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Key business information for the UK motorcycle and scooter industry • November 2021

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NOVEMBER 2021  3

Business news

Crisis or crying wolf? Three quarters of the second year in the Covid era have now passed. And despite all the bullish industry proclamations ricocheting around, a plethora of question marks hang over new bike registrations growth prospects through the fourth quarter and into what might prove to be a “winter of discontent”. BDN financial editor Roger Willis tries to discern what’s true and what’s not


cross the first nine months of this year to date, UK motorcycle and scooter registrations stand at 92,574, 13.1% up on the same period of 2020. Most remarkably, that total now represents a 3.7% increase over the 89,283 registered at the same point in pre-Covid 2019. But the initial pace of recovery as the market unlocked last year got off to a later start in Q3. Through July, August and September 2020, we benefited from respective 41.9%, 31.2% and 11.8% gains, leaving YTD

registrations just 8.3% down versus 2019. And with Q4’s subsequent contribution, fullyear volume was a mere 2.6% lower. However, we cannot expect a repeat performance. Half-yearly 2021 figures rose by 31.4% – racing ahead of 2020 volume by an additional 13,899 bikes. But a deteriorating curve set in for Q3, delivering declines of 11.6%, 5.3% and 7.5% respectively in July, August and September. That equates to a quarterly fall of 8.5%, 3201 fewer machines. Against such a background, the MCIA’s recent assertion that “2021 is experiencing an amazing bounceback across all sectors, including large-capacity motorcycles” may be somewhat premature. Sales of larger-capacity machinery is lagging well behind previous years'

4  NOVEMBER 2021


Top Brands 2021 registrations

Change vs 2020

Change vs 2019





























Jan-Sept 2021 versus the same periods in 2020 and pre-pandemic 2019 YAMAHA AND HONDA HAVE both been major beneficiaries this year of a massive boom in 125cc delivery-fleet scooter sales. Furthermore, they were able to source some key models from respective European factories in France and Italy, thereby bypassing a portion of supply-chain glitches from the Far East. In addition, Yamaha had a particularly poor year in 2019, headlined by inability to get its highly desirable new Ténéré 700 middleweight adventure bike to

market until the peak sales season was virtually over, consequently exaggerating its more recent advances. Conversely, BMW Motorrad enjoyed a very strong performance in 2019, with the then-new R1250GS variants a huge sales booster. Whatever their excuses, Lexmoto and KTM have clearly suffered major supply-chain malfunctions, presumably from sources in China and India. Triumph patently hasn’t, deftly managing inventory flow from Thailand against all odds.





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Business news

In truth, the up-to-125cc sector has continued to grow inexorably. Compared to a pre-pandemic 2019 YTD benchmark, it has now risen by 24.7% to 40,462 – Up-to-125cc (and electric) sales have been boosted by delivery fleet orders

having added 7.4% to 34,823 YTD in 2020 and 16.2% this year so far. For such an achievement, we principally have to thank the tremendous boom in homedelivery fleets, plus a modicum of judicious self-isolating individual mobility, although its contribution has probably been over-emphasised. In contrast, the market for bigger machines, including aforementioned large-capacity motorcycles, is still lagging some way behind YTD 2019. The 126cc-plus sector as a whole, on a YTD 2021 basis, is 8.3% down to 52,112. Within that, 126-650cc has sunk by 8.8%, 651-1000cc by 7.8% and over1000cc by

We principally have to thank the tremendous boom in homedelivery fleets, plus a modicum of judicious self-isolating individual mobility 8.4%. An amazing bounce-back? Hardly. And unquestionably less profitable for the trade. So if Q3 was a disappointment, the headwinds for Q4 are really howling. Worsening supply-chain bottlenecks, stretching from Covid-shuttered factory gates in the Far East through to clogged container ports at either end

of maritime shipping disruption, have turned motorcycle industry logistics into a grief-stricken process. Electronic components are at a premium, enforcing restrictions on manufacturing output. For dealers, ride-away showroom stock has become a rarity. Their sales staff have become order-takers, promising jam tomorrow, whenever that might be. But our direct problems pale into insignificance, because overall consumer confidence is now on the verge of crumbling, in the face of energy and even food shortages. Rife political ineptitude could see the lights going out as power generation falters, domestic heating systems are switched off for lack of gas, supermarket shelves lay empty and Christmas is cancelled. Trying to sell motorcycles in such a febrile atmosphere isn’t going to be much fun.

ELECTRIC DAYDREAMS SPARKY STATISTICAL FANTASISTS will take great succour from the YTD 2021 ascendancy of ePTWs, 170.9% up to 4467 electric steed registrations which the MCIA has characterised as “impressive growth”. They shouldn’t. That volume represents just 4.8% of the entire 92,574-strong market, which doesn’t qualify as breakthrough status. It would more useful if they applied themselves to refining the content of electric power bands. By far the largest of these is the 1-4kW slot, which aligns roughly with the petrol-engined moped category ridden on AM licences. Year to date figures list 3624 machines in this band, with registrations rising by 221.3%.

The UK’s best-selling ePTW, Super Soco’s CPx maxiscooter, is included among them. And MCIA data regularly awards it a highest-registered accolade in the mainstream 0-50cc band blending petrol mopeds and small electric bikes together. However, Super Soco distributor Vmoto quite rightly describes the CPx as 125ccequivalent, requiring an A1 licence. This is because the machine actually has a 4.8kW motor. So it should be listed in the 4-11kW band (currently accounting for a mere 146 bikes YTD). Of course, it’s incapable of regular 125cc performance, up around the 11kW level. Doubly confusing for consumers.



E t

G so



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T c

F c in

6  NOVEMBER 2021




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Business news


CCM levels up Private investment boost for renowned northern bike builder


evelling up in the north of England is something that’s been all over the news media of late, as an aspiration from Boris Johnson’s government. But it’s become a reality in one place at least. Bolton-based bike brand CCM has just netted a healthy investment into its operations, thanks to private investment group Pitalia Capital, owned by eye surgeon Anil Pitalia. And it’s a financial boost which comes in the firm’s golden anniversary – CCM is 50 years old this year. The investment is a local affair – Pitalia is also based in Bolton – but it’s set to be used to help CCM build on its reputation overseas, with a large chunk of the support aimed at European homologation for the firm’s hand-built bikes. “The primary product focus for 2022 will be the development of our existing platform to Euro 5 homologation requirements,” said John Drogan, head of customer engagement at CCM. “Ever since the introduction of the Spitfire series, a pent-up demand has risen throughout Europe, especially in France, Italy, Spain and Germany.” And there are already benefits appearing for the local community: CCM is expanding its workforce and is now advertising 14 high-quality jobs in senior management, product development, design engineering and project management. There are also new roles in procurement,

10  NOVEMBER 2021

production and logistics. “The business aims to grow in size fairly quickly to achieve our short to medium term plans,” said Drogan, “with more organic growth as new model lines and markets come into play.” And Drogan says the CCM factory will be able to stay in its current location, with space already available for expansion. “We are very fortunate in our present location to have the ability to open up into adjacent units within the Jubilee Works site to grow and adapt relatively

Ever since the introduction of the Spitfire series, a pentup demand has risen throughout Europe quickly. The first stage of this expansion is almost complete.” The investment came about almost by chance, according to John Drogan. “Anil Pitalia was visiting our sister company and saw the CCM RAFBF100 Spitfire bike on display. Being of philanthropic nature, he was inspired by the story behind the series and the link to the RAF Benevolent Fund. He subsequently placed an order, and it was this that piqued his interest in the business.”

Austin Clews

One thing that won’t change in the short term though is the firm’s direct-selling model. Drogan reckons the firm isn’t looking to build a traditional dealer network just yet. “We remain a direct sell B2C manufacturer and, at this moment in time, there are no plans to change. However, we would never discount reviewing our distribution plans as volumes grow.” CCM is renowned in the offroad world for its dirt bikes, and technological achievements since the 1970s. Launched by founder Alan Clews in his garage, the firm accomplished a number of firsts, including the first aluminium trials bike, carbon fibre road racer and bonded aluminium frames. It’s got a strong race heritage too, from trials and enduro through to motocross and supermoto. It’s also produced various bespoke smallrun road bikes over the years, including the critically acclaimed Spitfire retro roadster. CCM’s Austin Clews said: “I am so proud of my father’s achievements here at CCM. It’s been a true family affair, with three

PITALIA CAPITAL IS A PRIVATE investment company based near CCM in Bolton, owned by founder Anil Pitalia. Pitalia is a specialist eye surgeon, who set up a firm called SpaMedica in 2008, which is one of the largest suppliers of cataract surgery in the UK. The Pitalia fund has a diverse portfolio listed on its website, from a London property firm, through a biotech firm and an online payments firm, to a corn snack producer. CCM expands this range of investments even further. John Davies (pictured below), managing partner of Pitalia Capital, commented: “CCM is a British manufacturing success story with a rich heritage and despite increased competition from overseas in recent years, the company has continued to buck the trend and bring fantastic, innovative motorbikes to market. “CCM bikes are an incredibly emotive creation, and the passion in the products and the people of this business is something that has clearly shone throughout our discussions. Our immediate investment priority is to our current and loyal customer base. It is so important for CCM to forge and maintain personal relationships with our customers. We look forward to investing heavily in this area to their benefit. “I’m also looking forward to working in partnership with the Clews family and our plan is to invest in all areas of the business, providing the financial and strategic springboard to bring this unique brand to the international stage. We are extremely excited about the opportunity ahead.” Pitalia’s purpose-created holding company – Project Black Investor Newco 2 Limited – became a “person with significant control” through “Ownership of shares – More than 25% but not more than 50%” in CCM Motorcycles (UK) Limited on 17 September 2021.

generations involved in driving the brand through its competition days towards becoming a wellknown British icon in the world of bikes. We are really excited about the next stage of our journey which will see a new ambition to take CCM into international markets.”


JT Twinstar Advert A4.indd 1

22/01/2021 16:01:18


ullit Motorcycles, which launched in the UK in 2015, has rebranded to become Bluroc Motorcycles from 1 October, underlining its ambition to become a global player. The company says its new name pays homage to the most popular models in its range – retro-styled Bluroc 125cc and 250cc machines. In parallel with the rebrand, Bluroc Motorcycles says it will continue to appoint new UK dealers, expanding its reach. The company is also investing heavily in new showroom materials for dealers, alongside

launching a new range of merchandise before the end of 2021. Bluroc Motorcycles brand manager Henry Maplethorpe explained: “Since launching Bullit Motorcycles six years ago, it has been an incredible journey. The brand has been able to grow steadily, and this new rebranding marks an exciting expansion that cements a commitment to providing stylish and affordable motorcycles.” Bluroc Motorcycles

The brand has been able to grow steadily, and this new rebranding marks an exciting expansion

Criticism of e-scooter safety mounts IAM ROADSMART, THE UK’S largest independent road safety charity, is calling for the government to come to a decision on how to reduce injuries on UK roads caused by controversial and often illegal e-scooters. The plea comes after the Department for Transport published its latest findings in its annual document Reported Road Casualties Great Britain for 2020. This revealed for the first time that there were 484 casualties involving e-scooters, of which one person was killed, 128 were seriously injured and 355 slightly injured. These findings come after e-scooter firms were given the

green light to start trials on UK streets in July 2020, sparking a surge in e-scooter usage. This decision was made in light of Covid-19 and social distancing regulations, which meant people needed to get around without resorting to buses and trains. However, the results of these pilot schemes have been delayed repeatedly, meaning a full review of the status of this new form of transport is yet to be established. IAM RoadSmart director of policy and research Neil Greig commented: “By delaying yet again the results of the pilot schemes we have another Christmas looming where people will be buying and using a totally unregulated form of

transport in the UK. “The pilots were launched in July 2020 and are now not due to finish until March 2022, plus the time required after that for analysis and legislation. This has taken far too long in our opinion. In the meantime, the police should make it clear that anyone caught riding an e-scooter outside private land or a trial area will have the vehicle seized immediately. “E-scooters may have a role to play in the future transport mix,

but this can only happen once their legal status has been made completely clear and that cannot happen soon enough.” The need to clarify the legal status is further stressed by safety concerns revealed in a recent survey by IAM RoadSmart, which received more than 1850 responses. This found that the safety of pedestrians and cyclists was the most important consideration (94%) for formulating new legislation on e-scooters.




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12  NOVEMBER 2021




Business news

Bullit rebrands to Bluroc


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Business news

Comparisons with 2020 are meaningless According to data published by the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCIA), registrations fell in September by 7.5% THIS WAS THE THIRD CONSECUTIVE monthly decline, but given continuing stock supply issues, it wasn’t unexpected. The year-toEngine band highest registered models September 2021 Power Band

0-50cc 51-125cc 126-650cc 651-1000cc Over 1000cc


Vmoto Super Soco CPX Honda PCX 125 Suzuki DL650 V-Strom Triumph Trident BMW R1250 GS Adventure Data courtesy of the MCIA

date registration tally is now 13% ahead of last year although, due to the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, comparisons with 2020 are meaningless. Compared to September 2019’s pre-pandemic total, 3.5% more machines have been registered this year. Recent dealer feedback suggests that enquiry levels for new machines in September were generally strong, bettering both last year and 2019. A number of dealers believe they would have sold significantly more machines had supply been available,

Recent dealer feedback suggests that enquiry levels for new machines in September were generally strong


LUNCH IS ON US! We’ll be offering all our valued motorcycle dealers and training schools a free lunch at this year’s Motorcycle Live show to the value of £20.* To celebrate the return of crowds at Motorcycle Live this year and the return to the NEC in Birmingham, Bikesure are giving back to the motorcycle community. Visit our staff at our stand (3D12) to claim your voucher and enjoy a meal on us.

particularly Japanese scooters. However, recent signs suggest that demand is slowing, as autumn progresses. Supply constraints continue to suppress registrations and dealers are concerned these will continue well into 2022, but despite these challenges, most dealers remain optimistic that strong demand will return early next year.

Paul McDonald, Leisure Vehicles Editor

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0 k


Business news

Mutt goes large scale


ew HQ, expanded production facilities and an optimised logistics setup are the latest steps for Birmingham-based bike firm Mutt Motorcycles. Riding the crest of the current sales success, the company has invested in a move to swish premises in Birmingham. The firm’s new HQ is based in an old Victorian mill building in the historic Kings Norton quarter, just five miles from its previous base in Digbeth. The expansion includes a new creative and admin area, a plush, spacious showroom and a larger workshop area, as well as some more exotic installations, like a ‘secret’ whisky bar and a posh café. At its official opening last month, the firm celebrated the move with a lively party, fuelled by sponsorship from Jägermeister and London Fields Brewery, and featuring a DJ and tattoo artist performing all night. So far, so Shoreditch. But the firm’s expansion is driven by old-fashioned, solid, bike trade success: increasing sales of the firm’s range of small-bore retro-styled motorcycles. The foundations for its bikes are produced in China, with reasonably straightforward engine and chassis packages. But Mutt then adds its own design cues on top, giving an on-trend custom-retro style that strikes a chord with many new riders today. The firm also has a booming international sales side, exporting its range of machines worldwide to markets including Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, France, Germany and Italy. The firm’s CEO, Will Rigg, spoke to BDN about its expansion and how the firm has coped with the problems of late – first Covid-19, and

16  NOVEMBER 2021

Brexit, then the current supply chain problems. “We’ve just opened a much bigger HQ, so we have a new facility with larger workshops, admin, R&D, warehousing, photo studios and a big store. So it’s now 35,000sq.ft, which is a big step.” And Rigg had plenty of headaches which will be familiar to everyone in the trade from the past year. “Getting

Demand is sky-high globally, and that’s very hard to manage building materials was a big problem! Also, hiring people at the moment is really hard. As a growing brand, we’re in a constant recruitment cycle, and in some sectors, people were reluctant to move.” Mutt has had to adapt to Brexit changes too, and has made two changes: firstly, opening a European base in Rotterdam to bypass EU border holdups, and also bonding its warehouse in Birmingham. “It’s just been really difficult,” said Rigg. “Demand is skyhigh globally, and that’s very hard to manage. Logistics becomes really a quite important factor. The speed of raw materials to production then final product out to customers. Once it gets to the UK it’s not so bad, but that’s only 10-15% of our business.” But, despite all the recent headwinds, it’s fair to say that Rigg is optimistic about Mutt’s

future. “We have three new model updates coming in the early part of next year, then four more new, ground-up OEM platforms that we’ve developed. We have liquid-cooled 125s, 250s and 400s that should be with us next summer, and then another large capacity model that will arrive next autumn. And then we’ll have the move of current platforms into Euro 6. “We’ve performed to meet or hit pre-covid forecasts. But if we’d had supplies at peak periods… it’s hard to say what sales could have been if stocks had been there.”

Extra luggage room for Pure PURE MOTO, THE WREXHAMbased motorcycle luggage and accessories distributor, has a new headquarters and has been busy renovating its new 7000sq.ft twostorey warehouse and offices over the past six months. Founder Jos Medinger (below) reports the company has undergone its biggest period of growth over the last year, and the move to new premises has “given us the opportunity to meet the growing demand and facilitate that growth to its full potential”. During this time, Pure Moto has also developed and launched a brand new, fully-featured trade website with an innovative bike lookup tool, allowing users to view all products available for a bike make, model and year. “It couldn't be easier to find the right products for your customer’s bikes. In addition, complete data feeds are available for all brands for those wishing to list on their websites, together with all imagery and documentation,” added Medinger. Pure Moto currently distributes Shad luggage, Puig accessories and has recently added Longride luggage to the company’s portfolio. “Shad is a globally established motorcycle

luggage brand with a huge range of award-winning cases and has compatibility across more than 650 makes and models of motorcycles and scooters. Continuous R&D investment is seeing the make and model coverage yet again increasing for 2022, especially in the buoyant electric sector. “The requirement for us to carry more stock in the UK simply resulted in the need for more space to facilitate our growth and accommodate the new brands,” said Medinger. The Belgian cruiser luggage brand Longride that Pure recently added to its portfolio of brands specialises in the production of leather goods and heritage-style bags and made its first motorcycle saddlebags in Wakken, Belgium, in 1988. Gavin McCaffery, national sales manager for Pure Moto, said: “We are very excited about our appointment as the exclusive distributor of Longride luggage in the UK and Ireland. It’s a long-established family business and its products sit at the top end of the spectrum. We have been looking for a high-quality custom luggage brand for some time, and it fits nicely in our luggage portfolio alongside Shad, we are looking forward to showing the brand at the NEC consumer show, in a few weeks’ time.” Pure Moto is exhibiting all three of its brands and new 2022 products on stand 3E10 at Motorcycle Live from 4-12 December. Pure Moto 0333 006 9540

Business news

NMDA Principal renews legal support joins rider lobby THE NATIONAL MOTORCYCLISTS Council (NMC) and the National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NMDA) have formed a partnership on matters relating to campaigning and government policy issues. Welcoming the move, NMC executive director Craig Carey-Clinch said: “Given the direct interface that dealers and the wider trade have with motorcyclists, NMDA members understand the issues that face riders in the UK. There are several areas where the NMDA and NMC have common interests, and this will only strengthen the cohesiveness and authority of motorcyclists’ voice to government.” NMDA head Patrick O’Connell added: “The rider is at the very core of NMDA member businesses and this partnership highlights that our sector is rider-focused and that there are far more issues that unite us than divide us. It will strengthen our collective voice in government and reinforce our member relationships with the general public, bringing benefit to the whole sector.”


