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The British Film Commission’s close relationships with the UK’s screen agencies and the industry at large, along with its dedicated Los Angeles office, are key to the wide-ranging support it offers productions shooting on our shores.

Kattie Kotok

Samantha Perahia

My role as head of the BFC’s Los Angeles office is primarily one of business development and tracking projects. We identify clients and projects that might be a fit for the UK and assist to make producing their project in the UK straightforward and seamless. I work very closely with the UK office, and we act as a tag team to bring in projects, address queries and follow up with clients. We keep each other up to date on all our outreach and activity. The US office is usually more involved in the early stages of projects, and can guide productions in a timely and beneficial manner. We also work to promote the UK industry and talent as a whole.

A lot of international screen agencies act as a flag or a marketing agency, but the BFC has always aimed to be a free production office working with and alongside productions. The industry is all about relationships — communication and trust between the BFC and our clients is integral to everything we do. It’s key for us to know everybody we need to work with in the UK. If, for example, I’m asked to help find a line producer, I will go straight to the Production Guild and we’ll work to put together an availability list of the most appropriate of their members. If we can’t answer somebody directly then we will know someone who can, and it’s fair to

“us productIons are very receptIve to the uK, attracted by Its reputatIon FOR HIGH-CALIBRE SERVICES” Kattie Kotok

“THE INDUSTRY IS ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS — communIcatIon and trust Is Integral to everythIng we do” Samantha Perahia

We hold networking events for UK filmmakers and talent at Sundance and Toronto with our BFI partners. We host UK Film & TV Week Los Angeles to showcase the UK production sector to the US industry, and also offer clients our annual familiarisation trips, which bring US film and television decision-makers to the UK for a tour of the locations, facilities and infrastructure. US film and high-end television productions are very receptive to shooting in the UK. They are attracted by the tax credits, but also by the UK’s rich history of film and television production and its reputation for delivering professional, high-calibre services. Many US companies already work with UK talent, and this is a natural extension of that set-up. Additionally, with the film and television businesses becoming ever more global it is an international destination, but there is still an innate familiarity that is reassuring to American producers, studios and networks.

say the national and regional screen agencies are a microcosm of that within their own areas. The success of films such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Spectre, along with the global profile of indigenous UK titles, proves the tax relief is working and the UK infrastructure is the best in the world. On the high-end television side there is more business development to be done, which is very exciting, and on the film side we’re busy but we’re never full. By 2017, Pinewood will have doubled in size. Northern Ireland has announced major new stages. Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden has expanded. Everything is being done to increase capacity. We’re a tiny island, and we forget sometimes how extraordinary it is that we produce so much talent.

Executive Vice President, US Production

Head of Production UK

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UK IN FOCUS 2016  

The British Film Commission's annual magazine, showcasing the UK's film and television production industry.

UK IN FOCUS 2016  

The British Film Commission's annual magazine, showcasing the UK's film and television production industry.