats. A wonderful day swimming and fabulous effort from everyone that made the trip. U19 Boys Soccer vs. ISB JV The senior soccer players had their first game of the year and should be pleased with the way they performed. There were a few chances early on in the game which could have swung the game in our favour. Both Andre and Duncan were busy in goals and showed themselves to be more than competent shot stoppers. Perhaps the players could feel a little disappointed with the score line but, on balance, this was probably the right result. 0-1L. Man of the match Duncan Watt.

This weekend: Dragon Cup The U19 soccer boys participate in the Dragon Cup over the weekend with the the first game this Friday against ISB at 4.15pm and two games tomorrow against DCB at 8.30am and HISB at 1.00pm. The places will be determined with Championship Games on Sunday. ISAC Invitation Swim Meet This Saturday the Aqua Bears are back to make another splash at ISB. Swimmers have the opportunity to enter four individual races and test themselves against the best age-group swimmers that ISAC has to offer. Events start at 9.00am U19 Girls Soccer The girls will start their season this Saturday at 11.00am as they host TEDA who are traveling up from Tainjin for the day. Fixtures Monday 8th March U19 Boys Soccer vs HISB (Away) U19 Girls Soccer vs BISS (Away) Wednesday 10th March U19 Boys Soccer vs DCB (Away) U19 Girsl Soccer vs HISB (Home) Thursday 11th March U14 Girls basketball vs HISB (Home) U14 Boys basketball vs HISB (Away) Saturday 13th March U14 Boys basketball exchange @ BSB U14 Girls basketball exchange @ HISB U12 Handball @ DSP Julian Barnsley Athletic Director and Activities Coordinator

AustSwim Teachers of Swimming and Water Confidence Course Last weekend BSB was proud to host AustSwims first venture into mainland China. Seven candidates spent a very interesting weekend with swimming expert Marcelle Frederick as she took them through the fundamental stages of learning to teach swimming the 'Australian way'.

BSB News: Primary House Names & Colours Normans


Sanlitun House Points


Secondary Merit Awards


Shunyi House Points

Key Stage 3 Mina Shin


Leonie Buschmann






Diana Park






Minori Yariwake










Congratulations to the Normans on earning the highest House Points for the week ending 29th January. Well done, Normans

Congratulations to the Romans on earning the highest House Points for the week ending 29th January. Well done, Romans

Key Stage 4 Oceane Duprat


Doris Sun


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Parents’ Page: BSB is pleased to widen the scope of our newsletter by including a parents’ page, items for this page should be in keeping with the ethos of the School and should be submitted to our Publications and Liaison Officer on before 4pm Wednesday on the week in which they are to appear. Please note we cannot advertise businesses, the aim is to promote charitable events and personal ads. Dear all Following a recommendation made at the Parent Advisory Board meeting I‘m pleased to confirm that in future it will be possible to have the annual school trip include in the school fees. We are working towards a flexible parent focussed solution for this matter and a detailed proposal will follow shortly Many thanks Mike Embley on behalf of the Board.

Book donations wanted for Chatterbox Book Shop. NO Children‘s books please. Books in all languages gratefully received. Proceeds from book donations will be given to charity.

NL 22  
NL 22  

I‘ve been so pleased to welcome so many new families to our school over the last few weeks. It has been my pleasure to welcome families from...