The NMDA has further announced that the autumn 2021 edition of the Dealer Attitude Survey (DAS) is live and will run through until 8 November. The DAS brings together the views of dealers, and the NMDA says that findings from previous surveys have enabled it to strengthen its members’ voices around issues with manufacturers and government departments. To complete the survey visit, or dealers can contact jordi. to receive a copy of the survey in the post.

18  NOVEMBER 2021

SPECIALIST MOTORCYCLE BROKER PRINCIPAL Insurance has agreed a fresh five-year deal with Wakefield-based Minster Law, for provision of nonfault motor legal services to Principal’s 50,000-plus UK policy holders – about 65% of whom are bikers. Extending from a contract signed in 2019, this underlines Minster Law’s expertise in handling bikerelated injury claims and will also allow the insurer to take full advantage of moving to a digital service. “The partnership with Principal has been a great success,” said Minster Law CEO Shirley Woolham. “As specialists within the bike market, together we’ve been able to deliver a first-class claims experience.” Minster was one of a numb er of legal firms which campaigned against changes to bikers’ access to justice when the Civil Liability Act 2018 was introduced. This

legislation was designed to reduce the number of whiplash claims by cutting compensation awards for minor road traffic accident (RTA) injuries via a tariff matrix. Thanks to their efforts, motorcyclists – who rarely suffer whiplash-only injuries in RTAs – were classed as vulnerable road users unaffected by reforms to personal injury valuation. Their injuries remain assessed outside the new tariff and are submitted directly into the Ministry of Justice claims portal. Principal chief executive and founder Dave Bowcock added: “Our partnership with Minster has been integral to delivering a high-quality claims service to customers. We share the same ethos of delivering excellent customer outcomes, so it was an easy decision to extend the current deal to 2026.”

MC Live’s Trade Tuesday returns M

otorcycle Live returns to the NEC in Birmingham from 4-12 December, with Trade Tuesday making a return on 7 December. Supported by the WMS Group, one of the UK’s leading vehicle warranty suppliers, trade visitors will be able to access four halls and more than 60 PTW manufacturers. Finlay McAllan, managing director of Motorcycle Live commented: “With so much having happened since we last welcomed trade visitors to the show, we are very much looking forward to showcasing the very best of our industry, to colleagues old and new. The quality and diversity of our exhibitors is second to none and, along with many networking opportunities, we also want to ensure trade visitors have an enjoyable day out. “The show offers an opportunity to meet with

industry contacts in person once again. Whether reconnecting with colleagues or making new contacts, offering a platform to optimise the opportunities presented by so many businesses and industry colleagues under the same roof.” Craig Grant, commercial director at WMS, said: “We’re delighted to be sponsoring trade day as one of the UK’s leading vehicle warranty suppliers. Motorcycle dealers across the UK trust WMS to provide a full range of pioneering warranty products, which we have specifically designed for the motorcycle market. We’re looking forward to meeting with trade visitors once again and showcasing how we can work with them to provide the ideal motorcycle warranty solution to their customers.” For further information, see www.motorcyclelive.

New TT scoreboard delayed


n a move that might suggest Manx authorities aren’t wholly committed to reviving the TT races next year, the Isle of Man Government Treasury has decided that a “business case” for replacing the historic TT scoreboard (which was demolished in November 2020) isn’t strong enough for a new installation in time for TT 2022. This revelation came from Rob Collister MHK, the IoM Government Department of Enterprise politician currently

responsible for motorsport on the Island. He says only a temporary structure opposite the TT Grandstand on Glencrutchery Road’s start-finish straight will be possible for the planned revival event. Judicious hedging of bets?

Evidently fresh proposals have been submitted by the Department of Enterprise to the Treasury ahead of its 2022 budget, and the new scoreboard construction should be ready for TT 2023.

Business news


SPECIALIST MOTORCYCLE INSURANCE BROKER MCE is trialling a new approach to third-party interventions, setting a target to save around £8m annually by reducing its exposure to credit hire costs. MCE chief executive Julian Edwards explains: “Credit hire is an effective way to provide nonfault drivers with replacement vehicles while their own are in for repairs. That’s a legitimate requirement. But some of the rates that we see being charged are unreasonable, the replacements being used are over-specified and the hire durations are too long. It’s an industrywide issue that needs to be addressed.” But the insurer now has access to data that allows it to find the best rate available for a hire vehicle in a given postcode. And a new communications process with non-fault third parties means supply of an appropriate vehicle can be offered without the need for the third party to enter into a credit agreement – and at a better day rate – which MCE agrees to settle directly. “It’s win-win,” adds Edwards. “As a business, we are saving money by taking this stance. But for the insured, and for an injured third party, we are intervening immediately and finding ways to keep claim costs down for them and actually looking to reduce the time frames for vehicle repair or replacement so we can achieve a faster settlement.”

Sunra broadens dealer network


ollowing the launch of big-league Chinese ePTW brand Sunra into the UK market earlier this year, distributor Moto Electric says it is now entering the second phase of a dealer recruitment programme. Initially concentrating its retail efforts in London and the South, Moto Electric signed up 15 authorised dealers. And it has since reported growing demand and registrations. “We’ve been extremely encouraged by the interest from Southern dealers and now the next step is to expand that across the rest of the UK,” said Moto Electric director Ian Colligan. According to Colligan, his company’s core strategy has been to provide a full service, with aftersales back-up and support. “We’re on the hunt for dealers who share the same standards as us and who can

enjoy the start of a prosperous relationship with Sunra products,” he explained. With the Sunra range featuring 50cc and 125ccequivalent scooter and motorcycle-inspired models, Colligan believes the proposition for dealers is considerable. And for new recruits, Moto Electric is offering an introductory 20% wholesale price reduction for registered demonstrators in Q4 of 2021. “Aside from good margins and dealer terms, features such as removable batteries, home charging, fingerprint recognition and a two-year unlimited mileage warranty all make a strong case to consumers,” Colligan added. Moto Electric 0203 287 8733

Time for bike test regime change?


Mark Underwood (right) has joined motorcycle parts wholesaler Bike It as area sales manager for the East of England. Bike It managing director Martin Mansbridge said: “We’re very proud to have Mark joining our company here at Bike It and know he’ll be a key member in our rapidly growing business. “With over 20 years of experience within the industry working for major bike dealers, manufacturer brands and trade suppliers, he will bring a wealth of knowledge when visiting dealers.”


PAUL BENNETT HAS JOINED RETAIL TECH specialist iVendi in the newly-created role of senior vice president of international business and banking alliances. His appointment is part of the company’s plan to double its revenue within three years. Bennett’s automotive industry career spans more than 30 years, serving in board and senior leadership team roles with a number of major international data and systems providers, and in the automotive retail and fleet sectors. He has also been a successful entrepreneur in the auto finance technology sector through a coowned business. Over the past 17 years, his focus has been on the asset finance industry, primarily the promotion, sale and delivery of complex FinTech and SaaS solutions to major automotive financial services companies, their brand partners and retail networks in the UK, Europe, Asia Pacific and China.

20  NOVEMBER 2021


he National Motorcyclists Council (NMC) has called for radical changes to the UK’s motorcycle licence testing and training regime. NMC analysis says that changes introduced from 2009 onwards have failed to make motorcycling safer, in the majority of seven statistical measures in the area of headline casualty numbers and casualty rates per mile travelled. Indeed, the number of riders killed or seriously injured has actually risen. Until February 2021, rider licensing was subject to regulations set by EU directives, with various versions in place over the UK’s EU membership period. The current directive, known as 3DLD, ceased to apply in the UK on 31 January 2021. Although UK licences remain aligned to European law, there is an opportunity to revise the regulations under the framework set by the 1968 Vienna Convention on Road Traffic. The NMC says its position is based on the principle of making the licensing regime easier to understand and access, while maintaining appropriate high road safety standards in training. It doesn’t propose a dilution of testing and training

standards, but it does propose a cut in the amount of bureaucratic steps that novice motorcyclists face to get a licence. It says best practices need to be applied more intelligently, so that riders are incentivised and encouraged to get a full licence. NMC executive director Craig Carey-Clinch summed up: “Now that the UK has left the EU, there is an opportunity to create a system that is easier for

novice riders to understand, is less bureaucratic and provides greater reward for passing the test on smaller bikes while retaining high standards and providing a boost to the motorcycle training sector. “We have an opportunity to reset motorcycle training and testing to fit our traffic environment. We believe our proposals are timely and start an overdue debate.”

NMC'S PROPOSED CHANGES • Improved CBT syllabus. Theory and hazard perception test to be taken and passed before CBT • Licensing incentivisation via training upgrades from a lower to a higher category, rather than repeat testing to move between licence categories on the progressive licensing route • Each licensing step to allow access to machines up to the minimum test vehicle specification for the next category of licence (to be ridden on L-plates). This should also apply to those who gain full moped licences aged 16 • Return to a single-event test, rather than the current two-part format • Abolition of A2 licence. Passing the motorcycle test for A1 to grant access to an A licence. However, as per the EU pre-2009 2DLD, this licence will be restricted, gaining access to current A2 specification machines. The restriction will be lifted once riders complete a compulsory skills training course – available from one year after the test is passed • Direct access minimum age to return to 21 • Access to post-test training also needs further incentivisation • Minimum licence test vehicle specification for electric motorcycles needs to be redefined for each licensing category • All changes to maintain alignment with the Vienna Convention and high overall safety standards, to ensure the continued exchangeability of licences for those moving away from the UK

Motor: 4000W BOSCH Batteries: parallel 60V32Ah LG lithium (removable) Max Speed: 47mph Real world range: 60 miles* Full charge time: 6hrs Dimensions (LxWxH): 1895x700x1180 mm Display: large LCD screen Braking: front & rear disc brakes *range is depending on speed / weight / braking and other factors









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Business news

MCN Award winners announced M CN has announced the winners of its annual awards, recognising the best of biking in 2021 across manufacturers, products and dealers. Editor Richard Newland told BDN: “We take the MCN Awards very seriously. It’s not just a beauty pageant or a game of spec-sheet Top Trumps, nor an opportunity for any one member of the team to pick personal favourites. The winners are the embodiment of our values, all wrapped up in the bikes, kit, dealers and people that we really believe in. The debate raged long and hard over which bikes deserved the coveted trophies – all decided after thousands of miles of testing across the MCN team. It’s one hell of a list. “In addition to all the usual categories, a special award was made this year for Campaign of the Year in recognition of Ocean BMW Motorrad won the work of the legal team chasing justice bes t single franchise deale r for Harry Dunn. And I’m delighted that we could recognise Clive Padgett’s extraordinary and continued contribution to motorcycling with our Lifetime Achievement award, for his leadership and dedication to both the world of racing and the world-famous family dealership. It’s been an extraordinary twelve months for motorcycling, but this year’s awards show that the ooms quality of bikes, innovation, dealers wr sho r fou h wit , les Vertu Motorcyc and East Midlands, and products is in rude health,” across the North East ise dealer award added Newland. nch fra ltiwon best mu

THE AWARDS WINNERS IN FULL Single Franchise Dealer of the Year .................. Ocean BMW Motorrad Multi-franchise Dealer of the Year ..........................Vertu Motorcycles Dave Taylor Lifetime Achievement Award .......................Clive Padgett Bike of the Year ........................................................... Aprilia RS660 Best Super-naked........................................ Aprilia Tuono V4 Factory Best Sub-1000cc Naked.............................................. Ducati Monster Best Cruiser....................................................................... BMW R18 Best All-rounder ...........................................Ducati Multistrada V4 S Best A2 category ........................................................Honda CB500X Best A1 category .......................................................Yamaha XSR125 Best Scooter .............................................. Yamaha TMAX Tech MAX Best Adventure .........................................BMW R1250GS Adventure Best Tourer ............................................................... BMW R1250RT Best Retro ................................................. Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Best Electric .............................................Harley-Davidson LiveWire Innovation of the Year ..............Harley-Davidson/Showa for adaptive suspension system on the Pan America Campaign of the Year ...................................Harry Dunn’s legal team Product of the Year ..................... RST Axiom, for bringing affordable quality airbag jacket tech to the masses

22  NOVEMBER 2021

Off the

CUFF A snapshot of views and opinions from around the trade KENT MOTORCYCLES

HADRIAN POWELL AND HIS HONDA SOLUS CANTERBURY DEALERSHIP, TOGETHER WITH A VERY ACTIVE training school, has very definite views on unregulated e-scooter use. He says: “I hate them! They are the kiss of death (and you can quote me on that!). Manufacturers and dealers like ourselves have spent decades complying with road traffic laws and ever-changing rider training requirements as well as encouraging the use of the proper safety gear and then the government inflicts this on us.”


“I HAVE CONCERNS ABOUT SELLING ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLES AND SCOOTERS,” SAYS NICK NOMIKOS AT The Two-Wheel Centre based in Harpenden: “There is no real infrastructure in place for a commuter or leisure rider at present and, even if the batteries can be removed, who will be paying for the re-charging? The commuter, or the employer perhaps?”


“NEVER BEEN BUSIER. UNPRECEDENTED DEMAND IN THE WORKSHOP FOR THIS TIME OF YEAR.” THIS comment from Andy Pearce at the York-based dealership. “Riders go to who they know, and a loyal customer base is massive for us. If you get it right, you get the repeat business. Always the best compliment to hear is: ‘I come here because of you’.”


“FANTASTIC YEAR FOR THE CHARLES HURST GROUP, AND YAMAHA ESPECIALLY,” SAYS DAVID WHITE IN Belfast who adds: “We’ve still got some stock shortages, of course, but there’s incredible interest in the new R7. We have taken 10 orders with more in the pipeline. I read the Off the Cuff comments (BDN October) regarding show attendance from Phillip McCallen and all I can say is that when we do have an early March show, it always results in earlier season sales.”


“IT WILL BE FORTY YEARS TRADING FOR US NEXT APRIL, AND WE STILL MAKE A GOOD PROFIT ON THE bikes we sell,” said Paul Yardley, based at Quarry Bank, West Midlands. “The same rules apply. We are in control. We do our very best for the suppliers who support us, and this year there have been none better than Royal Alloy and Enfield, both being top sellers.”


TOM GIBSON STARTED THE GIBSON MOTORCYCLE BUSINESS IN 2014 IN WELWYN GARDEN CITY AND HAS no complaints at all. “The workshop is still jam-packed, and we are seeing good sales with Royal Alloy and Benelli this year. Being on the outskirts of London, we benefit from the ULEZ charge, as an increasing number of commuters turn to two wheels.”


JOHN HOGSDEN AT THIS MITCHAM, LONDON, DEALERSHIP IS ANOTHER HAPPY DEALER. “WE ARE having good sales with Royal Enfield and pleased to hear that the Meteor is finally on the way to us with most of them pre-sold. It’s noticeable and good news to see an increase in interest from female riders. Our MOTs have increased following several dealers closing in the area. A new addition for us is the Sunra Robo entry-level electric scooter with an 80-mile range – so all good future signals.”


ALEXANDER CADENHEAD IN MARGATE REFLECTS ON CHANGING TIMES: “IT’S A PLUG-IN WORLD FOR THE new generation, but where will all the recharging stations be located to cope with the envisaged commuter and leisure use? It will be a massive issue, and a lot more clarity is required to convince our entrenched rider base.”

