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Starting School in the Early Years at the British School of Amsterdam.

You will soon be joining our Early Years Department.

Come inside and find out about our school.

Some children come to school on the school bus. Some children walk to school. Other children come to school by car, by bike or on the tram.

We say ‘Hello' at ‘Hello Time’. Our teachers are here to help us.

We enjoy playing inside.......................

.............and outside.

We enjoy sharing and reading books. We have lots to choose from.

We enjoy creative activities.

We enjoy healthy snacks at snack time.

We have lunch in our classrooms with our friends.

We enjoy learning about other children’s cultures and traditions.

Lots of children are learning to speak English. We are also encouraged to use our home language.

Some children have English lessons.

We enjoy usng the computers, cooking..... and gym.

Some children have Dutch lessons.

We have assemblies. Sometimes our mums and dads come and watch.

We do ‘Write Dance.’

We follow the ‘massage in schools’ programme.

Sometimes our parents come to school to help us.

Sometimes we go out and about.

or visitors come to school.

Here we go to the toilet and wash our hands.

We have a book bag.

We put our coats in these bags.

We wear a school uniform. We put our lunch here.

At the end of the day we line up to go home. Our mums, dads and babysitters come to pick us up.

Starting School in the Early Years  

A transition book

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