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Primary Yearbook

2009/2010 A Year in Pictures







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Our class pages PRE-NURSERY & NURSERY 84 RECEPTION & YEAR 1 94 YEAR 2 & 3 102 YEAR 4 & 5 112 YEAR 6 116 YEAR 7 120 YEAR 8 126 YEAR 9 132 YEAR 10 138 YEAR 11 & 12 142



The nursery class bringing sunshine wherever they go (left to right): Chloe Noublanche, Chen Wang, Hui Wang. Imogen Jones




Serious musical expertise (from left); James Lee and Richard Lau






Getting to grips with technology (from left): Sabrina Xi and Irene Jeong






ur aim in this yearbook is to record, in both words and pictures, what it was like to be a pupil, staff or family member here at the British International School, Nanxiang Shanghai in the academic year 2009-10. We have tried to describe as wide a range of experiences as possible and in so doing we hope to have reflected the diversity of our extended family, the variety of places we visited and activities that we participated in, as well as the many other people who we met along the way.


hanks are due to all the members of staff who contributed to the following pages, and to everyone who was a part - in whatever form - of making this a very special year here in Nanxiang.





There are many things of which we can all be proud this year. However, as I look back at the events of 2009-10, what has struck me most is the number of ‘firsts’ we have experienced. It has been wonderful to see the school develop and the range of activities available for the students continue to grow so that there have been a significant number of new and exciting experiences for us all. Perhaps the most significant ‘first’ of 2009-10 is that our first cohort of IGCSE pupils sat their examinations this year. It has been quite a journey for everyone involved, pupils and staff alike, but the four students who sat their exams in May and June – Hae Jin Lee, Jean Kwon, Joe Liu and Richard Lau – have a unique place in the history of Nanxiang and they should feel extremely proud to have been the first pupils from this school to sit these prestigious international examinations. Similarly, this year has also seen the first Nanxiang recipients of the International Award, a muchvalued award given to young people who have demonstrated a commitment to their studies, to a healthy lifestyle and to their communities. Four candidates – Hae Jin Lee, Richard Lau, Yuki Song and Tom Yang – received their Bronze Awards at our Annual Prizegiving in June, and they can all feel extraordinarily proud of what they have accomplished. However, the list of ‘firsts’ goes on. Our pupils entered the International Chinese Characters Spelling Competition for the first time, and were awarded two second places and a third place – congratulations go to Yuki Song, Tom Yang and Kevin Lee for their achievements in this prestigious and fiercely competitive event. The Student Council also expanded its horizons this year, and for the first time played host to our neighbours at Ma Rong Kindergarten at Hallowe’en in an event that they organised and promoted. Our Swim Team competed outside of Shanghai for the first time, taking on our sister school The British School of Beijing in Beijing in May 2010. We celebrated Pi Day for the first time, an event dedicated to the exploration of π, the pi recitation competition being a particular highlight. And as a climax to the year’s social events, we held the Nanxiang Shanghai Expo Family Picnic, a school-wide event that brought the community together in a very special way.



Our range of new extra-curricular visits increased this year, as did the number of first-time visitors we welcomed into the school. We went for the first time to Nanxiang Fire Station, to a local Home for the Aged, used the new Metro Line 11 for visits to Shanghai Museum, and of course, to round out the year, the school as a community visited Shanghai Expo 2010. In addition, we welcomed into the school the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, Blackrose International Storytelling and colleagues from the British School of Beijing for a homestay visit, none of which had happened here before. We can also add to this list the introduction of the Mathletics programme throughout the school, our new Moodle virtual learning environment, three of our pupils – Richard Lau, Lisa Lee and Eva Shen – becoming published journalists, our participation in the Council of British International Schools International Poetry Competition and the establishment of the MOMS Club as significant other ‘firsts’ that took place in 2009-10. To me, all of this serves to demonstrate the vitality of the Nanxiang community and the desire of everyone connected with the school to increase the range of events, places and occasions our pupils have the opportunity to experience. New isn’t everything of course, but I believe that all of the things that have taken place here for the first time show that as a school we are an innovative, vibrant and expanding organisation that understands that experiences outside of the classroom have just as important a role to play in the education of young people as more traditional class-based activities. We don’t ignore the latter – far from it, as our excellent examination results and the progress of our pupils amply demonstrate – but we seek to combine this with a range of experiences that enhance the world view of our pupils in a way that only an international education is able to do. Ultimately, this is what I am most proud of here at Nanxiang and it is what I believe our pupils and the whole school community have come to cherish as well. Wishing you all an equally exciting and fulfilling 2010-11 school year. Yours faithfully,

Mark Angus Principal




A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.



Every new experience starts with that one step. Here at the British International School, Nanxiang Shanghai we have taken many steps since we opened in 2007; after walking into an empty building without a heartbeat we now have a school with a strong pulse - that pulse being our very talented pupils.



The pupils never cease to amaze me, from the nursery children too shy to speak when they first enter our school and who are then, six months later, bursting through the doors shouting their morning greetings with such confidence. Primary students who are unable to speak English being able to perform songs from The Rocky Horror Show in our recent Spring Concert. It is a thrill to watch our students in younger primary classes now questioning with enthusiasm as they study minibeasts in our school grounds. Older primary students representing the school with pride at swim meets in Beijing; performing plays about the Aztecs; visiting local museums and gardens. Our year 6 students always being model pupils, proving they are ready to transfer to secondary school next year. We hear children say, “My teacher makes school fun�. This sums up who and what we are at The British International School, Nanxiang Shanghai - making the learning journey exciting and accessible to all students, building on the talents they bring to our school. We may not have journeyed a thousand miles but we have taken many steps towards achieving our goal.


Visual arts


One of the outstanding features of Nanxiang is unquestionably the fantastic array of visual art on display around the school. Individual pieces, collaborative works, works in every type of medium - wherever you look throughout the school there is a feast for the eyes. On the following pages, you have the opportunity to enjoy just a small portion of the school’s wonderful art collection which is on display every day.










MISS BROWN’S MOST MEMORABLE MUSICAL MOMENTS 1. Joe Liu’s Last Ever Rehearsal After two years of consistent nagging, Joe Liu in S5 finally brought in his music to his last ever rehearsal. This was the first time ever! Miss Brown nearly fainted. 2. Lisa Lee on Decorating the Theatre for the Concert The theatre was full of strings, scissors, ladders, etc. Lisa: (shocked) Miss Brown, are you going to be keeping that ladder there for the whole concert? Miss Brown: Yes Lisa, of course. Mrs Collins: Yes Lisa, I am going to drape myself across it like an Italian Renaissance statue and pose for the entire concert. 3. Noam Bitensky at the Singing Competition I have never seen anyone with such a big smile on her face when performing. Noam was so confident and just went for it. Well done, Noam! 4. Class J Timewarp Watching Mr Angus jump out of his skin as Class J began the Timewarp routine. 5. Santa Claus is Coming To Town Watching all the staff display their musical talents at the Winter Concert.


(from top left, clockwise); Miss Brown conducts the guitar ensemble; Theo Gurniki concentrating intensely; Joe Liu shows us his virtuoso skills, all-round performer Betty Lin at the piano; Eva Shen preparing for the Winter Concert.



(from top left, clockwise); Kevin Lee does some recording; the flute duo of Anita Huang and Miranda Mo; Class J prepare to dazzle us all with the “Timewarp�; Miss Brown accompanies Eva Shen; Nayu Lam at the talent contest.



(from top left, clockwise); Aimee Qi beams at the talent contest; the Class J boys working together so well; Jenny Jang is the picture of concentration; Lisa Lee on one of the many instruments she plays; Miss Brown ensures a steady beat at the talent contest






(opposite): Danielle Semenko (St Andrew) proudly displays her Sports Day medal.



“It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness” Seneca


Sports Day 2010 on Thursday 15 April was, despite the wintery conditions, a hugely successful day that saw some outstanding performances from our pupils. The morning’s events involved a range of track and field competitions while the afternoon’s activities were more fun-oriented and involved many of our parents too. The pupils are to be commended on the way they conducted themselves throughout the day, while thanks go to all the parents, family and friends who came along to support the event.


Tom Yang (St George) brings a smile to the long-distance events on Sports Day.




SPORTS DAY RESULTS Overall Final Scores

2010 Champions

1st St George 1134 points 2nd St David 776 points 3rd St Andrew 530 points 4th St Patrick 400 points

Junior Boys’ Champion: Junior Girls’ Champion: Senior Boys’ Champion: Senior Girls’ Champion:

Kevin Lee (St Andrew) Hikari Muto (St David) David Lee (St George) Aoi Muto (St George)

Senior Events Boys’ 400 metres

Boys’ 800 metres

1st David Lee (St George) 2nd Tom Yang (St George) 3rd Vincent Lee (St David) 4th Xavier Weiss (St George)

1st Tom Yang (St George) 2nd David Lee (St George) 3rd Xavier Weiss (St George) 4th Sean O’Connell (St Patrick)

Girls’ 400 metres

Boys’ discus

1st Aoi Muto (St George) 2nd Betty Lin (St David) 3rd Linda Lin (St Andrew) 4th Lisa Lee (St David)

1st David Lee (St George) 2nd Sean O’Connell (St Patrick) 3rd Ivan Bykov (St Andrew) 4th Vincent Lee (St David)

Girls’ 100 metres

Boys’ javelin

1st Aoi Muto (St George) 2nd Yuki Song (St George) 3rd Linda Lin (St Andrew) 4th Betty Lin (St David)

1st Sean O’Connell (St Patrick) 2nd Tom Yang (St George) 3rd David Lee (St George) 4th Richard Lau (St Andrew)

Boys’ 100 metres

Girls’ discus

1st Tom Yang (St George) 2nd David Lee (St George) 3rd Xavier Weiss (St George) 4th Vincent Lee (St David)

1st Yuki Song (St George) 2nd Betty Lin (St David) 3rd Linda Lin (St Andrew) 4th Lisa Lee (St David)

Girls’ 800 metres

Girls’ javelin

1st Aoi Muto (St George) 2nd Yuki Song (St George)

1st Yuki Song (St George) 2nd Betty Lin (St David) 3rd Aoi Muto (St George) 4th Lisa Lee (St David)


Sports Day is one of the events that really encapsulates the spirit of Nanxiang - pupils, parents and staff all playing and working together.




Betty Lin (St David) gives it her all in the 100 metres on Sports Day.




(closest to camera) St David lead in the 4 x 100m relay, followed closely by St George and St Andrew.







(top to bottom) Xavier Weiss (St George) heads off the challenge of James Lee (St Patrick); St Patrick prepare for the tug of war - James Lee, Jean Kwon, Sean O’Connell and Joe Liu.




(top left, clockwise): Ivan Bykov (St Andrew) tries to stay warm; Sean O’Connell and James Lee (St Patrick) in the wheelbarrow race; Trenton Prokop (St George) stretches out in the sprints; Aoi Muto (St George) shows her might; St David pull together - Betty Lin and Noam Bitensky.




Jennifer Baek (St Andrew) closely pursued by Hugo Noublanche (St David) in the 60 metres sprint on Sports Day.