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Business news

National Minimum Wage excuses revealed T

he National Minimum Wage (NMW) has been a part of UK law for decades. A key part of the Labour Party’s 1997 election manifesto, it finally came into force in April 1999. Back then it required employers pay those aged 22 and over £3.60 an hour and £3 an hour for those aged 18-22. With the passage of time new rates and age bands have been introduced along with the National Living Wage (NLW), in 2016, for those aged over 23. Presently, the rate for the year from 1 April 2021 stands at £4.30 an hour for an apprentice, £4.62 for those under 18, £6.56 an hour for those aged 18 to 20, £8.36 for those aged 21 and 22, and £8.91 for those aged 23 and over and on the NLW. The regime is self-policed by employers but with oversight from HMRC which if it finds an underpayment – either through its own investigations or a tip-off from a disgruntled employee – can take an employer to court. The maximum fine for non-payment is £20,000 per worker. Employers who fail to pay can also be banned from being a company director for up to 15 years. Beyond that, employers can be taken to an employment tribunal or civil court if an employee or worker feels they have not been receiving NMW or NLW; have been dismissed or experienced unfair treatment because 1 01.10.2021 15:44:47 or have of JMP-SKAN-210x76-verB.pdf their right to the NMW or NLW; been discriminated against because their age

means they are entitled to a higher minimum wage rate. Periodically, HMRC publishes reports on those employers that have been caught out not paying the NMW or NLW – these employers are publicly named and shamed. Similarly, HMRC publishes the excuses that employers give when confronted about their non-payment. And non-payment is quite widespread. In the 2020 to 2021 tax year, HMRC’s investigators helped more than 155,000 workers recover more than £16m in pay. HMRC also issued more than £14m in penalties for non-payment. As for the most outlandish excuses for not paying NMW or NLW, HMRC’s top ten make for interesting reading: 1. “She does not deserve the National Minimum Wage because she only makes the teas and sweeps the floors” 2. “The employee was not a good worker, so I did not think they deserved to be paid the National Minimum Wage” 3. “My accountant and I speak a different language – he does not understand me, and that is why he does not pay my workers the correct wages” 4. “My employee is still learning so they are not entitled to the National Minimum Wage” 5. “It is part of UK culture not to pay young workers for the first three months as they have to prove their ‘worth’ first” 6. “The National Minimum Wage does not


Ideal for bike owners

SKAN 4.0

Ideal for Canbus bikes

apply to my business” 7. “I have got an agreement with my workers that I will not pay them the National Minimum Wage; they understand, and they even signed a contract to this effect” 8. “I thought it was okay to pay young workers below the National Minimum Wage as they are not British and therefore do not have the right to be paid it” 9. “My workers like to think of themselves as being self-employed and the National Minimum Wage does not apply to people who work for themselves” 10. “My workers are often just on standby when there are no customers in the shop; I only pay them for when they are actually serving someone” It’s worth noting that employees cannot be asked or told to sign-away their rights. Further, HMRC says that it reviews every complaint made about the minimum wage. It also encourages employees who think that they “are being short-changed or are a business that is unsure of the rules or needs help to get things right”, to get in touch. HMRC has also gone on record to state that “any employer deliberately or unapologetically underpaying their staff will face hefty fines and other enforcement action.” More information is available from or the confidential Acas Pay and Work Rights Helpline on 0300 123 1100. Calls can be transferred to HMRC.


SKAN 8.0

Ideal for Workshop, diagnostics and re-maps

6v & 12v Lead Acid, Gel AGM, EFB & Lithium-Ion compatible Crocodile clips plus bike fly leads included Safe to use as a battery maintainer Battery diagnosis, self-protection & IP65 rated 13.8v Supply & Battery Reconditioning modes (Skan 8.0)

24  NOVEMBER 2021

For Trade Enquiries Contact Larsson UK JMP only from Larsson UK. This is our own brand and comes with excellent quality, outstanding value and a 2-year warranty.

Tel. 01536 265633 WWW.LARSSON.UK.COM



Currently around 10,000 new and used units per year are handled from our fully equipped motorcycle centre in Central England.


For any further information regarding our MotoPrep services please contact Nigel Bosworth;


International news

International news With financial editor Roger Willis

Not a Ducati electric steed A

lthough Volkswagen Group’s flagship Ducati motorcycle subsidiary still stands aloof from powered twowheeler electrification, its wholly-owned Seat car manufacturing operation in Spain has just entered the fray instead. The Mó eScooter 125 is now being produced by Barcelona-based Seat (Sociedad Española de Automóviles de Turismo). This features a 9kW electric motor in the rear wheel, with peak power genuinely equivalent to a 125cc motorcycle or

scooter. It delivers 240Nm of torque, giving a 0-31mph acceleration time of only 3.9 seconds and a top speed of up to 59mph dependent on riding mode selection. A range of up to 85 miles on a single charge of the 5.6kWh lithium-ion battery pack is claimed. The battery can be charged in situ or easily removed, and fully refreshed in six to eight hours from any standard 240V home socket. Priced at £4996 with the UK government’s OLEV grant included, the Seat Mó eScooter 125

is also available on hire purchase for £95 per month over 48 months, to order at 24 selected British Seat dealers. Jealousy among Ducati franchises is inevitable. Boasting about his coup, Seat UK managing director Richard Harrison said: “This is our answer to the demands of modern urban mobility. With the UK government’s 2030 deadline to consider, a two-wheeled electric vehicle is the perfect way to evolve the Seat offering and move away from the conventional.”

Festive sales slump in India RETAIL MOTORCYCLE AND SCOOTER SALES in India traditionally peak in the autumn, during the lengthy run-up to Diwali’s Festival of Lights in early November – the Indian equivalent of Christmas. But this year, the anticipated sales boom got off to a rocky start, as most leading manufacturers experienced a punishing September slump instead. Worst-afflicted was Royal Enfield, with a 51.5% domestic decline to just 27,233 bikes sold. Total sales, including exports, were 44% lower. Much bigger indigenous market leader Hero MotoCorp also took a hammering, 27.5% down to 505,462. KTM associate Bajaj Auto was on the back foot too, falling 15.9% to 192,348 on home turf, although exports were a lot healthier. Japanese competitors didn’t escape losses,

26  NOVEMBER 2021

either. Of the two releasing September sales figures, Honda’s huge Indian subsidiary HMSI admitted to a 7.4% retreat to 463,679 and Suzuki was 5.1% down to 68,012. The only exception was TVS Motor, the own-brand domestic sales of which managed a modest 1% increase to 244,084. Besides its acquisition of Norton Motorcycles in the UK, TVS contract manufactures BMW Motorrad’s 310cc platform products for both domestic and export consumption as well. Inflation was widely held to blame by Indian industry commentators. Both HMSI and Hero MotoCorp had instituted substantial price increases at the beginning of September, to counter rapidly rising raw materials, specialist components and energy costs.

KTM recall for clutch repairs


TM has recalled all of its 2018-2020 LC4 output, to correct potentially defective clutch slave cylinder seals. Models involved are the 690 Duke, 690 Enduro R and 690 SMC R, where damage to the seal caused during assembly may impair the function of the clutch slave cylinder. KTM has said that all components of the version with a bellow gasket must be replaced with a new version without the bellow gasket. The company has written to customers with affected motorcycles, asking them to immediately contact an authorised dealer to arrange an appointment for inspection and replacement. This will be a free-of-charge service performed under warranty.

BDN strip ad october 2021.qxp_Layout 1 05/10/

any extreme


agerly expanding Finnish motorcycle parts, garments and accessories group Duell Bike-Center has added Tecno Globe, a leading French trade distributor of motorcycle and bicycle-oriented electronic products – alarms, trackers, satnavs, mobile phone accessories, etc – to its list of recent acquisitions. Already claiming to be the largest aftermarket distributive operator across Scandinavian countries, with headline Nordic bike apparel brands such as Halvarssons and Lindstrands, Duell has been building a wider European presence since 2019. Recent purchases this year have included Dutch wholesaler IGM Trading and its German associate Grand Canyon. Funding comes from Duell’s majority shareholding parent, Finland-based private equity firm Sponsor Capital. Founded in 1995 by Fabrice Chrétien, Tecno Globe supplies a network of more than 4000 dealers in France, has 39 staff and turned over £18m last year.

From left to right: Fabrice Chrétien, founder and former owner of Tecno Globe, Jarkko Ämmälä CEO of Duell and Dennis Becker CEO of Tecno Globe

Chrétien, who will remain involved as a business strategy advisor, said he was looking forward to a future under the Duell umbrella: “The chemistry was right from the start, and we run our business with the same spirit. Tecno Globe gains a strong new owner which enables us to continue our existing business model, but also offers a perspective to expand step by step.”

Duell Bike-Center chief executive Jarkko Ämmälä concured: “With all the passion for powersport that everyone at Duell has, we are also calculating business people. It will not be easy to compete in the already heavily occupied markets of central and southern Europe. Therefore we put healthy long-term growth in front of quick, but possibly only short-term, success.”

Cake creams off electrifying £44m CAKE, A SOMEWHAT OFF-THEwall Swedish manufacturer of ePTWs, has raised $60m (£44.2m) in new finance, which will be used to establish production facilities in Europe, North America and Asia, as well as develop retail/service networks for its wares and extend product platforms. With Cake's Makka scooter and Kalk freeride off-roaders headlining a range already on the market, Cake raised the money in a pitch underwritten by Swedish pension fund AMF, which extended its own investment alongside current shareholders Creandum and Headline, and also attracted new investors. Celebrating the success of this funding round, Cake chief executive Stefan Ytterborn said: “We are in the process of

implementing initiatives to scale the business, structuring and laying the base for rapid growth. We knew we were entering a space with increasingly strong tailwinds when we got started back in 2016. But we couldn’t dream of the pace in which things are now happening.” AMF portfolio manager Patricia Hedelius added: “We appreciate the opportunity to invest in one

of Sweden’s most interesting companies within the field of electrification at this rather early stage. Cake’s drive and go-ahead spirit is impressive, as is the ambitious plan to grow the company and offer sustainable transportation.”

Montana 150 Battle colder climates with Montana 150 gloves. The Weise™ companion for winter riders.

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NOVEMBER 2021  27

International news

Duell wins French trade jewel Handle

Off-road news


Off-road news With off-road correspondent Rick Kemp

Polaris piles on the pressure FOLLOWING A YEAR THAT SAW more consumers than ever engaging in outdoor activities, Polaris Off Road has unveiled its 2022 model year line-up for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with new models, colour options and upgrades across the Ranger, RZR, General and Sportsman brands. Topping the line-up are the Ranger SP 570 and Diesel Deluxe. As the top seller in the Utility SxS category the SP 570 has been totally refreshed with riderinspired improvements including a new CVT system, much longer belt life and an upsized and re-tuned clutch system for better low-speed drivability. The new suspension provides 25cm of ground clearance, a tighter turning radius and a compact width of 144.5cm, giving the 570 a best-in-class combination of manoeuvrability and capability. A huge range of new accessories is offered split into four groups, Landowner, Farm, Hunt and Trail. Music can be enjoyed through the wireless Trail 4.0 audio system and there are three new colour options to choose from. For 2022, Polaris brings innovation and advancement to the youth side-by-side category with the introduction of the new RZR 200 EFI. Replacing the popular RZR 170, the new RZR 200 establishes a new standard for youth riding thanks to exclusive safety innovations, including speed limiting, geofencing and new Helmet Aware technology. Polaris has also introduced a Heavy Duty Parts Programme for owners who give their vehicles a hard time. The range includes; HD brake pads, drive belts, oil filters and bearings that feature triple sealing to keep out water, dust and mud, making them last much longer in extreme conditions, as well as HD bushes that are made of a stronger material to enhance the wear characteristics.

28  NOVEMBER 2021

Running out of sand


ctober saw the 38th running of the Weston Beach Race but thanks to Covid cancelling last year’s event, the inaugural ‘Weston’ was actually 39 years ago, and riding in that event was Gareth Hockey whose company RHL Activities has become synonymous with the event. Organising Weston is a mammoth task at the best of times but complying with and convincing the local council that all the current pandemic regulations have been met takes some doing. “The most positive thing for us was that we had a medical facility with the NHS on site. We had zero impact on the Ambulance Service or the NHS throughout the event. It might have been expensive, but it was worth it,” says Hockey. “There were no serious injuries or hospitalisations, which helped in our negotiations for next year. We’ve already done the deal and set the date.” Of course, it’s a two-way street, as the council needs the event as much as the event needs a venue. Over the three days this year, even with restricted ticket sales, the visitor numbers were just short of 70,000 and given that the normal population of Weston-Super-Mare is around 80,000 that represents a significant commercial uplift. “We’re having an economic impact study done so that we can show the value of the event to the town”, explains Hockey. “And RHL is also having an environmental impact study done.” As there was no event last year, it is now possible to see what effect it has on the shoreline. To prepare for the event, RHL would normally lower the height of the sand by up to a metre and a half, which also helps to address the shore drift, so last year the council had to pay to have it done. Without getting too technical, Weston Beach is more heavily influenced by the speed and range of the tides than most other coastal resorts due to its position in the Bristol Channel. These things are cyclical and subject to the dreaded global warming. The upshot is that next year Weston is going to run out of beach a bit sharpish as tides will be higher, which will influence the date – yet to be revealed. “We can build the course in a week, but we have to take all our infrastructure away on the Sunday night. Basically, what we normally do in three to four days we’ve got to do in five hours.” So, no pressure then?

Weston aside, RHL has recently signed a threeyear rolling contract with the ACU for the British MX Championship after its ‘probationary’ year this year, so potential sponsors take note. Hockey says that RHL is now a member of MCIA so that it can have closer relationships with the manufacturers. “I think that the industry and the sport should have more input into the Championship and try and engage the manufacturers again because it’s all become a bit disjointed, and we need to pull together.” Hockey feels that things will be slow till the end of next year and that the industry will be playing catch up but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t have a good time as far as sporting fixtures are concerned.

TOUGH WESTON BEACH RACE By all accounts this year’s Weston was one of the toughest due to the weather. Okay, beaches are supposed to be wet, but when it’s tipping it down, that changes things. Wet sand is sticky and heavy, which takes an extra toll on the bike and rider. The overall winner in the Adult Solo class was Todd Kellett with a clear lead after a tussle with previous winner Ashley Greedy which gave Kellett his fourth win in the event. Weston is nothing if not inclusive and Saturday’s action was provided by the youth 85cc Small Wheel and Big Wheel. There were quite a few contenders in the Big Wheel class, Billy Askew took the overall win. The Small Wheel 85cc winner was British Championship title holder Reece Jones. Also, out there to add to the excitement were the sidecars and quads and, it has to be said, that looked like hard work with a lot of pushing up the face of the jumps involved. Sunday’s action was provided by the Adult Solo class which included the Ladies class and the Over40s class. Top Lady was Jane Daniels followed by a couple of Zoes – Zembruski and Deacon. Flying the flag for the greybeards was Derry Milling with a lead of nearly four and a half minutes. So next year will be the 40th anniversary, well, at least it will be 40 years since the first event, but as with so many other things 2020 was a write off. We’ll have to wait and see what RHL and the local council come up with.

Off-road news

Battlax Adventure Trail DESIGNED FOR THE LARGERcapacity adventure bikes, Bridgestone’s Battlax Adventure Trail AT41 will be available from February 2022. This chunky-looking road tyre has an optimised-groove design to improve water drainage and therefore wet-weather performance. The new block shape of the tyre reduces partial wear on its shoulder, while an optimal belt construction with the new pattern is designed to improve stability. The Adventure Trail AT41’s touring compound also gives it superior performance in the wet and dry as well as providing longevity. Available in nine sizes (four front and five rear), all with M+S marking, the Battlax Adventure Trail AT41 covers most of the motorcycles in the adventure segment.

Live adventure zone E xcitement levels are high, say the organisers, for the return of Motorcycle Live in association with Bikesure Insurance, as they look forward to welcoming back visitors to the UK’s biggest bike show, taking place from Saturday 4 December to Sunday 12 December at the NEC, Birmingham. There are 60 motorcycle and scooter manufacturers showcasing their brand-new models for 2022, alongside two retail zones, display features and nine exciting opportunities to ride a bike. For visitors looking for the ultimate show adrenaline rush, there’s Experience Adventure. This is a feature dedicated to giving a first taste of off-road riding, across varied terrain and obstacles, all under the watchful eye of specially-trained instructors, and completely free of charge. Supported by Honda, Royal Enfield and Triumph, visitors will experience first-hand the capabilities of adventure bikes in

an area offering a safe environment to get comfortable with the riding technique and balance required for taking the bikes off road, as well as experiencing how these amazing, versatile bikes cope with challenging terrain away from asphalt. Bell Helmets and RST are providing full protective riding gear so that visitors will have quality kit to ride in, allowing them to focus on the challenging, but rewarding side of adventure riding. Sharing the track, and showcasing their riding skills

three times a day, will be former World Trials 2 Champion and seven times British Champion Jack Price and Michael Brown, who has European and multiple British Trials titles to his name, who are guaranteed to impress the crowds. Motorcycle Live 2021 at The NEC opens its doors at 9:00am on Saturday 4 December and discounted advanced tickets have been on sale for some time, so hopefully attendance levels will be respectable.

Hard Enduros launched Exploring the



otoMondo recently launched its 2022 Rieju Hard Enduro models at the Wynnstay Hotel and Spa in Oswestry, Shropshire. After the grand reveal, the assembled press moved on to the Mick Extance Experience facility just over the Welsh boarder near the village of Llangynog, Powys. This tried and tested 1500 acre site, in the Rhyd y Felin Forest offers fantastic off-road riding. Mick was in attendance for a meal at the hotel before handing over to son Adam, who led the press members around the Welsh countryside, which is described as pure Enduro heaven. Apparently, the press all liked the bikes and some even asked if they could use a bike for various races including the Red Bull Romainiacs next year. Good to see that some things don’t change! In ascending order of price and specification, the available models are the Ranger MR 200/300 at £7299 SRP, Racing 200/250/300 at £7599 SRP, the MR 200/250/300 Pro at £8599 SRP with the top of the range being the MR 300 Six Days at £8999 SRP. All come with a two-year, unlimited mileage warranty. It’s always good to have another brand to offer when the going gets tough. For more information contact: Andrew Davidson, sales manager,; 01429 650555.

30  NOVEMBER 2021

LS2 HAS RELEASED THE MX701 Explorer dual-sport helmet. Made for day-long comfort, the Explorer is made from the company’s own fibreglass composite material which provides high-penetration resistance as well as energy dispersion. As you would expect, high-flow ventilation is provided by intake ports at the crown, sides and chin, internal channels and exhaust ports. Other features include a Pinlockready, wide-vision visor with antifog shield in the box, drop-down sun visor, removable cheek pads and micrometric metal buckle chin strap fastening. The adjustable peak

can be removed. The Explorer comes in sizes XS-2XL, is ECE 22.05 certified and comes in a choice of two solid and three graphic options. Retail prices are £199.99 for solid colours and £219.99 for graphics. LS2 Helmets UK 01670 856342

Kawasaki special edition


awasaki has revealed its 2022 KX450 special edition which mainly involves a change of suspension from Showa to KYB, a Pro Circuit exhaust, a remapped ECU and several cute bits to make it stand out from the crowd. Kawasaki Motors has also pledged to be 100% electric by 2035. To this end some SxS and quad models will be hybrid petrol/diesel electric in the next five years and some IC engines will be converted to run on hydrogen. Electric MX should be just as much fun – only quieter, which will mean that more events can take place as they won’t be subject to noise restrictions.

