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BSB News: Issue 20 12th February 2010

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Firstly let me wish everyone a very happy, safe and enjoyable New Year holiday. I spent last night as one of the “chaperones” at the Valentines disco for the secondary students. It was a really successful event and enjoyed by all, though it did rather make me feel my age! Last week‟s Manners assembly at Sanlitun was, frankly, awesome. I was privileged to meet “Manners Man” and witness some impressive acting and singing as well as learning some useful tips. I most certainly want to get my name into his golden book! On another note; you will be aware Mr. Steel will be returning to the UK at the end of this school year. We have been very busy interviewing candidates for the vitally important Head of Secondary Position. Though we have yet to find exactly the right person at the time of writing I would like to thank Mr. Mike Wetherell (seconded to the Parent Advisory Board) and Mrs. Catherine Johnston (from the parents group) for their very kind donation of time and expertise on the interview panels of all the candidates so far. I also attended the first meeting of the Secondary School Parents group. The members of the group came up with a very wide range of interesting suggestions to enhance the life of our secondary school students and I look forward to putting many of these into place in the near future. BSB continues to grow at an incredible rate and I‟m proud of our many developments and that we continue to be the first choice for families in Beijing. Mr. Peter Burdon, the chief operations officer of Nord Anglia Education visited Shunyi and Sanlitun yesterday and met with myself and Janet Brock as well as a number of parents. He heard feedback from a number of mothers at the school and was also later part of some entertainment for the pupils when he joined the “all star drum group”. Many thanks to Will in year 11 and also Mr. Martin Clarke (also from Nord Anglia Education HQ) for joining us on stage to try to give something back to the students and, perhaps for a short time, make an ageing Executive Principal feel young again! Have a great holiday, Mike Embley

BSB News:

MUSIC CIRCUS MUSIC CIRCUS III - Thursday 25th February, at 1:30pm in the theatre at Shunyi COME AND WATCH YOUR CHILD PERFORMING ON THEIR PIPS INSTRUMENT! On Thursday 25th February, at 1:30pm the primary music department would like to welcome all parents to come and watch the 3rd BSB Music Circus. This is a colourful event where every single child in Years 3 to 6, from both campuses, are given the opportunity to perform their PIPS instrument on the stage in Shunyi. Years 3 and 4 will be playing either the violin or the cello, and Years 5 and 6 will be performing on the flute, clarinet or trumpet. We hope that as many parents as possible will come and join us in supporting our young musicians, some of whom will be performing a musical instrument on stage for the first time ever! Entrance is free of charge and buses will be provided for any parents travelling up from Sanlitun - if you would like to book a place on this bus please email Lisa from Sanlitun reception, ( Jennie Grierson


BSB News: Whole School, Shunyi and Sanlitun: Earth Hour ( The British School of Beijing is proud to participate in ‘Earth Hour’ on Saturday March 25th from 8.30—9.30pm. The WWF is asking people and organizations to shut the lights in their homes/offices with the wider goal of promoting global awareness against climate change. Last year millions of people from over 88 countries participated in this event including organizations like Sohu and even the Bird's Nest! The British School of Beijing will be participating in this years event and help to promote global awareness.

IMPORTANT NOTICE—PARKING at Shunyi Campus After Chinese New Year, all parents are reminded that a new parking system will be implemented to try to make the pickup/drop off area safer and more organised. Please take note of the following Diagram which will be applicable at all times.