Junior Events Boys’ 400 metres

Girls’ ring throw

1st Kevin Lee (St Andrew) 2nd Trenton Prokop (St George) 3rd Tal Bitensky (St David) 4th Max Allwright (St David)

1st Miranda Mo (St Patrick) 2nd Hikari Muto (St David) 3rd Danielle Semenko (St Andrew) 4th Erica Jeong (St David)

Girls’ 400 metres

Boys’ javelin

1st Hikari Muto (St David) 2nd Miranda M0 (St Patrick) 3rd Danielle Semenko (St Andrew) 4th Yuna Matsuzaki (St George)

1st Trenton Prokop (St George) 2nd Tal Bitensky (St David) 3rd Max Allwright (St David) 4th Kevin Lee (St Andrew)

Boys’ 100 metres

Girls’ javelin

1st Kevin Lee (St Andrew) 2nd Trenton Prokop (St George) 3rd Tal Bitensky (St David) 4th Luwei Wee (St David)

1st Hikari Muto (St David) 2nd Miranda Mo (St Patrick) 3rd Danielle Semenko (St Andrew) 4th Anita Huang (St George)

Girls’ 100 metres

Infants’ Competition

1st Hikari Muto (St David) 2nd Anita Huang (St George) 3rd Winnie Cheng (St George) 4th Irene Jeong (St Andrew)

1st St Andrew (170 points) 2nd St David (156 points) 3rd St George (154 points) 4th St Patrick (130 points)

Boys’ ring throw 1st Trenton Prokop (St George) 2nd Tal Bitensky (St David) 3rd Kevin Lee (St Andrew) 4th Sunny Yang (St David) 43

(from top left, clockwise); Luwei Wee and Tal Bitensky (St David); Mr Angus says something that appears to be interesting, for once; Hui Wang gets all dressed up; Jennifer Baek (St Andrew) and Theo Gurniki (St David) discuss tactics.




(left to right, top to bottom): Hikari Muto (St David), Winnie Cheng (St George), Adrian Cheng (St David) and Kevin Lee (St Andrew) get ready to run the first leg of the 4 x 100m relay; Sunny Yang (St David), Adrian Cheng (St David) Vienne Feng (St George), Jennifer Baek (St Andrew) and Yuna Goto (St Patrick) listen intently to Mr Hitchings’ instructions




(top to bottom, left to right); the St George team preparing to do battle; Ashley O’Connell, Jenny Jang, Nayu Lam and Max Allwright (St Patrick) pull their hearts out in the tug of war; Anita Huang (St George) going for the most stylish athlete of the day award; Aimee Qi and Luxuan Wee (St George) displaying great teamwork; proud sisters but on opposing teams for the day - Hikari Muto (St David ) and Aoi Muto (St George); Joyce Shen (St Patrick) carries her egg very carefully indeed!




(top to bottom, left to right); Chen Wang, Harry Wang, Kosuke Sumihiro and Hui Wang watch events unfold; Chloe Noublanche looking in control; Catherine Tsai dresses appropriately for the cold weather; Adrian Cheng (St David) wears his Sports Day medal with pride; Joyce Shen (St Patrick), Vanessa Patzner (St Andrew), Luxuan Wee (St George) and Hugo Noublanche (St David) in animated conversation.




Eva Shen displaying her artistic talents in a traditional dance at the Spring Concert.






This year, the music concert moved to the spring term. The theme was music from the stage and screen and the Nanxiang stars showed off their true Hollywood style. As Mr Angus uttered the words, “Lights, Camera, Action!” the concert got off to a fantastic start with year 2 through to year 10 coming together to sing the “Circle of Life” from The Lion King. There was dancing, acting, playing and plenty of singing. Vincent Lee gave an amazing performance of “Bring Him Home” from Les Miserables, Eva Shen looked stunning as she performed the traditional Chinese dance “Xiao Pu Shao” and nursery and primary children wowed the audience with their costumes. Keeping to her word, Miss Brown, along with Class S2 (her partners in crime!), delighted Mr Angus on glockenspiels with his favourite Mozart piece, “Ein Madchen Oder Weibchen” from The Magic Flute. It brought a tear to his eye! 49

(from top left, clockwise): Xavier Weiss singing “Consider Yourself ” from Oliver!; Imogen Jones; Yun Lung Kuo; Chloe Noublanche; Class J performing “The Time Warp”; Eva Shen




(from top left, clockwise): Class I perform “Heigh Ho!” from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves; Class M performing “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” from Mary Poppins; Nayu Lam and Yuna Matsuzaki; Robbie Popov; Anita Huang, Miranda Mo and Lisa Lee




(top to bottom, left to right): Mr Hitchings makes short work of a barbecue on the beach; Richard Lau tunes out; Tom Yang shares his wisdom with a pupil from Ma Rong Kindergarten; Hae Jin Lee shows the care for which she is famous; Eva Shen and Yuki Song get packing before another day’s hiking.






In 2009-10, pupils from Nanxiang participated in the International Award for the first time. These prestigious awards provide young people with exciting opportunities for self-development, adventure, camaraderie and to make a positive contribution to their communities and beyond. Award holders are highly valued by both educational establishments and employers because of their self-confidence, ability to work as part of a team and their leadership skills. Pupils have a chance to progress from a bronze level award, through silver to gold.  There are four sections of the programme that candidates must undertake at each level of the award:  service, adventurous journey; skills; physical recreation.  The commitment to undertake an International Award is significant but this is far outweighed by the rewards. In 2009-10 Nanxiang participants undertook three adventurous journeys - to Nan Bei Hu Mountain in September, to Tian Mu Mountain in October and to Hainan in March. These journeys were both physically and emotionally demanding as pupils had to be largely self-sufficient, taking responsibility for their own kit and equipment, food and drink, as well as having to navigate and read maps. These journeys were undertaken alongside pupils from our sister school in Minhang meaning that our pupils also had the opportunity to mix with a range of new and different people and to make new friends. As part of their community service, participants spent three months teaching at the local Ma Rong Kindergarten during their ECA time. This proved to be a most enjoyable and rewarding experience as our pupils began to have an understanding of how demanding it can be to assume responsibility for the learning and well-being of others. These sessions were warmly appreciated by the pupils and staff at Ma Rong and it is very much hoped that this will become a regular part of our International Award in the future. In addition to this, pupils were introduced to the skill of public speaking, which culminated in a public speaking competition in April. The competition, which was judged by Mr Kevin Foyle and Dr Terry Creissen, was conducted according to the rules of the English Speaking Union and took as its theme ‘Regeneration and Renewal’. Yuki Song was the ultimate winner of the competition but the judges praised the contributions of all five competitors. We hope these first intrepid participants will lead the way for future Nanxiang students and that participation in the International Award will become a regular and valued part of school life. 53




The theme of this year’s Winter Concert was International Community. Pupils sang songs in Chinese, English, Spanish, Dutch and Korean and pupils from Class J dressed up in national dress and explained to the audience how Christmas is celebrated in other countries around the world. Reception along with years 1 and 2 gave a magical performance of a Nativity play. There was also a big mix of traditional carols and pop music but the undoubted highlight was Class J performing “Six White Boomers” in true Australian style wearing flip flops (thongs!), t-shirts and sunglasses, reminding us that not everywhere is snowy at Christmas!


There was an enormous variety of acts, styles and performers at this year’s Winter Concert






Chinese New Year is also known as Spring Festival. It occurs somewhere between January 30 and February 20. Each Chinese year is represented by a repeated cycle of 12 animals; the rat, ox, tiger, hare (or rabbit), dragon, snake, horse, ram, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. Days before the New Year celebration, Chinese families are busy giving their home a thorough cleaning. It is believed the cleaning sweeps away bad luck and makes the house ready for good luck to enter. All brooms and dust pans are put away on New Year’s Eve so good luck cannot be swept away. In many homes, doors and windowpanes get a new coat of red paint. The home is decorated with paper-cuts and poems called couplets of “happiness”, “wealth”, “longevity” and “satisfactory marriage with more children”. The New Year’s Eve supper is a feast with all the numbers of the family getting together. One popular food is jiaozi, which are dumplings boiled in water. After dinner, the whole family stays up all night playing cards, board games or watching TV programmes dedicated to the New Year’s celebration. At midnight, the sky is lit up by fireworks which symbolise the sending out of the old year and the welcoming in of the New Year. People open all the windows and doors in the house in order to let the old year go out. Very early the next morning, children greet their parents and receive their New Year presents. They get lucky red envelopes with money inside. The rest of the first day of the New Year is spent visiting relatives, friends and neighbours. Chinese New Year is China’s biggest holiday.


Pupils engaged in a wide variety of activities to celebrate Chinese New Year, including performing songs and poems in Mandarin, taking part in a shadow puppet play and learning how to make traditional foods and snacks.






3.1415926………….. These were the numbers the students were probably dreaming about throughout Pi Week during spring term. These numbers are of course the beginning digits of one of the most famous irrational numbers: Π (pi). During Pi Week every student in the school participated in activities related to the mathematical concept of pi. There were posters created, poems written, trivia questions answered, freehand circles drawn, recitations of the digits of pi and most importantly, pies eaten! Workshops were held in the secondary department and proved to be a huge success. Winners of pi week competitions: School Pi reciting champion – Erica Jeong School Pi reciting runner-up – Xavier Weiss

196 digits 186 digits

Pi reciting winner Class U – Kevin Lee Pi reciting winner Class S1– Xavier Weiss Pi reciting winner Class S2 – Sean O’Connell Pi reciting winner Class S3 – Eva Shen Pi reciting winner Class S4 – Vincent Lee Pi reciting winner Class S5 – Joe Liu

49 digits 186 digits 90 digits 101 digits 20 digits 50 digits

Pi eating competition KS1 – Max Allwright Pi eating competition KS2 – Nayu Lam Pi eating competition secondary – Richard Lau Pi poster competition winners: Reception – Theo Gurniki Year 1 - Ye Rin Kwak Class M – Miranda Mo and Erica Jeong Class U – Winnie Cheng Primary poster winner – Miranda Mo 58

Class S1 – Xavier Weiss Class S2 – Sean O’Connell Class S3 – Yuki Song Secondary poster winner - Sean O’Connell

(left to right): Keri McColgan and Noam Bitensky take part in our Pi Day activities.


Senior poem competition – Richard Lau Aoi Muto Primary poem competition – Danielle Popov Freehand circle competition: Infant - Vanessa Patzner Primary - Winnie Cheng Secondary - Lisa Lee

Trivia competition: Year 7 & 8 Trivia – Xavier Weiss Year 9-12 Trivia – Richard Lau Pi song competition: Beatrice Nielsen

It was great to see all students get involved and show a lot of enthusiasm with the activities run this week. I am very much looking forward to Pi Week next year!




(standing, left to right): Winnie Cheng, Beatrice Nielsen, Vincent Lee, Sean O’Connell, Eva Shen, Noam Bitensky (seated, left to right): Hae Jin Lee, Richard Lau (President), Lisa Lee (Vice-president)



Two of the Student Council’s most important achievements this year were the hosting of a Hallowe’en party for our neighbours at Ma Rong Kindergarten, while the other was coordinating the fund-raising efforts to help the Nord Anglia Spring Bud School in Gansu Province, devastated by the 2008 earthquake, and organising a collection for a primary school in Yushu County, destroyed by an earthquake in 2010.


(from top, left to right); Hugo Noublanche looks especially pleased with his creation; Aimee Qi and Vanessa Patzner are visions of Easter cheer.



(from top, left to right); Erica Jeong, Miranda Mo and Adrian Cheng go with the bunny theme; Robbie Popov combines a traditional look with some contemporary flourishes; the great Easter Parade around the school




Easter was once a day when every girl and woman wore a new spring hat. In April 2010 we continued this tradition as the primary pupils wowed us with their creations. Peeping around feathers, flowers and adornments, there were an amazing number of creative ways that the pupils covered their heads in our Easter hat parade this year.