High stocks Order now













£32.95 £38.95 MAX KID BOOTS






£44.95 ECE 22.05 APPROVED














New SDtaoilcyk Arriving
















Competitive P rices





01900 873456


MotoDirect hits the road


o what to do? Covid’s on its way out but as we know, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings, or in this case, stops coughing! So just how does one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and distributors of motorcycle clothing, helmets and accessories get its new products out to its dealer network with not only Covid to consider, but also a national fuel crisis? Well firstly, it listened to its dealers who, along with the entire industry, have faced some pretty challenging times over the past 18 months, and so a plan was hatched to take the MotoDirect Roadshow to eight locations up and down the UK, from Goodwood in the south right up to Wetherby in the north, while also taking in stops at Mondello Park, Dublin, and the Eikon Centre in Belfast. Venues were selected to be within an hour’s drive of as many dealers as possible. “We wanted to get on the road and show our support for each individual dealer. Not only was it great to finally get out of our offices but it was fantastic to spend time with the dealers on their doorstep,” said Lee Sharples, national UK sales director.

32  NOVEMBER 2021

Arai Quantic ECE 22.06 homologated helmet

mature and safety And the different, more savvy consumer. It localised approach paid off, with remains to be seen how each session averaging between some of the budget end brands 20-30 dealers. cope with the rigours of the new “Even though we had a fuel safety specification following an crisis to contend with and some 18 year run since the previous travel disruptions in the Republic helmet legislation came into force. and Northern Ireland we covered Arai was always well ahead of the the majority of the UK and were previous rating able to spread and therefore the word about We wanted to the step up to next year’s get on the road ECE 22.06 was exciting plans, only a small touching on and show our one for the the 200-plus additional support for each manufacturer, which still brands our individual dealer boasts that all dealer network its helmets are will have access individually made by hand. With to – all supplied through our an SRP from £499.99 the Quantic expanded distribution and sales is sure to be a big seller. support centres at Bihr UK across Arai has grown its portfolio of our two UK sites,” added Sharples. ECE 22.06 homologated helmets; Arai and Bell joined the party its first was the ECE 22.06 and both had their ranges on race-focused RX7V Evo helmet, display. The star of the show available in 22 colourways. The had to be the 2022 Arai Quantic RX7V Evo represents the sum of with its newly acquired ECE Arai’s knowledge and experience 22.06 safety rating, one of only in helmet safety. two helmets currently available Moving from helmets to to have achieved the new, more clothing, RST has a number of rigorous, safety specification. With other manufacturers playing updated and redesigned products for 2022 to ensure its existing catch-up before it becomes illegal range remains on point, as well to sell a 22.05 helmet in 2024, as a host of new products to Arai dealers are bound to be in a strong position to attract the more attract the ever-more discerning

customer. It is fair to say that the RST airbag product range using In&motion technology went a significant way to democratising airbag safety clothing and making it affordable for the average biker, and so RST has extended its airbag range further, adding a number of new lines to both its leather and textile offering. Two new on-trend camouflage colourways have been added to the Pro Series Airbag CE men’s leather suit which retails at £799.99 and three bike manufacturer matching colourways have been added to the existing more subtle black and white versions of the Tractech Evo 4 CE men’s leather suit (SRP £499.99) – for the customer who just has to have everything matching! New for 2022 is the S1 men's leather suit in a choice of five colourways and boasting a AAA CE rating. With a £399.99 price tag it is sure to be a winner for the biker on a more limited budget. New textile products are plentiful too, including the introduction of a Pro Series Adventure-Xtreme Race Dept CE men’s textile jacket and trousers in four colourways. Aimed at the serious endurance and rally rider. It’s lightweight, sports a medical


specific pocket and has approval for use from the organisers of the Dakar Rally when worn with an airbag. This jacket, which retails at £299.99 will be an excellent addition to the three-quarter length textile jacket collection currently on offer from RST and should feature in footage from around the world, with riders such as Mick Extance putting it through its paces. With an increase in commuters turning to biking over the last eighteen months, a requirement for urban styled protective clothing that can be worn comfortably on and off the bike, but offering good levels of protection, has been seized upon by RST. 2022 sees RST expand its range with a complete offering of fashion conscious, affordable,

RST Tractech Evo 4 leather suit

Lee Sharples, national UK sales director (right), talking to dealers


safety clothing featuring Dupont Kevlar, including hoodies, lumberjack shirts, denim jackets and the return of the RST x Kevlar Straight Leg men’s textile jean in two lengths, retailing at £129.99. Plenty of new products on show from RST to create an air of excitement and anticipation for the coming year! Following the roadshow tour Lee Sharples said: “I’d like to personally thank all of our dealers who took the time to meet with us, and sincerely thank them for their long and loyal support – there is a feeling of real positivity for 2022 and we really can’t wait to get started!” 

RST x Kevlar Straight Leg jean

MotoDirect 01773 864420

External and nitrogen-chargedpiggyback CR-MO shock body Al6061-t6 forged upper mount. CR-MO piston pole. Steel alloy spring. Oil/air seperated damping design. Rebound adjustment 12 clicks and high-speed compression adjustment 12 clicks & low-speed compression adjustment 12 clicks. (3 in 1 adjust botton)


Al6061-t6 lower foot Alloy outer tube CR-MO inner pipe Alloy steel spring Inverted oil/spring fork(dual-chamber) internal reservoir Rebound adjust 18 clicks and compression adjust 12 clicks.

Stanchion:ø47mm Distance:900-950mm Travel:250-300mm Application:off-road

Piston pole:ø18mm Pistion: ø50mm Distance:450-490mm Travel:95-120mm Application:off-road



NOVEMBER 2021  33

Business beat

Business beat THE LONG MARCH OF COVID Long-Covid is a real problem for employers and employees alike. Often invisible, it can be hard to diagnose. But it’s an illness that’s causing employees to lose their jobs and employers to lose key workers


here just seems to be no escape from Covid. For some, there was furlough, job loss, business turndown or failure. For others, hospitalisation and death. But what about those left with longCovid, an often-invisible illness?

RISING CONCERN The illness is a real problem. John Palmer, a senior adviser at ACAS, points to data from June 2021 where “the Office of National Statistics published figures that said nearly a million people in the UK had self-reported long-Covid … a considerable number of employees have been, or will be, diagnosed with it and therefore the condition is likely

34  NOVEMBER 2021

to be a factor for many employers in all different manners of workplaces.” Jennifer Man, principal associate in the employment department of global law firm Eversheds Sutherland, says the matter usually arises when handling long-term sick leave. When it arises, she says, “it is important the employer meets with the employee to understand their views on their condition and when they anticipate a return to work.” From there, she advises seeking medical evidence via a report from the employee’s GP, or occupational health. The reason for this is because, as Man points out, it’s “unclear whether long-Covid amounts to a disability for the purposes of

the Equality Act 2010.” Disability is defined as a physical or mental impairment that has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long-term’ negative effect on a person’s ability to do normal day-to-day activities. “‘Substantial’”, says Man, “is something which is more than minor or trivial. ‘Longterm’ means a condition that has lasted or is likely to last 12 months or more.”

DEALING WITH A CLAIM So, how should employers deal with employees claiming long-Covid, especially where symptoms aren’t obvious? Man’s view is surprisingly simple. She says that “it is not for an employer to diagnose or ‘disprove’ a condition and the impact it has on the employee. Rather, it is incumbent upon them to understand the employee’s view and the medical evidence.” This will allow an assessment of where a return to work is likely in the reasonably foreseeable future, and whether there is

Cloud-based Dealer Management System

with Adam Bernstein anything they can do to assist the employee. Palmer takes a similar line. He says that “when it comes to supporting an employee directly, the best starting point is to keep channels open between the manager and the employee so an ongoing conversation can take place about ways to offer support.” Long-Covid needs to be treated in the same way as any other illness or longterm incapacity. With a period of sickness absence for longer than seven calendar days, no matter how many days they work each week, employees should get a fit note from their doctor. There is a legal duty placed upon employers, which Palmer details, “to consider making reasonable adjustments when they know, or could be expected to know, an employee or job applicant has a disability and if an employee or job applicant with a disability asks for adjustments.”

Phone 020 8541 4131 Web Email

But as to what amounts to a ‘reasonable’ adjustment will, says Man, depend on the information from the employee and the medical evidence and what the business can feasibly accommodate.

DISMISSAL? Can an employer dismiss an employee in this situation? Both Palmer and Man say the same: An employer dealing with long-Covid

It is important the employer meets with the employee to understand their views on their condition and when they anticipate a return to work needs to follow a fair process and should have regard to its own absence management policy. Man says that “usually, a fair process will involve meeting the employee a number of times, as the prognosis may change, and understanding the medical evidence.” She adds that if it becomes clear that there is unlikely to be a return to work in the reasonably foreseeable future, and there is nothing the employer can do to support the employee in making a return – and any reasonable adjustments have been explored – then it may be appropriate to dismiss. Palmer approaches this from a slightly different angle – that the employee has not

done anything wrong, “but something has still happened that means they are no longer able to carry out the job they were employed to do.” Nevertheless, Man says, “the employee should be warned that the viability of their employment is in question, and prior to the potential final meeting, they should be advised that one outcome of the meeting may be dismissal.” That said, it can be difficult for an employer to justify a dismissal taking place before company sick pay has been exhausted. Similarly, if there is a group income protection policy in place, whether the employee could benefit should be explored before any dismissal.

EMPLOYEE RIGHTS If an employer does not follow a full and fair procedure, an employee could have a case for unfair dismissal, even if the reason for dismissing them was valid. Employers should be under no illusion that if a case is brought before an Employment Tribunal, and it finds that an employee has been unfairly dismissed, compensation could be awarded based on an employee’s loss of earnings. As Man outlines, compensation is made up of a basic award which uses the same formula as a statutory redundancy payment and a compensatory award of up to one year’s pay, capped at £89,493. And if the treatment is found to be discriminatory, or reasonable adjustments have not been made, compensation will be uncapped and will reflect likely ongoing loss of earnings and an award for injury to feelings.

ROUND UP Covid is the stuff of science fiction. But it is with us and, while the majority deal with it, many will suffer well into the future; it’s a problem that they, their families and their employers will have to deal with for some time. 

NOVEMBER 2021  35

Business Beat

DeepBlue CloudDMS

Marketing Matters



Expert adv ice to improve how you promote and sell you r products or services

DAN SAGER FOUNDED THE FAB-BIKER PR AGENCY IN 1996 AND HAS BEEN advising businesses in the motorcycle industry on marketing matters ever since. In this brand-new series, written exclusively for British Dealer News, Dan guides us through the maze of social media.


Setting the correct tone, whilst staying true to your values are important ingredients in achieving social media success. Dan Sager dishes the details


nce you’ve decided and committed to promoting your business on social media, it’s time to consider what tone to adopt. You might wonder why tone matters. Surely you just post lots of great content, people will respond, and business will boom? Except it doesn't work like that, because you need to encourage the right response, from the right people, in order to make more sales. And that’s why setting the right tone matters – your posts need to chime with your target audience. To better understand why this is important, think about the ambience in a restaurant. You’d expect an American style diner to have bench seats and booths, decorated with neon signs and Hollywood movie posters and rock’n’roll or country and western playing in the background. Now imagine that a new restaurant opens in town, but it isn’t obvious what style from the name or the advertising. Feeling curious, you decide to try it out. On entering, you see formica tables with bottles of malt vinegar on them, pictures featuring scenes from Paris on the walls and reggae music playing over the sound system. Then you’re greeted by the maitre d’, who is wearing a dinner suit, and enquires whether you’d like a pint of real ale. You’d wonder what you’d let yourself in for. This is why tone matters on social media – people need to understand the

36  NOVEMBER 2021

type of business they’re dealing with. “That's all very well, but what tone should a medium-size motorcycle dealer in a market town use?” I hear you ask.

One trap that some companies fall into is adopting an informal youthful style on social media There’s no hard and fast rule – you need to find a tone that feels comfortable. Try the following for size to see if they fit:

yy Technical – ideal if you specialise in service or performance upgrades. Your customers will be interested in how to fix problems or ways to enhance their ride. Therefore you need to talk to them in practical terms. yy Local – when your customer base is concentrated on a specific area, they need to know that you’re the friendly face they can rely on. You’re part of the community, so make sure people know that. yy Corporate – big brands carry clout, so if you’re a franchised dealer, you might want to reinforce the impression that customers get the full brand experience from you. yy Heritage – maybe your company has been around for decades or you take care of older machinery. Give customers the reassurance that they are dealing with a business steeped in traditional values and craftsmanship. One trap that some companies fall into is adopting an informal youthful style on social media as this can come across as false. Posts like “Hey guys, what are you up to this weekend?” are hackneyed and insincere and the public knows that. Whatever tone you choose, it’s vital to be true to yourself. Don’t try to sound like other people on social media – pick a style that suits your business and your integrity will shine through. 

NEXT MONTH How to handle anti-social behavior on social media



The new line of 36 ltr cases with patented design to give you top quality, durability and comfort. Available in natural or black painted aluminium, the Alaska cases are equipped with the classic MONOKEY® system in addition to the innovative WIRELEASE® and HOLD IT EASY® * systems.



*Consult the section “FOR YOUR MOTORCYCLE” on to verify the compatibility of the specific frame for your motorcycle.



19/08/21 14:17


Dealerz Headz south Bikerheadz showed off its latest range of products to assembled dealers for the first time since the Covid-enforced curtailment of live launches. Rick Kemp discovers the secrets and finds out what’s new on the south coast


t was that time of year again, time to head off to New Milton in Hampshire for the launch of the Bikerheadz 2022 motorcycle apparel collection. Like most events, the pandemic did for last year’s Bikerheadz reveal, making this occasion a bit more special. The launch was held over two weeks to allow for a smaller, more exclusive experience and give the major retailers more time to plan their trip to the south coast. The Bikerheadz collection consists of four clothing brands – Rukka, PMJ, Bering and Segura – dedicated footwear makers Falco and Daytona, and Racer, the Austrian glove genius. Apart from showcasing the products, the idea behind the catwalk format was to mix and match products from the various brands to illustrate what a wide range of biker styles stockists can cater for, from ladies high-end tourer to sports urban via retro and adventure. It’s also the perfect opportunity to highlight novel and quality features as each ensemble is paraded. The assembled company was treated to, appropriately, 22 separate outfits and the show kicked off with a willing helper modelling the premium tourer outfit. Head to toe, this consisted of a Schuberth C5 helmet (£599.99 SRP), Rukka Kingsley jacket (£1449.99 SRP) and matching trousers (£1049.99 SRP), available in three leg lengths. The gloves were also Rukka, Apollo 2.0 (£199.99 SRP) and the boots were Daytona Roadstar Pro GTX (£429.99 SRP). Retained margins on that lot would pay for a weekend away. The second ensemble on the runway

38  NOVEMBER 2021

was retro, occupying the opposite end of the spectrum, both in price and style. This outfit comprised a Scorpion Belfast carbon open-face helmet in red (£259.99 SRP), a Segura Natcho jacket in blue (also £259.99 SRP) and PMJ New Rider armoured jeans in black (£139.99 SRP). The accompanying short brown boots with laces and zip were Falco Ace (£164.99 SRP) and the gloves were Gonzales from Segura (£99.99 SRP). And there were another 20 still to come. Fortunately there was a lunch break in which to gather our thoughts and identify the upcoming trends, with skinny armoured jeans and short boots in black and brown definitely up there. For the jeans, PMJ featured, and this Italian company has form. Having been in the fashion business for a few decades, working with top names, it now produces the best-selling protective motorcycle jeans in Europe. Currently

The Bikerheadz cat walk showed off clo thing at a range of price point s

available in blue and black, some with belts, the protection rating ranges from ‘A’ to CE Level 2 with prices to match. The short boots vary from the armoured Converse-style to GoreTex-lined touring and adventure models. Additionally, the Falco Chaser has a raised inner sole, helping vertically challenged blokes to get both feet on the ground when riding, which could be viewed as a safety aid. The ladies’ option is the Falco Misty with an elevated heel and thick sole, which sells very well.


The new Schuberth C5 modular helmet will be arriving ready for sale in 2022

The specification of some items better reflects the changing tastes of the consumer. Vegan-friendly can now be added to the list of desirable features seen on some motorcycle apparel. And with a view to sustainability, Bering has introduced the Repreve tag which indicates that part of the fixed mesh



CO AL N L Q CO UE NDR ITI ON S. No matter the road, whatever the weather – Dunlop Mutant has your back. The world’s first crossover tyre boasts hypersport-level handling, the finest grip in wet conditions this side of racing wets, and some of the best touring durability in the Dunlop range. Mutant’s technology gives you the confidence to just ride and conquer all conditions. GDE21013_Mutant ad_UK_210x146.5.indd 1

NOVEMBER 2021  39

17/02/2021 16:18


lining contains reprocessed fibres from ocean-retrieved plastic. And for extra userfriendliness, look for the swing tags on some of the Bering and Segura clothing and you will see ‘Magnetozip Technology’ – no more fiddling about trying to feed one side of the zip into the closure.

NEW MODULAR SCHUBERTH The new Schuberth C5 was teamed with a few of the outfits and it is expected to do well when it arrives in 2022. It has already passed the new ECE 22.06 standard, so there will be no worries regarding clearing stock when it comes into force at the end of 2023. In any event, retailers have two years’ grace for the change-over. The C5, being a modular helmet, benefits from the new standard as it is tested in both open and shut configurations; previously it was illegal to use models in the open position under the old standard. The C5 is designed so that opening and closing the front is a single-handed operation. Schuberth also supplies the C5 with alternative padding, so the retailer can alter the fit to suit the customer, making it more round or more oval. Schuberth’s own data indicates that the standard C5 should fit at least 85% of customers. The C5 is wired for the Sena 50S comms system, so the various units just slot in on a plug-and-play basis without disturbing the lines of the shell.