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BSB News: News From Sanlitun: From the Headteacher Star Citizen Last Friday, Year 5TY performed an assembly in front of all the children at Sanlitun campus to spread an important message. That message was to improve manners around school. Good manners include: saying please and thank you; opening doors for people; saying hello and good morning; eating with closed mouths and many others. Children in all classes discussed the importance of good manners and ways in which they could improve them. Having good manners is one way in which people can be a good citizen. Being a good citizen is important in any community as it creates a safe, caring and happy environment. As well as displaying good manners, good citizens care for each other, help each other and keep each other safe around school. The assembly performed by class 5TY launched Sanlitun‟s „Star Citizen Award’. This is awarded to children who display excellent citizenship around school. Only one child in each class can receive the award each week, making it a very special achievement. I have spoken to each class this week and all the children are extremely keen to be chosen. Star Citizens will have their names recorded in a special „Golden Book’ and will receive an exclusive badge that they can wear to show that they are a Star Citizen. I can‟t wait to read out the names of our first Star Citizens this week in our Friday assembly and I‟m sure it will be an extremely proud moment for all. We were treated to a fantastic Chinese New Year assembly today and thanks should go to the Chinese Department for organising this. I hope you all have a great holiday and I look forward to seeing you all when school reopens. Gong Xi Fa Cai! Stuart Young Deputy Head – Sanlitun Campus.

Library News, Sanlitun Library news To encourage children to visit often and read more, decoration and signs are being put up to make the library an even more comfy and inspirational place. As the Chinese New Year is fast approaching in the primary library the recent display topic is Chinese New Year. Lots of books about China and the Chinese New Year are highlighted so that they are easy for children to choose. Books ranging from stories of the Chinese Zodiac to information books about Chinese New Year celebrations; from traditional tales to modern China give children more of a taste of Chinese culture. Hand-made traditional paper-cutting by our Ayi made the library‟s atmosphere even more joyful. Catherine Mang

BSB News: News From Sanlitun: Sanlitun PE Handball On Saturday 6th February Sanlitun entered an U10 Handball team into a tournament at DSP. The team performed very well in their group, winning one match, losing the next and drawing in their final game. The team ended on equal points with Dulwich but were unfortunately knocked out by the smallest of goal differences, 1 goal. We are very proud of the way the team conducted themselves, showing great sportsmanship during and after each match. Congratulations to the following children; Kimbo Weng, Chum Beum Park, Gwennie Tan, Julian Chien, Aaron Lam, Pearl Kamo, Max Li, Naomi Watanabe We are looking forward to the forthcoming U11 tournament and other fixtures after CNY. Ski Trip Students in Year 5 and 6 enjoyed an exciting trip to Nanshan Ski slopes this week. The children were split into ability groups to allow them to learn new skills or develop skills at an appropriate pace and all challenged themselves during the trip. It was wonderful to see so many smiling faces on the slopes and the children were great ambassadors for the school. Novice and beginners were showing effective snowploghs by the end of the day whilst intermediate and advanced groups were showing Mr Thomas and Mrs Robinson how to control turns and speed effectively. All staff were very impressed with their attitudes towards the challenges set for them and a great day was had by all. PE All children at Sanlitun completed their PE modules this week. The children have all been enjoying their lessons over the last 5 weeks and we have seen great improvement across all of the year groups. We are looking forward to starting the new modules after CNY. Some classes will begin their swimming lessons at this time, please keep checking for swim letters in your child's bag. We are very lucky to have Multi Sport swimming coaches working alongside us to run our swimming curriculum next term which will follow the British Swimming Awards we look forward to seeing the progress made by the children in these lessons. Multi Sport Multi Sport will begin a four week trial course for all Foundation children after CNY. These courses will begin on Friday 5th March. Pre-Nursery will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities designed to encourage motor skill development through sports. Nursery and Reception children will be able to sign up for a Multi Sport programme designed to allow children to experience a wide variety of sports and physical activities. If these programmes are popular we hope to continue these courses through the summer term and offer a variety of courses to older children. Please look out for details of these courses around school, course information will also be sent home with your child. If you have any questions please contact Katie Robinson, PE Teacher at Sanlitun. Katie Robinson

BSB News: Spanish Club ASA, Sanlitun In Spanish Club we are learning how to introduce ourselves. We already know how to say what our name is, where we come from and what languages we speak. We can also ask some other person about their name and nationality and hold short conversations with our classmates in Spanish. The kids have now learnt the numbers from one to ten which allows us to play the Spanish game “el pañuelo”, and they can even solve simple additions and subtractions. We often play board games to review what we have studied. The best thing is we can greet each other in the corridors by saying “Buenos días” and hardly anybody understands what we are saying!