In June 2010 we welcomed to the school visitors from our sister school The British School of Beijing. They were here to visit Shanghai Expo along with the primary school and to take part in Expo Exchange, a homestay visit programme. The visit began with a picnic at the school on Sunday 13 June which the whole school community attended. There was a barbecue, entertainment and great games which allowed hosts and guests to get to know each other better. This was followed by a visit to Expo on Monday 14 June. We are aiming to develop our exchange programme even further next year and we are looking forward to such exchanges becoming a regular part of each school’s calendar. Special thanks must go to all of our host families, without whose generosity and support this programme would not have been possible.





















HOUSE COMPETITION HOUSE COMPETITIONS 2009-10 Autumn Term 2009 Week 4 Primary table tennis competition Girls’ competition Winner: Allie Park (St Andrew) Runner-up: Hikari Muto (St David) 3rd place: Yuna Matsuzaki (St George) 4th place: Anita Huang (St George) Boys’ competition Winner: Richard Park (St David) Runner-up: Jung Huh (St Andrew) 3rd place: Trenton Prokop (St George) 4th place: Tal Bitensky (St David) Week 5 Secondary table tennis competition Girls’ competition Winner: Jean Kwon (St Patrick) Runner-up: Aoi Muto (St George) 3rd place: Keri McColgan (St Patrick) 4th place: Lily Yang (St George) Boys’ competition Winner: Richard Lau (St Andrew) Runner-up: Marcello Sochacki (St Patrick) 3rd place: Sean O’Connell (St Patrick) 4th place: Ronald Lee (St Andrew)

Week 10 Secondary football competition Winner: St Andrew Runner-up: St George 3rd place: St Patrick 4th place: St David Week 11 Primary autumn quiz Winner: St David Runner-up: St George 3rd place: St Patrick 4th place: St Andrew Week 11 Secondary autumn quiz Winner: St George Runner-up: St Andrew 3rd place: St Patrick 4th place: St David Week 12 Primary singing competition Winner: Sabrina Xi (St David), Nayu Lam (St Patrick) , Irene Jeong (St Andrew), Yuna Matsuzaki (St George) Runner-up: Carrie Shi (St Andrew) 3rd place: Joyce Shen, Yuna Goto, Ye Rin Kwak 4th place: Tal Bitensky (St David) Week 13 Secondary singing competition Winner: Betty Lin (St David) Runner-up: Lisa Lee (St David) 3rd place: Cindy Choi, Da Sol Lee (St Patrick) 4th place: Linda Lin (St Andrew)

Week 9 Primary football competition Winner: St David Runner-up: St Andrew 3rd place: St George 4th place: St Patrick


(left) Richard Lau (St Andrew) winner of the House secondary boys’ badminton competition; (top right) Kevin Lee (St Andrew) and Luwei Wee (St David) finalists in the House primary boys’ badminton competition; (bottom right) Sean O’Connell, runner-up in the House secondary boys’ badminton competition


Week 27 Primary hockey competition Winner: St David Runner-up: St George 3rd place: St Andrew 4th place: St Patrick

Spring Term 2010 Week 20 Primary volleyball competition Winner: St Patrick Runner-up: St George 3rd place: St David 4th place: St Andrew Week 22 Secondary volleyball competition Winner: Ivan Bykov and Richard Lau (St Andrew) Runner-up: Jean Kwon and Joe Liu (St Patrick) 3rd place: James Lee and Sean O’Connell (St Patrick) 4th place: Lily Yang and Yuki Song (St George)

Week 28 Secondary hockey competition Winner: St Patrick Runner-up: St George 3rd place: St Andrew 4th place: St David Week 29 Primary spring quiz Winner: St David Runner-up: St George 3rd place: St Patrick 4th place: St Andrew

Week 24 Primary art competition Winner: Erica Jeong (St David) Runner-up: Meagan Finocchiaro (St George) 3rd place: Yuna Goto (St Patrick) Week 25 Secondary art competition Winner: Jean Kwon (St Patrick) Runner-up: Hae Jin Lee (St George) 3rd place: Joe Liu and Sean O’Connell (St Patrick)


Week 29 Secondary spring quiz Winner: St George Runner-up: St Patrick 3rd place: St Andrew 4th place: St David

St David, winners of the House primary hockey competition: (back row, left to right) Beatrice Nielsen, Hikari Muto. Erica Jeong, Sabrina Xi (front row, left to right) Luwei Wee, Sunny Yang, Tal Bitensky


Summer Term 2010 Week 34 Primary badminton competition Girls’ competition Winner: Miranda Mo (St Patrick) Runner-up: Irene Jeong (St Andrew) 3rd place: Danielle Semenko (St Andrew) 4th place: Erica Jeong (St David) Boys’ competition Winner: Kevin Lee (St Andrew) Runner-up: Luwei Wee (St David) 3rd place: Trenton Prokop (St George) 4th place: Tal Bitensky (St David) Week 35 Secondary badminton competition Girls’ competition Winner: Jean Kwon (St Patrick) Runner-up: Yuki Song (St George) 3rd place: Aoi Muto (St George) 4th place: Linda Lin (St Andrew) Boys’ competition Winner: Richard Lau (St Andrew)

Runner-up: Sean O’Connell (St Patrick) 3rd place: Tom Yang (St George) 4th place: Xavier Weiss (St George) Week 40 Spelling Bee competition Reception winner: Yuna Goto (St Patrick) Year 1 winner: Luxuan Wee (St George) Year 2 winner: Enid Jones (St Andrew) Year 3 winner: Luwei Wee (St David) Year 4 – 6 winner: Anita Huang (St George) Year 7 winner: Xavier Weiss (St George) Year 8 winner: Sean O’Connell (St Patrick) Year 9 winner: Lisa Lee (St David) Week 41 Primary public speaking competition Year 2 winner: Carrie Shi (St Andrew) Year 3 winner: Luwei Wee (St David) Year 4 winner: Tal Bitensky (St David) Year 5 winner: Erica Jeong (St David) Year 6 winner: Winnie Cheng (St George) Week 42 Nanxiang’s Got Talent! Overall winner: Sean O’Connell, James Lee (St Patrick), Lisa Lee (St David) & Yuki Song (St George) 76

(top left, clockwise): Luxuan Wee, Joyce Shen, Vanessa Patzner, Vienne Feng and Michael Mu perform at Nanxiang’s Got Talent; Aoi Muto’s inspiring dance solo at Nanxiang’s Got Talent; Betty Lin competing in the House secondary volleyball competition; Yuki Song working hard during the House spelling bee competition


Key Stage 1 winner Jenny Jang (St Patrick) Key Stage 1 Runner-up: Enid Jones (St Andrew) Key Stage 1 joint 3rd place: Aimee Qi (St George) Key Stage 1 joint 3rd place: Vanessa Patzner (St Andrew), Michael Mu (St Andrew), Theo Gurniki (St David), Sam Park (St David), Hugo Noublanche (St David), Vienne Feng (St George), Luxuan Wee (St George) and Joyce Shen (St Patrick) Key Stage 2 winner: Yuna Matsuzaki (St George) Key Stage 2 Runner-up: Kevin Lee (St Andrew) Key Stage 2 3rd place: Nayu Lam (St Patrick) Key Stage 2 4th place: Miranda Mo (St Patrick) & Anita Huang (St George)


Key Stage 3 winner: Sean O’Connell (St Patrick), James Lee (St Patrick), Lisa Lee (St David) & Yuki Song (St George) Key Stage 3 Runner-up: Aoi Muto (St George) Key Stage 3 3rd place: Eva Shen (St Andrew) Key Stage 3 4th place: Xavier Weiss, David Lee, Tom Yang & Simon Yang (St George)

This year, Nanxiang has had a great deal of coverage in the Shanghai press. Our pupils’ work has been acknowledged and recognised in a forum beyond the immediate confines of the school, which is something of which we can all be proud.



Wednesday 21 April 2010


International school art programs are fertile ground to nurture the creative talents of tomorrow’s great masters. Here are some examples.



Shanghai Comm unity


International School


Sydney Kuo, Year 13, REGO

“Untitled,” BISS


l School

d Internationa

Shanghai Unite



Joen Lee

Pinghe School,In

ternational Dpt


Rego Inter


nation Scho




Irene Jeon

British Intern


Gianluca Galante, Year 11, BISS

Hye Rim Han, Year 13, REGO


l Nanxi ational Schoo


Mim Internat Community Shanghai


Thank you to all the talented young artists and writer for submitting works in 2009 City Weekend Art & Wri ing Competition- Shanghai Postcard!

Maria Chen, Year 11, BISS

We’ve loved each and every submission, and proudly selected the best 50 entries as finalists. Due to the limited space, we could not display all of them here b only 3 winners and 1 runner-up of each age group. To view all the finalist works, please visit Daniel Taverne

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Congratulations to all the winners again and we look forward to your entries in the 2010 City Weekend Art

Louise Eloot

International School

Shanghai Rego


& Writing Competition!


Natalie Zermani, Year 11, REGO

“Self Confessions in Chinese,” YCIS Shanghai



“Made in China,” YCIS Shanghai


How to Resolve the Issues of Adolescence

parents who may not have realistic

not do badly at school at purpose – if

academic expectations for their

a child is not fulfilling their potential it


is important to ask why, and for us all – parent, pupil and school alike – to ask

Q: What are the main causes of these

ourselves what part we have played


in this. Academic under-achievement

A: Wider cultural issues can be a

does not happen in isolation.

contributing factor to a teenager ’s sense of unworthiness or isolation.

Q: In the process of educating

Popular culture at the moment is

children, how should parents play

very judgmental (stop for a moment

different roles?

to consider shows like American Idol

A: Read to them every day, until they

for instance and the way in which

are old enough to read to you instead.

they encourage and thrive on the

Make sure the home environment

humiliation of contestants). However,

gives them access to news, books,

parents often also have a role to

music and conversation. Help them

play in that they may not appreciate

with their homework, but never do it for

that children mature and are ‘ready’

them. Always be encouraging, but do

for academic success on vastly

not reward or recognize a lack of effort.

different timescales, and that therefore they need sometimes to be more

Q: If children are very rebellious, how


should parents deal with? A: Teenagers who are rebellious are

Q: Regarding these problems, how

very often expressing, in the only way

should the school deal with?

they know how, a profound sense

A: Schools have a responsibility to

of disappointment – at themselves,

set pupils individual, challenging and

at you, at school, at ‘ the system’.

yet realistic targets. We also have a

Discovering the source of this sense of

duty to communicate these targets

disappointment can often be the first

effectively to parents and pupils alike.

step towards engaging with a difficult

A school should also strive to provide

adolescent. You may not like the

an environment where pupils feel ‘safe’

answer but if you want to help them to

– that is where failure is neither feared

move on, you must ask the question.

nor ignored and is seen as part of the learning process, but also a climate where every success – no matter how small – is celebrated.

Discovering the Source of the Problem

Q: Regarding these problems,

"Discovering the source of the problem is the first step towards engaging with a difficult adolescent," Mr. Mark Angus told Villas Life.



Q: What are the common problems

how should the parents do? How

of adolescent children?

to communicate with the children

A: Children can often feel intimidated


by what they perceive as the success

A: Parents should aim to work with

of others (however inconsequential

schools and to remember that their

or ephemeral such ‘success’ may

child’s first instinct always is to please

be). They feel that they are not good

them. Therefore, they should seek to

enough, or that they don’t deserve

recognize and acknowledge this fact

happiness. Children can also feel

above all else, even when it seems as

under pressure from (well-meaning)

if the opposite is true. Most children will

Mr. Mark Angus Principal of The British International School, Shanghai

Villas Life/March 2010 61

This coverage is testimony to the wide variety of activities our pupils have had the opportunity to experience throughout this academic year.