Smaller, more ex clusive, dealer gr oup visits meant one-to-one pres time for entations

Unique to Schuberth is its Mobility Programme, whereby the customer registers the helmet by email with receipt. In the event of an accident the helmet can be returned to the dealer with the necessary insurance and police incident number. Schuberth via Bikerheadz then supplies a replacement helmet to the dealer who can sell it to the customer at a third of the price, and the dealer still gets a margin on that. So the programme should provide enough incentive at both ends. The other helmet brand in the Bikerheadz portfolio is Scorpion and these are also ECE 22.06 rated. All 17 helmets shown at the preview were new models. They range in price from £98.99 SRP for the EXO-390 Chica 11 to £469.99 SRP for the EXO-R1 Monster Replica. Every style is catered for and the brand delivers a very good price/performance ratio.


t with the g manager Chris Lippit Bikerheadz marketin latest h’s ert helmet and Schub new 2022 modular C5 retail display stand

40  NOVEMBER 2021

According to marketing manager Chris Lippitt, the Nivala has been the best-selling Rukka jacket ever. So enter the Nivala 2.0 (from £1249.99 SRP), which is now a stretch laminate construction with a chest protector. The Comfo-R (£649.99 SRP) and ladies’ Comforina (£599.99 SRP) have gone back to having a drop liner for those who prefer this versatility. As we’re now in the winter season, gloves become more important, and Bikerheadz brand Racer is a glove specialist. It provides gloves for the equestrian and ski sectors as well as the motorcycle market. Rukka, of course, makes gloves that are fit for purpose

“ALL THE PRODUCTS SEEM TO HAVE got better. Bering have pushed forward with a lot of stuff and are doing a lot of soft-shell clothing which is good because it’s comfortable and safe. We don’t get any returns with Bering, it doesn’t leak or fall apart. Bering is also good value, as is Scorpion which has a comprehensive range. We keep all the TranAm brands, and we do very well with them. “We’re very busy at the moment but because of the current situation it’s mostly answering the phone and emails from people looking for things that they can’t get elsewhere. But we’re having the same problem as everyone else, the stock just isn’t available. “TranAm put on a very good show, and they are one of the best in the business to deal with.” Olly Holbrook, store manager, Motorcycle Essentials, Cannock

Bering’s swing tags extol the brand’s new technologies and recycling credentials

and Bering has recently upped its game in this department and now offers the battery powered Breva glove (£219.99 SRP) with four heat levels. Racer’s C2 heated glove is priced at £239.99 SRP. The Bikerheadz 22 Collection was a refreshing launch, and it’s great to be back at a live event in person as opposed to dialling in on-screen. The occasion felt upbeat and it was nice to see so many new lines and interested dealers in attendance. ■ Bikerheadz 01425 620580




01394 604040

Business Essentials


A Constellation Software Company

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The Business   The latest news and views in the world of business

The shifting sands of liability It can be galling to invest time in sourcing goods to then hand them to a logistics company that, during its operations, manages to all but destroy the items entrusted into its possession


any firms will no doubt have wondered where the liability lies when shipped goods are lost or damaged in transit. Patrick McCallum, an associate in the outsourcing, technology & commercial department of Wright Hassall, says that there are two sides to the debate – that between a seller and a third-party logistics provider (3PL), and that between a seller and its customer. In his view, the outcome of any dispute will depend on the contract and/or terms and conditions under which the parties are operating. He says the default position between a seller and a customer under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 is that “unless otherwise agreed, risk in the goods remains with the seller until ownership in the goods transfers to the customer.”

RECOVERING LOSSES As for sellers trying to recover losses, McCallum says that this will “depend on the liability provisions in the applicable contract

42  NOVEMBER 2021

and/or terms and conditions.” He expects, though, most contracts to exclude liability for indirect or consequential losses. Looking at the buyer and seller relationship, McCallum sees sellers seeking to cap liability to an amount linked to the value of the goods; they then seek to recover any damages paid to its buyer from the 3PL. For that between a seller and a 3PL, the latter, McCallum says, “often limit their liability for lost or damaged goods to a fixed price per tonne of goods. The problem is

that this may not reflect the value of the goods in comparison to their weight.” He sees this approach taken by large 3PLs such as DPD, DHL and UPS who command a considerable market share of the logistics sector. In more detail, Simon Horton, transportation director at Ascend Broking, explains that if a 3PL trades under Road Haulage Association conditions this will normally restrict their liability for goods to £1300 per tonne. For freight

forwarders, he warns that they arrange shipping but then subcontract to others. He advises “navigating to the 3PL’s or freight forwarder’s website to uncover full terms and conditions.”

WHAT THE LAW SAYS With 3PLs holding much of the negotiating power, sellers invariably have no choice but to accept unfavourable terms to get goods shipped. The law here is clear as McCallum reports – “parties are free to enter into whatever form of contract they like, within reason.” However, he says that a seller could challenge the enforceability of a clause under the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 which completely excludes liability for any loss or damage, even because of negligence, by claiming that the clause is unreasonable. And Horton wouldn’t disagree. He thinks that 3PLs “should care about your goods … any restrictions under the terms and conditions they trade under have to be pointed out to you at quote stage or point of sale.” But seeking a remedy, McCallum highlights, “can only be taken once the contract has been entered into and the 3PL seeks to rely on the clause in question. This would incur time and expense on behalf of the seller and comes with no guarantee that the courts would hold in their favour.”

INSURANCE CAN HELP So, if a seller cannot negotiate with a 3PL, what other options are open to it? One obvious answer is insurance. In relation to this, McCallum says that a seller ought to have sufficient cover in place to protect against any losses – even if it has successfully shifted the contractual liability onto a 3PL. In fact, Horton considers, from his perspective, that it is a seller’s responsibility to arrange insurance and would recommend it having its own insurance policy; this would offer protection and would shift the

responsibility “to the insurer to recover the costs against any courier at fault.” He adds, “transit claims can involve a number of contractors and different insurers.” Having one policy should make a situation easier to resolve. Allied to this, Horton says that for UKonly deliveries it would be expected that whoever arranges the shipment would carry the insurance burden.

A seller ought to have sufficient cover in place to protect against any losses – even if it has successfully shifted the contractual liability onto a 3PL And as for international shipments, Horton says that the transfer of risk depends on the terms and conditions used in selling the goods: “Known as International Commercial Terms, or Incoterms for short, these show the responsibilities for the buyer and seller during the shipping journey.” But to make Incoterms apply, McCallum recommends their incorporation into contracts with customers. Insurance, Horton suggests “could be an extension of an existing cover a firm may have, which could be adequate for UK shipments.” But for anything going overseas, he recommends a marine cargo policy which will cover goods and associated insured expenses. For the record, ‘marine’, in this context, conjures up sea-related cover, but marine insurers also insure items carried by aircraft, road, and rail too. Many journeys,

particularly those that are international, require two or more modes of transport and legislation makes provision for them all. As to where to buy insurance, Horton recommends firms look for a broker that has knowledge of the marine and transport market or maybe a recommendation from a similar business. He says that “when buying insurance you could purchase one-off cover for individual shipments if your shipments are few and far between. However, this is normally more expensive than an annual policy.” Also, when seeking a policy, Horton says to buy Insurance Clauses A as this provides the widest cover – Clauses B and C only provide catastrophe cover.

DOCUMENTING EFFORTS TO PROTECT GOODS Apart from negotiating terms and buying adequate insurance, sellers could document their efforts to protect goods and mark them as fragile, but ultimately McCallum says that this “will not alter the contractual position as to who bears liability for loss of or damage to goods, although it may help deflect a customer’s frustrations away from the seller and towards the 3PL.” Similarly, if goods are particularly fragile and/or need to be packaged or handled in a certain way, a seller could – as noted earlier – try to impose certain contractual obligations on 3PL. But as McCallum advises, “if the 3PL subsequently failed to comply with these obligations then the seller could bring a claim for breach of contract against the 3PL and seek to recover damages.”

IN SUMMARY Unfortunately, shipping of goods is fraught with danger. While attempts to negotiate will only get so far, it seems clear that sanctuary lies in self-shipping goods, good packaging which is solidly documented, decent insurance or, most importantly, finding a 3PL that can be trusted. 

In tune with the industry, leading All-in-one Business Management Soſtwareand expertise through innovation

for Motorcycle Dealers

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A Constellation Software Company NOVEMBER 2021  43

Business Essentials

s  Essentials

with Adam Bernstein

Product news

Products The latest products for your showroom



Contact Alison on 01237 422660 or

Sena 20S Evo 4 COMMS SPECIALIST SENA LAUNCHED upgraded speaker kits for its 10C Evo and 10C Pro systems back in April and is now providing its 30K and 20S Evo models with the same system as standard. The Premium HD speakers are said to boost bass and improve sonic clarity, and are shaped with a bevelled taper for greater comfort. SRP for the upgraded 20S Evo is €239 for a single kit, €439 for a dual pack. Feridax; 01384 413841; Motohaus; 01256 704909;

Alpinestars Sports Pack

Machineart Guards V2 5 MACHINEART HAS UPDATED ITS ADVANCE GUARD HANDGUARDS FOR the BMW R1250 GS Adventure, saying the new ones are both tougher and lighter than their predecessors. The guards are now made with a nylon composite, rather than aluminium, frame but still have the open-front design for airflow with a snap-in infill included for colder days. An adjustable shield also allows for further airflow control. However they are configured, Machineart says the guards will protect the rider’s hands, as well as brake and clutch levers, from impacts or drop damage. Available for BMW’s R1250 and R1200 GS and Adventure models, plus F650/700/800/Adventure and R1200R LC models, the guards have an SRP of £219 per pair including fittings. Nippy Normans;

A COMPACT WATERPROOF BACKPACK, ALPINESTARS’ SPORTS PACK IS a compact bag for urban or commuter riding. It has a roll-top design with sealed seams to keep rain and spray out, while inside there is a padded laptop sleeve in the main 23-litre compartment. An external waterproof pocket is provided for small items. The foam-padded back is semi-rigid for better comfort, and the harness features a quick-release central buckle and a waist strap for weight distribution. Finish is matt black with reflective logo, and SRP is £139.99. Oxford Products; 01993 862300;

Tiernan Calendar

Duchinni D977 5

YES, I KNOW THAT THESE DAYS EVERYONE HAS A smartphone calendar app which relentlessly pings up all your important appointments, but they don’t also have the ability to decorate your wall with illustrations of some classic British two-wheelers. This year’s (well, 2022’s) Andy Tiernan calendar features six Triumphs drawn by artist Mike Harbar, one from each decade from 1910-1960s. It’s A4, so plenty big enough to see the detail in the pencil and watercolour sketches and also to note down holidays, birthdays and bin days in the individual day boxes. Proceeds from each of the £12 (including postage) calendars goes to East Anglian Air Ambulance. Andy Tiernan Classics;

A BUDGET-FRIENDLY FULL-FACE LID, DUCHINNI’S new D977 helmet is ECE 22.05 certified and features an outer shell made from an ABS/fibre composite with a rear spoiler. Airflow through the vents on the crown and chin bar is channelled through the EPS liner to exhaust vents to the rear, with a chin curtain provided to help reduce wind noise. The textile lining is removable and washable, and the visor comes with a Pinlock anti-fog insert. Fastening is by a seatbelt-style quickrelease buckle. The D977 comes in sizes XS-2XL in white and XS-XL in matt black for an SRP of £69.99. The graphic versions are £79.99 in black/gun (sizes XS-2XL) and black/red (XS-XL). The Key Collection; 01179 719200;

Classic tanks IF YOU’RE RESTORING AN ORIGINAL Suzuki Katana, you can now get a genuine replacement fuel tank for it thanks to the Japanese brand’s vintage parts programme. The limited run of tanks fit both the GSX110SD and GSX110SZ models and come ready painted in silver with red branding. SRP is £746.76. Other Katana parts still available include centre stands, levers, clock surrounds, sprocket covers, conrods, pistons and piston rings, gaskets, valves, seals, and springs. Suzuki GB; 08085 011959;


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Product news

Oxford Route 73 2.0 IT MIGHT SOUND LIKE SOMETHING YOU’D find on a Midlands bus timetable, but the Route 73 is actually named after the year Oxford Products first went in to business. The latest version of the retro style leather jacket is made from full-grain cow leather featuring diamond stitch reinforcement panels, with stretch panels and expansion gussets for improved fit. Traditional style extends to press studs on the waist and cuffs, and a rolled leather collar. Modern touches include hidden reflective strips all round for improved visibility. Its available in black or brown, in men’s sizes S-5XL, for an SRP of £279.99. Oxford Products; 01993 862300;

Malossi Vespa kits 6 MALOSSI HAS REVAMPED ITS 210 AND 221 kits for 200cc Vespas with a steel bolt-on exhaust stub, similar to the stub fitted on the Malossi 178/187cc kits for the PX125/150. The steel stub seals to the cylinder with an O-ring and is held in place with a four bolt steel flange. The flange also has extra holes for spring mounting. The Malossi 210 Sport mark 2 is £350 SRP and the 221 MHR mark 2 is £380. VE (UK); 01159 462991;

Xeramic Cleaners XERAMIC HAS introduced a pair of air filter treatments for off-road bikes. Both are designed to be used on foam filters, with the Air Filter Cleaner claiming to remove sand and dirt particles, while the Air Filter Oil is to be used post-cleaning and will ready the filter for re-use. Each 500ml aerosol has an SRP of £9.99. MotoMondo; 01429 650555;

Forcefield GTech Eco 5 FORCEFIELD IS DOING ITS BIT TO SAVE THE OCEANS by using yarns made from recycled plastics to make its new GTech Eco range of body armour. The material used is wicking and breathable but uses 90% less water and produces 80% less CO2 in the manufacturing process compared to virgin polyester. The jacket, shirt, pants and limb tubes are all compression-fit with 3D moulded heat-reactive armour for a low-bulk profile. CE Level 2 protection is used at the chest and back, while limb protection has CE 1 or CE 2 options. Flat seam stitching and label-free construction are used for comfort next to the skin. And the Eco-friendly credentials don’t stop there – packaging and even the hangers are also made from recycled materials. Forcefield Body Armour; 01933 410818;


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Product news

Givi Canyon Base GIVI HAS A NEW METHOD OF FITTING MULTIPLE bags from its Canyon range to a motorcycle. The Canyon Base is designed to allow adventure bikes to have up to 60-litres of storage capacity without using rigid top boxes or panniers. It is shaped like a horse’s saddle and fits snugly over the pillion seat, secured by adjustable straps. Made from a combination of polyester and Hypalon, it allows the fitment of various side and top loads from the Canyon range in numerous configurations to suit requirements thanks to its mixture of adjustable clips, buckles and straps. SRP is £115. Givi UK; 01327 706220;

LS2 Thunder 3 YOU CAN NOW TAKE AN LS2 HELMET racing in any category thanks to the helmet brand achieving FIM approval for its full carbon FF805 Thunder. Worn by John McPhee in Moto 3, Michael Rinaldo in World Superbikes and Jack Kennedy in BSB, the FIM version of the Thunder has been developed specifically for racing, but shares many features with its road-use twin. The carbon fibre shell comes in three sizes for a snug fit, the optical-correct visor is ready to be fitted with tear-offs and has a Pinlock fitted, and the ventilation system includes ports at chin, forehead and crown. The standard models start from £379 but the FIM-rated version is £499.99, including a dark visor, helmet bag, holdall and a pack of tear-offs. LS2 Helmets UK; 01670 856342;



Know More & Purchase Smarter with MBG Motorcycle Buyers' Guide (MBG) will bring you the up-to-date information from more than 100 suppliers from Taiwan & China. Check our website for more information: or contact us to get a free copy of MBG Be sure to mention MBG when contacting manufacturers for more information. How to reach us:

貿 易 風 國 際 有 限 公 司 PRO MEDIA COMPANY LIMITED 46  NOVEMBER 2021

Tel: +886-4-726 4437 Fax: +886-4-728 4657

ADAPTABILITY IS THE NAME OF THE GAME from SW Motech’s new Pro Travelbag. Seen as an alternative to hard luggage or racks and soft luggage, the Pro has a shaped non-slip

underside that means it can be strapped to the pillion seat securely, it also means it can be rapidly swapped between bikes. It’s made from extra-thick 1680D ballistic nylon with a splash-proof inner lining and has a large main compartment and two smaller side pockets with waterproof zippers. A waterproof liner bag is also provided. Three carrying handles and a detachable shoulder strap make for easy carrying when off the bike. SRP is £257. Motohaus; 01256 704909;

THE BEAST FLOOR LOCK IS ANOTHER NEW addition to Oxford Products’ biggest, strongest and heaviest range of motorcycle security products. Following on from the Sold Secure Diamond-rated 3.6kg Beast lock, 12kg Beast chain and the Beast anchor, the Beast floor lock has a hardened steel body that Oxford says can resist all forms of mechanical attack, including grinders. Its price is nearly as hefty as it is, at £239.99, however existing owners of a Beast lock can combine it with an £89.99 floor lock adaptor to create the same product for a lower outlay. It comes with four high security expansion bolts, four anti-tamper ball-bearings and four solid steel plugs for fitting into a suitable floor. Oxford Products; 01993 862300;

Puig screens 5 PUIG HAS ADDED NEW COLOUR-MATCHED SCREENS FOR THE BMW S1000XR AND F900XR to its extensive bodywork range. The screens are available in HP Sports livery and Racing Red for the S1000XR and Galvanic Gold and Racing Red for the F900XR. The screens come with a fitting kit for an SRP of £155 for the S1000XR and £180 for the F900XR. Pyramid Plastics; 01427 677990;

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ave the WMD h tock of s largest n the UK YSS i

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Bearing kits for: suspension linkage, crankshaft, swing arm, headstock & wheels. Also available as individual bearings



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Oxford Beast 6

SW Motech Travelbag

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R&G does KTM 5


R&G HAS ADDED SOME NEW BITS FOR KTM’S MIDsized adventure bike to its range. The 2020 and 2021 KTM 390 Adventure can now be protected from scrapes with Aero crash protectors in black or orange, engine case covers, bar end sliders and fork protectors or styled up with a tail tidy (£74.99), tank traction grips (£24.16) or an exhaust hanger. Other practical bits of kit include a kickstand foot extension and fender extender. R&G; 01420 89007;