Comic Strip Special! In Year 5 we have been examining the life of the first emperor of China, Ying Zheng. To make sure we understood the life of this important person, we researched facts about him on the internet and then turned these into a comic strip of his life. Gwennie Tan (5TY) created an excellent example, we hope you enjoy it and learn something from it, too!

BSB News: News From Sanlitun: Foundation Stage The Foundation Stage has been alive this week with the sound of drums banging, dragon and fan dances and Chinese songs as all the children have enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year. The school has also been beautifully decorated by the Chinese staff with lots of sparkly decorations to welcome in the year of the Tiger! The Reception children have planned their own party and celebration for Chinese New Year by writing party invites and lists of things needed to host a celebration. By Thursday the children were so excited about holding their party where they enjoyed playing games and trying yummy traditional Chinese food. They enjoyed making lots of crafts to decorate their classrooms including Chinese New Year cards, dragon puppets, pandas, blue porcelain paper plates and tiger party hats! Having sailed by the Polar regions, the Nursery Pirate ship has now been transformed into a Chinese Junk in preparation for Chinese New Year. The children have had lots of fun serving in their Chinese restaurant and learning all about the monster Nian and how we can keep him away. Pre-Nursery has been gearing up for Chinese New Year by putting together a Dragon Dancing Troupe. They made a dragon head and stapled a long trail of fabric to make the dragonâ€&#x;s body. The children watched video clips of dragon and lion dancing and practised how to get the head movement right. On Chinese Day they went on a school tour popping into the other classroomâ€&#x;s to bring festive cheer and sweeties to the older children in Foundation. The children also made paper cuttings, red lanterns, finger painting and decorated their role-play corner which is a Chinese restaurant. Do pop in and see our displays! It was lovely to see so many parents at the Numeracy, (PSRN) workshop on Monday. We hope you found it useful and look forward to hearing all about the super games you have been playing with your children at home. Chun Jie Yu Kuai! Fay Smart

BSB News: News From Sanlitun: Dumpling making at the Hilton, Wangfujing They say that too many Chef‟s spoil the broth, but luckily that wasn‟t the case this week as 51 Year One children from Sanlitun made the trip to the Hilton Beijing Wangfujing to take part in a cooking class. Each of the three classes went on a separate day to take part in the 5 star cooking lessons for children. These lessons usually only take place at the weekends, but thanks to Renate Schroeder and her husband Niles, the Hilton were happy to open their kitchen to the children of BSB during the week. The trip took place as part of the Year One topic „Healthy Eating‟. Over the course of the topic the children have learnt: the importance of eating a balanced diet, the different food groups and why each one is important, why its important to stay active and do exercise and, everyone‟s favourite, why it is important to get enough sleep. As a fun and exciting end to the „Healthy Eating‟ topic, which is in its final week this week, the teachers decided it would be a great opportunity to take the children to the Hilton cooking class to show them that cooking healthy food can be fun. On entering the hotel the children were ushered up to the fifth floor where they were adorned with Hilton chef‟s aprons and hats. Now they really looked the part. After that they were taken into the Vascos restaurant where a special area had been set up for them to cook. Item number one on the menu was vegetable dumplings. Chef Zheng Yan showed the children how to separate the dough into small pieces, roll it into small circles and then fill it with vegetables. The children all watched carefully, fully engrossed in what was going on. Then it was their turn. They separated into small groups, four to a table, and set about making the dumplings with the help of two Hilton chefs per group. The children‟s dumplings all looked fantastic, although some of the teachers efforts were less impressive, with Miss Gomez shirking away from the cameras in embarrassment as we tried to photograph her. While the dumplings cooked it was time to start desert; fruit tarts. Firstly, Pastry Chef Peter Chen showed the children how to make the base. They watched carefully as they were shown how to kneed the butter and flower to make sweet pastry. After that was finished it was time for the base to be cooked which gave them just enough time to eat some of the dumplings and have a nice cup of hot chocolate. With their stomachs full and the tart bases cooked it was time to finish them off with some cream and fruit. Dragon fruit, oranges, kiwi and many more were offered so that the children could decorate their tart with their favourite fruits. After they were complete the tarts were packed up so that they could take them home and share them with their parents. It was a fantastic trip. The children all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and went away full of enthusiasm about cooking healthy food.

