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DAN SAGER FOUNDED THE FAB-BIKER PR AGENCY IN 1996 AND HAS been advising businesses in the motorcycle industry on marketing matters ever since. Here he shares some of the most important lessons he’s learned during that time. fab-biker.co.uk


In this final article in a series of three, covering the main aspects of marketing, advertising and public relations, we share six top tips for perfect public relations


anaging your reputation – a good reputation is hard-won and easily lost. Ask yourself which qualities characterise your business and what you’re doing to protect and promote them. Ginsters make their pasties in Cornwall, a fact they emphasise at every opportunity. Switching production to the midlands might make sense from a logistical perspective, because of its excellent transport links, but it would destroy the brand’s reputation as authentic regional fare. Keep doing what you do well and keep telling people about it – your reputation will take care of itself.

CORE VALUES Do you talk about them enough and are they reflected throughout your business? Don’t assume that everyone is aware of your values – even if they once knew, they might forget. Innocent, for example, make healthy soft drinks to help make the world a ‘healthier place’. This outlook extends to a commitment to become carbon neutral by 2030 and give 10% of profits to charity. Customers who share those values will feel a strong attachment to the brand and keep on buying.

GETTING YOUR STORY OUT THERE Before you start splashing the cash on advertising, pause to think whether you’ve taken advantage of all the free opportunities to spread the news. Consider starting with your staff, so they can tell your customers, and any one else who contacts them. Whether it’s a deal or something else newsworthy, are you promoting it in-store and on your website? Have you sent a newsletter to your customer database and posted on your social media channels? All are easy and effective ways to get your story out.

MAKING THE MOST OF SPONSORSHIP The bad news is that for every pound you spend on sponsorship, you need to spend

42  JUNE 2021

another pound telling people about it. The good news is that the additional pound doesnt have to be extra spend if you feature your sponsorship in your current advertising. Promotion via your customer newsletter, website and social media channels all has value, so use that to promote your sponsored sports person or team, being sure to also explain the connection to people.

Not only will this create a buzz, it also gives people a strong sense of attachment to your company, with a shared and altruistic purpose to the greater good If you’re running adverts for products, services or offers, be sure to include your supported athletes in it.

BEING CHARITABLE Apart from the obvious benefits to society that your donations will bring, charitable giving can create a feel-good factor around your business too. At the most basic level, simply promote your supported charity on your website and in your communications, to show people you care. However, to really light the blue touchpaper, offer your colleagues, customers and even your

community a chance to get involved with fund-raising. Not only will this create a buzz, it also gives people a strong sense of attachment to your company, with a shared and altruistic purpose to the greater good.

DON’T MAKE A CRISIS OUT OF A DRAMA It’s a fact of life and business that things will go wrong. Although we might not be able to predict what or when, there are some basic procedures you can put in place to help manage the situation before the drama unfolds. Whether the crisis is small or large, you need to ensure clear and consistent communications. Decide who will be responsible for talking to the media and who will inform staff/suppliers/ customers. Make sure everyone knows and avoids careless talk. Don’t be afraid to apologise if mistakes have been made, and say what you’ll do to put them right. Then take responsibility for making it happen. 

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