THE SPANISH BRAND’S ELECTRIC-ONLY MX-E off-road bike, which was launched last year, has been given a makeover with a new black and orange livery to match its petrolpowered stablemates. Otherwise, the twistand-go machine remains as before, with a 500W 48V motor and 10-inch wheels for its £999 retail price. Dualways; 01623 708607

Garibaldi Gari GO2X 5


HJC CONTINUES ITS RUN OF LICENSED superhero (and supervillain) themed helmets with a new Punisher design on its RPHA11 sports helmet. The monochromatic design majors on the skull motif adopted by Frank Castle for his revenge-seeking alter-ego, but underneath is standard RPHA11 – a lightweight aerodynamic Premium Integrated Matrix shell, emergency-release cheek pads and advanced ventilation. SRP is £519.99. Oxford Products;

GUARANTEED TO HAVE SQUASHED FLIES ON IT after the first ride, Garibaldi’s new retro-style open face GO2X helmet really takes the biscuit. The lightweight fibreglass shell comes in four sizes for a low-profile silhouette and is kept almost logo-free, just a small example on the goggle strap holder at the rear, for extra vintage kudos. Inside is a multi-density EPS inner shell with an eco-leather padded liner in contrasting colour to the shell. A snap-fit peak is included, or the helmet can be teamed with goggles or a snap-fit visor. Despite looking back in time for its aesthetic, the Garibaldi GO2X does have some modern comforts – space has been provided for bluetooth speakers to be fitted. It comes in sizes XS-XXL, in pearl white, matt black, titanium grey or gloss black for an SRP of £99. Dot4Distribution; 0203 514 2413;

Amped A10 THE AMPED A10 RANGE OF ELECTRIC BALANCE bikes has been upgraded with a 150W rear wheel hub motor and two speed settings. By having a rear-mounted motor and a central battery weight distribution is improved, with gains in both balance and traction. The Eco and Boost settings allow novices to begin riding with max speed limited to 6km/h, then increase pace up to 10km/h as confidence improves. The A10 is equipped with a safety brake switch that cuts out the motor when the brake is applied, and has guards to protect legs and feet. The lithium battery is removable for charging. SRP is £375. Dualways; 01623 708607;

Ventura luggage system


HAVING BEEN RECENTLY LEFT STRANDED IN A forest by a minor mechanical, the benefit of carrying an emergency tool kit when off-roading is readily apparent. Alpinestars’ waist-mounted Tech Tool Pack is designed for enduro riders and green laners and provides 3.7-litres of storage space inside the 600D polyfabric outer, with elastic loops provided to stop spanners rattling. Two side pockets are easily accessible and a waterproof external pocket can be used for a phone, keys or other valuables. SRP is £54.99. Oxford Products;

KAWASAKI’S SUPERCHARGED Z H2 SE IS BIG ON PRESENCE AND big on performance, but low on carrying capacity. Ventura has now launched a version of its well-known luggage system to rectify that deficit, with a bespoke set of L-brackets which fit to the bike, along with an Evo rack and Evo pack to actually carry the loads. As with all the Evo kits, it can be set with the luggage over the pillion seat for better handling or flipped around to allow a passenger to be carried. Packs come in sizes from 12-60 litres to cater for commuters or weekend tourers. A complete kit typically costs £418.50 SRP. Motohaus; 01256 704909;


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Product news

With show season virtually upon us, the major manufacturers (and some of the more boutique bike builders) are revealing what they have been working on over the pandemic period. Some are special editions, some are updates to familiar favourites and a few are brand new machines taking on new sectors of the market.

Royal Enfield Classic IN A CHANGE OF DIRECTION FROM ITS recent drive to modernise, Royal Enfield has returned to its retro roots with the launch of a new single cylinder Classic 350 model. The initial launch is for the core Indian market, with a European launch in Spring 2022. Despite styling which harks back to the 2008 Classic 500, which was eventually canned in 2020, the new Classic 350 has an all-new chassis and engine – an air-cooled 349cc single putting out a fraction over 20hp. A balancer shaft helps to smooth out vibrations, but Enfield claims that the familiar exhaust thump is still present and correct. Other modern touches include an LCD info panel on the dash, and a tucked-away USB charging port. The European version will also have dual-channel ABS and a disc rear brake installed. It comes in a range of eleven colours, including the traditional two-tone bronze or red with a chrome tank, military-style Signal Marsh Grey or Desert Sand, and the evocatively-named Redditch Grey. MotoGB; 0844 412 8450;

Piaggio 1

WE GAVE IT A BIT OF A PREVIEW IN BDN’S JULY ISSUE, BUT PIAGGIO has now released more details of its (relatively) budget priced allelectric scooter. The new Piaggio will come in two versions – the moped-class 1 and the A1-class 1 Active. The 1.2kW Piaggio 1 will be limited to a 45km/h top speed and will have a range of up to 34 miles in Eco mode, with the plus that 16 year olds will be able to ride it. The more powerful 1 Active will reach the heady heights of 60km/h flat out thanks to its 2kW motor, but will also go further – more than 50 miles in Eco mode. Both models will share other features, such as regenerative braking to add power back into the battery, a light sensitive 5.5in colour screen, and LED lights front and rear. The removable Li-ion battery lives under the seat but there is still a reasonable storage area under their for luggage. The supplied charger takes six hours to recharge the battery completely. Beyond the electric power elements, construction is quite traditional. A steel monotone chassis connects the single-arm fork and the twin shock swingers at the rear, and dual 175mm brake discs are fitted. Bodywork comes in black, grey and white for the conservatives, and Sunshine, Artic and Forest twin-colour options for the more exuberant. Pricing in the UK will be £2500 for the moped version, and £3000 for the speedier Active. Piaggio UK;

Triumph Tiger 900 Bond Edition THE LADIES AND GENTS AT HINCKLEY HAVE FINALLY BEEN ABLE TO wipe the dust off of their Bond-themed version of the Tiger 900 adventure bike and wheel it out in time to coincide with the much-delayed premiere of No Time to Die. Based on the Tiger 900 Rally Pro used for various stunt sequences in the spy caper, the Bond Edition adds in a whole heap of 007 branding – unique matt sapphire black paintwork with 007 logos, embroidered seat, etched handlebar clamp and a Bond-themed startup routine on the TFT dash. An extra set of Michelin Anakee tyres is also provided alongside the factory-fit Bridgestone Battlax rubber in case you fancy getting shaken, but not stirred, by some off-road action. Triumph Motorcycles; 01455 251700;


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MOTORCYCLE SALES EXECUTIVE Responsibilities & duties include but not limited to:

• Manage & develop new & used motorcycle enquiries in order to maximise profitability of all motorcycle sales • To maximise clothing/accessories profit as part of the sales process • Maintain a high level of customer satisfaction to ensure customer loyalty Essential • It is essential that the candidate has experience in vehicle sales • Knowledge of finance, registration and warranty procedures • Hold a full clean motorcycle licence

WORKSHOP/SERVICE CO-ORDINATOR Responsibilities & duties include but not limited to: • Manage workshop & workshop load • Good customer relationship skills to ensure satisfaction and customer loyalty • Source and identify parts and accessories from suppliers • This position is for a five day week which must include Saturdays

Suzuki GSX-S1000GT 5 THE GSX-S1000GT IS A STYLISH NEW SPORTING TOURER FROM SUZUKI which replaces the outgoing GSX-S1000F. Based on the updated GSX-S1000, the underpinnings remain the same – a 150hp inline four engine with ride-bywire throttle, traction control and cruise control. Suspension is also carried over from the naked version: 43mm upside-down KYB forks offer plenty of adjustability and the rear shock can be adjusted to counteract the effects of a passenger and luggage. The biggest change from its predecessor is the plastics, with Suzuki claiming that hours of work in the wind tunnel has resulted in a fairing that provides better weather protection and reduces rider fatigue, as well as allowing a more upright seating position. The looks are different for Suzuki too. The GSX-S1000F’s bulbous headlamp arrangement being replaced with a sharply angular nose with compact LED headlights. In this day and age, connectivity and tech is an essential ingredient to any bike, and Suzuki has added three riding modes, five settings for the traction control and a bi-directional quick shifters to the mechanical side of things, while a 6.5in full colour TFT dash screen provides all the expected metrics as well as connecting to Suzuki’s smartphone app for mapping, music and hands-free phone calls. The new Suzuki GSX-S1000GT will be available in three colours – two shades of blue and an all-black – with prices starting from £11,599. Suzuki GB; 08085 011959;



Northern Area Manager As a leading distributor, Motogear are seeking a professional and self-motivated Area Sales Manager to cover the Northern Area, this is an exciting position within our expanding company - to work with key retailers to develop our market leading portfolio consisting of premier Italian brands Nolan, X-lite & Grex, along with Gaerne boots and Ixon clothing. The Role Covers Suppo maintain and develop our existing customer base • Support, • Managing the sales performance of our customers and achieving all targets and commercial objectives • Representing all brands within the company’s portfolio • Identify new sales opportunities with potential customers • Attend exhibitions and trade shows, as required • Maintain accurate sales activity records for each customer E • Effective communications with all departments within the Company The Ideal Candidate • Self-motivated, possess excellent communication, negotiation and organisational skills • Always maintain a high level of professionalism. • Willing to work exibly in order to ensure target achievement and commercial growth of the area • Possess a strong positive attitude

Webbs Motorcycles are looking to recruit a Workshop Controller/Aftersales Manager at our busy Peterborough dealership, main franchise for Yamaha & Triumph Motorcycles. This position is customer facing and will require you to work on Saturdays. Offering a competitive salary, negotiable subject to experience, on-site parking is provided.

Whilst previous industry experience would certainly be an advantage - it is not essential! Beneets In addition to a unique opportunity to represent premier brands, this role comes with an excellent remuneration package (made up of a xed basic gross salary together with "uncapped" commissions), together with a qualilty company vehicle.

In the New Year we will also be looking to expand our sales team and due to a huge increase in demand we will also be needing a qualified experienced motorcycle technician. To apply please send your up-to-date CV to:

All applications will be treated in the strictest of conndence & are to be e-mailed to before Friday 19th November 2021.

NOVEMBER 2021  51

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Seat Mó eScooter 125 RETAIL DEALER OFFER

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on 01237 422660 or adsales@dealern


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PIT MOTOCROSS AND its first all10TEN has launched 10TENMX-E. It electric model – the and novice riders, is aimed at junior settings to restrict so has two power is capable speed until the rider full max of the enough to unleash to power the 1000W. This is enough of 45km/h. MX-E up to a maximum battery can The removable lithium for a fullybe rapidly swapped ent, and can charged replacem 5 in four to six nose ph recharged be Trium then including SPECIALIST PYRAMID UK BODYWORK hours. SRP is £999 new its and labour Plastics has just launched a six-month parts nose fairing with Triumph Speed Twin warranty. The nose 708607; specialist colour match. Dualways; 01623 with a cockpit screen fairings come fitted drew.m@dualway the Speed Twin by Puig, and fit onto ion to the bike. The without modificat and are UK the in fairings are painted MX1 Roost Guard6 k Triumph’s paintwor SMART Kit Bike designed to match Rapid r5 look! Available in body SMART seRAPID BIKEarmou Daine NEW perfectly for an OEM ’S MX1 SRPs start THE DAINESE Silver, ARE Ice ly designed 2021 and FOR NEW both Korosi Red s fuelling kit is specificalbody protector performance of Euro MX2 Roost the Guard and at £155. to improve fuel/ enduro. 01427 677990; s and les by enrichening the motocros for 5 motorcyc Pyramid Plastics; 4 and a The compact-sized features range. Guard rev Roost the ut MX1 ramid-p The sales@py air ratio througho lambda by controlling the this(certified r back protector Pro-Armo SMART module does from the operation 1) made to modify Level in order EN1621-2 tosensor signal andon the for comfort effect rubber module’s nitrile The ECU. expanded of the stock (Level increased or reduced , plus a chest be protector flexibility lambda signal can s (Level 1),Bluetooth and , shoulder app connected via 2), a freeprotector using defence delivery, an all-round power s forsmoother protector hip promises it and nts of up to 20% and entsadjustme impact. Velcro against torque improvem ventilated 5hp. fit, and the ately a tailored allow boosts of approxim cool in , power riders plug and play operation toakeep helps simple n is structure Installatio in R1250GS, R1250GS ion. Available BMW’s of competit models it fits are the current andthick the only, R1250RT. in blackand .com R1250RS or L-XXL) sizes, XXS-M rformanceparts-ltd Adventure, R1250R, of £219.99. 01327 706139; colin@pe SRP Parts; has an nce MX1 Performa a similar The MX2 model has the Pro-Armor with but , structure out for a more back protector swapped

ByCity RoadsterDESIGNS OF 1970’S

TO THE HARKING BACK face Roadster is a full racing lids, the ByCity F1 based on the JPS helmet with graphics shell era. The carbon fibre livery of the same comfortable fit, and is ovalised for a more sity impact absorbing multi-den a is th undernea a wide aperture opening inner shell. There’s a visor which gives for the thermoformed e and inside is a removabl vision, of field better D Closure is by double and washable interior. for an comes in size XS-XL buckle. The Roadster SRP of £229.95. ; 020 3514 2413; Dot4Distribution info@dot4distrib

r Terra Force rubbe MITAS IS


THE NEW FLIP FRONT the brand’s RPHA , taking cues from be “race inspired” comes in n means the the 90S 11. The track inspiratio and lightweight keep it as compact three shell sizes to to aid has a wide visor opening as possible, and it spired features include touring-in More vision. peripheral in the open or (so it can be ridden dual homologation locking visor, centre Pinlock-equipped closed positions), buckle fastener quick-release micro visor, sun n drop-dow Bluetooth accept HJC’s SMART for and it is ready to It comes in solid colours communication system. carbon for £479.99 for £449.99, plain graphics £399.99, for £499.99 SRP. or carbon with graphics s; 01993 862300; Oxford Product


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BRAND SLOVENIAN TYRE to its extreme adding junior sizes Designed for enduro tyre range. 50 to 85cc, the motorcycles from new rubber company claims the and filters high levels of grip OF Malossiensures EXTENDED ITS RANGE excellent MALOSSI HAS stability, along with scooters. suitable for nce air filters forthem high performa handling, making the OE filterriders. range replacescompetitive The standard both novices andflat sponge in either 70/100-19 and comes element and The fronts come in filtersMX MH panel Force or as dedicated sizes in Terra Both configuration90/90-14 of maxi scooter. Super compounds for certain models Super and C-21which can remove and a fine sponge ely. Rears are 90/100-16 styles utilise respectiv whilst filterMX MH than the OEForce smaller dirt particle 90/100-12 in Terra flow rate of air. Soft. higher Soft and C-20 Super maintaining aSuper te filters incorpora 066142; Red sponge The DoubleMitas Tyres; 0038 642 remove to layer finer, sponge a second, evensales@m an extra particles to provide dust pic microsco n. level of engine protectio 2991; VE (UK); 0115 946 m

ALTHOUGH IT WAS LAUNCHED IN ITS HOME COUNTRY of Spain back in 2020, it has taken a while for Seat’s first electric two-wheeler to arrive on the shores of dear ol’ Blighty. The 125cc-equivilent Mó is equipped with a 5.6kWh battery and a 9kW, 240Nm electric motor. This gives it enough oomph to reach a top speed of 59mph, and to accelerate from 0-31mph in just 3.9 seconds – faster than a CBR125R, YZF125R, or almost any other petrol-powered eighth-litre race rep you care to mention. Three riding modes are available – City, Sport and Eco – and there’s the novelty of a reverse gear too. The battery gives a range of up to 85 miles and can be recharged in around eight hours, and to make it easier to remove it has a built in handle and castor wheels. Other kit includes regenerative braking and an LCD display giving speed, range and trip meters plus vehicle location, journey history and carbon saving measurements. It comes in a choice of three colours for an OTR price of £4996. Seat;

Zero Quickstrike CALIFORNIA ELECTRIC BIKE MAKER ZERO IS offering a limited edition, Pike’s Peak-inspired package for its SR/F sports naked. The Quickstrike package includes an Oya carbon front and rear mudguards, aluminium fly screen, smoked lens LED indicators, mirrors and lever guards and, for UK buyers (maybe it never rains in California) a Special Quickstrike cover. The whole collection has an SRP of £999 and is limited to 100 examples worldwide. Zero Motorcycles UK;

iral 5 Muc-Off Anti-vSHOT

ONE THIS ANTI-VIRAL canister of Grenade is a single-use It can be used compressed sanitiser. the inside in vehicles (to sanitise or indoors of a van, for example) rooms, staff in rooms (changing showroom). main a even or rooms can filled with It’s a compact 150ml m compounds quaternary ammoniu is said to kill and alcohol which as well as 99.99% of bacteria gs OF THE To use, simply Adjustable footpe MODIFICATION enveloped viruses. RS WHICH ALLOW are the can A NEW SET OF ADAPTO in a matter of minutes trigger and leave footpegs r the press passenge and few minutes to do position of both rider in the room for a es manufacturer Puig. with a available from accessori adaptor together its thing. model-specific footpeg has an can be used for The system uses a the 20mm shifter A twin pack of canisters 40mm displacer – only. choice of 20mm or shifter is for pillion SRP of £14.99. r while the 40mm multiple allowing ts 307799; both driver and passenge 01202 incremen 15o Muc Off; be rotated 360o in om The displacer can sales@muc-off.c perfect fit . positions to get the 49 06 33; info@pu Puig; 0034 938 MX2 Roost Guard

everyday item. or copper It comes in black same sizes as the colourway, in the SRP of £179.99. MX1 version, for an Bike It; 02380 658700; tradesales@bikeit

on 01237 Contact Alison es@dealernews 422660 or adsal


36 FEBRUARY 2021

for Africa Twin

EXHAUST ED A NEW LINE OF LEOVINCE HAS DEVELOP which comes in CRF1100L Africa Twin systems for the Honda and Titanium. Steel, Black Edition three finishes – Stainless ed AISI 304 is made of TIG-weld The stainless exhaust has been treated the black edition stainless steel, while ceramic-based black tant heat-resis to several coats of sleeve and version has an outer paint. The titanium All models TIG-welded titanium. bracket made from carbon , and feature a dual-flow . are ECE approved for UV resistance a matt clear coating fibre end-cap with models are €589 are €559, black stainless Stainless models €699. is and the titanium tion; 01706 212102; Moto GB Distribu leovincegb@gma

on 01237 Contact Alison

Tank film 5

MV Agusta Brutale 1000RS

ED A NEW RANGE R&G HAS LAUNCH film to prevent of tank protection k damage. scratches and paintwor non-yellowing Made from a tough the kits suit a wide polyurethene film, £19.99. machines. SRP is range of popular R&G; 01420 89007; alan.garrett@rg-