BSB News:

QUOTES from 1S 'My favourite part of the trip was when we made the fruit tarts because I enjoyed mixing all the ingredients together and the mixture tasted yummy!' - Hugo Yu (1S) 'I liked making the dumplings because we got to eat them as our snack' Anna (1S) 'I really enjoyed putting the fruit on my fruit tart, they tasted yummy!' - Christina (1S) 'I loved getting to drink hot chocolate after making our dumplings' - Toscane (1S) 'We really, REALLY enjoyed our trip to the Hilton for cooking lessons, it was the best trip ever!' - All of 1S

BSB News: News From Sanlitun: Key Stage One Year 2 have been exploring the properties of different materials in their new science topic this week. Using investigative skills the children made predictions and conducted fair tests to establish which kind of materials were magnetic and non-magnetic, which materials would float or sink and whether they were waterproof or not. The materials ranged from metal to fabric to plastic. The children really enjoyed using magnets and water to do these science experiments and they surprised themselves with the number of scientific words and ideas they knew, such as „fair test‟, „prediction‟ and „conclusion‟! We have also spent time talking about how we might become „Star Citizens‟ at BSB. This new whole school award is for those who prove to be outstandingly polite, kind and positive children. We talked about different reasons we might be nominated for this award, and the children thought carefully about being polite to the canteen staff at lunch times, being kind to our friends and helping children smaller than us, as well as trying to tiptoe on freshly mopped floors in appreciation of our ayis. So many stars in Year 2! Esther Irwin

Key Stage Two After working hard this term 4W celebrated their 200 marble reward on Wednesday afternoon by having a “Wheels Day‟ the children brought snake boards, bikes roller blades and scooters to school with them. Then taking the opportunity to go outside when no one else was around they took to their wheels. They glided, twisted , turned and span skillfully avoiding obstacles and each other! It was impressive to see them share their toys and also give tips to others. With this positive attitude I am sure they will soon have earned 300 marbles. Jan Watt

BSB News: News From Sanlitun: Key Stage Two Over the last few weeks Year 5 have been using their DT and Art skills to recreate a Neolithic Banpo-inspired village. We have been learning about Banpo in our topic, Xi‟an. Banpo is an archaeological site first discovered in 1953 and located in the Yellow River Valley just east of Xi'an, China. It contains the remains of several well organized Neolithic settlements dating from approximately 4500 BCE. It is a large area of 5-6 hectares and surrounded by a moat. The houses were circular, built of mud and wood with overhanging thatched roofs. Year 5 designed their village during ICT, using ActiveInspire. They then created the village using materials such as board; paper; clay; wood; tissue; paints, to name a few. They had to work together in teams and organise the tasks to be done. Everyone worked well together and were able to share out tasks and responsibilities. In March we will visit Banpo during our trip to Xi‟an. The children can compare their village to the real thing – something they are very much looking forward to! Christine Armstrong Year 5

BSB News: News From Shunyi: Doughnuts with Dads!