OUR YEARBOOK Shanghai Daily

Wednesday 21 April 2010


Thriving student life in Shanghai In a wide range of activities at Shanghai’s international schools, students are growing potatoes, hearing stories from an author and learning from a piano master.

Structured for younger children Shanghai Community International School’s new Early Childhood Education Campus is conveniently located on Hongqiao Road near the Shanghai Marriott Hotel Hongqiao. The program is ideally structured for students aged three to five years old and the facility was designed with them in mind.

School admitted to CIS Shanghai REGO International School is proud to be given regular membership of the Council of International Schools, the premier organization in international education for accreditation of schools and best practice development. CIS is a not-for-profit organization of a worldwide educational community of over 650 member schools and 450 colleges/universities. Its central purpose is to enable member organizations to achieve and deliver the highest standards in education and continually improve the outcome of student learning.

Piano master class The music department of Shanghai REGO International School was proud to be able to offer a special master class treat to music/piano students during the return visit in March of Dr David Curtin from Lock Haven University, USA. After students played their pieces, Curtin gave feedback by commenting on their performances and giving valuable advice on how to take the pieces to an even higher level. He also checked students’ progress from his visit last year. He spent a full day at the school and gave a piano recital during assembly for all students. The school is excited to be able to offer the fantastic opportunity for several pianists to take a lesson with such a distinguished artist.

Food culture feast Yew Chung International School of Shanghai families from many different countries got together to celebrate their cultural diversity and try tasty food from all over the world at the Annual International Family Food Festival held on April 10.

Global culture story focus British International School Shanghai’s Nanxiang campus welcomed Morgan Schatz, who was visiting for the Shanghai International Literary Festival, for a day of stories based on the theme “What Does It Mean To Be A Global Citizen?” Pupils from all years were entertained and enthralled with folk tales and traditional stories from a wide variety of cultures and from different periods in history.

Climate change writing winner Floris Boogaard, year 8a of the Shanghai REGO International School, was one of the 10 winners of a Dutch international writing contest about climate change.

An Afternoon at the Theater Shanghai Singapore International School is producing “An Afternoon at the Theater” which showcases a variety of songs from well-known musicals such as “Rent,” “Little Shop of Horrors,” “Annie,” “The Mikado” and “Grease.” The program also consists of original work created by a group of students and involves context work where they take an original song and adapt it to a different context. Students and teachers are doing three shows through tomorrow at the school auditorium.

Nanxiang aged visit Pupils in years 6 to 9 of British International School Shanghai’s Nanxiang campus visited a home for the aged in Nanxiang on March 18, performing songs for residents, who in turn entertained the pupils with two musical offerings. The visit aims to increase the school’s local community engagement and to enable pupils to see a side of life in China that they might not otherwise witness.

Students explain Pi concept Pi Day was celebrated on March 12 at British International School Shanghai’s Nanxiang campus. There were numerous activities throughout the school to help pupils understand and explore the concept of Pi. Year 11 students ran a series of workshops for the school on Pi Day and did an excellent job of illuminating some tricky concepts for their younger colleagues.

Career Day at YCIS The 4th Career Day at Yew Chung International School of Shanghai on March 16 helped students get in-depth information about a particular profession, the required dedication and a better understanding of their priorities. In groups of 10-15, accompanied by a teacher, students visited Shanghai Daily and were

‘We are growing potatoes’ introduced to different departments and heard presentations from employees regarding their responsibilities, career choices and work

Shanghai Singapore International School’s P5 students are growing potatoes outside their classroom doors, expanding practically the science curriculum’s learning about reproduction from plant parts. Students are monitoring germination, feeling the soil, planting the germinated potato parts, and recording their growth, journaling throughout the process and taking “tips” from a plant expert. It is hoping for a harvest in June.

environment. The general feedback from students and teachers has been positive and a full-day program is being considered for the future.



Shanghai family

School Life

A Day in t

Korean Academy Pros Helps improve our grades Increases our knowledge Can meet new friends Improves our minds Helps us overcome our weaknesses Helps us to qualify for good universities

Korean Academy Student vs. Non It’s not uncommon for Korean students to go to Korean variety of subjects such as English, Math, and Chinese the same international school, but Lisa is a Korean student student who studies at home and doesn’t attend an

We feel good when our targets are achieved

Lisa 6:00 9:00

Cons Too much homework Don’t get enough sleep Heavy parental pressure It’s boring Increases academic stress We’re always being compared to others It’s exhausting!

Wake up. So sleepy. What day is it? Mandarin – Why can’t I just concentrate on learning English? Falling asleep…


Lunch – I’d rather sleep than eat lunch. Oh, this food is really disgusting!


Geography – Boring! Oh no! I still have to finish my academy homework!!!


Home - Do homework and eat dinner. So much homework to do and I have to go to the academy after that!


Academy begins – Can I sleep? Would they notice? NO! Wake up! What time is it?


Home – Phew, home at last! Shower and some TV. I’m alive! Now…homework!

23:00 2:00

Homework – When can I go to sleep? My eyes are closing. I need to tape my eyelids open! Bed – Go. To. Sleep. ZZZzzz.



MG! It’s horrible to think that tomorrow the week starts again. It means I’ll have to go to the academy on top of doing all of my school homework. Every day is exactly the same. Wake up, school, home, academy, home, homework, sleep. Why do I need to go to the academy? To get into a better university? Actually, I do want to go to a great university, but going to the academy from Monday to Sunday is awful. I understand the reasons, but sometimes it seems too much! If I could control the world, there’d be no more academy so I’d have lots of energy for everything else in life!

acad amo who acad

Shanghai family


By Lisa Lee and Eva Shen

n the Life:

. Non-Korean Academy Student

orean nese udent nd an

academies after school for additional instruction in a among others. Both Lisa and Eva are students at who attends academies every day while Eva is a Chinese academy. Here’s a day in their lives…

Sleeping. Mandarin – Bored, bored, bored. I need to write another article today!

Eva 6:00 9:00

Lunch – I’m so full! I ate too much – again!


Geography – Did we have geography homework? Oops!


Home – Flute lesson. I’m a brilliant musician! I love music!


Dinner and homework – So much homework, music theory, international award speech. I’d better eat quickly.


Bed and reading – I’m getting a new book. This one’s rubbish!


Asleep and dreaming - Music theory book 4. Music theory book 4. Music theory book 4.

23:00 2:00

Sleeping – ZZZzzz.

Solutions Having a balanced work-life schedule (e.g. attending academy twice a week)


oday’s Saturday. I went to my French class from 10am to 1pm then I went to my drawing lesson. I’ve finished my homework and am watching TV. Later, I’m going to go shopping with my Mum. Some of my friends are at the academy. We’re busy all week during school, so it’s nice to have a relaxed and easy-going weekend. I don’t know how the Korean kids in my class can do all their regular school work and the academy work! I’d be sooooo tired! I really like dancing and flute lessons, and not having to study all the time.

No academy on the weekends No homework from the academy so students can work on school work No parental pressure, even when test results are not satisfactory Don’t always compare us with others, as this only adds to the pressure Communicate with parents


Prioritize homework so deadlines can be met


Shanghai family

Austin Anderson

Tabitha Anvoviak

Elise Berg

Malou Brantjes

Ping Chin




Y13 Rego


International School Spirit p.34

Behind Closed Doors p.20

Movie Review p.31

Getting Parents to Listen p.12

Places to Go p.32

Our Contributors

These students graciously lent their voices to the pages of this issue, but their contributions wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the following: Greer Bevel, SCIS History Teacher; Jason Choi, SCIS Brand Officer; Christina Decu, Rego Marketing Director; Lucinda Edmunds, SAS English Teacher; Sara Fioriglio, WISS Art Teacher; Jacquie Kane, Dulwich Marketing & Communications Manager; Nick Kent, CISS HS Assistant Principal; Marina Linnik, YCIS Assistant Marketing Manager; Katie Norris, BISS English Teacher; Karin Semler, CISS Assistant Director of Marketing; and Jaia Tucker, WISS Head of Art.

Korby Kazyak

Koen Kerremans

Richard Lau

Lisa Lee

Ting Shan Lee






Behind Closed Doors p.20

Rock & Roll’s Legacy p.54

Getting Parents to Listen p.12, Places to Go p.32

Korean Academy p.26

Places to Go p.32

Yuri Oe

Lenz Ong

Miles Robinson

Ellen Seo

Eva Shen






Getting Parents to Listen p.12

Album Review p.30

Getting Parents to Listen p.12

Illustration Body Image, Places to Go p.32

Korean Academy p.26


Shanghai family


5 places toListings go in Shanghai


Hip Hop for Kids Jazz du Funk, Fifth

Floor, No 2, Lane 113 Changshu Lu, near By Richard Lau district (5403 9387; Changle Lu, Xuhui