HAVING UPDATED ITS BRUTALE 1000RR OVER THE SUMMER, MV has now done the same to the RS version of its manic naked. The RS is the “budget” (only in MV terms) version of the Brutale, and this update brings some trickle-down tech from the pricier RR. The Euro 5 engine, frame, swingarm and Ohlins electronic steering damper are shared, as are the electronics package for traction and wheelie control and the Continental ABS system. The forks and damper are RS-only, and are manually, rather than electronically, adjustable. MV has targeted this version of the Brutale at a wider user base, and as such it has a softer one-piece padded seat, higher bars and revised footrests to improve comfort for longer rides. MV Agusta Motor; 07774 437937; es@dealernews 422660 or adsal

37 FEBRUARY 2021


Send us the information we need, and we’ll put them in the mag and online. Remember, dealers need to be informed before consumers. We need trade relevant information about the item, retail pricing and up to date contact details. Plus good quality imagery. Send your information and images to: or British Dealer News, 10 Daddon Court, Clovelly Road Ind Est, Bideford EX39 3FH

52  NOVEMBER 2021

Husqvarna Rockstars

Kawasaki 125s 5 KAWASAKI’S NINJA 125 AND Z125 HAVE BEEN PERKED up with new colours for 2022. Mechanically identical to their predecessors, the faired Ninja now comes in metallic spark black, pearl stardust white and a WSBK-aping lime green/ebony/blizzard white liveries, while the naked Z is resplendent in candy lime green/spark black, pearl stardust white/spark black or just metallic flat spark black. Prices are £4299 for the Ninja, £3999 for the Z. Kawasaki Motors UK; 01628 856750;

HUSQVARNA HAS LAUNCHED UPDATED 2022 versions of its TE300i and FE 350 enduro models. The new Rockstar Edition bikes now have a Brembo clutch system, and Galfer brake discs fitted front and rear. To maintain the factory look, the frame has been powder coated black and Rockstar race replica graphics have been applied to set off the blue-anodised triple clamps, soft-touch ODI grips and high-grip seat cover. Husqvarna Motorcycles; 01327 850350;




P1 X-E


53 -H O PR


53 -H O PR


Throttle Cams




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NOVEMBER 2021  53


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NOVEMBER 2021  55

Dft statistics

Half-yearly stats Jan-Jun 2021 DfT figures Best selling models 1. Yamaha NMAX 125


2. Honda CBF 125


3. Honda WW 125 A-M


4. BMW R 1250 GS Adventure


5. Honda SH 125


6. Triumph Tiger 900


7. BMW R 1250 GS


8. Royal Enfield Interceptor INT 650


9. Triumph Trident


10. Honda CRF 300 L


11. Kawasaki Ninja 1000 SX


12. Triumph Street Triple


13. Honda NSS 125 (Forza 125)


14. Vmoto CPA (Super Soco CPX)


15. Yamaha MT-09


16. BMW R 1250 RT


17. Royal Enfield Himalayan


18. Keeway Superlight 125 E4


19. Yamaha MT-07 ABS


20. Kawasaki Z 900



fT latest figures for the six month period ending June 2021 show major changes when compared with the same period in 2020. The six-month registrations total of 55,334 was a 31% increase on 2020’s figure, but within that there was considerable variation. The biggest changes were seen in the electric-powered category, which more than tripled in size and now comprehensively out-sells the conventional moped sector. Vmoto (branded as Super Soco) increased registrations by 416%, enough to propel it into the top 20 of the manufacturer’s list, ahead of household names such as Aprilia, Husqvarna and Indian. Major brands were conspicuous by their absance, with Harley, KTM, BMW and Piaggio all falling out of the electric top ten list. Indeed, BMW and KTM managed to shift only three examples each of their battery-powered offerings. The 0-49cc moped categeory was stagnant, shifting only 15 more units

than the previous year, whereas the 50125cc category rose 31%, much of the improvement thanks to Yamaha’s fleet sales of the NMAX scooter. Larger-capacity sectors followed a similar trajectory, seeing rises of 20%,30% and 31% respectively. The top manufacturer’s list saw all the usual contendors filling the top ten slots, but their grip on the market has waned; in the first half of 2020 the top ten brands were responsible for more than 75% of total registrations, whereas for the same period of 2021 their share dropped to 70%, possibly due to well-publicised shipping issues having a bigger effect on the major players. Brands having a particularly strong start to 2021 include Yamaha and BMW, whereas Kawasaki, KTM and Suzuki all saw big drops in their market share. Worst hit though was Lexmoto, with the Exeter-based scooter specialist seeing its market share drop from over 8% to just 4.5% as it struggled with limited inventory.

Top 10 brands by capacity Electric


1. Vmoto............................... 727 2. NIU..................................398 3. Sur-Ron............................. 184 4. Askoll................................. 116 5. Lexmoto.............................. 81 6. Horwin...............................80 7. Zero.....................................71 8. Electric Motion.................... 55 9. Artisan................................46 10. Yadea..................................39

1. Lexmoto.............................313 2. SYM.................................. 202 3. Peugeot............................ 168 4. Neco..................................142 5. Piaggio...............................135 6. Longjia............................... 118 7. Sinnis................................. 114 8. AJS.....................................107 9. Motorini............................. 76 10. WK Bikes.............................63

1. Honda............................. 4955 2. Yamaha........................... 3963 3. Lexmoto.......................... 2055 4. Keeway............................1082 5. SYM.................................. 779 6. Sinnis................................ 750 7. Piaggio...............................631 8. Benelli................................591 9. Suzuki...............................394 10. Royal Alloy........................386

1. Honda.............................. 2531 2. Royal Enfield....................1749 3. Kawasaki...........................993 4. KTM..................................712 5. Beta...................................421 6. Yamaha.............................405 7. Piaggio..............................386 8. GasGas............................. 338 9. Suzuki............................... 322 10. Royal Alloy.........................312

Highest registering models

Highest registering models

Highest registering models

Highest registering models

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Total: 2440

Vmoto CPA (Super Soco CPX). 500 Niu NQi GT Pro Cargo....... 184 Sur-Ron Light Bee...............179 Niu NQi GTS......................127 Askoll ES Pro 70.................. 112

Total: 1791

Lexmoto Echo 50 E4............142 Peugeot Kisbee 50............... 112 Lexmoto Echo Plus 50..........103 SYM Mask 50.......................80 Motorini Misano 50.............62


Total: 19,198

Yamaha NMAX 125........... 3056 Honda CBF 125..................1430 Honda PCX125................. 1090 Honda SH 125.................... 933 Honda NSS 125 (Forza 125)..506

126-650cc Total: 9942

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650...732 Honda CRF 300 L................621 Royal Enfield Himalayan..... 473 Piaggio Vespa GTS 300....... 354 Kawasaki Versys 650..........346

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56  NOVEMBER 2021 BDN Page Runner Ad May 2021.indd 1

DfT statistics


650-1000cc Total: 11,507

Over 1000cc Total: 10,456

1. Triumph...........................2691 2. Yamaha........................... 2498 3. BMW...............................1786 4. Honda............................... 918 5. Ducati............................... 798 6. Kawasaki........................... 796 7. KTM................................. 782 8. Suzuki............................... 285 9. Aprilia............................... 238 10. Moto Guzzi....................... 237

1. BMW.............................. 2934 2. Triumph...........................1942 3. Harley-Davidson...............1243 4. Ducati............................... 937 5. Honda............................... 822 6. Kawasaki...........................806 7. KTM.................................699 8. Suzuki................................451 9. Indian...............................368 10. Aprilia................................231

Highest registering models

Highest registering models

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Triumph Tiger 900..............812 Triumph Trident................. 709 Triumph Street Triple..........544 Yamaha MT-09..................498 Yamaha MT-07 ABS............443

BMW R 1250 GS Adventure.955 BMW R 1250 GS................. 780 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 SX...... 539 BMW R 1250 RT.................488 Honda Africa Twin 1100......388

Top manufacturers 2021 vs 2020 Brand

2021 Regs

2020 Regs

Regs change

2021 Market Share Market Share Change

1. Honda 2. Yamaha 3. BMW 4. Triumph 5. Kawasaki 6. KTM 7. Lexmoto 8. Royal Enfield 9. Ducati 10. Suzuki 11. Harley-Davidson 12. Piaggio 13. Keeway 14. SYM 15. Sinnis 16. Benelli 17. Vmoto 18. Royal Alloy 19. Aprilia 20. Husqvarna 21. Beta 22. Zontes 23. Indian 24. NIU 25. Mutt 26. AJS 27. GasGas 28. Peugeot 29. Neco 30. Bullit 31. Moto Guzzi 32. Herald 33. WK Bikes 34. Sur-Ron 35. Kymco 36. CCM 37. Sherco 38. Motorini 39. Fantic Motor 40. Longjia 41. Askoll 42. Lambretta 43. Mash 44. MV Agusta 45. Mondial 46. Wangye 47. Horwin 48. Zero 49. Rieju 50. Zhongneng

9226 7443 1783 ▲ 16.67% -0.95% ▼ 6888 4594 2294 ▲ 12.45% 1.57% ▲ 5016 3362 1654 ▲ 9.06% 1.10% ▲ 4636 3507 1129 ▲ 8.38% 0.07% ▲ 2948 2733 215 ▲ 5.33% -1.14% ▼ 2576 2701 -125 ▼ 4.66% -1.74% ▼ 2539 3427 -888 ▼ 4.59% -3.53% ▼ 1749 1146 603 ▲ 3.16% 0.45% ▲ 1735 1053 682 ▲ 3.14% 0.64% ▲ 1452 1781 -329 ▼ 2.62% -1.59% ▼ 1383 1368 15 ▲ 2.50% -0.74% ▼ 1187 978 209 ▲ 2.15% -0.17% ▼ 1114 602 512 ▲ 2.01% 0.59% ▲ 991 571 420 ▲ 1.79% 0.44% ▲ 881 555 326 ▲ 1.59% 0.28% ▲ 837 490 347 ▲ 1.51% 0.35% ▲ 727 141 586 ▲ 1.31% 0.98% ▲ 703 452 251 ▲ 1.27% 0.20% ▲ 626 340 286 ▲ 1.13% 0.33% ▲ 547 521 26 ▲ 0.99% -0.25% ▼ 443 301 142 ▲ 0.80% 0.09% ▲ 413 69 344 ▲ 0.75% 0.58% ▲ 401 251 150 ▲ 0.72% 0.13% ▲ 398 181 217 ▲ 0.72% 0.29% ▲ 367 207 160 ▲ 0.66% 0.17% ▲ 345 282 63 ▲ 0.62% -0.04% ▼ 345 11 334 ▲ 0.62% 0.60% ▲ 318 334 -16 ▼ 0.57% -0.22% ▼ 316 128 188 ▲ 0.57% 0.27% ▲ 294 168 126 ▲ 0.53% 0.13% ▲ 238 138 100 ▲ 0.43% 0.10% ▲ 209 56 153 ▲ 0.38% 0.25% ▲ 205 178 27 ▲ 0.37% -0.05% ▼ 184 98 86 ▲ 0.33% 0.10% ▲ 179 80 99 ▲ 0.32% 0.13% ▲ 172 170 2 ▲ 0.31% -0.09% ▼ 164 88 76 ▲ 0.30% 0.09% ▲ 159 115 44 ▲ 0.29% 0.02% ▲ 148 80 68 ▲ 0.27% 0.08% ▲ 118 16 102 ▲ 0.21% 0.18% ▲ 116 1 115 ▲ 0.21% 0.21% ▲ 116 55 61 ▲ 0.21% 0.08% ▲ 109 61 48 ▲ 0.20% 0.05% ▲ 104 71 33 ▲ 0.19% 0.02% ▲ 103 56 47 ▲ 0.19% 0.05% ▲ 94 60 34 ▲ 0.17% 0.03% ▲ 80 10 70 ▲ 0.14% 0.12% ▲ 71 37 34 ▲ 0.13% 0.04% ▲ 70 36 34 ▲ 0.13% 0.04% ▲ 69 0 69 ▲ 0.12% 0.12% ▲


01422 358 525 NOVEMBER 2021


20/05/2021 15:59:10

On the Money

On the Money Market analysis with financial editor Roger Willis


ortunately for two-wheeled petrolheads, a sufficient quantity of big-league motorcycle manufacturers still believe in the “win on Sunday, sell on Monday” creed and are prepared to chuck lavish amounts of loot at participation in bike sport. Trouble is, though, it’s an extraordinarily expensive developmental and promotional game to play. So seeking sponsors, essentially attracted by national and increasingly global multi-media audiences to which they can promote their own products or services, is de rigueur for bolstering budgets. For much of my adult life, peaking in the 1980s and 1990s, that meant trousering the disreputable dosh of Big Tobacco, eager to foist its deadly wares onto a gullible C2DE demographic, glued to the action either trackside or on TV. And great years they were, watching everything from John Player Norton to Chesterfield, Gauloises or Marlboro Yamaha, Rothmans Honda, Lucky Strike or Skoal Bandits Suzuki, etc, etc, until fags on fairings were finally stubbed out in 2006. Since then, after desperate periods of poverty-stricken paddocks at almost every level of motorcycle racing, sponsorship money has come trickling back – some of it from “unhealthy” sources and a lot from relatively

clean hands. Biggest contributor in the latter sense is the minted and burgeoning world of infotech enterprises. Ducati’s Corse competition department has particularly shone in avaricious pursuit of such techie wealth. Ever wondered how this comparatively small premium

HQ in North Carolina, its principal commercial activities are manufacturing consumer and business computer hardware, as well as smartphones, on a global basis. According to Forbes magazine, Lenovo is the world’s largest vendor of personal computers

And great years they were, watching everything from John Player Norton to Chesterfield, Gauloises or Marlboro Yamaha, Rothmans Honda, Lucky Strike or Skoal Bandits Suzuki, until fags on fairings were finally stubbed out brand, a minor subsidiary of the Volkswagen empire, can punch above its weight in terms of full factory squads and also support myriad satellite entries to various degrees? Look no further than the Lenovo brand name of Chinese origin now splattered across its MotoGP bikes and their riders’ leathers. Having become Ducati Corse’s “technology partner” in 2018, Lenovo Group ascended to a main-sponsor role this year, fronting the MotoGP effort and also allocating a portion of lolly to WSBK. Based in Beijing, with a primary stock-exchange listing in Hong Kong and operational

by units sold and ranks fourth among smartphone makers. During the past 12 months, turnover exceeded a cool £44bn and profits are also counted in billions. Lenovo chief executive Yang Yuanqing, who has an approximate 8% stake in the company, is reportedly keen on sporting endeavour. Easy to imagine how much abject kow-towing occurs every time he visits Bologna or is hosted in the Ducati hospitality rig at a MotoGP round. Lower down the Ducati food chain, Aruba is lead sponsor for the factory WSBK presence. Italy’s dominant broadband

internet service provider, Aruba is supplied with servers by second tier WSBK presenting sponsor Lenovo. Fancy that. All one big happy tech family. On the bottom rung, factoryfavoured Paul Bird Motorsport flies Ducati’s banner and wears red paint in the British Superbike Championship (even though Bird’s plush operation was trounced by a mere Ducati dealer team this season, abetted by the ample Hammond family wallet at Oxford Products). Bird isn’t averse to taking the infotech shilling either. For a second year on the trot, his BSB team was liveried as VisionTrack Ducati. VisionTrack is a purveyor of cloud-based video telematics, whatever they are. Bet you can’t buy one at a Snetterton burger van. Even the most unlikely candidates are following a similar path. The inimitable Paul Denning of Crescent Racing, once notorious for the number and variety of sponsors he’d accrue to pay his bills, rose from BSB to the towering heights of MotoGP. There, he was most famously the swansong torch bearer for those with nicotine-stained fingers, past the 2006 ban. Imperial Tobacco paid him to promote its fag-rolling paper sideline by branding the factory team under his command as Rizla+ Suzuki until 2011.

International Share Prices USA – CONFLICTING PRESSURES Wall Street traders were either buoyed by strong quarterly corporate earnings or pulling back on worries about global inflation. So while the third week of October proved to be volatile, it finished on a positive note. Harley-Davidson’s share movements were contrary to the day-by-day market swings, though, with a different narrative in play. Key influencer was New York rating agency Zacks Equity Research, which released estimates for imminent Q3 results suggesting turnover would be about 21% up but profit likely to decline by around 9%. So a 0.5% gain on Monday was promptly followed by losses of 2.3% on Tuesday and 0.2% on Wednesday, dragging the price down to a weekly nadir of $36.57. Recoveries of 0.7% on Thursday and 0.2% on Friday weren’t enough to get Harley

58  NOVEMBER 2021

back into black ink by the weekend.

EUROPE – SWINGS AND ROUNDABOUTS Similar behaviour was evident on this side of the Atlantic too. In consequence, market indices swerved around and Germany’s leading Xetra Dax benchmark in Frankfurt flattened to a minor net weekly loss of 0.3%. There was no real pattern to Teutonic biker-related automotive performance. The same story could be found in Italy, where Milan’s MIB index ended up on a trivial 0.3% gain. Surprisingly, news that Italian electric superbike manufacturer Energica had been given the bum’s rush from coveted status as control fleet supplier to MotoGP’s FIM MotoE race series – to be replaced by VW subsidiary Ducati from the 2023 season onwards – didn’t wipe a big slice off its share price.

JAPAN – IMPATIENT INVESTORS Already-stumbling new Japanese prime minister Fumio Kishida has been forced into calling a snap general election, essentially to confirm his own ascension. Japan’s business community sees this as an unnecessary distraction and investors voted with their wallets, wiping 0.9% of Tokyo’s Nikkei 225 stock index. All four biker stocks fell, led by a big plunge for Kawasaki.