BSB News: News From Shunyi: Message from Head of Primary Perfect Playtimes Primary playtimes are an important part of the PSHE (personal, social and health education) curriculum at BSB and as such we have been working this week to improve playtime provision further. Ms Thomason (Y6) led a staff meeting on Monday where our teachers and TAs taught each other playground games that we will now share with the children to get them moving and collaborating even more at breaks. We know that new games spread through the playground like wild fire, and so more children will be skipping, doing “Elastics”, playing Donkey, and King Squares etc very soon. The Student Council used 1500rmb of their funds (raised through their weekly Bake Sales) to add move equipment to the cache already used, buying skipping ropes, hoops and beanbags. This and the other ordered equipment is stored in the shed in the playground and the Y6 Playtime Prefects will organize and encourage their fellow pupils to use creatively and store carefully the new purchases. Pupils can spot the Prefects easily as they will don bright House coloured caps. The icing on the cake this week, has also been preparing for the new lunchtime clubs, to complement and supplement Junior Choir, Chamber Choir and Student Council which are currently offered. Pupils in Y3-6 will sign up for lunchtime swim training, basketball, football training and handball practice too after the CNY break. The clubs aim to give additional practice time to our budding sportsmen and sportswomen. A quieter library club will also run for those children who wish to help in the library and have time for more personal reading. If you would like to assist with a lunch club, please do get in touch! Y6 had a very special lunch on Friday with author, Debi Evans, in the Primary library. The children listened to Debi‟s descriptions of how she writes and drafts her work, and then asked all manner of questions about writing, characters and plot development. It was most interesting and the children‟s questions were thoughtful and imaginative, and many bought one of her 4 novels. Our Chinese New Year celebration had a new twist this year. The children had a day of Chinese culture and crafts workshops – from dumpling making and fan dancing, to tiger masks and paper cutting. All shared their activities with the rest of the school at a very colourful afternoon assembly, at which the staff serenaded the pupils with a Chinese love song! A colourful day of culture in the PS. Wishing all a lovely CNY holiday. Jane Smith Head of Primary

Chinese Day Chinese New Year celebration To celebrate the Year of the Tiger, the Chinese department organised some interesting cultural activities for both secondary and primary. On Monday 8th of February, secondary had a Chinese assembly. Students watched a short film about the Chinese zodiac and they described the teachers and students in Chinese and guessed who they were. Also some year 9 students performed a short play of a Chinese story. Everybody enjoyed themselves very much. Some Chinese activities were also organised for students during the week in their Chinese class. The students tried paper cutting, calligraphy and also cooking Chinese food and made some traditional lanterns. All primary teachers and students dressed up in colorful Chinese costumes. Students took turns to attend these wonderful activities during the day. They tried several different activities such as paper cutting, handcraft making and so on. KS2 students made dumplings and enjoyed tasting their own cooking. Chinese assembly was organised at the end of day. Students shared their creations with each other and they all sang Chinese songs with great enthusiasm. The students were extremely happy to see their teachers and TAs sing a Chinese song for them. All the staff worked very hard for the Chinese New Year celebrations. Letâ€&#x;s wish everyone a happy and successful year of the tiger. Hu nian kuai le! Stella Zhang Head of Chinese Department

BSB News: News From Shunyi: Primary ASA Digi-blue Stop Motion

Camping Skills Blurb

In Digi-blue Stop Motion, students have learned how to take pictures and videos by using the digi blue camera, and turn into an animation. They then, edit the videos and pictures and add some extra bits to it, like: music, texts, and effects. It is very fun and exciting, but hard if it is your first time.

Camping skills is designed to give children an introduction to the skills neccessary to survive in the wild. Encompassing tent building, outdoor cookery, map reading and knot tying it is the essential ASA for the budding outdoorsman!