Talent corner Every Sat 1.15-2pm. 650RMB for eight classes, 100RMB drop-in. Orden Bowling Center Advice for contributors 徐汇区常熟路113弄2号5楼, 近长乐路. A traditional Chinese elements and snack food, 10 Hengshan Lu, French Concession near can Gao’an Listings be sent by email fun and funky exercise class for little ones like stinky tofu. You’ll also lots it. of examples to who likefind to shake Lu, Metro Line 1 Hengshan Station Information submitted include of must Chinese culture and traditions, and can take the name of the event, times, dates, Parents Orden is a great place to go withthe a bunch of of the venue, a boat ride on the river. address telephone Baby Massage Community Center numbers and the price of admission. friends to play pool or go bowling. It’s Shanghai – Hongqiao, Fifth Floor, 201, Lane The deadline for listings is the 10th of M-box reasonably priced and near a Metro 3215, Hongmei Lu, near Hongsong Dong eachstation. month 14 Cover Shanghai family story 3/F, 1325 HuaihaiLu, Zhong Lu, neardistrict Baoqing Lu, 4276; www. Changning (6406 The friendly service and delicious snacks are a From Wed 26-June Metro Line 1, Lu Station 9, 1-3pm. 850RMB for three classes. Ages bonus, too. three weeks-10 months. 长宁区 虹梅路 Check out some of 3215弄201号5楼, Shanghai’s latest music Learn to 近红松东路 Shopping on Changle Lu nurture baby through gentle massage scene here. Even the menuyour is made of CDs. Changle Lu, French Concession that can help relieve things such as colic listenconstipation, to local talent, enjoy teething and sleeping Arts and craftsIt’s a good place to pain, problems. Fashionable goods are everywhere along different styles of music, and relax with Body & Soul Prenatal Yoga Building Animation Alive Children’s Technology Changle Lu. There are loads ofWorkshop, boutiques here Unit 504, Fifth Floor, 3211 12, 470band Shaanxi Bei Lu, near friends. A new Shanghai performs hereBeijing Xi Lu, Jingan district (3218 0009; www.bnsyoga. HongmeiKorea Lu, near Hongsong Dong Lu, that sell designer goods from Japan, Changning district (6446every 6766; day. www. com). Tue-Thur 6.40-7.40pm, Sat 2.405,000RMB for 20 classes, 长宁区 虹梅路 They were honest with me, 350RMB to go out every Friday night,” says my Dad.3.40pm. He the only Most child in aoftypical Asian My andI’mChina. them arefamily. reasonably 3211号5楼504室, 近红松东路 Every Satweek. drop-in, discount Bali Bistro shouldn’t for I be members. honest with静安区陕 them? every parents treasure me, and spend whatever it priced so you can easily create your owndelivers style the same speech 西北路470号, 近北京西路 Prenatal yoga for ten takes to push me intellectually and 11.30am-12.30pm. 2,250RMB 75 Wanhangdu Lu, Jing An near Beijing Lu It’s a tumultuous time for usthat teens. We’re Then my Mom got sick. I would visit her at the classes, discount for members. Ages 6-14. at Body & Soul focuses on poses open by academically. mixing andBut matching your finds. doesn’t drink at all. I don’t drink when I’m As a teenager, it’s a definite pain to deal with every second, there’s an up the pelvic area and relaxes the mind in Little ones learn how tojust create theirinown undergoing puberty, peer pressure and testing hospital and sit there silence because with her, but it doesn’t matter, we can’t parents. We’re at an age when we have implicit understanding between us – obey and Thetovideo aroma of Indonesian flowers, the food, stop-motion animation using cameras for motherhood. the waters of independence. But it’s not an she was too weak talk with me. It was apreparation Qibao town hang out together any more. private business that we’d prefer our don’t argueold because we know what’s and best.state-of-the-art computer technology. easy time for our parents, either. They’re afraid scary silence. Once, when I turned to leave I felt and décor create a perfect atmosphere to parents don’t know about. Not only are they This class focuses on designing, directing, Caobao Lu andwith Xinzhen Sometimes teenagers lie to their parents to of alienating us from their lives even while they AtMinhang, night, they near tell me, “Stop chatting your Lu something icy grab me. It was my Mom, and always trying to pry into your business, but and production. relax and chat with friends. It can be a little impress them or get off the hook. For lecture us about what to do. So walk over to she held my wrist so tightly. Could my parents friends! When I was young, I never wasted Architecture Children’s Technology they’re also trying to talk to you about An time!” alternative Yuyuan, has an added example, curfews. I’ve lied to my parents expensive, but thepassive food is delicious nice them and letand them a know what’s going on in be Animation afraid of losing me? Iabove, thought of my My Mom to regularly peeksQibao over my Workshop, see Alive, school, your future, and personal problems. when I’ve told them I’d be back at a certain your life, and tell them that you’ll always love rejection comments and stubborn or Chinese shoulder at myDynasty computer screen to make sure for address details. Every Satmy slice of Ming history. It’s knownand for contact its of their change from Western meals. I know they’re only trying to help. time knowing there was no way I would. It 1.30-2.30pm. 2,250RMB for ten classes, them. – By Lily Feng silences. While distancing myself from my I’m on task. “Sorry,” I mumble, when she discount for parents, members. ForIages 8-14.the Lego is ofOngoing might be a good thing for the short term, The hardest thing for me is not dealing with wasn’t increasing chance catches me, as I kick the desk in frustration. used to teachbeing children about the relationship but not for the long term. When you do that, my own parents but negotiating the waters misunderstood? I suddenly felt so guilty. “You’re too young to understand, but it’s wrong FREE Yew Chung International between structures, stability and forces you’re pulling the shortest straw, trust me. between the expectations of my friends’ School Shanghai Art Exhibit The H through building towers, bridges and The best thing to do if you’re in trouble or parents and my own. Like one time my Hotel, 88 Weifang Xi Lu, near Nanquan houses. Computers are used to simulate want to stay out later is to just come clean. friend’s parents saw me and another friend Lu, Pudong (5882 8882). 浦东 潍坊路88 landmarks and design. – By Thomas Gizur drinking a beer. They flipped out and now I 号, 近南泉路 The Art Show includes over Video Game Design Children’s can’t hang out with my friend any more. 30 pieces from YCIS students and will be Technology Workshop, see Animation Alive, on throughout the Expo. Some pieces are above, for address and contact details. Every Even though she wasn’t with me and she There you go, five simple steps to help you and Pick your moment. Good: dinner time. Bad: So, you’re in a bit of a jam. Aren’t you always? available for purchase with proceeds going Satto2.45-3.45pm. 2,250RMB for tenorclasses, your parents have productive conversations. when they’re on the phone distracted by a You need an extra 200 RMB, permission go to charity. Contact the school on 6219 5910 discount for members. Ages 9-14. 长宁区虹 Yeah, it probably won’t get you a pony, but you sibling. Be mature. No whining. And forget to the party Saturday night, and help with your more info. 梅路3211号5楼504室, 近虹松东路 Children ext 230 for can always try! - By Olivia Dillon usingofthe “Everyoneprogramming else can” line because it homework. Who you gonna turn to? Your learn the basics computer doesn’t Never. – Please you parents, of course. I know, I know. You’re too by designing – andregister. then playing theirand ownthank Every Saturday old to get help from your ‘rents. Sure, maybe video game.doesn’t hurt either. Use “I.” By eliminating the Hae-Jin Lee, Jean Kwon and Joe Liu talk arewithintheir Year 11 parents like at theyThe talk with their Parents want what’s best for us. They want accusatory “you” and using “I” your parent FREE Storytelling at Kids’ Republic you are sometimes, but always and 262 Yuyuan Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu, Jingan British International School Nanxiang friends, which I thinkcampus. is the “right” way. Even you to have a good educationShanghai’s and many doesn’tand have tolearning go with a defensive come back. completely? Good luck with that. Language district (6248 9033). 2-2.30pm. 静安区 though parents don’t always speak to us in other things. Try to remember even when Now it’s a conversation, not a confrontation. For their IGCSE the three art students carved the details You’ve only spent your entire life with them. MathMania at Kids’ Gallery No 5-9, 愚园路262号, 近乌鲁木齐路 Bring your a friendly manner, we should still be polite, you’re fighting with your parents about Be understanding. When you say things like into damp clay, fired and then painted it, making sure to Biyun Lu, near Yunshan Lu, Pudong kids to this charming children’s bookshop You’d think by now you’d know how to650 talk with friendly and normal. An eye for an eye does school, exams, your future, holidays, money “I understand you were worried” and “I for group storytelling. Readings in English them, but then again, you wouldn’t be(6105 reading9336; Runs keep the ceramic piece the correct proportions and –scale not work with parents. Yuri Oe of and your rights as a teenager that they love understand it’s expensive” it give them Mon-Thur 9.15-11.30am. 1,500RMB (Mandarin storytelling takes place at 11am). this, would you? Listen up, I’ll school you on the original you. Van self-portrait. Be Gogh polite, friendly, normal! All the you do understand. Say what per term. Forimpression ages 2-4.that 浦东碧云路650弄 how to talk with parents with five easy tips. students I talked with about this said they 5-9号, 近云山路 ThisBe course you want. clear.introduces Wednesday 5 basic maths for kids – such as shapes and counting – through games, activities, stories FREE Green Bumps & Babes Bazaar a full first aid kit, goodie bag and certificate home for the whole family to enjoy. and crafts. Either two or four days URBN Hotel, 183 Jiaozhou Lu, near upon completion of the course. Register at Ingredients are included in the price. a week. For more information Xinzha Lu, Jingan district (5153 the Community Center beforehand. Mother’s Day Workshop at Kids’ contact infoshanghai@ 4600). 10am-2pm. 静安 Gallery Kids’ Gallery, see Language and 区 胶州路183号, 近新 learning, MathMania for address and Saturday 8 Mandarin 闸路 For the first time contact details. 3-4.30pm. 240RMB. Ages Classes at Kids’ this biannual bazaar Family Organic Farm Tour Community 2+. 浦东碧云路650弄5-9号, 近云山路 Kids Dr. Sherry U.S. to families y is a fully Gallery Kids’ catering Center Shanghai: Pudong, Second Floor, will make a pretty flower garden card in er ll a G s ’ If you need proof of the effectiveness of this, I years. Now, they always seem to know what I’m When I was younger, much whole process of getting them to listen to you. r Kid trained, Gallery, see with young children Greenhills Clubhouse, 418 Jinxiu Lu, near preparation for Mother’s Day in China. board certified ramarecently convinced myoffering parents to buy me an Baihua Lu, Pudong thinking or ignore whatever So, I’ve younger, I used to have MathMania several And it’s(3382 hard enough get your parents to dhad Sign uI paskfofor. dGeneral at will be eco1770;to www. and Cosmetic e n music atonget Ju iPhone. I approached them with a list of toabove come up with someanew strategies to get what I wanted fromGallery listen to you. For a while, I found just talking re Kids’ friendly products. 10am-2pm. 250RMB rts,strategies o with over 17 years ef b Wednesday 12 Dentist es rs address and vendors (kids). 浦东 锦绣东路418 cou such Twenty-five as the advantage of having a (adults); 100RMB them to listen to me. my parents. First, I’d beg and sweet talkfor them. with them was annoying and pointless. They t. She counbenefits, speaks summerreceive aofdisexperience. contact details. The Even fee includes a with you, will sell everything Bumps & Babes Bi-monthly dictionary at my fingertips and being able to 弄 云间绿大地会所2楼 This hardly ever worked, so I’d switch tactics kept saying “no.” if this is true r o d I’ve tried and tested thousands of methods. 6 n a 3 English, French, Spanish, 1.15-2.15pm every from air purifiers to guided tour of BIOFarm, an organic lunch, Meet: ‘What to do with Your Baby in 3 2 9 read digital which are essential to and start to complain and make all kinds of you should never give up trying to talk to your 10to5Farsi, . books, ct 6way And I’ve foundothe get Sun for agesThousands. 4-6; biodegradable baby DIY workshopparents. and transport. Organic Shanghai’ Paulaner, 150 Fenyang Lu, lleryconversational astrengthen C ntabest my English skills. Sometimes you weird and unpleasant noises and grumble, If all else fails, try to see things from kidsgand i@ 10.45-11.45am wipes and there will be vegetable picking also available. Free near Fuxing Lu, Xuhui district (5169 9156; what you want from your parents is toa act like an h g gram thatloudly. emphasizes n . a Mandarin. She is founder of ils to exaggerate. Butpainting. if you keep at it and transport fromtheir After that, if I still didn’t get what every I wanted, point of view. It’ll make everything simpler infosh Saturday forPretend to be mature onsite face Community Center Puxi re deta have adult. and capable oofAdvanced d with a diverse student for m Dentalemphasize Solutions. repeatly theAfter benefits, you’ll noticedeparts at 9am. I’d lock myself up inside my bedroom until they and easier for everyone. – By Richard 9.45-11.45am. Lau. ages 7+, 1,500RMB My Body Birth 80RMB. 徐汇区汾阳路150 comMake taking responsibilities seriously. them feel our smallpromised class size and that they’re starting Center to nod inShanghaiagreement. to do or get what I wanted. per term. 浦东碧云路650 Community Jazz Elastic Performance JZ Club, 46 号, 近复兴路 Bi-monthly meet for pregnant at ease, give them the impression that their 弄5-9号,近云山路 Children Hongqiao. See Classes, Parents, Fuxing Lu, near Yongfu Lu, Xuhui district women and women with babies, with guest One importantfor thing to remember, opinions important to you. This doesn’t work anymore! I don’t know why,Mandarin learn in a are social andfun Baby Massage address and never show (6431 0269). 10pm. 30RMB. 徐汇区复兴 speakers presenting on a variety of subjects For more information, please anger A of disappointment as this influence路46号, the maybe because they’ve gotten smarterenvironment in recent through stories, play acting contact holistic approach to will caring 近永福路 The JZ school student about motherhood in Shanghai. Includes go to details. Community Listing/ and games. for women from ante-natal to post-natal, ensemble, directed by the excellent JQ all-you-can-eat breakfast and donation to the Dental Clinics/Dr. Sherry delivered by a trained physical therapist Whitcomb, takes to the stage on the busiest Baobei foundation. night at JZ Club, gaining valuable experience Music and dance at the city’s premier jazz venue. Contact Thursday 6 Friday 14 Baby ballet at Kids’ Gallery, see for more info. Language and learning, MathMania for First Aid & CPR for Internationals Global Child Day at Yew Chung Kids Cooking Class Community Center 3121 (86 21) 62689773 address and contact details. Mondays from Shanghai East International Medical Center, Shanghai-Hongqiao, taught offsite; address International School Pudong campus: 5-5.45pm; Saturdays from 10.45-11.30pm. 551 Pudong Nan Lu, near Pudong Avenue, supplied at registration. See Classes, Parents, Regency Park, 1817 Huamu Lu, near 1,400RMB for eight classes. Ages 3-4. 浦东 Pudong (5879-9999). 10am-12.30pm. Century Park, Pudong (6219 5910 ext. 230). Baby Massage for address and contact 碧云路650弄5-9号, 近云山路 These classes 390RMB. 浦东 浦东南路551号, 近浦东大 浦东花木路1817号御翠园, 近世纪公园 details. Ages 4-10. See if your child is a mini explore ballet themes and music, as kids take 道 Learn CPR and other essential first aid masterchef as this class allows kids to make, YCIS celebrates its fifth Global Child Day, their very first ballet steps. Students will also procedures for things such as the Heimlich an annual event aimed at learning about bake and decorate their own cookies from perform for parents in an open class at the manoeuver, bandaging wounds and burns cultures from around the globe, with a wide scratch, using locally available ingredients. end of each term. and treating common injuries. Price 83includes They can then take their culinary creations range of events.