INDIA – LONE STAR AMONG LOSERS India’s Diwali festive season and the massive retail sales boom that precedes peak celebration has developed a serious misfire. Slumps in volume for every major motorcycle manufacturer except TVS Motor in September seem to have continued into October.

Subsequently ensconced in the WSBK paddock, adopting Pata Yamaha guise thanks to headline sponsorship generosity from Italian potato crisps magnate Remo Gobbi and his not exactly wholesome Pata Snack fare, Crescent also quietly revived its Imperial Tobacco connection. Denning recruited Rizla+ as an additional sponsor for three years, in a last heroic shout for ciggie-related largesse. However, the Rizla+ logo had vanished this season, when Crescent’s young Turkish protegé Toprak Razgatlioglu established leading championship contention. You can guess where Denning went to find a replacement – infotech, inevitably. The team is now monikered Pata Yamaha with Brixx, the latter being a financial modelling software specialist. Of course, less-intellectual sources of sponsorship are

available. For a while, it looked like the ciggie barons’ poisonous mantle would simply be stolen by toxic “energy” drink brands, mostly disgusting concoctions of dodgy herbs such as ginseng and killer overdoses of caffeine. A pair of them rule this stomach-churning roost.

own good. Beer brands Peroni Nastro Azzurro and Corona Extra came and went from the WSBK paddock. Blue-riband series promoter Dorna presently has Prosecco DOC sparkling wine as a WSBK circuit signage “partner” and lists Thailand’s Singha as official MotoGP beer.

During the past 12 months, turnover exceeded a cool £44bn and profits are also counted in billions Monster Energy backs both the official Yamaha MotoGP squad and Kawasaki’s six-times victorious WSBK line-up. The relationship between KTM Factory Racing and Red Bull Energy in MotoGP is almost incestuous. Proper booze producers seem to be too tentative for their

A snapshot of share performance across key manufacturers and markets Investors are not amused and the Mumbai benchmark BSE Sensex went into reverse, losing 0.8%. TVS stood aloof from their sell-off scramble, while its competitors all took a hammering.

CHINA – AUTUMNAL WOES China’s full Q3 gross domestic product data showed growth slowing to just 4.9%, as factory-gate prices rose and export supply-chain bottlenecks worsened. Q4, usually an export bonanza into Western Christmas-season markets, is set to be dire. Although both Shanghai’s all-share SSE Composite and the CSI 300 index covering bluechips managed modest respective 0.3% and 0.6% gains, these masked increasing volatility. Only five of the eleven listed Chinese motorcycle producers remained shiny side up.

In the UK at a rather lower level, Bathams Brewery has remained remarkably loyal to veteran racer Michael Rutter’s taste for traditional ales at the TT, BSB and recently British Superstock 1000. TT and BSB star Peter Hickman has a deal with the Robinson Brewery’s Trooper lager.

Price Week Month

USA (dollar) Harley-Davidson 36.90 -1.1% -2.8% Polaris Industries 126.13 -3.3% +4.4% Textron 74.62 +0.9% +5.0% Europe (euro) BMW 85.69 -2.1% +5.0% Volkswagen 278.20 +1.2% +4.2% Pierer Mobility 79.10 +2.1% +0.5% Piaggio Group 3.14 +0.3% +1.6% Energica Motor 3.17 -0.6% -0.3% India (rupee) Hero MotoCorp 2744.15 Bajaj Auto 3866.50 619.80 TVS Motor Eicher Motors 2612.55 Mahindra 887.85

-6.3% -3.2% -2.5% +1.5% +6.2% +15.4% -8.4% -10.9% -4.7% +13.9%

Share performance as of 22 October 2021

Industrial might built on providing hydrocarbons to burn or lubricate mechanical parts, despite being permanently transferred to the naughty step by climate-change activists, still honours its heritage with keen support as well. Most notably, Spanish petrochemical giant Repsol has stuck to long-term association with Honda in MotoGP. And leading French bike lube brand Motul spends a lot on burnishing its image via both the upper and lower echelons of racing. Whether bike sport in all the scale, magnificence and excitement we have known will survive electrification is a moot point. But if the show goes on, there’ll still be a requirement for sponsors. Sadly, once the infotech geeks have completely taken over, it just won’t be as much fun. 

Price Week Month

Japan (yen) Honda Yamaha Suzuki Kawasaki

3417 3140 5110 2358

-1.7% +0.1% -2.2% -1.9% -0.8% -1.4% -11.4% -6.5%

China (yuan) Qianjiang 14.15 +1.5% -1.4% Zongshen 6.54 -0.3% -7.0% Sundiro 2.16 -3.1% -1.4% CETC Energy 15.93 +7.6% +0.8% Lifan 6.09 -5.0% -20.7% Loncin 4.48 -6.3% +2.6% Linhai 7.33 -7.2% +0.8% Guangzhou Auto 17.23 -4.0% +3.9% 160.20 +5.4% +33.5% CFMoto Xinri E-Vehicle 20.35 +6.2% +16.2% China (HK dollar) Jianshe 5.63 +6.4% -7.7%

NOVEMBER 2021  59

On the Money

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New registrations

Registration data New scooter and motorcycle registrations for September 2021 2021 / 2020 Registrations by Style MOPEDS

Sep 2021

Year to Date Sep 2020


Sep 2021

Sep 2020

Sep 2021 Registrations

Highest Registering Model by Style

% Change

Moped Naked







Yamasaki F51-50Q


Moped Other







Sur-Ron Light Bee


Lexmoto Echo 50



Moped Scooters




















BMW R1250 GS Adventure















Keeway Superlight


MOTORCYCLES Adventure Competition Custom Modern Classic







Triumph Speed Twin









Honda CB125R


Road Sport







Lexmoto LXR125









Honda PCX 125









BMW R 1250 RT





















Piaggio MP3 300 Sport









BRP Can-Am Spyder RT Ltd















2021 / 2020 Registrations by Capacity ENGINE BAND

Sep 2021

Year to Date

Sep 2020

% Change

Sep 2021

Sep 2020

Highest Registering Model by Style

% Change

Jun 2021 Registrations

0 - 50cc







Vmoto Super Soco CPX


51 - 125cc







Honda PCX 125


126 - 650cc







Suzuki DL 650 V-Strom


651 - 1000cc







Triumph Trident


over 1000cc







BMW R1250 GS Adventure









Alternative power registrations September 2021

BRANDS CHART Top Ten Manufacturers

Alternative power registrations data is also included in the overall market data shown in the tables above

September 2021

2021 / 2020 Registrations by Capacity

1. Honda...........................................2602 2. BMW............................................1312 3. Triumph........................................1141 4. Yamaha.........................................1105 5. Lexmoto..........................................751 6. Suzuki.............................................594 7. Kawasaki.........................................591 8. KTM...............................................546 9. Royal Enfield...................................405 10. Piaggio............................................358


Sep 2021

Under 1kW

Year to Date

Sep 2020

% Change


Sep 2021

Sep 2020



% Change 0.0



























Over 35kW





















2021 / 2020 Registrations by Style MOPEDS

Sep 2021

Sep 2020





























Other L-Cat Scooter Unspecified TOTAL



Sep 2021 Sep 2020



Sep 2021 Sep 2020






Other L-Cat














44.4% TOTAL




Naked Road Sport Scooter Unspecified TOTAL













Sep 2021 Sep 2020 TOTAL ALTERNATIVE POWER 619 315 REGISTRATIONS Includes 3 Diesel PTWs Includes 3 Diesel PTWs

Change 96.5%

Registration statistics supplied by the MCIA; tel 02476 408000; 60  NOVEMBER 2021

WITH SEPTEMBER’S NEW-PLATE BONANZA marking another weird selling season’s end, MCIA statistics revealed overall registrations fell by 7.5% against the equivalent period last year. However, they were a modest 3.4% up on the more relevant ninth month of pre-pandemic 2019. We can take that as an indicator of adequate underlying demand, even if supply continues to lag behind. BDN financial editor Roger Willis reports. Out of a 13,425 total, motorcycle registrations were 9.3% down at 9622. Scooters grew by 3.2% to 2861, while mopeds sank by 18.5% to 826. Trikes effectively flatlined, adding 0.9% (just one machine) to 116. The 0-50cc band – mopeds plus approximate ePTW equivalents – added 1.1% to 1163. Conversely, 51-125cc products declined by 5.5% to 4685. Taken together, the up-to-125cc (or 11kW) sector was 4.2% lower year-on-year at 5848 compared to a total of 6107 in September 2020’s urgent recovery surge, but an impressive 19.3% higher than the 4903 recorded in September 2019 prior to Covid’s malign arrival. Unfortunately, the combined monthly total of 126cc-plus machines, moving from mobility into the far more lucrative leisure/enthusiast market, didn’t engender similar optimism. Registrations versus 2020 dropped by 9.9% to 7577 and were 6.2% down against 2019. Over-1000cc bikes were the most afflicted, falling by 11.9% in this latest data and 6.9% compared with September two years ago. Inventory, or often rather abject lack of it owing to supply-chain constraints, clearly distorted the new-plate picture. Undoubtedly,

Rolling Year Comparison

this meant unrequited consumer desire, some of which may be satisfied as delayed shipments come ashore in the final quarter. Nevertheless, among the top-ten brands, only three achieved volume growth, year-on-year. Perennial market leader Honda put on 6.9%. Elevation to highest-registered scooter and 51-125cc machine for its PCX125 was probably associated to anecdotal evidence that Yamaha

The combined monthly total of 126cc-plus machines, moving from mobility into the far more lucrative leisure/ enthusiast market, didn’t engender similar optimism had finally pretty much sold out of NMax 125 delivery fleet fodder of choice. Triumph in third spot rose by 14.4%, with Speed Twin and Trident models in receipt of category accolades and obviously therefore plentiful. Royal Enfield, absent from last September’s chart, reappeared in ninth. All the rest were losers. Runner-up BMW Motorrad sank by 19.4%, although it still had

enough R1250GS Adventure stock left to claim over-1000cc and style category slots. Yamaha was 12.6% down and relegated to fourth. Chinese champion Lexmoto in fifth plunged by 37.4%. Suzuki crept up to sixth, 19.3% in arrears but at least topping 126-650cc territory thanks to DL650 V-Strom availability. Kawasaki and KTM suffered respective 37.9% and 39.3% dives. Piaggio was tail-end Charlie, losing 7%. Incidentally, an MCIA claim relating to these statistics, that “last-mile delivery fleets moving over to electric” were driving impressive ePTW growth in the up-to-11kW segment didn’t bear close scrutiny. Sure, September sales in that segment increased by 114% to 520 machines. But Honda sold 557 samples of the aforementioned petrolhead PCX125 scooter model alone.

Triumph’s Speed Twin finally toppled the Royal Enfield Interceptor from the top of the recently-introduced Modern Classic category



Scooter Market Performance The percentage of the overall market made up of scooters

“Larger capacity leisure bike owered Two Wheelers continued registrations remain reasonably strong, their upward trend with 13,425 and dealers look towards better supply registrations in September, as we exit the normal seasonal cycle of traditionally a high-volume month as our marketplace. Half of the highest customers opted to wait to obtain the registering motorcycle latest registration plate models within each on their new machine,” Dealers look style are made up of said Paddy O’Connell, 125cc PTWs. The Honda head of The National towards better PCX came out on top Motorcycle Dealers supply as we of all engine sizes with Association (NMDA). 557 units, equating “Whilst the market exit the normal to almost one in five was down 7.5% compared to September seasonal cycle of (19.5%) of every scooter registered for the 2020, it is important our marketplace month. Honda remains to note that last the highest registering September the industry brand with 2602 units, almost double was responding to pent-up demand after those of BMW in second place which a series of lockdowns. There were also managed 1312. fewer issues with supply. When compared “As we enter the final quarter of 2021, to the more normal period of trading in the NMDA is optimistic that the market September 2019, 2021’s figures show a going forward will remain steady for the 3% growth. remainder of the year, notwithstanding “Sales of electric motorcycles and the various issues across the entire supply scooters (ePTWs) continued to perform chain.” well, especially in the low powered segment, with an increase of 97.1% (619 units), both over achieving year-on-year and adding to the 4467 registrations year to date for 2021. NATIONAL MOTORCYCLE DEALERS ASSOCIATION

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emand for bikes in September was still very strong with punters spending a total of 17.5 million minutes browsing Auto Trader Bikes. Used bike prices remain strong, with the average price of a two-wheeler on Auto Trader 3% higher than it was in September 2020, and 10% higher than two years back. Used bikes overall have been selling a day faster than 12 months ago, too, at a median of 28 days. This is considerably faster than the same period in 2019, where the median time on sale was 37 days. This month we look at the fastest-selling used bikes during the period

Used bikes overall have been selling a day faster than 12 months ago. This is considerably faster than the same period in 2019

Lexmoto Assault is the fastest-selling bike on Auto Trader

from 1 August to 15 October, based on the median number of days the bikes were on site. The top five fastest-selling bikes were all 125s, and 40% of the entire list is made up of 125cc machinery, showing the continuing popularity of commuter fare. At the top of the chart is the Assault, Lexmoto’s rugged commuter, which replaces the same brand’s sporty LXR125. Honda dominates overall

with nine bikes in the list, but Yamaha also has numerous entries, including three 125s in the top five, the popular MT family of naked bikes and the Ténéré 700 adventure bike a little further down the list. Also popular is Triumph, which managed five models in the top 30, despite the brand’s lack of invogue commuter machinery. PAUL EDMONDSON Product lead, Auto Trader Bikes

The fastest selling bikes on Auto Trader

Average days advertised before sale

1. Lexmoto Assault________________ 8 2. Honda Monkey________________ 9 3. Yamaha YZF-R125_____________ 10 4. Yamaha MT-125______________ 10 5. Yamaha YS125________________ 12 6. Triumph Speedmaster 865_______ 12 7. Suzuki Gladius 650__________ 12.5 8. Yamaha MT-09 SP___________ 12.5 9. Triumph Street Twin____________ 13 10. Honda CB650R_______________ 13

11. KTM 125 Duke_______________ 13 12. Honda CBF125_____________ 13.5 13. Yamaha YBR125______________ 14 14. Suzuki GSR750_______________ 14 15. Triumph Trident_______________ 14 16. Honda CB125F_______________ 14 17. Honda PCX125_______________ 14 18. BMW R1250GS_____________ 14.5 19. Triumph Thunderbird 1700______ 15 20. KTM1290 Super Duke R________ 15

21. Suzuki GSX1400______________ 15 22. Yamaha MT-07_______________ 15 23. Kawasaki Vulcan______________ 15 24. Yamaha Ténéré 700__________ 15.5 25. Honda CRF250L_____________ 16.5 26. Triumph Speed Twin____________ 17 27. Ducati Diavel_________________ 17 28. Honda CBR125_______________ 17 29. Honda CB125R_______________ 17 30. Honda CBR650R____________ 17.5

STRONG RESIDUALS, DIMINISHING DAYLIGHT HOURS THE USED MARKET REMAINS buoyant for the time of year, but like the new market, dealers are experiencing a seasonal slowdown. Acquiring stock remains challenging with fewer offers from the public, fewer partexchanges and increased private sales. However, although most dealers have less stock than normal, many are satisfied with their volumes going into the winter period. This has been reflected in recent auction activity, with hammer prices continuing to ease back since the peak summer

period. However, residual values remain stronger than last year. Whilst used market activity continues to be strong for the time of year, autumn is progressing with rapidly diminishing daylight hours, and the clocks go back at the end of October. Consequently, we expect demand to decline and taking this into account, values have been moderately eased across most sectors for Glass’s November edition. The exceptions to this are mopeds, smaller capacity scooters, commuters and off-roaders, where values have been held.

Although most dealers have less stock than normal, many are satisfied with their volumes

62  NOVEMBER 2021

PAUL McDONALD Leisure vehicle editor, Glass’s

Used bike data

HAYABUSA IS THE BIGGEST NEW BIKE REVEAL THIS YEAR THE NEW BIKE LAUNCH SEASON IS HEADING INTO full swing now, and we’re eagerly awaiting our test team’s verdicts on the biggest reveals for 2022. We’ve already ridden Yamaha’s new R7, and that is our second most popular new bike launch review in 2021 to date, with only the Suzuki Hayabusa review accounting for more page views in its first two weeks. The top five is rounded off with Yamahas: the MT-09, XSR125 and MT-09SP are all hugely popular too. There are plenty of other launches waiting in the wings over the coming months. However, in September, Triumph’s Trident and Speed Triple RS are hot property

in naked bike reviews, the most popular motorcycle style across the MCN website. KTM’s new RC390 was the most sizzling sports bike, whereas the 2014 Honda NC750X remains the perennially popular adventure model, as well as being the single most viewed bike for sale on the website. Honda’s smaller adventure model, the CB500X, is second in the list of popular bikes for sale, and third is the retro-style Kawasaki Z900RS. GARETH EVANS Online editor, MCN

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1. Honda NC750X 2. Honda CB500X 3. Kawasaki Z900RS 4. Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 5. Honda VFR800 6. Yamaha R1 7. Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade 8. Honda GL1800 Goldwing 9. BMW R1200GS 10. Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 Factory


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1. Honda......................... 21% 2. Yamaha....................... 11% 3. Triumph....................... 10% 4. BMW.......................... 10% 5. Kawasaki..................... 10% 6. Suzuki........................... 8% 7. Ducati........................... 5% 8. KTM.............................. 5% 9. Aprilia........................... 3% 10. Royal Enfield.................. 2%

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Adventure Sport

1. 2021 Triumph Trident-660

1. 2022 KTM RC390

1. 2014 Honda NC750X

2. 2021 Triumph Speed-Triple-1200-RS

2. 2022 Honda CBR500R

2. 2019 Honda CB500X

3. 2018 KTM 790-Duke

3. 2019 Honda CBR650R

3. 2020 BMW F900XR

4. 2019 Honda CB500F

4. 2020 Aprilia RS660

4. 2020 Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro

5. 2017 KTM 390-Duke

5. 2018 Honda CB1000R

5. 2022 Honda CB500X

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