Foundation Stage This week we have all been feeling the festive spirit of welcoming in the Spring! All the children in Foundation were very impressed with all the red decorations around the campus! This week the Pre Nursery class has continued to look at the topic of „Toys and Teddies‟. They have had a wonderful time reenacting the well known story of „We‟re going on a bear hunt‟ out in the playground using the toys out there as their swishy swashy obstacles! On Thursday all the children had the opportunity to bring in their favourite bear from home to come and join them on a Teddy Bears Picnicwhat great fun! In Nursery we have been very busy exploring all about Chinese New Year and all the festivities that go on at this time in China. This week we have made many traditional crafts such as Hong Bao‟s (red envelopes) Dui Lian (the red banners to go around the door) Lanterns and Fire Crackers. On Wednesday we had a fantastic time in the cooking room making some very yummy Jiaozi (dumplings) and we polished off 4 big plate fulls! As the New Year approaching is the year of the tiger we have been focusing on the letter „T‟ this week. I think we are all very excited about the up and coming Festival! Reception have been very busy bees this week learning all about „Celebrations‟. They have been discussing what a celebration is and when we have them, looking at Chinese New Year, the arrival of babies and also birthdays! Reception even had the opportunity to be Party Planners (!) they wrote invitations, decorated the classroom and held their own party in class and even had homemade cake! The whole of the Foundation Stage had a wonderful arts and crafts day today, we all toured around the different classes to make a variety of arts and crafts, traditional fan dancing and even face painting. The whole day was ended off with a whole school assembly-a perfect way to begin our holidays-Xin Nian Kuai Le! Sophie Corr

BSB News: News From Shunyi: Key Stage One Year 1 put the finishing touches to their marvelous 3D musical instruments this week. After a process which involved designing the instruments on paper, sticking them together and covering them with layers of paper mache, they finally painted their creations. They were thrilled to be able to see the final results, and were justifiably proud of their work. The instruments will soon be on display in the foyer. Well done Year 1! Congratulations to 2A , who have now earned their 200 marble reward. They chose to bring in their own toys from home, and enjoyed having free time to play with them. All the children in KS1 had a fantastic Chinese Day, doing a range of special activities to help them understand more about the rich Chinese culture. They made lanterns, dragons and envelopes as well as developing their paper cutting skills! The day culminated in an exciting assembly where the children could show some of their work and experience some Chinese style entertainment.

2A’s Toys from Home Marble reward This week 2A achieved 100 marbles and as their marble reward they were allowed to bring in their toys from home! Well done 2A!

Key Stage Two In Year Five, the „Stories from other cultures‟ topic took the children on a journey to another continent – Africa. The children have been studying „Mufaro‟s daughters‟ a story by John Steptoe. During this week‟s activities the children have done some truly excellent work. They have been describing a situation from another characters point of view, constructing complex sentences and identifying clauses. In numeracy, we have been continuing our study of fractions. Specifically, we have covered converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa and recognizing equivalence between simple fractions. This week, Year Six have been word processing their persuasive letters. The children have been writing to persuade Mr Embley that a Graffiti wall would be a valuable addition to the BSB Playground. Year Six children have also been creating story plates as part of the Spring Festival celebrations. Stephen Fisher Year 5 Teacher

BSB News: News From Shunyi: Secondary Dear Parents, We have had an eventful week in secondary. Mrs Zhang and a group of year 9 students kicked off the week with an entertaining and informative assembly which focused on the forthcoming Chinese New Year celebrations. I was particularly pleased to see two of our newest students James Wetherell and Sophie Thomason up on the stage, confidently participating, well done! Thank you to the Y11 parents who were able to make it for the trial examination feedback session; I hope you found the evening useful and that you were fully informed as to how you can help your child prepare for their forthcoming IGCSE examinations. On Thursday evening the International Award students organised a charity Valentine‟s Day disco which was a great success and all those who attended had much fun ……………… almost all! I felt incredibly old; the music was too loud, mostly without lyrics and completely unidentifiable to me. I think I have actually turned into my dad! On Thursday and Friday key stage 3 students went off to ski at Nanshang and from what I hear they had a great time. Thank you to Mr Barnsley for organising the trips and to the accompanying staff who ensured that all ran smoothly. The week was brought to an end with a bang or two. Students from year 5 and above watched a loud drumming spectacular featuring Will Yen from year 11, Mike Embley and two visitors from Nord Anglia HQ, Peter Burden and Martin Clarke. As highlighted by our Executive Principal, this impromptu performance was full of educational value and was definitely not just an opportunity for Mike and Will to show off! Have a relaxing and an enjoyable holiday. Chun Jie Yu Kuai! Martyn Steel Head of Secondary