4 Classes


Asian Family Values




Between Lies and Expectations



Five Easy Pieces - of Advice

Parents Know Best


Forget using the “everyone else can” line because it doesn’t register. Never.

se! BISS Shifting Strategies Of cour

e Classroom

62 Time Out Shanghai May 2010

Never show anger of disappointment as this will influence the whole process of getting them to listen to you.


Getti More Indep

You want more lee independence? B night and you wan your Plan A? Snea to do. Grow up. Tr head held high. Ho build trust. Being night, I headed ou club at 9:30 while TV. I did not climb morning. Seems e beforehand and ta

Lend legitimacy to go see a band, music. If you’re int card. It’s not unde about something a parents. It goes bo excitement (read: walk out the door My parents have m they imagine I cou them.

Listen to your pa bottles of Absolut. want to go out. If y what you want to d things they don’t w That’s game theor

It boils down to thi can do that, you s things, and they sh those requests, un gaming computer

I don’t do bottles o helps me time I wa



Hui Wang Chloe Noublanche Imogen Jones

Harry Wang Chen Wang Yun Long Kuo

Kosuke Sumihiro Catherine Tsai Justin Kong



O u r y ea r By M s C h ua a n d m r s Z h a o Time flies and this year we were so busy, but we had the BEST time in Nursery. Let’s go down memory lane and recall the special days that we had: colour days when we dressed in different coloured clothes; we looked scary at Hallowe’en and red hot on Valentine’s Day! Santa Claus came to visit us because we had been little angels! We had a teddy bears’ picnic and we went to the fire station. We had Pyjama Day and enjoyed a movie with pop corn! We had Splash Day and pretended to be fish and mermaids swimming in the water. We learnt about the life cycle of caterpillars and how they turn into beautiful butterflies. We planted green and red beans and watched them grow. We saw mushrooms grow and leaves fall from the trees. We enjoyed singing and dancing on stage and we enjoyed all the special art that we did, as well as making apple cookies and a summer bag! We enjoyed learning and exploring as we grew up, but most of all we enjoyed the friendship that we found in Nursery! 85


What a wonder year we had in Nursery and Pre-Nursery. To summarise what we have learnt in NURSERY … here we go …

A is for the alphabet which we know how to say. B is for busy bodies -- at work and at play. C is for colours - red, yellow, blue, and green. D is for drawing pictures, the best you’ve ever seen. E is for exercise to keep our bodies strong. F is for the fun we’ve had as we have gone along. G is for the good friends we made throughout the year. H is for happy faces, filled with love and cheer. I is for imagination used at every turn. J is for good jobs and the praises we have earned. K is for kindergartners -- hip, hip hooray! L is for learning -- more and more each day. M is for minding and showing our respect. N is for numbers. One, two, three...correct? 86


O is for the obstacles we learned to overcome. P is for puppets and for playing rhythms on a drum. Q is for all the questions we’ve asked throughout the year. R is for reading stories, even those that bring a tear . S is for different snacks, several we have tried. T is for talking. It’s not to be denied. U is for unusual; it fits some things we’ve done. V is for Victory – We always do our best! W is for the world of words we’ve barely dipped into. X is for extra special kids -- it’s him, it’s her, it’s you. Y is for yes, it has been a great year! Z

is for Reception and Nursery zest. We’re ready, have no fear!

















Aimee Qi Sam Park Luxuan Wee Vanessa Patzner

Theo Gurniki Ye Rin Kwak Vienne Feng Jennifer Baek

Michael Mu Hugo Noublanche Joyce Shen




o u r y ea r By M r s C u l l i m o re


Wow! What a year we have had in Class I - so many exciting events and activities. During the autumn term we continued our weekly swimming lessons and became very confident in the water. We also visited our local Guyi Gardens where we investigated the wonderful Expo models and did observational drawings for a postcard competition. Well done Luxuan for being a winner from Class I. Christmas fun included making cards and calendars for our families and we then entertained them with our Christmas concert. Our performance of the very traditional Nativity play brought tears to everyone’s eyes. During celebrations for Chinese New Year we enjoyed a day of traditional activities including dumpling and dough craft making. We dressed in Chinese costumes and again entertainment was on the agenda in our special assembly. Spring term saw a first for us at Nanxiang when we visited the local fire station. With the sirens, fire trucks and exploring the fire station building, the children did not know what to look at first. This term also brought drier weather so we were able to show our athletic talents during a very blustery Sports Day. It did not slow us down and the children all performed well and received medals and cups. Classroom activities included finding out all about materials. The class were involved in clay making activities and designing houses out of shoe boxes. Summer term saw us out in the sunshine learning about minibeasts, carrying out observations and using magnifying glasses to identify lots of creepy-crawlies. We enjoyed singing songs from Disney films for our concert. The trip to the Science and Technology Museum produced much enthusiasm from all the children, especially the ride down the alimentary canal. Finally, our excursion to Expo and the family barbecue rounded off a memorable year for everyone in Class I . Mrs Cullimore


Class I love school so much they can’t help but jump for joy!



(top left, clockwise); Mrs Cullimore happily brandishes our tickets; on the shuttle bus inside the Expo site; Vanessa Patzner and Theo Gurniki with a friend; settling down to lunch; Jennifer Baek and Hugo Noublanche take it all in.













(left to right, top to bottom): Ye Rin Kwak and Jennifer Baek make short work of some ice cream; Joyce Shen looking delighted with the day; Vienne Feng concentrates on her treats; Michael Mu looks like he’s ready for more; Jennifer Baek can’t believe just how good it tastes!




(left to right, top to bottom): Theo Gurniki giving the camera his full attention; Sam Park tries to squeeze in another mouthful; Aimee Qi looks as though she might have had enough; Yuna Goto encapsulates the party spirit; Vanessa Patzner proves that sweets don’t damage your teeth.






O u r y ea r By M r s H o o k


Class J started 2009 as a composite class composed of 18 students – ten year 3 students and eight year 2 students. Each one had a unique personality as these students came from many different countries (Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, England, USA, Canada, Italy and Sweden) and with many varied backgrounds. Sadly three students left us over the year but we did gain one new student who has fitted into the group well. The children have worked together to form a cohesive group that supports each other and me. We have learnt to accept the different cultures and backgrounds that make up our group and have developed an understanding of our strengths and weaknesses. Each student has worked hard to improve their skills in English, maths, science, topic, ICT, PE, art and music. All of the children have competed in House competitions and there has been a keen rivalry between them to gain points for their Houses. Luwei, Sabrina, Adrian and Sunny have


YEAR 2 & 3



earned points for St David; Irene, Alex, Carrie and Enid have earned points for St Andrew; Trenton, Yuna, Meagan and Robbie have earned points for St George while Max, Nayu, Jenny and Ashley have earned points for St Patrick. We have visited Guyi Gardens, Nanxiang Old Street and the Science and Technology Museum. Year 3 went to watch the ERA circus show and then slept at school while the year 2s also had a sleepover at school combined with some swimming. I am not sure if it is the sleepover or Mrs Collins’ famed chocolate fondue that they most enjoyed! It has been really pleasing to see these children blossom as they have matured. They are a delightful, enthusiastic and conscientious group of children who it has been my pleasure to teach. Thank you Class J. Mrs Hook



Enid Jones Trenton Prokop Carrie Shi

Ashley O’Connell Luwei Wee Robbie Popov

Sunny Yang Alex Patzner



Adrian Cheng Irene Jeong Jenny Jang

Max Allwright Sabrina Xi Yuna Matsuzaki

Nayu Lam Meagan Finocchiaro


(left to right, top to bottom); Visit to Shanghai Expo; Adrian and Mr Cheng at the Nanxiang Shanghai Expo Family Picnic; the Easter Hat Parade; Jenny Jang looking relaxed; Class J after going swimming at the year 2 sleepover



Class J thrilled us all at the Spring Concert with their performance of “The Timewarp” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show



YEAR 2 My name is Carrie. This year I was in Year 2. In year 2 I liked swimming, ICT, music and PE. I didn’t know much English before but now I know lots of English. Year 2 was brilliant! My name is Ashley. This year I was in Year 2. In year 2 we learnt maths and science. I liked music and PE the best. I think Year 2 was the best! My name is Meagan. This year I was in Year 2. In Year 2 we learnt lots of new things and we had lots of fun. BISS Nanxiang is brilliant! My name is Jenny. I was in Year 2 this year. In Year 2 I liked swimming, ICT and Mandarin. We learnt lots and lots of English. Now I can spell lots of new words. I think Year 2 was great! My name is Robbie. In Year 2 we liked being in concerts. My favourite work is in PE, music and ICT. I think Year 2 was interesting. Hooray!! Now I am going to Year 3. My name is Enid. In Year 2 we all liked ICT. In topic we learnt about the Romans. It was fun. We liked going to PE and swimming too. I think Year 2 was brilliant!! My name is Max. In Year 2 we had fun. I learnt lots of things. All the kids liked swimming and we did a music concert. I think Year 2 was excellent! My name is Alex. In Year 2 we have had good fun And even more fun at break and lunchtimes. Lessons in Year 2 were hard. We will go to Year 3 next year. It has been great! 108

My name is Irene



I am in Year 3.


school is a perfect school for


each classroom door, we see fantastic teachers.

Nanxiang things.

school has lots of interesting

Xcellent lessons It has exciting PE,

at this school.


music, English and lots

At swimming time, I like to do freestyle. Native English people? There’s many at this school. A


place to be!

My name is Sabrina

I am in Year 3.


is a new school. Puxi and Pudong schools are older.

And in Year 3, our teacher was Mrs Hook. Nanxiang has 4 House teams. I am in St David. Xmas time was lots of fun at Nanxiang. In Nanxiang school my best friend is Irene. At Nanxiang, I love all of the lessons. No sad faces at Nanxiang. Go Nanxiang!!! My name is


I am in Year 3.

Nanxiang is a great school. Always we learn new things. No sad faces here. An Xciting place to be. I like PE. the best. At music time, I listen well. Nanxiang also has 4 house teams. mine.


Nanxiang!!!!!!!!! 109

St David is

My name is


I am in Year 3.

Nanxiang is a good place to learn things. Always we have maths, English, break time and lunch.


angry or sad faces here. BISS Nanxiang is an

Xcellent place to be. I had a great time in year At sport it was great fun


too. Nanxiang is a new school where we can learn



My name is

Sunny I am in Year 3.

Nanxiang school is excellent for everyone. At swimming I really liked freestyle. Nanxiang school has many teams. They all good.

Xcellent! because

I wouldn’t move schools

I can learn many things here. All the children like this school this school is fun.






likes working so hard in English

Nanxiang!!!!!!! You’re the best!!!


My name is 3.

Adrian Cheng

I am in Year

Nanxiang is a brilliant school All of science is what I like best. Nanxiang is a good place to be doing science.

Xcellent and great! I like the topics we do in maths. At Nanxiang we have lots of fun. New things we learn everyday. Go go go!!!!!! My name is

Trenton I am in Year 3.

Nanxiang is a little school. All the children are really nice. Nanxiang is the best of all the BISS schools.

Xciting place to be. I like the foods at lunch. All the kids like PE. Mr Hitchings funny!

Nanxiang has a school Go Nanxiang teams! My name is

is so

swimming team.

Yuna I am in Year 3.

No things go wrong At this brilliant school. Nice teachers too! Xcellent study lessons we have In this school. Any body here who has Not got a Grin should leave. Out you go!!!!!!!!! 111



O u r y ea r By m r V i e ra


This year has been a challenging one for Class M with some new arrivals and sadly some departures. However, everyone in this class, full of strong characters, has dealt admirably with the changes in class dynamics and new arrivals have settled in with ease. Students had a jam-packed year full of competitions, events, trips and productions. One of the highlights of the year was the Class M Aztec Day, during which the students’ true talents shone through for all to see. Blood-thirsty priests, fierce Aztec warriors and cunning Spanish soldiers adorned the stage and provided great entertainment for the audience. Academic achievements were aplenty. Class M students carried out the trial run for the Mathletics programme that is now helping to improve the standard of mathematics throughout the school and is the class who has achieved the most Mathletics certificates in the entire school! Among the host of academic achievements, Pi Week was a huge success, climaxing with various intense competitions on Pi Day (March 12). Erica showed amazing mathematical skills, reciting an unbelievable 196 pi digits. Danielle showed her poetic prowess winning the poetry competition and Hikari showed a steady hand and great hand-to-eye coordination to win the circle competition. Beatrice astounded the class, or myself at least, with her angelic voice to fight off stiff competition and win the song competition. Tal received an award for a tremendous enthusiasm and all-round participation during Pi Week. Last, but certainly not least, we cannot forget to mention Simon, who received a Star of the Week award for the impressive way in which he munched down his pie during the pie eating competition.


YEAR 4 & 5



Miranda and Erica have been battling it out all year for artistic supremacy and both have received an even share of awards to reward their creative talents. Sporting achievements and participation has also been impressive with Hikari winning the top girls’ trophy on Sports Day after her athletic performances and great results in the badminton competitions. Miranda, Beatrice and Danielle have shown that they can compete with the best swimmers in Shanghai and have done the school proud. 2010 proved to be a great year for the students of Class M and next year promises to be even better. Mr Viera


My favourite ECA is cooking. It is fun and interesting because we can create many foods and taste them. Last time, we created our own jacket potato. It was the yummiest thing we’ve tasted. Some of the food is healthy, so we can eat it as a snack! Our cooking teacher is Mrs. Collins. She taught us about foods from England. Anita Huang

My favourite ECA is swimming because it builds up my body strength. It also uses all your muscles and helps me get a lot of exercise. Before there was no swimming ECA so my mum had to spend a lot of money for me just to swim. Beatrice Nielsen

My favourite ECA is ICT which means computers! I like it because we can type easily and search the web for questions, and if we do a poster we can add nicer things. Sometimes I can change the writing of my paragraph. I also enjoy swimming because I am fast and I can not turn away. I like to play in the water after practice as well! I like swimming! Danielle Semenko My favourite ECA is ICT. I like ICT because we can learn from computers. But it is bad if we do lots of computer games . In our school, if we do our work and we finish, we can play for a while. ICT is my favourite because in ICT we can learn many things! Erica Jeong 114

My favourite ECA is multi-sports because I enjoy running. I also enjoy hockey because I like hitting the ball. Every week is different. I like multi-sports. Hikari Muto

My favourite ECA is cooking. It is fun and interesting. When we finish our food, everyone can take it home and eat it! Mrs Collins teaches us how to make the food so we can make it at home. Some of the food is healthy so we can eat it as a snack. We can also teach other people how to make the food. We know how to use a knife because the teacher teaches us, so we can help our mom to make dinner. The food is yummy because the thing that you make yourself is the best! Miranda Mo

My Favourite ECA is ICT because: 1. It is fun because we can do many things such as drawing 2. I can learn computer skills by learning how to use Microsoft Office 3. We can learn things from the internet by searching 4. I like playing computer games Simon Yang ICT Club: 1. I like to play computer games 2. I think making paragraphs is good for your brain 3. I can practise my typing without looking at the keyboard 4. I can play with my friends online Tal Bitensky 115




This year I was in a “giant” class with only two students; however, we got the best teacher, Ms. Guishard.  As a result, I learned to use relevant punctuation well, especially full stops.  I also tried hard to learn AWL words in my writing texts.  This year I learned a lot; I think the primary reason was there were only two students, so our teacher could focus on us.  Since I had a small class I had a role in the Student Council.  Every week we talked about how we could benefit the school and construct events that could affect the school community. In school, I was a pioneer and received a Jade Certificate (125 merits). This year I obtained lots of knowledge and awards.  In fact, if we work really hard in a small class the outcome is good, helpful and could become dominant in our education.  By the way, I used 14 AWL words in this paragraph (the underlined words)! Winnie Cheng


Our class is very quiet because there are just 2 students and 1 teacher so the total is just 3 people. When we are doing maths, science and English it’s too quiet so I feel a bit bored. However, working with other people is very noisy, like in ICT, PE, Mandarin, art, geography, history and music. Two students in one class is very good too because we can learn quickly and talk to each other. When we have English we can learn very quickly and the teacher is very happy and doesn’t shout because if there were many students then the teacher would have to shout to everyone. I think this class is very nice. Kevin Lee





O u r y ea r By M s G u i s h a r d


Teaching two students could be a teacher’s perfect dream or worst nightmare. Of course, teaching Kevin and Winnie has been a dream. In my 20-year teaching career, I have never had the luxury to actively and effectively address all student concerns as quickly as I did this year. Poor Winnie and Kevin couldn’t escape at the back of the class, not paying attention. In every lesson they asked questions, were focussed and participated in class; in short, they were active learners. As a result, both Kevin and Winnie made incredible progress in English this year. However, the most important skill they learned this year, a skill that will follow them throughout their educational life, is how to be an active and effective learner. Well done, Kevin and Winnie! Ms Guishard








O u r y ea r By m i s s b r o w n


It’s been a year of “Hellos” and unfortunately “Goodbye” in Class S1 this year. Sadly we said farewell to Keri McColgan, one of our longest-serving students here at Nanxiang, as she returned to Northern Ireland with her family. However, we have been very lucky to gain new pupils so David Lee was not left alone! A truly international class, S1 is made up of: Noam Bitensky (Israel), Linda Lin (Taiwan), David Lee (Korea) and Xavier Weiss (The Netherlands). For each pupil, English is their second language so it’s been a great learning experience for them all. It’s been a winning year for S1 with prizes in the Mandarin Spelling Competition, Pizza Design Competition and David Lee’s mighty efforts on Sports Day, winning the Secondary Boys’ Champion title. They have also enjoyed competing in the whole school Pi Day and made me very proud presenting acts in fluent Mandarin at the Chinese New Year assembly. I should also mention the mind blowing acting talents of Xavier and David in the St George’s assembly. Who could ever forget Xavier’s performance as St George?!





Keen to get out and about, Class S1 have been to the Science and Technology Museum, the Shanghai Art Museum, the Shanghai History Museum, helped at the Nanxiang Home for the Aged, taken part in talent competitions, concerts and as if that wasn’t enough, since they love school so much, they decided to sleep here overnight (presumably so they could be early to school the next morning!). I have been truly amazed to see how such different pupils from different parts of the world can work so well together and it’s been an absolute pleasure seeing their smiling faces at 8:30am every morning. It’s been a wonderful year S1 and I look forward to many more! Miss Brown




My favourite sports are football and hockey because it is very exciting to kick, hit and run which is the main reason they are my favourite sports. I have interesting memories from this year because I met Xavier, Ivan and Sean who are now my good friends. David Lee


I have enjoyed many of the sports in PE this year, especially racket sports like short tennis and badminton. One of the nice memories I have is very recent when David missed the ball and it bounced off Noam’s head and then hit Linda’s head, which was repeated. Events like Sports Day have encouraged me and some others to work harder, despite the pains of running. Ivan is a good example as after his effort on Sports Day he had agonising cramps in his body the next day. When I first came to Nanxiang I met my class in PE and playing rugby, which I hope will become a ECA. This memory is still in my head today. PE is also nice when we do games like dodge ball or make up an entirely new one. Hockey was also very enjoyable because it is cool when you jump over incoming sticks and then swing for that final shot. Xavier Weiss




My recommendation is that we do long jump in PE class. There is one type of long jump we can do: standing long jump. Linda Lin


My funny memory of the year was when Mr Hitchings started to talk, then David threw the ball to me and then it hit Linda, but everyone in my class was laughing. I remembered that when I needed help or did not understand  the rules of the games in PE lessons, Mr Hitchings would help me to understand  better what we needed to do in the class - thank you, Mr Hitchings.  In PE lessons I enjoyed volleyball, hockey, tennis, swimming, football, running, gymnastics, benchball, badminton and dodgeball. Overall, I really enjoyed PE this year - it was fun. Noam Bitensky








O u r y ea r By M r s S a ra s wat h y


2009-2010 has been an eventful year for Class S2 in Nanxiang. We welcomed Ivan to our class in October, and he was able to settle in quickly with the kind, enthusiastic and dynamic members of the class. This year, across the school, children have been involved in a range of activities to show their innate talents to the whole school community. Highlights of the year for the class included the Chinese New Year celebrations, House competitions, participation in the Pi Day activities, the visit to the Shanghai Art Museum and Science and Technology Museum, the senior sleepover, and Sports Day. During the Chinese New Year celebration week, students enjoyed several activities organised by the Mandarin department. The whole school took part in World Maths Day in which Sean O’Connell of our class secured third place for the most correct answers. Every student participated in the Pi Day activities on March 12 in which our ‘Smart Sean’ came out as the pi reciting winner of Class S2, reciting 90 Pi digits, only 10 under becoming a member





of the Hundred Club. The first place in the secondary Pi Poster Competition added another feather in the cap of Sean during the week. Aoi Muto of our class shared first place with Richard Lau of year 11 in the senior Pi Poem Competition. Aoi was also a finalist in the City Weekend Design a Postcard Competition. Sports Day was also memorable. Though the cold weather tested the endurance of the participants, S2 participated actively in the Sports Day events, with Aoi winning the Secondary Girls’ Championship. Betty, the ‘Singing Lark of S2’ won the House singing competition. Ivan and James greatly enjoyed the senior sleepover that gave an opportunity for students to socialise and have fun outside school hours. The visit to the Nanxiang Home for the Aged was a different experience for all the students. We are looking forward to an equally great 2010-11. TRS




In this term I achieved many things but I think the best achievement was to be able to play bass guitar. Due to this I could perform in concerts and improve my guitar skills. I’m proud of playing both bass and acoustic guitar. I want to play guitar as long as I can. Also I want to be a good guitarist who everyone loves. James Lee


I feel my English is getting better. I can make my meaning clearer when I am talking. I can speak to teachers in English. I also can use English to talk to my friends and I have learned a lot of English words. This year, I feel my English is getting better. I remember when I came to this school, I couldn’t speak English to everybody. But after one year’s English study, I think I’ve changed a lot. Betty Lin


This year I have developed my writing skills in English classes more than in any other area. I developed more skills of analysing and using colour, layout images, font, and formats (CLIFF) and learnt about the five senses: literal, metaphor, simile, alliteration, and onomatopoeia. Miss Norris also taught me how to use descriptive writing. These all come in very useful. Sean O’Connell 128



My best accomplishment this year is in English because when I came to school in September, I didn’t know what  teachers were talking about. Now, sometimes I don’t understand but I understand most of the tine.  If I don’t understand something, teachers explain it easily to me. I learned many new words and I can talk to teachers and friends now. So, this is my big accomplishment this year. Aoi Muto


This year I was able to win the House volleyball competition. I love all types of sport competition. I was in a team with Richard. I would like to say that he’s a wonderful volleyball player. We were a perfect team. Sometimes I helped him, sometimes he helped me. I would not brag, but we won all of our matches. St. Andrew House got first place in the volleyball competition. Our team was very happy. I remembered one lesson: the best way to victory is a good team. Ivan Bykov


As can be seen from the range of photographs on display here, Class S2 are an eclectic and mulit-talented bunch!