Secondary Valentines Disco On Thursday 11th February, the students from the International Award organized a charity St Valentine‟s disco for secondary school. Students Limbo‟d and dance the night away to tunes by Will and Kannan. They also raised RMB1050 from tickets which will go towards the school‟s charities. Dr Massie

BSB News: News From Shunyi: Sports News Sports News U13 EABBIS Games The Games will be held from May 20-22. They are open to all Secondary Secondary students that are 12 now or had their 13th birthday after August 1, 2009. Participants will compete in soccer, basketball, athletics and swimming. Full details and invitations will be coming soon. U11 Handball Tournament February 27 @ DSP BSB Primary Handball players will be in action the first Saturday back after Chinese New Year. The tournament is hosted by the German School and games start at 10.00am. Drop by to watch and cheer on the teams. Tianjin Rego Invitational Swim Meet February 27 The swim travel down to Tainjin hoping to make waves. For many of the swimmers this will be their first chance to compete. They will be making final race preparations in two practices over the holiday and the first week after the holiday. Sports Beijing Soccer League BSB has entered two U11 teams and one U13 team in the sports Beijing Soccer league. Home games will take place on Sundays. Practices will take place during lunch times on Mondays starting after the holiday. U12 Handball Team If you are interested in playing this exciting, fast moving indoor sport come along on Thursday lunchtimes to practice. 1.00-1.30pm in the gym. Senior Soccer The boys practice twice each week on Tuesday lunchtime and Wednesday after school and the squad hes begun to take shape. First Game is on March 3 followed quickly by the Dragon Cup which will be played over the following weekend, March 5-7 @ ISB The girls squad is still looking for players. If you would like to participate, practices are Wednesday after school. Senior Badminton Practices continue every Friday after school, as the players are preparing for the ISAC Tournament for on March 20. If you are interested in playing, especially you girls , there are a few more spaces. ISAC Invitational Swim Meet March 6 The Aqua Bears will be in action again at ISB. Details and entries are available from me on the usual address. Entries must be submitted by February 27.

GO BEARS! Julian Barnsley Athletic Director and Activities Coordinator

BSB News: Primary House Names & Colours Normans


Sanlitun House Points


Secondary Merit Awards


Shunyi House Points

Key Stage 3 Mina Shin


Leonie Buschmann






Sejin Kim






Minori Yariwake










Congratulations to the Normans on earning the highest House Points for the week ending 29th January. Well done, Normans

Congratulations to the Romans on earning the highest House Points for the week ending 29th January. Well done, Romans

Key Stage 4 Oceane Duprat


Andrea DeMatteis


Doris Sun


Silvia Vidinyu


Parents’ Page: Parents Society Jumble and Bake Sale – Sat 27 March The Sanlitun Parents Society is pleased to announce its first Jumble and Bake Sale on Saturday 27 March, 2010, from 10:00am to 3:00pm, at the BSB Primary campus, with part proceeds going to the Yearn to Learn (Y2L) organisation. Are your closets, basements and garages all full? Spring is the perfect time to clear the clutter and donate your new, nearly new, gently-used and pre-loved items to the Parents Society Jumble Sale. All donations can be left in our specially marked boxes PS Jumble Sale at both the Shunyi and Sanlitun campuses, from February 22, 2010, during school hours. We would love to receive: Clothes and shoes, especially kids’ items Baby gear, e.g. strollers Household items Toys Books DVDs and CDs BSB uniforms New items will be gratefully accepted! No magazines, alcohol or cosmetics, please. Most importantly, be sure to come on down on March 27! Uncover surprising treasures, nibble on home baked goodies from our coffee shop and relax with a cuppa, while the kids romp outside.

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Mike Embley I also attended the first meeting of the Secondary School Parents group. The members of the group came up with a very wide range...