O u r y ea r By m r h i tc h i n g s


It has been my proud honour to be the year 9 class teacher this year as they are such a great group of young adults. Class S3 have worked hard all year and have always been smiling - well, most of the time. Throughout the year and in their commitment to school life, whether it be through their House roles, their friendships, their musical studies or just their own personal development, Class S3 have been supportive of one another. Three of S3 have been successful in completing their Bronze International Award. They attended trips to Tian Mu Shan and Hainan to complete their expeditions and they have also been working voluntarily in a local kindergarten, not to mention training themselves to be better physically. Musically, whether they are drummers, pianists, singer/songwriters or flautists, they are all very talented and have made themselves and the rest of the school very proud by giving great concerts and even teaching me a few things. Thanks for a great year S3 and I wish you all the best of luck next year. Mr Hitchings




My goal for next year is to make my English better. My English is bad because I don’t know many words’ meaning. If I want to make my English better I need to learn more vocabulary. Someone told me a way to learn vocabulary when I was in year 8. He said that if I watched English movies (without Chinese subtitles), when there was a word I don’t know, I should stop it and find out what it meant. Then, next time when I saw it I would know its meaning. My parents said they will send me to England when I finish secondary school. If I go to England to study, I need to study hard now. Tom Yang


Throughout this year, I found I made a lot of progress in English. I began to read more English books and learn more English vocabulary. Not only this, I have also found my confidence in science and history. Although I feel happy with my progress, I also found some areas that I need to improve in. For example, I always forget some English words when I am writing an article; I know this is because I haven’t learnt enough vocabulary. Another goal is to improve my reading targets. I will start reading many books in English next year and try to understand all the vocabulary. Next year will be my IGCSE year, and I will also challenge myself throughout all of my other subjects. Next year, I also have the challenge of passing my ABRSM music theory test. I need to work hard for this, because if I pass, my mum will buy me an iPod! Eva Shen



Next year, I will be in year 10, which means that I will start IGCSE. I think that until Year 9, I prepared some basic information or curriculum for IGCSE. Therefore, my goal is to show my accomplishments during year 7 to year 9. Moreover, I think I need to be more active so I can learn more English. Another goal for next year is to be more mature. When I have some trouble with my homework, I just thought that I would ask the teacher later and not think about the homework. Honestly, sometimes, I didn’t do my homework because of the excuse that I had lots of academy homework, in spite of knowing that it was a bad excuse. I will be more mature and I won’t have that bad excuse. I will do my homework properly even though I won’t sleep at night. If I put my goals together, I can summarise them by saying that I’LL TRY MY BEST. Lisa Lee


Next year is IGCSE year, so we will get a lot of work and our life will become more interesting I think. My goal for next year is to be a nice person. I will try learning harder than before. We are secondary school students, so we might have more things to do, such as socialise with friends and go on a trip with classmates. Therefore, being a kind person is important. I want some more activities with friends and classmates. It will make our relationship better. Another goal for next year is trying to talk to my parents about what is happening to me everyday and having more conversations with them. My last goal for next year is learning Japanese. I want to become a good Japanese speaker. These are my goals for next year. Yuki Song 135

Mr Hitchings’ quirky class photo shoots are quickly assuming legendary status, and these shots of Class S3 clearly show why.








O u r y ea r

By m i s s S h a r r o c k


The 2009-10 year began with three dedicated and enthusiastic students in Class S4. Lily, Da Sol and the newcomer Vincent. It didn’t take Vincent long to settle into S4, with Lily and Da Sol happy to show him the ropes. It was a very busy year for the students. Lily was always organising some new event with the Student Council, Da Sol working very hard in order to keep up with the demands of IGCSE and Vincent was getting involved with whatever came his way. All students were actively involved with the House competitions. These competitions included: volleyball, table tennis, football, singing, hockey and badminton.




The year wasn’t just about sports, however; there were also some unusual events such as the senior sleepover at school. The students enjoyed the night very much, especially when they were able to play fussball and hide and seek around the school. Of course this all happened after they had completed their homework for the evening. Vincent was also lucky enough to experience the Shanghai Art Museum and Shanghai Museum whilst also experiencing the new metro station which opened in Nanxiang during the summer term. Pi Day on March 12 was also a huge event for the students. Vincent could not work out if it was harder to remember all the numbers of pi or beat Richard Lau in the pie eating contest! It has been a great year for Class S4 at Nanxiang and I hope that next year will be great again, if not better. Miss Sharrock



My top public performance I think was the St Patrick House assembly because I played the drums with St Patrick’s members. It was a smooth performance. Before we performed we practised a lot. We learned about teamwork and learned that when we have some problems, or have a good idea, how to tell others. It was good experience. I am proud of it! Vincent Lee


Mrs Collins proudly wears the Expo Exchange t-shirt, designed by Vincent Lee, to commemorate the visit from our sister school in Beijing in June 2010






O u r y ea r By M r s C O L L I N S


Wow. What an amazing year. Where to begin? We have had an amazing journey this year with many highs and lows. It has been great to see how supportive Class S5 have been of each other and how they have developed strong friendship bonds that have extended beyond the classroom. They have taken on many roles of responsibility within the school and have led many new initiatives this year. They have developed and extended their many skills and talents and are becoming strong, young adults of the future. They are a credit to themselves, their parents and to the school. It is difficult to single out any one individual because they have all made significant contributions in their own unique way. They have many assets and strengths and have been excellent role models for the rest of the school. They will be a very hard act to follow, both individually and as a group. They have the unique position of being the first cohort of students at Nanxiang to take their IGCSE exams. They have strived hard to achieve their best and have been committed throughout the run up to the exams, even staying behind after school to improve the quality of their final exam course work.


YEAR 11 & 12


A few of their many successes have included House Captains, Student Council representatives and Bronze International Awards. They have had articles and art work published in magazines. They have performed in many school concerts, assemblies etc., and participated in all House competitions. Their achievements are too numerous to mention but all go to show how dedicated and committed they are to the life of the school and their own individual personal development. They have many valuable memories to cherish and they should be proud to know that they have played a key part in a very unique educational experience. They have been my form for the two and a half years that they have been at the school and our relationship has become a very special one that I will miss when they move on. I wish then all the very best of luck on the next path of their journey and look forward to hearing about their IB studies. Keep in touch and remember to always try your best and most of all to enjoy life. Mrs Collins






Where will I be in 5 years’ time? Probably, I will be in a Korean university having economics classes. I will be working hard for my future! My best memories at Nanxiang were the senior overnight trip in June 2009. It was the first overnight trip with my school friends and teachers in Shanghai. It was a really, really hot summer day when we went to Suzhou by bus. It took 3 - 4 hours to get there. We had big expectations about playing games and relaxing but the thing that was waiting for us was climbing! We climbed mountains and did team building games. It made me disappointed. Climbing the mountain caused great suffering to me and my friends because we walked for more than six hours! From this trip, I learned how to cooperate with friends and consider others. I also realised how important people were to me. Although the weather was burning my skin and my whole body was crying from muscle ache, it was the happiest memories with my friends at Nanxiang! I cannot forget these happy, beautiful memorable memories. These vivid thoughts will stay in my heart forever. Thanks Nanxiang!





Where will I be in 5 years’ time? I can’t know where I will be in 5 years’ time because the future is never predictable; it always changes. It changes your plans, your hobbies and it changes your personality. In 2015, maybe I will end up in Britain finishing university, which I think is the best plan for me. However, like I said, the future is a mystery. What was the most memorable time at Nanxiang? There are lots of memories to choose from. I remember our first field trip, where we walked for six hours in the afternoon. I remember the pie eating contest and my awkward face filled with pie crust. However, I will talk about the field trip we did last year; it was absolutely remarkable. I am not going to talk about all the stuff we did but just talk about one thing I remember vividly in my heart. It was a hot day; we had all been ready for the challenge of some dangerous games. Everyone needed first to climb to the top of a small hill which was about 30 - 50m high and jump down. When I first heard this I thought it would be a piece of cake, but the fact was it was really frightening. I remember deeply that I didn’t dare to look down at the ground and my legs were trembling. Lily decided to go first; I have to compliment her bravery as the first one. Then everyone started to “jump”. Technically it wasn’t a jump, it was walking down the hill vertically. They call this abseiling. Eventually it was my turn. I stepped to the side of the hill, feeling the blowing wind whispering in my ears,: ”You are going to die”. Then I started falling. It was dangerous, but fun. I got scratched from the bushes but it was really exciting and breathtaking. There are lots of good memories at Nanxiang. I will treasure them forever.





In 5 years’ time, I think I will be at university with different friends and teachers. I haven't planned where to go; however, I’m pretty sure that wherever I go I will be fine. I will miss Nanxiang and the people at Nanxiang a lot. In a nutshell, we are a special family always taking care of and worrying about each other. Nanxiang holds an unforgettable place in my life because it was here that I decided what I would do in my future by having conversations with teachers. I have lots of great memories here, but if I had to choose one, it would be the Suzhou trip in 2009 because it was the first overnight trip with my class. Although we hiked without knowing where we were hiking, we had a BBQ party and the team building games were fantastic. Keep in touch and take care everyone.





In five years’ time, I think I will be studying music and art as my major at a university in Taiwan. At that time, I will be doing everything I can to develop myself in these two areas until I reach my goal. One of the most memorable things about my time at Nanxiang has to be the trip to Suzhou last summer. We had a lot of fun there. Everyone worked hard, just like a big family. After so many things we went through, we became more mature and tougher than before. It was an excellent memory and something that I had never experienced before. Other memorable experiences include my involvement with art and music at school. I have enjoyed having the opportunity to perform in many concerts and also to play in assemblies. I have been part of many ensemble groups and have helped others to improve their skills. In art I have learnt to sustain my efforts and to complete what I started. I am more able to follow a process and have become more skillful in a variety of different media. All these things have helped me to become more confident as a person and have given me some very valuable memories.


Class S5 will always have a special place in the history and hearts of Nanxiang, as they were the first cohort of pupils to complete their IGCSE examinations.








One of the momentous House tug of war contests on Sports Day.






Parents, pupils and guests alike racing at the Nanxiang Shanghai Expo Family Picnic in June 2010.



Nanxiang Yearbook 2010  

British International School Shanghai - Nanxiang Campus Yearbook 2010